Deceased Vietnam Veterans

Name Rank Branch City Date of Birth Date of Death
Barrera, Manuel Sgt. Army Hanford July 13,1943 Jan.12,1967
Barrera, Jose Gilbert Pfc. Army Corcoran July 8,1951 Nov. 12,1970
Barrios, James Patrick Sp4 Army Lemoore Dec. 21.1947 Jan.12,1969
Cowell, Richard John Capt. Air Force Lemoore July 19,1942 Mar. 10,1970
Flores, Richard Javier Cpl. Army Hanford Aug.15,1948 May 10,1968
Gaymon, Stephen H. Pfc. Army Corcoran Oct. 26,1946 June 3, 1966
Henninger, Howard William    Col.    Air Force    Hanford May 3,1933    Nov. 20,1978   
Hobbs, Gary Lee Pfc. Army Lemoore Mar. 17,1949 Jan. 27,1970
Looney, Jerry Wayne Pfc. Army Hanford Feb. 5,1945 June 11,1966
Lusk, Donnie Ray Cpl Army Kettleman May 27,1947 Sep. 16,1967
Marin, Julian Pfc. Army Corcoran Jan. 1,1947 Apr. 28,1967
McCarty, Kenneth Leon Sp4 Army Hanford Mar.12,1951 Apr. 13,1970
Miguel, Michael Joseph Pfc. Marines Lemoore Dec. 7,1943 Apr. 11,1967
Ochoa, Louie Pfc. Army Hanford Sep.16,1944 Oct. 18,1967
Osborne, Richard Gene Pfc. Army Hanford Nov. 1,1946 June 21,1967
Powers, Bradley Leland Pfc. Army Kettleman    Nov. 4,1946 Feb. 26,1967
Pumphrey, Cornealus Jr. SSgt. Army Corcoran Dec. 31,1940 May 20,1968
Rhoads, Danny David Sp4 Army Lemoore Jan. 10,1947 Mar. 12,1967
Rogers, Wayne Johnathan Cpl. Army Hanford Dec. 31,1944 Nov. 27,1968
Thompson, Robert R. Sgt. Army Hanford May 1,1948 Apr. 5,1968
Westbay, Gaylord Lee WO Army Hanford June 15,1938    Sep. 8,1967

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