Lake County, California

Civilian Conservation Corp
Camp Roster & Thanksgiving Day Menu
November 1933

(This was transcribed, coded and donated by Gary & Pat Bird)

Mendocino National Forest CCC Camps


997th Company


Middle Creek Camp Upper Lake, California


November 30, 1933






Ripe Olives

Roast Turkey

Oyster Dressing

Cranberry Sauce

Mashed Potatoes

Giblet Gravy

Candied Sweet Potatoes

String Beans

Asparagus in Butter

Hearts of Lettuce

Russian Dressing

Graham Rolls


Assorted Cookies


Mince Pie

Sponge Cake a la Mode

Mixed Fruits

Mixed Nuts, Candy










Capt. G. K. Crockett, Camp Commander

1st Lt. E. E. Galvan, Supply Officer

1st Lt. E. L. Adams, Surgeon

2nd Lt. E. A. Hidden, Mess Officer

Walton Burke, 1st Sergeant

John Anthne, Mess Sergeant



H. W. Bartell, Camp Superintendent

Leonard Cox

George Foutch

Thomas Jackson

Ernest Jameson

George J. Marr

Warren M. McCombs

Fred Pitney

Vane Pitney





Frank Brookins

Lee Copsey

Joseph S. Eaton

Randall Foutch

Robert W. Jones

James Jordon

Charles Phillips

Anthony Sargiotto

Herbert Smith

Benjamin Wallace


Assistant Leaders

Bill A. Cook

James J. Gorby

William E. Hathaway, Jr.

Charles C. Lafferty

Robert H. Lafferty

Ernest J. LaPlante

Robert L. McCullough

Glenn McFarland

Thomas H. Rhodes

Joe C. Roberts

Robert Robinson

Herman F. Simpson

John A. Vogelsang

Walter P. White

Wesley Wilson

Lawrence Zalud




Abel, Franklin

Aguilera, Luis

Amundsen, Orsen A.

Bandy, John H.

Barada, William

Barnes, Clyde B.

Barnes, Marvin E.

Beauchamp, Stanley C.

Bennett, Robert

Berkey, Maynard

Bird, Charles W.

Bland, James H.

Boles, Stewart

Bonzani, Louis G.

Boskovich, Frank R.

Brookins, Roy H.

Brown, Luther C.

Burk, Robert

Byers, William J.

Callanan, Lawrence A.

Camp, Arnott

Campbell, Harold L.

Carlucci, Luigi

Carter, Forrest M.

Carter, James

Cheetham, Jack

Christenson, Louis R.

Clayton, Thomas L.

Cline, James R.

Cochrane, Allen C.

Colborn, George H. Jr.

Copper, Ray E.

Croskrey, Don R.

Day, William T.

De Shon, Arnold

Del Buono, Melvin

Dimick, Daniel C.

Dooty, William J.

Duclercq, Richard

Dunnebeck, Frank M.

Easton, Frank M.

Elliott, Harold

Farley, George E.

Fechtner, Martin L.

Flagg, Jack

Foster, Charles W.

Foster, Earl

Fraser, Robert E.

Furlong, Ralph V.

Garcia, Antonio

Garcia, Santiago

Genslinger, Charles

Gerke, Raymond J.

Giffen, Edward A.

Grey, Henry

Gutierrez, Charles

Hager, Almiron

Harbert, Chester

Harmon, Elwin S.

Hasaj, Mike A. Jr.

Hasaj, Mike A. Sr.

Hayward, Merrill B.

Hernandez, Henry

Heryford, Robert

Hickox, Robert L.

Hudson, David C.

Hudson, Howard

Ingram, Arnold

Isham, Robert A.

Keneipp, Howard

Kert, Jack

Kert, Maxwell

King, Earl E

Knight, Olin C.

Kroll, Victor O.

Kuns, Wilfred G.

Kunzman, Ralph

Lamphier, Charles H.

Lewis, Bud W.

Lowell, Don A.

Mares, Hilario

McCay, Charles W.

McClure, Kenneth

McClure, Neale

McDonnel, Bernard R.

McElroy, Clarence

McLain, Adelbert

McLaughlin, James E.

McLaughlin, William V.

McLean, Harry

McPherson, Hoyt E.

Mendoza, Alfredo

Methvin, Elmer

Middleton, Mark

Miller, Daniel

Miskinis, Bernard

Mondiel, Jack J.

Monroe, Wayne

Montana, Manuel

Mooney, Everett O.

Moore, Bruce K.

Moore, Thomas E.

More, Grant

Morrow, Joseph P.

Moss, Ulysses L.

Muro, Samuel

Myers, Glenn

Myers, James

Nelson, Lewis A

Noble, William N.

Norris, Leroy E.

Norris, Oral

ODowd, James

Olson, Lee E.

Palme, Eric N.

Patton, Charles L.

Perez, Michael

Pierce, Bruce G.

Plylar, Edison S.

Porter, Alfred R.

Poyorena, Bert

Proctor, Alvin

Rallens, James

Rasmussen, Dale E.

Reeder, Frank E.

Rice, Lilburn G.

Richardson, Neil

Rigg, Robert

Rinard, Robert

Rossi, Cyril W.

Rubin, Fred D.

Ruddell, Lester

Salcido, Richard

Sallender, Tom

Saumert, Walter F.

Scarich, John A.

Scott, LeRoy L.

Seastrand, Paul W.

Shaw, Sterling

Shuman, William

Slavik, Richard

Sleeper, Carlton

Slye, John L.

Smith, Harry

Smith, Robert W.

Speer, Ray

Stack, Thomas Stainback, Milton T.

Stephenson, Clyde

Stevens, Alfred C.

Stickley, Harold

Stimson, Fancher C.

Sutton, Randall

Sylvester, Joe

Tallman, Daryl M.

Tarut, Jack

Thompson, Harry W.

Townsend, John L.

Tremaine, Earl

Tucker, Mervin

Turnbow, Wendall

Turner, Vaughn

Ukena, Kenneth

Walsh, James E.

Walter, Carl R.

Waymire, Ernest O.

Wendell, Galen

Whipple, Harry

Whisler, Eugene

Wiest, Albert

Williams, Jack

Williams, Richard L.

Wilson, Robert

Wilson, William V.

Wise, Frank W.

Wolf, Lauren

Woodson, Jack E.

Woodson, Merritt R.

Wright, Lowell J.

Yorke, William L.






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