Lake County, California

Now covered by Lake Pillsbury.    Hullville Cemetery was across the creek from George Fuller's place.    Hullville cemetery is out of the water when the lake is low, and apparently two or three tombstones with "Irish" names could be seen below the water surface.    It was on a point of land whose base was about 30 feet higher than the river bed. Some reports put it at the end of the airstrip, but the tombstones were seen at Graveyard point, between Horsepasture Gulch and Big Squaw Valley Creek in the general vicinity of the present Summer Home Sites.    According to Jones' Mortuary records, on September 30, 1920, 9 graves in the cemetery were moved to the Lots in Upper Lake Cemetery which had been purchased by the Snow Mountain Light and Power Company.   If the other names listed here were not moved, I am going to guess that either (1)they didn't have a tombstone, so it wasn't known they were there;   or (2)  they were buried in some other "burying ground" than this cemetery.

If anyone has additional information of this area, please contact me.