Lake County, California


(up through 1910)

from County Birth Indexes and Newspapers

and some from Descendants

I have put the births online, up until 1910, with just a few after that, but I will not put given names, if they are listed, unless I know the person is deceased. Since it wasn't required for births to be registered in California until 1905, I will probably not have information for some. If you can fill in a name on any of the ones where I just put "Male" or "Female", please let me know. And, if you know of someone who was, DEFINITELY, born in Lake County, let me know that also.

It is NOT GUARANTEED that the births listed in the newspapers were born in Lake County, but they involved Lake County Families. There is no way of telling where they were born without looking up each one on microfilm. The newspaper seldom, if ever, gave the mother's name, and sometimes didn't get the spelling or the EXACT date correct, so use with caution.     (And even some of the Birth Indexes might be misspelled. But, I listed them as they are in the Index).
(Anything in parenthesis/italics comes from another source)

I want to give credit for the Newspaper Index information to Marge Ingebretsen, who did all of the research, and gave her encouragement for listing it here.     And for the Birth Indexes, to Jan Calogianes & Kathi Alvey.

Anita Crabtree


   Mary Abigail)
1871(ADAMS, David Henry)(CRABTREE, Isorah A.)..Descendant
        (George H.)
24 Mar 1873ADAMS, Henry D.CRABTREE, IsorahUpper LakeBirth Register Bk.1
ADAMS, Female
  (Elizabeth Caroline)
1 Aug 1875ADAMS, D. H.CRABTREE, IzoreaUpper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
ADAMS, Male9 Mar 1878ADAMS, T. G.....Lake Democrat
ADAMS, Male3 Jan 1882ADAMS, Young..near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
ADAMS, Male16 Apr 1891ADAMS..near KelseyvilleBirth Register Bk. 1
ADAMS, Twin Boy23 Mar 1893ADAMS, L. T...Mirabel MineMiddletown Independent
ADAMS, Twin Girl23 Mar 1893; d. 26 Mar 1893ADAMS, L. T...Mirabel MineMiddletown Independent
ADAMS, Female10 Sep 1904ADAMS, Lou....Clear Lake Press
ADAMS, Male12 Nov 1908ADAMS, Lou....Clear Lake Press
ADAMS, Femaleabt.01 Sep 1909ADAMS, Elmer....Clear Lake Press
ADAMSON, Female3 Jan 1890ADAMSON, W. H.....Clear Lake Press
AKERS, Female19 May 1896AKERS, J.DICKINSON, Mamie..Birth Register Bk. 1
AKERS, MaleApr 1900AKERS, Ed....Clear Lake Press
AKERS, Female25 Oct 1901AKERS, George....Clear Lake Press
ALLEN, Male24 Mar 1875ALLEN, G. L.GILMAN, L. Z.Upper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
ALLEN, Male14 Sept 1897ALLEN, B. C.....
ALLEN, Male27 Jan 1899ALLEN, Green(ADAMS, Elizabeth C.)..Clear Lake Press
ALLEN, Birma Ethel15 Mar 1906ALLEN, Jessie D.ALLISON, Lucy BellFinleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
 Andrew Jackson, Jr.)
29 Apr 1859(ALLEY,
  Andrew Jackson, Sr.)
      Mary Adaline)
Upper LakeDescendant
ALLEY, Female28 Jun 1874ALLEY, S. H.GORDON, Phoebe A.Upper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
      Edith Adaline)
02 Mar 1882(ALLEY,
     Andrew J., Jr.)
(HILL, Mary Josephine)(Upper Lake)Descendant
(ALLEY, Mabel F.)15 Jan 1885(ALLEY,
      Andrew J., Jr.)
(HILL, Mary Josephine)(Upper Lake)Descendant
(ALLEY, Ella Grace)01 Jan 1887(ALLEY,
      Andrew J., Jr.)
(HILL, Mary Josephine)(Upper Lake)Descendant
ALLISON, Female19 Oct 1895ALLISON, John....Clear Lake Press
     Leroy Elwood
21 Mar 1906ALLISON,
   Lawrence Erving
    Mary Elizabeth
KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
ALLISON, Female29 Dec 1908ALLISON, Alton....Clear Lake Press
ALSTROM, Male17 Jan 1876ALSTROM, S.....Lake Democrat
ALTER, Male2 Jan 1876ALTER, HenryTAYLOR,
     Alice Elizabeth
Upper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
ALTER, Female14 Sept 1876ALTER, Henry..Paradise ValleyLake Democrat
Russian River Flag
ALTER, Male6 Apr 1880ALTER, Henry..Paradise ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
ANDERSON, Female16 Mar 1889ANDERSON, C. C...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
ANDERSON, Femalebet Apr 1891
& Mar 1896
ANDERSON, R. J.BAYLIS, Nannie..Birth Register Bk. 1
ANDERSON, Female24 Jan 1897ANDERSON, J. M.....Middletown Independent
ANDERSON, Male24 Jan 1897ANDERSON, WalterBIGELOW, MayMiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
ANDERSON, Female07 Dec 1902ANDERSON, Clarence....Clear Lake Press
ANDERSON, Male08 Apr 1908ANDERSON, Russell....Lake County Bee
ANDREWS, Isabella3 Mar 1896ANDREWS, GeorgeCRABTREE, Melissanear MiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
Middletown Independent
ANNIA, Female20 Feb 1873ANNIA, RamonMETCALF, Eliza P.Upper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
ANSEL Female15 Jul 1893ANSEL, Jack....Lake Democrat
APPLETON, Male (stillborn)4 Dec 1901APPLETON, HenrySTRICKLER, Maud..Birth Register Bk. 1
APPLETON29 Jan 1903........
   Leda May
             Margaret R.
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
ARMSTRONG, Male29 Jul 1910ARMSTRONG, J. P.....Clear Lake Press
ASBILL, Male8 Oct 1870ASBILL, William..near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
ASBILL, MaleJul 1891ASBILL, John....Clear Lake Press
     Adah Elizabeth
04 Jan 1904ASBILL, Hugh A.WAGNON, RasettaMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
     William Bernell
17 Mar 1904ASBILL, CharlesBROOKS, Irene..Birth Register, Bk. 1
     Charles Clifton
13 Apr 1906ASBILL, Chas. Wm.BROOKS, IreneMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
ASBILL, Enid Alice10 Apr 1907ASBILL, Hugh ArthurWAGNON, Rose EttaMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
ASHER, Male5 May 1877ASHER, S.....Lake County Bee
ASHER, Malebet. Mar -
Aug 1875
ASHER, SamuelLEVIS, Jennie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
AUGUSTINE, Female25 May 1907AUGUSTINE, JoeFRANK, ?..Birth Register, Bk. 1
AYER, Female24 Dec 1903AYER, Harry....Clear Lake Press
AYER, Male
(same as above?)
24 Dec 1903AYER, H. R.....Lake County Bee

BACCUS, Female4 Nov 1877BACCUS, J. B.....Lake County Bee
BACCUS, Male17 Nov 1874BACCUS, Ben....Lake County Bee
BACCUS, Male08 Jan 1875BACCUS, J. B.,Jr...LakeportRussian River Flag
BACON, Clair Clark6 Jun 1897BACON, CharlesBURGER, E...Birth Register Bk. 1
     Crystal Eloise
11 Dec 1878BADGER, Robert A.CRYSTAL, Lavenea M.MiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
    Florence Constance
13 Jan 1895BADGER, R.CRYSTAL, L. M.MiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
BADGER, Male23 Aug 1896BADGER, Henry L.PETROSS, Carrie B...Birth Register Bk. 1
     Blanche Hermoine
23 Sep 1900BADGER, Robert A.CRYSTAL, Lavinia M...Birth Register Bk. 1
BADGER, Violet Carol09 Jan 1904BADGER, R. A.CRYSTAL,
         Lavinia Millie
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
     Margaret Elaine
07 Feb 1906BADGER,
         Robert Abram
         Lavins Millie
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
BAKER, Female11 Aug 1893BAKER, H. J...near Eureka MillsMiddletown Independent
     Florence May
4 Mar 1896BAKER, H. J.WILLIAMS, FannieMountain View near MiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
Hugh Sanford Cheney
03 Feb 1907BAKER, HughHARVEY,
         Aurel Theordoria
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
BALDWIN, Female30 Jan 1904BALDWIN, R. O.DENPREY, Anna..Birth Register, Bk. 1
     Ernest Allen
..BANISTER, BurwellBELL, Nora..Birth Register Bk. 1
     Frank Wesley
13 Dec 1896BANISTER, Henry H.O'HAVER,
     Evelyn Florence
Laurel DellBirth Register Bk. 1
     Jack Roy
20 Mar 1898BANNISTER, HenryO'HAVER, E.Upper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
     Clarita Ann
08 May 1907BANNISTER,
        Floyd Ray
PRICE, Ida LornaScotts ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
BARDIN, Male16 Jan 1905BARDIN,
         Jessie James
GOODWIN, Vera Golda..Birth Register, Bk. 1
BARKER, Male28 Apr 1889BARKER, Chesley..near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
BARNES, Male (Joseph Alexander)24 Nov 1870BARNES, W. A. (William Alexander)(Sarah Ann)..Lower Lake Bulletin
BARNES, Male (David Clayton)9 Mar 1874BARNES, William A. (Alexander)BARNES, SarahCoyoteBirth Register Bk. 1
BARNES, Female9 Jan 1879BARNES, Stephen....Lake Democrat
BARNES, Male07 Feb 1910BARNES, H. E.....Clear Lake Press
BARRY, Male5 May 1880BARRY, E. M.....Lake County Bee
BARRY, Female25 Jun 1895BARRY, R. E.....Birth Register Bk. 1
BARRY, Josephine04 Nov 1905BARRY, George LeoHAVER, Minnie MayQuicksilverBirth Register, Bk. 2
BASFORD, Female30 Apr 1905BASFORD, Dr. C. R.....Clear Lake Press
     Maurice Hearst
10 Jun 1906BASHORE,
         John James
DOWLEN, Rosa AnnaBartlett SpringsBirth Register, Bk. 2
BAYLIS, Female(no date)BAYLIS, P. C. (Percy)JAGO, (Fannie)..Birth Register, Bk. 1
BAYLIS, Female
(may be same as above)
23 Nov 1908BAYLISS, Percy....Clear Lake Press
BEACH, Male26 Aug 1899BEACH, Frank WilburSTANLEY,
    Flora I. (Irvanna)
..Birth Register Bk. 1
     Curtis Lafayette
8 Dec 1894BEACH, Frank W.BEACH, Flora I...Birth Register Bk. 1
BEACH, (unknown)
30 May 1902BEACH, Frank W.BEACH,
Flora Irvanna (Stanley)
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
Clear Lake Press
BEACH, Paul Morton04 Feb 1905BEACH, C. E.GREGG, Laura J...Birth Register, Bk. 1
BEACH, Ralph Greg26 May 1907BEACH, Claud E.GREG, LauraLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
BEADELL, Female14 Sept 1872......Cloverdale Bee
   (Manzanita Harvey)
26 Oct 1889BEAKBANE, T. W.
       (Thomas William)
(HARVEY, Margaret)..Clear Lake Press
BEARD, Female9 May 1876BEARD, W. H...Scotts ValleyLake Democrat
Russian River Flag
BEATTIE, Male18 Apr 1898BEATTIE, R. M.....Lake County Bee
BEATTIE, Male11 Oct 1910BEATTIE, Henry....Clear Lake Press
BECK, Female11 Dec 1900BECK, J. W.....Clear Lake Press
BEHR, Male(10 Jun 1875)BEHR, JohnCRENSHAW, Mary..Birth Register Bk. 1; Lake Democrat
BELL, Female Twins25 May 1910BELL, R. F.....Clear Lake Press
BELLUS, Male22 May 1904BELLUS, Delbert E.HARMON..Birth Register, Bk. 1
BELMONT, Female29 Jun 1897BELMONT, E. C.MAYFIELD, A. L...Birth Register Bk. 1
     J. Russell Hilton
31 May 1906BENNETT, V. RaySMITH, Rosa BellMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
BENNETT, Female29 Dec 1901BENNETT, I. N.....Clear Lake Press
BENSON, Marion Rich
   & Marjory Dorn
04 Nov 1905
(died in days)
         Henry Wilson
DORN, LetaKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
BENSON, Ellis Leroy31 Oct 1906BENSON,
      Charles Augustus
WEST, Cora InezKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
Clear Lake Press
BENSON, Male05 May 1909BENSON, Charles....Lake County Bee
BERGER, Male23 Apr 1876BERGER, Thomas B...MiddletownRussian River Flag
BERGER, Male 25 Oct 1898BERGER, FredINGRAM (Mary)..Birth Register Bk. 1
     Marion Eveline
22 May 1907BERGER, G. FredINGRAM, Marynear LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
BERRY, Male25 Dec 1875BERRY, W. P...MiddletownLake Democrat
Russian River Flag
BERRY, Male23 Apr 1876BERRY, T. B.....Lake Democrat
BERRY, Male26 Sep 1903BERRY, J. J.GROOM, N...Birth Register, Bk. 1
BERRY, FemaleNov. 1904BERRY, Charlie....Clear Lake Press
BERRY, Male10 Jul 1909BERRY, J. J.....Clear Lake Press
     Mary Idaline
No date
14 Mar 1904
BERRYMAN, Philip C.SKEINNER,..Birth Register, Bk. 1
Clear Lake Press
     Curtis Ramon
12 Dec 1905BERRYMAN, Philip C.SKINNER, Laura M.near LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
BERRYMAN, Female28 May 1910BERRYMAN, Phillip....Clear Lake Press
BIGGI, Male10 Sept 1878BIGGI, A.....Lake Democrat
BINKLEY, Female7 Jun 1877BINKLEY, Thomas....Lake County Bee
BINKLEY, Female17 Jul 1879BINKLEY, T. B...LakeportLake County Bee; Lower Lake Bulletin
27 Apr 1900......Clear Lake Press
BLACK, Male17 Aug 1880BLACK, William....Lake County Bee
    Alice Pearl
FRITZ, KateLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
BLINCOE, Female21 Jul 1900BLINCOE, C.
    (HAYNES, Bertha?)
..Birth Register Bk. 1
BLUME, Male(no date)BLUME, J.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
BOARDMAN, Female(no date)BOARDMAN, GeorgeWINTERS, Sara..Birth Register, Bk. 1
BOARDMAN, Female(no date)BOARDMAN, OscarGRIFFITS, (Jessie)..Birth Register, Bk. 1
BOARDMAN, Male9 Jul 1878BOARDMAN, Oscar....Lake Democrat
BOARDMAN, Female12 Apr 1901BOARDMAN, George....Clear Lake Press
     John Stuart
16 May 1907BOARDMAN, OscarGRIFFITHS, JessieUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
BOARDMAN, Female07 Dec 1909BOARDMAN, Oscar....Clear Lake Press
BOCCA, Female23 Jul 1887BOCCA, Andrew....Lake Democrat
     Lucretia May
19 May 1906BOGART, Daniel P.ALLEN, Laura N.Big ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
BOGGS, Female20 Nov 1878BOGGS, Lilburn....Lake Democrat
BOGGS, Male30 Oct 1873BOGGS, L.....Lake County Bee
BOGGS, Male07 Oct 1887BOGGS, L. H.....Lake Democrat
BOND, Male02 Jan 1894BOND, JosephEBENHAUSER, Annie..Birth Register Bk. 1
BOND, Male14 Jun 1895BOND, FrankSMITH, Ivy..Birth Register Bk. 1
BONHAM, Female09 Dec 1904BONHAM, R. D.....Clear Lake Press
BOONE, Female27 May 1898BOONE,
    L. B. Scranton
....Clear Lake Press
BOSS, Hazel Jane08 Jul 1907UnknownGILBERT, NoraUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
BOSWELL, 3 Females2 Feb 1871BOSWELL, Frank..Borax LakeLower Lake Bulletin
BOWERS, Male10 Nov 1874BOWERS, James....Lake County Bee
BOYER, Male19 May 1877BOYER, D.....Lake County Bee; Lake Democrat
     Bertha Mildred
18 Oct 1906BRAMLET, Ernest E.FOUTCH, DellaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
BRANDT, Female28 Sept 1874BRANDT, FrankBALLENGER, LauraUpper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
BRAY, Male08 Jun 1873BRAY, AlexanderBRAY, Catherine
   (McLEAN, Catherine)
CoyoteBirth Register Bk. 1
BREEN, Female01 Dec 1900BREEN, Lorance A.KERR, Mary A...Birth Register Bk. 1
BREWER, Male11 Sept 1895BREWER, H. W.GREWELL..Birth Register Bk. 1
BREWER, Male31 May 1898BREWER, H. W.GRUWELL, M...Birth Register Bk. 1
BREWER, Female31 May 1900BREWER, H. W.....Clear Lake Press
BRINK, Female1 Sept 1898BRINK, Dr. Holden....Clear Lake Press
BRINK, Myrton Orr23 Sept 1905BRINK, Dr. Henry OrrLEISEN, Louise AgathaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
BROOKINS, Female12 Dec 1897BROOKINS, Z. B.HOUNTRY, Sarah L...Birth Register Bk. 1
BROOKINS, Male29 Jun 1908BROOKINS, Ed....Lake County Bee
BROOKS, Madge4 May 1898BROOKS, D. L.RANTZ, Addie..Birth Register Bk. 1
BROWN, Male8 Dec 1876BROWN, R. H.....Lake Democrat
BROWN, Boy & Girl
  Twins (stillborn)
Feb 1879..Widow of T. D. Brown..Lower Lake Bulletin
BROWN, Frank Albert24 Aug 1897BROWN, WalterGRAVES, Millie..Birth Register Bk. 1
BROWN, Male02 May 1901BROWN, WilliamBURTON, Georga..Birth Register, Bk. 1
     Marie Annetta
10 Dec 1902BROWN, W. E.MARRS, Millie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
BROWN, MaleJune 1904BROWN, Walter....Clear Lake Press
BROWN, Female16 Sep 1908BROWN, George....Lake County Bee
BROWN, Male07 Aug 1910BROWN, WilliamQUIGLEY, Lucie..Clear Lake Press
BRUTON, FemaleJun 1889BRUTON, Sanford....Lake Democrat
BRUTON, Female05 May 1904BRUTON, Sanford....Clear Lake Press
    (Bunt Monroe)
06 Nov 1874BUCKNELL, RobertALLEY, Louise W.Upper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
BUCKNELL, Female27 Jun 1897BUCKNELL, Frank....Clear Lake Press
BUCKNELL, Male17 Sep 1905BUCKNELL, Fred....Clear Lake Press
BUCKNER, Female22 Feb 1891BUCKNER, O. F.Annie..Birth Register Bk. 1
BUCKNER, FemaleJanuary 1908BUCKNER, Rev. H. H.....Clear Lake Press
BURCH, Female30 Oct 1898BURCH, C. C.TURNBULL, Emma J...Birth Register Bk. 1
BURKE, Male24 Jan 1873BURKE, Marian F.METCALF, LouiseUpper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
BURKE, Male24 Oct 1874BURKE, BenjaminWORLEY, Mary JaneUpper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
BURKE, Male11 Jul 1875BURKE, F. M.....Lake Democrat
BURNETT, Female27 Oct 1893BURNETT, Thomas..Lake County Bee
BURRIS, Male12 Sept 1887BURRIS, Bryan....Lake Democrat
BURRIS, Male30 Jul 1898BURRIS, BryanMITCHELL, M...Birth Register Bk. 1
BURRIS, Male..BURRIS, E. J.....Birth Register Bk. 1
BURTNER, Male22 Feb 1891BURTNER, MarvinJennie..Birth Register Bk. 1
BURTNETT, Female19 Jun 1880BURTNETT, C. G.....Lake Democrat; Lower Lake Bulletin
BURTNETT, Male19 Jun 1880BURTNETT, C. J. (?)..KelseyvilleLower Lake Bulletin
      Peter Bliss
19 Feb 1895BURTNETT, W.FLOYT, Rosie..Birth Register Bk. 1
BURTON, Male28 Aug 1870BURTON, Silas..Big ValleyRussian River Flag
BUTLER, Female09 Mar 1895BUTLER, J.QUIGLEY..Birth Register Bk. 1
BUTLER, Male1 Feb 1897BUTLER, Will....Clear Lake Press
BUTLER, Male26 Mar 1897BUTLER, JamesQUIQLEY, K...Birth Register Bk. 1
BUTLER, Male13 Aug 1897BUTLER, Will....Birth Register Bk. 1
     Anne Bernice
2 Sep 1898BUTLER, WilliamMcCULLOUGH,
       Etta May
..Birth Register Bk. 1
BUTLER, Male1 Feb 1899BUTLER, James....Clear Lake Press
BUTLER, Female27 Feb 1903BUTLER, James....Clear Lake Press
BUTLER, Male06 Oct 1903BUTLER, WilliamSCHLOEN, Teresa..Birth Register, Bk. 1
BUTLER, Female17 Jan 1905BUTLER, James(Mary Catherine
LakeportClear Lake Press
Kelseyville Sun
BUTLER, Male07 Aug 1906BUTLER, J. T.....Lake County Bee
BUTLER, Bernardo22 Dec 1906BUTLER, JamesQUIGLEY, CatherineBig ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
BUTLER, Female27 Aug 1908BUTLER, John....Clear Lake Press
BYNUM, Female6 May 1880BYNUM, Housen..Lower LakeLake Democrat; Lower Lake Bulletin
BYNUM, Male(no date)BYNUM, LouisPOLK,
    (Anna Poindexter)
..Birth Register Bk. 1
BYNUM, Male31 May 1901
BYNUM, L. C.....Clear Lake Press
BYNUM, Male27 Aug 1902BYNUM, L. C.....Clear Lake Press

CALAHAN, Madrin02 Feb 1907CALAHAN, James H.FRITZ, MattieScotts ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
CALLAHAN, Male18 Jul 1902CALLAHAN, H.FRITTS, Mattie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
CALDWELL, Female12 Jul 1908CALDWELL....Clear Lake Press
CALDWELL, Female18 Nov 1909CALDWELL, H. N.....Clear Lake Press
CALIFF, Female19 Jun 1900CALIFF, Irwin W.COLLINS, Grace W...Birth Register Bk. 1
CALLAHAN, Male18 Jul 1902CALLAHAN, J. H.....Clear Lake Press
CALLOWAY, Female29 Nov 1900CALLOWAY,
         Abner L.
ASBILL, Adah May..Birth Register Bk. 1
CAMERON, Female21 May 1892CAMERON, F...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
CAMPBELL, Female15 Nov 1870CAMPBELL, James..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
CAMPBELL, Female17 Dec 1872CAMPBELL, John....Cloverdale Bee
CAMPBELL, Male16 Feb 1877CAMPBELL, William....Lake County Bee
CAMPBELL, Maleb.& d.
    18 Aug 1880
CAMPBELL, James N...Adams SpringsLower Lake Bulletin
CAMPBELL, Male19 Nov 1899CAMPBELL, Joe H.MATHEWS, Lucy T...Birth Register Bk. 1
CAMPBELL, Male6 Dec 1900CAMPBELL, J. H.MATHEWS, Lucy..Birth Register Bk. 1
     Orville & Ora)
1 May 1875
(4 May 1875)
CANNAN, Wm. G.BERRY, L.(Middletown)Birth Register Bk. 1
(CANNON, Luemma)13 Aug 1867CANNON,
     William Grey
      Lamira Samantha
     Eva Alzada)
14 Jun 1869CANNON,
     William Grey
      Lamira Samantha
     Baxter Bell)
17 Apr 1871CANNON,
     William Grey
      Lamira Samantha
(CANNON, Rowena
   & Charles Richard)
04 Nov 1879CANNON,
     William Grey
      Lamira Samantha
     Ralph Cornelius)
01 Apr 1883CANNON,
     William Grey
      Lamira Samantha
    (William Stanley)
05 Oct 1903CANNON, Charles
    (Charles Richard)
REED, Mabel
    (Mabel Alpha)
(Middletown)Birth Register, Bk. 1
CANNON, Female
10 Jan 1905CANNON,
    Charles Richard
REED, M. AlphaMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
     (Wilfred Grey)
24 Apr 1906CANNON,
    Charles Richard
REED, Mabel AlphaMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
(CANNON, Lois Elva)22 Jul 1908CANNON,
     Charles Richard
     Mabel Alpha
CANNOR, Roland (stillborn)(CANNON)17 May 1900CANNOR, Roland
    (should be CANNON, Orville)
MiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
CANTERBURY, Male23 May 1905CANTERBURY, M. L.....Clear Lake Press
CAPEL, Female17 Jul 1893CAPEL, Sam....Lake Democrat
CARPENTER, Female13 Nov 1903CARPENTER, HerbertBINGHAM, Sarah E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
KASTNES, AdelineWitter SpringsBirth Register, Bk. 2
CARPENTER, Male06 Mar 1907CARPENTER, ClaudeANDERSON, ZadiaKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
CARSON, Female09 Aug 1873CARSON, John W.ANDERSON, DelilahUpper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
CARSON, Male03 May 1878CARSON, John....Lake Democrat
CARTER, Male24 Sep 1893CARTER, H. T.....Lake Democrat
CASSENO, Frank27 Nov 1906CASSENO,
    Charles Thomas
HARBIN, Ruby AliceMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
CASTILLO, Female05 Jun 1895CASTILLO, Nicolaus..Mirabel MineMiddletown Independent
CASTOR, Female21 Mar 1907CASTOR, Henry....Lake County Bee
    (Theodore Ray )
23 Jul 1896CHADWICK, L.
    (Francis Henry )??
(FISKE, Rose Catherine)..Birth Register Bk. 1
CHAPMAN, Male22 May 1895CHAPMAN,
       (Rev.) H. W.
WOOLSEY..Birth Register Bk. 1
CHAPMAN, Male11 Jan 1899CHAPMAN,
       (Rev.) H. W.
....Clear Lake Press
CHAPMAN, Male16 Feb 1900CHAPMAN,
       Thomas D.
CHENEY, Zella Regina..Birth Register Bk. 1
CHAPMAN, Female07 Jan 1904CHAPMAN,
       Thomas Daniel
CHENAY, Zella R...Birth Register, Bk. 1
CHARMAK, Male30 May 1874CHARMAK, H...KelseyvilleLake County Bee
Russian River Flag
CHARMAK, Female19 Sep 1875CHARMAK, H...KelseyvilleLake Democrat
Russian River Flag
CHARMAK, Female05 Jan 1876CHARMAK, Louis....Lake Democrat
CHARMAK, Male11 Sep 1878CHARMAK, L.....Lake Democrat
CHENEY, Female 16 Oct 1910CHENEY, Hazen....Clear Lake Press
CHILDERS, Female07 Jul 1905CHILDERS, Dennis....Birth Register, Bk. 1
CHILDERS, Male01 Mar 1909CHILDERS, Dennis....Clear Lake Press
    Female twins
09 Jun 1901CHISHOLM, ....Clear Lake Press
CHISHOLM, Female09 Sep 1902CHISHOLM, Dr. A. A.....Clear Lake Press
CHRISTY, Female03 Oct 1893CHRISTY, Sam....Lake Democrat
CHURCHILL, Male19 Jan 1880CHURCHILL, Charles....Lake County Bee
    Heber Byron, Sr.
LYON, EdnaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
CHURCHILL, Female21 Dec 1908CHURCHILL, Herbert....Lake County Bee
CHUTE, Verne19 May 1898CHUTE, HarrisLARRAR, Wilmoth L...Birth Register Bk. 1
CLARK, Female25 Sep 1879CLARK, D. C.....Lake County Bee
CLARK, Female29 Jun 1890CLARK, W. F.....Middletown Independent
CLARK, Male23 Feb 1892CLARK, William..near MiddletownMiddletown Independent
CLARK, Female07 Jun 1896CLARK, WilberRYNERSON..Birth Register Bk. 1
CLARK, Male28 Nov 1896CLARK, W. E.STOFF, May..Birth Register Bk. 1
CLARK, Male01 Jan 1900CLARK, Rev.....Clear Lake Press
CLARK, Female28 Oct 1900CLARK, E. E.STANLEY, Nettie L...Birth Register Bk. 1
CLAUSEN, Male01 Mar 1909CLAUSEN, Fred?....Clear Lake Press
CLAY, Male15 Jul 1902CLAY, W. H.....Clear Lake Press
CLAYTON, Female26 Aug 1900CLAYTON, Andrew J.MASON, Maud..Birth Register Bk. 1
CLENDENIN, Male16 Feb 1882CLENDENEN, E. P.....Lake Democrat
CLENDENIN, Male12 Jan 1895CLENDENEN, E. P.YOUNG..Birth Register Bk. 1
     Blanche Lillian
07 Apr 1899CLENDENIN, Ed. P.YOUNG, Minnie..Birth Register Bk. 1
COATS, Male26 Jun 1900COATS, Curtis LeroyHARBIN, Leta C...Birth Register Bk. 1
COATS, Male23 Nov 1905COATS, Curtis LeRoyHARBINQuicksilverBirth Register, Bk. 2
COBB, Male
   (Charles William)
29 Aug 1874COBB, Joseph(KIPHART,
       Sarah Elizabeth)
..Lake County Bee
COBURN, Female21 Jul 1874COBURN, Warren R.DICKENSON, ChristinaCoyoteBirth Register Bk. 1
COCKRILL, Male10 Feb 1875COCKRILL, Z. H...MiddletownLake County Bee
Russian River Flag
COFER, Male17 Feb 1894COFER, A. T...near Lower LakeMiddletown Independent
COFFER, Female25 May 1907COFFER, Albert J.CRAWFORD,
       Christie E.
Lower LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
COFFING, Female15 Apr 1904COFFING, William J.DRURY, Alabama..Birth Register, Bk. 1
COGHLAN, Female29 Dec 1865COGHLAN,
         (Hon.) J. M.
....Clear Lake Journal
COLE, Female1 Apr 1878COLE, Jessie....Lake Democrat
COLE, Male28 Jan 1902COLE, Fred....Clear Lake Press
COLES, Male25 Oct 1907COLES, Fred....Lake County Bee
COLEMAN, Claude H.04 Mar 1876COLEMAN,
         William H.
Sarah Anna..Birth Register Bk. 1
    Female Twins
27 Nov 1880COLLIER, David....Lake Democrat
COLLIER, Male19 Mar 1891COLLIER, Capt. W. B.....Lake Democrat
     Edna Bernice
26 Nov 1900COLLINS, Robert M.GORE, Henrietta Estella..Birth Register Bk. 1
COLLINS, FemaleJune 1903COLLINS, F.....Clear Lake Press
Lake County Bee
COLTON, Male07 Dec 1892COLTON, Frank..Little Round Valley RanchBirth Register, Bk. 1
COLTON, Male25 Sep 1896COLTON, Frank..MiddletownMiddletown Independent
    Clarence Edward
03 Feb 1874COMBS, Samuel..Upper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
COMBS, Male11 Dec 1875COMBS, J. H.....Lake Democrat
COMBS, Male25 Aug 1877COMBS, Ennis....Lake Democrat
COMBS, Male02 Aug 1878COMBS, J. H.....Lake Democrat
COMBS, Female08 Jul 1908COMBS, James....Clear Lake Press
CONNER Male13 Jan 1880CONNER, A...near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
CONNER, Female(?)08 Dec 1898CONNER, Grant....Birth Register Bk. 1
CONNER, Female30 Aug 1904CONNER, William....Clear Lake Press
CONNER, Female
31 Oct 1907CONNER, Grant....Lake County Bee
CONNOR, Female21 Mar 1906CONNOR, William....Clear Lake Press
CONRAD, Female05 Apr 1904CONRAD, Edwin A.TULLY, Crystal..Birth Register, Bk. 1
COOK, Female23 Oct 1872COOK, Charles....Cloverdale Bee
COOK, Female09 Apr 1876COOK, J. D...Paradise ValleyLake Democrat
Russian River Flag
COOPER, Female31 May 1876COOPER, H. J.....Lake Democrat
COPSEY, Male19 Jan 1870COPSEY, O. J.....Lower Lake Bulletin
COPSEY, Male24 Aug 1870; d. 17 Jan 1871COPSEY, John..near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
COPSEY, Female10 Apr 1877COPSEY, T. H.....Lake Democrat
COPSEY, Male12 Mar 1894COPSEY, Buck
            (Bud H.)
           Lottie Lee)
Copsey Ranch,
Dry Creek
Middletown Independent
COPSEY, Female18 May 1896COPSEY, B. H.COFFMAN,
          (Lottie Lee)
MiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
COPSEY, Female31 Jul 1896COPSEY, S. W.TURNER, E...Birth Register Bk. 1
  (George W., Jr.)
03 Mar 1908COPSEY, George....Lake County Bee
     Charles Robert)
24 Jul 1893(CORUM,
     Charles Alexander
(JOHNSTON, Frances)(Cobb Valley)(Descendant)
COVEY, Male12 Sep 1898COVEY, Dan....Lake County Bee
COVEY, Male20 Dec 1908COVEY, D.....Clear Lake Press
COWAN, Male25 Mar 1879COWAN, J. F.....Lake County Bee
COX, Male23 May 1882COX, T. H...Morgan ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
COX, Male10 Aug 1893COX, John..Mirabel MineMiddletown Independent
COX, Male05 May 1896COX, JamesREEVES, Mary Ann..Birth Register Bk. 1
    (David Henry)
13 Oct 1870CRABTREE, J. F.
     (John Fletcher)
(DAVIS, Elizabeth)Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
      Franklin J.)
11 Sep 1872CRABTREE,
      John Fletcher
DAVIS, ElizabethSeigler CanyonDescendant
CRABTREE, Female10 Jan 1874CRABTREE, ThomasCRABTREE, AmyCoyoteBirth Register Bk. 1
     John Marion)
15 Jun 1874CRABTREE,
      Theodore Brewen
HALE, Melonia..Descendant
     Louise Elizabeth)
23 Mar 1875CRABTREE,
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
     Charles C.)
14 Jun 1875CRABTREE,
      John Fletcher
DAVIS, ElizabethSeigler CanyonDescendant
    Emmaline Estella)
04 Dec 1877CRABTREE,
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
      Jennie May)
03 Feb 1880CRABTREE,
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
      Green Bartlett)
18 May 1882CRABTREE,
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
     William Marion)
06 May 1884CRABTREE,
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
(CRABTREE, Frankie
& Unnamed boy)
b. & d.
01 Apr 1886
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
     James Jonathan)
16 Apr 1887CRABTREE,
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
     Florence Evalete)
13 Jan 1890CRABTREE,
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
14 Apr 1890CRABTREE,
      Orin Crittenden
CYRUS, Mary ElizabethTwin ValleyDescendant
b. & d. 30 May 1892CRABTREE,
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
(CRABTREE, Blanche
30 May 1892;
d. abt. Dec. 1892
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary Janenear Upper LakeDescendant
(CRABTREE, Irvin)18 Aug 1892CRABTREE,
      Orin Crittenden
CYRUS, Mary ElizabethTwin ValleyDescendant
   Benjamin Franklin)
01 Dec 1894CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
Burns ValleyDescendant
     Anna Leta)
03 Jan 1895CRABTREE,
      Orin Crittenden
CYRUS, Mary ElizabethTwin ValleyDescendant
     Cedora Eliza)
24 Aug 1896CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
     Viola Lillian)
29 Oct 1896CRABTREE,
      Alonzo Marion
PITNEY, Mary JaneBartlett SpringsDescendant
     Grace Izora)
06 Oct 1897CRABTREE,
      Orin Crittenden
CYRUS, Mary ElizabethTwin ValleyDescendant
      John Marion
HAMILTON, Edith Grace..Descendant
(CRABTREE, Leroy)23 Jun 1898CRABTREE,
      Theodore Brewen
MORAN, Liza Imogene..Descendant
     Lottie Mae)
27 Oct 1899CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
Pine MountainDescendant
     Lottie May)
23 May 1901CRABTREE,
      Orin Crittenden
CYRUS, Mary ElizabethTwin ValleyDescendant
     Clarence Marion)
20 Jan 1902CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
     Henry Cyrus)
15 Jul 1902CRABTREE,
      Orin Crittenden
CYRUS, Mary ElizabethTwin ValleyDescendant
(CRABTREE, Female)b. & d. 1903CRABTREE,
       Charles C.
KENYON, Clara Louisenear Upper LakeDescendant
      Vena Irene)
13 Jun 1904CRABTREE,
       Charles C.
KENYON, Clara Louisenear Upper LakeDescendant
     Lilburn Theodore)
25 Nov 1904CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
      Dora Dean)
29 Oct 1905CRABTREE,
       Charles C.
KENYON, Clara LouiseUpper LakeDescendant
      Mary Olive)
08 Nov 1905CRABTREE,
      Orin Crittenden
CYRUS, Mary ElizabethTwin ValleyDescendant
(CRABTREE, Oliva)25 Feb 1906;     d. 1906CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
Big CanyonDescendant
      Ada Izora)
03 Oct 1907;
d. 06 Oct 1907
       Charles C.
KENYON, Clara LouiseUpper LakeDescendant
(CRABTREE, Female)03 Mar 1908CRABTREE,
      Orin Crittenden
CYRUS, Mary ElizabethTwin ValleyDescendant
(CRABTREE, Female)b. & d.
05 Aug 1908
       Charles C.
KENYON, Clara LouiseUpper LakeDescendant
      Hazen Eugene)
15 Sep 1908CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
CRABTREE, Lizzie15 Jul 1907..CRABTREE, LizzieMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
    (Zena Violet)
19 Aug 1907;
    d. 1909
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
     Frank Laurence)
14 Nov 1910CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
     Wilbur Denny)
20 Nov 1911CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
     Vernon Lorin)
04 Aug 1913CRABTREE,
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
(CRABTREE, Champ)1915;
d. 1915-1918
      John Marion
      Edith Grace
CRACKEN, Female02 Aug 1873CRACKEN, Jasper....Lake Co. Bee
CRAFT, Male09 Mar 1891CRAFT, Harry....Lake Democrat
CRAFT, Female11 Jun 1896CRAFT, E. Z.SIDERBACK, Maggie..Birth Register Bk. 1
CRAIG, Female06 Jul 1894CRAIG, J.STEPHENS, Kate..Birth Register Bk. 1
CRAIG, Female08 Nov 1899CRAIG, W. C.SCUDAMORE, Nancy..Birth Register Bk. 1
CRAIG, Male06 Feb 1900CRAIG, John ..Clear Lake Press
CRANE, Male29 Dec 1865CRANE, Joel....Clear Lake Journal
CRAWFORD, Male30 Dec 1875CRAWFORD,Woods..LakeportLake Democrat
Russian River Flag
CRAWFORD, Male15 Apr 1893CRAWFORD, C. M...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
CRAWFORD, Male13 Jul 1895CRAWFORD, C. M.....Clear Lake Press
CRAWFORD, Male10 Jul 1897CRAWFORD, C. M.....Clear Lake Press
CRAWFORD, Female13 Jun 1900CRAWFORD, Frank....Clear Lake Press
CRAWFORD, Female19 Apr 1902CRAWFORD, N.GIBSON, MarthaBartlett SpringsBirth Register, Bk. 1
CRIGLER, Male24 Jan 1880CRIGLER, A. P...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulleton
CROLL, Male18 Sep 1894CROLL, W.TURNER..Birth Register Bk. 1
CROWELL, Female24 Aug 1906CROWELL,
       Milford Ottis
NOBES, Cecelia MyrtleUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
CROWELL, Male27 Jul 1908CROWELL, Milford....Clear Lake Press
        Alice Dudley
2 mi. N. of KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
     Claude A.
       Claude H.
....Clear Lake Press
CRUMP, Female06 Feb 1878
(08 Feb 1878)
CRUMP, R. W...LakeportLake County Bee
(Lake Democrat)
    Cassie Elizabeth
11 Jan 1899CRUMP, Turner W.PILLOTT, Maria..Birth Register Bk. 1
CRUMP, Female20 Aug 1901CRUMP, T. W.PILLOTT, M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
CRUMP, Male(no date)CRUMP, JohnHAYCOCK, Sarah..Birth Register, Bk. 1
(Same as above?)
16 Nov 1901CRUMP, Johnson....Clear Lake Press
CRUMP, Male26 Nov 1907CRUMP, John G.....Lake County Bee
Clear Lake Press
CRUMPTON, Female28 May 1880CRUMPTON, Dr. H. J.....Lake Democrat
CULLUM, Male18 Oct 1900CULLUM, P. G.TUCKER, Kate M...Birth Register Bk. 1
CULLOM, Male21 Dec 1903CULLOM, Phillip E.TUCKER, Katie N...Birth Register, Bk. 1
         W. M.
METCALF, MatildaUpper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
    (James W.)
21 Oct 1905CURRY,
      James Winfried
MORRIS, HelenLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
CA Birth Index
CURRY, Female31 May 1907CURRY,
      James Winfried
MORRIS, HelenLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2

DALY, Female03 Jan 1875DALY, James....Lake County Bee
DALY, Female05 Jun 1881DALY, James..LakeportLower Lake Bulletin
DALY, Female24 Apr 1897DALY, James....Birth Register Bk. 1
DASHIELL, Female18 Jun 1906DASHIELL,
      James Jacob
FRASER, Sarah FannieHullvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
DAVALOS, Female20 Oct 1892DAVALOS, Charles..Mirabel MineMiddletown Independent
DAVEY, Male27 Feb 1871DAVEY, W. M...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
DAVIS, Female17 Apr 1876DAVIS, G. V.....Lake Democrat
DAVIS, Female14 Feb 1893DAVIS, W. R...OaklandMiddletown Independent
DAVIS, Female11 Feb 1906DAVIS, A. W.....Clear Lake Press
DAVIS, Female31 Jul 1907DAVIS,
     George Anderson
WHEELER, Sarah W.KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
DAVY, Female10 Jul 1894DAVY, John MiltonBROOKS, Mary C...Birth Register Bk. 1
DAWSON, Male28 Dec 1897DAWSON, Joseph C.HUGHES, Hannah..Birth Register Bk. 1
DEAN , Male05 Dec 1865DEAN, J. J.....Clear Lake Journal
DEARBORN, Female30 Oct 1896DEARBORN,
MAKER, May..Birth Register Bk. 1
     Orton Zo
29 Apr 1898DEARBORN, Z. G.HOSKINS, DoraMiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
DEARBORN, Female18 Nov 1898DEARBORN, Ben J.MAKER, Mary L...Birth Register Bk. 1
DEARBORN, Female05 Jul 1902DEARBORN, BenMAKER, Mary L...Birth Register, Bk. 1
DEITZ Female22 Feb 1877DEITZ, G.....Lake County Bee; Lake Democrat
DENNISON, Female24 Jul 1874DENNISON, M. L.RIFFE, Mary M.Upper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
DENISON, Female17 Sep 1905DENNISON,
        James Henry
FOUTCH, MabelUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
DENISON, Male08 Jun 1907
29 May 1907
DENISON, James H.FOUTCH, MabelUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
5 Jun 1907 Lake Co. Bee
DEPUTY, Male27 Nov 1901DEPUTY, John....Clear Lake Press
DEPUTY, Male02 May 1909DEPUTY, John....Clear Lake Press
DERRING, Male12 Oct 1870DERRING, Joseph..KnoxvilleLower Lake Bulletin
DEVENING, Male06 Oct 1896DEVENING, Dr. Henry C.ENQUEST, E.MiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
DEWELL, Male23 Feb 1874DEWELL, BenjaminELLIOTT, CeliaUpper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
DOBBS, Female28 May 1910DOBBS, John....Clear Lake Press
DODA, Male01 Jul 1904DODA, Thomas G.SALININI, Rosa May..Birth Register, Bk. 1
DODGE, Female
       (Male; Jack L.)
04 Mar 1908DODGE, Will(ALLEY, Mabel F.)..Clear Lake Press
(Clair Ridley)
27 May 1911DODGE, Wm(ALLEY, Mabel F.)..Clear Lake Press
DONDERO, Male31 Dec 1910DONDERO, John D.....Clear Lake Press
DORN, Male
(Conrad L.)
10 Jan 1909DORN, Fred(HENDERSON,
Nellie C.)
..Clear Lake Press
DOSS, Female07 Apr 1907DOSS, Wm....Lake County Bee
DOUGHTY, Male28 Nov 1904DOUGHTY, Cyurus E.Lena..Birth Register, Bk. 1
DOW, Male22 Sep 1889DOW, Charles R.....Lake Democrat
DOW, Female16 Jan 1899DOW, C. R.DINSMORE, Bessie..Birth Register Bk. 1
DOW, Male14 Sep 1904DOW, C. R.....Clear Lake Press
DOW, Female18 Jun 1908DOW, C. R.....Clear Lake Press
DOWNING, Female02 Aug 1873DOWNING, William....Lake County Bee
DOYLE, Twins
    Male & Female
18 Feb 1873DOYLE, M.....Cloverdale Bee
DRANSFIELD, Male07 Oct 1889DRANSFIELD, Dr. C.Gertrude..Birth Register Bk. 1
DURALL, MaleApr 1908..Ella..Lake County Bee
DYER, Male21 Mar 1874DYER, ThomasDYER, AnnCoyoteBirth Register Bk. 1

EACHER, Male 09 Apr 1911EACHER, Bert....Clear Lake Press
EACHUS, Male31 Aug 1880EACHUS, Robert....Lakeport Democrat
EACHUS, Female18 Apr 1882EACHUS, Robert....Lakeport Democrat
EACHUS, Female03 Nov 1897EACHUS, Robert P.....Clear Lake Press
EACKLE, Male17 Jul 1873EACKLE, J. C...LakeportLake County Bee
Russian River Flag
EAKLE, Female08 Dec 1870EAKLE, J. C.....Clear Lake Courier
EAKLE, Female27 Mar 1876EAKLE, J. C...LakeportRussian River Flag
EATON, Female11 Feb 1899EATON, J. M.MENDENHALL, Sadie..Birth Register Bk. 1
....Clear Lake Press
    (Sara A.)
24 Oct 1905EDMUNDS,
       Samuel Mayhew
BRUTON, JosephineLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
Ca Birth Index
EDWARDS, Female06 Oct 1904EDWARDS, Gilbert....Clear Lake Press
EDWARDS, Female25 Dec 1908EDWARDS, Gilbert....Clear Lake Press
EKBERG, Female14 Dec 1907EKBERG, P. G.....Clear Lake Press
ELIOT, Female26 Oct 1903ELIOT, Lafayette....Lake County Bee
ELLIOTT, Female13 Sep 1886ELLIOTT, W. B.....Lakeport Democrat
ELLIOTT02 Oct 1891ELLIOTT, WilliamELLIOTT, L...Birth Register Bk. 1
EMERICK, Female27 Dec 1906EMERICK,
       Wilbur Charles
       Alzira Rebecca
5 mi. S. of KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
EMERSON, Male23 May 1903EMERSON, Perry....Lake County Bee
ENDERLIN, Male28 Dec 1908ENDERLIN, Ernest....Clear Lake Press
ENDERLIN, Male04 Jul 1909ENDERLIN, Henry....Clear Lake Press
ENGLAND Male07 Sep 1894......Clear Lake Press
ENGLAND, Female26 Nov 1894ENGLAND, James....Clear Lake Press
ENGLAND, Male..ENGLAND, CharlesADAMS,Lower LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
ENGLAND, Male08 Jul 1896ENGLAND, J.HAMILTON..Birth Register Bk. 1
ENGLAND, Male15 Sep 1898ENGLAND, Joe ....Lake County Bee
ENGLAND, Male20 Jun 1899ENGLAND, J. B.....Clear Lake Press
EVANS, Female09 May 1881EVANS, Luke..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
EVANS, Female10 Jan 1903EVANS, J. W.YOUNG, Ethel G...Birth Register, Bk. 1
EVANS, Female24 Jul 1905EVANS, WirtYOUNG, Ethel T...Birth Register, Bk. 1
EVANS, Male26 Oct 1906EVANS, John WertYOUNG, Ethel T.MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
EVERETT, Female27 Sep 1879EVERETT, A. J...LakeportLake County Bee &
Lower Lake Bulletin
EVERINGTON, Male23 Feb 1893EVERINGTON, J. W...near MiddletownMiddletown Independent
EVEY, Male02 Apr 1907EVEY, Joseph JamesMARSH, AnnaKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
EWING, Female04 Oct 1875EWING, E.....Lakeport Democrat

FARGO, Male28 Jun 1898FARGO, George....Birth Register Bk. 1
FARLEY, Female08 May 1870FARLEY, H. F.....Clear Lake Courier
FARLEY, Female13 Jan 1888FARLEY, G.....Lake Democrat
FARLEY, Female11 Feb 1890FARLEY, George....Middletown Independent
FARMER, Male15 Feb 1882FARMER, Samuel..Great Western MineLower Lake Bulletin
FARMER, Female01 Feb 1895FARMER, W. C.PARRIOTT, B.MiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1
FARMER, Female03 Feb 1897FARMER, C. W.PARRIOTT..Birth Register Bk. 1
FARRIER, Male27 Nov 1878FARRIER, M. O.....Lake Democrat
FARRIER, Female25 Mar 1906FARRIER,
       Frank Robert
      Christie Adaline
LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
       (Fred Ogden)
06 Oct 1879FARRIS, William W.(Harriet
       Ogden Squires)
Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
FARRIS, Female
26 Feb 1882
d.16 Dec 1884
FARRIS, W. W.(Harriet
       Ogden Squires)
(Lower Lake)Lower Lake Bulletin
(Farris Descendant
FAUGHT, Female05 Jun 1906FAUGHT, CharlesWATKINS, MabelLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
FAUGHT, Female09 Jul 1909FAUGHT, C. L.....Clear Lake Press
FAUNT, LeRoy22 May 1906FAUNT, J.....Clear Lake Press
Lake County Bee
FEES, Nona Eva21 Jan 1895FEES, A.BARNES, Lydia..Birth Register Bk. 1
FEES, Male05 Apr 1898;
d. 10 Apr 1898
FEES, John....Birth Register Bk. 1;
Lake County Bee
FEES, Female24 Jun 1899FEES, JohnMIKESELL, Alpha L...Birth Register Bk. 1
FELGER, Male06 Aug 1902FELGER, John....Clear Lake Press
FELGER, Male21 May 1904FELGER, J. A.....Clear Lake Press
FELGER, Female04 Oct 1909FELGER, John....Clear Lake Press
FENTON, Male03 Oct 1897FENTON, Thomas....Clear Lake Press
FERGUSON, Female04 May 1879FERGUSON, R. K.....Lake County Bee
FERGUSON, Female16 Jul 1907FERGUSON, J. B.CRAWFORD, Velma..Clear Lake Press
FICKES, Male25 Aug 1889FICKES, George A...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
FICKES, Female;
(paper says Male)
09 Feb 1897FICKES, GeorgeREAD, SusieMiddletownBirth Register Bk. 1;
Middletown Independent
FICKES, Female14 Feb 1906FICKES, Carl SchurzBLACK, Arlie MildredMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
FIFIELD, Female28 Oct 1905FIFIELD,
      James Artwell
HAMMELL, Ira FernWest KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
FINLEY, Female02 May 1902FINLEY, M. B.....Clear Lake Press
FINN, Male04 Mar 1908FINN, Bert....Lake County Bee
FINOGLIS, Female28 Jan 1896FINOGLIS, StandishELLIOTT, Alma..Birth Register Bk. 1
FITCH, Female08 Dec 1877FITCH, John B...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin;
Lake County Bee
Russian River Flag
FITCH, MaleOct. 1909FITCH, D. F.....Clear Lake Press
FLAGER, Male11 Sep 1869FLAGER, W. H.....Lower Lake Bulletin
FONTLEROY, Female22 May 1906FONTLEROY, JosephESTEY, EvaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
FORT, Male31 Jan 1907FORT, Francis B.HARNER, Agenes H.Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
FOUTCH, Male15 Feb 1893FOUTCH, William..High ValleyMiddletown Independent
FOWLER, Female18 Aug 1906FOWLER, Carson HillCOMBACKER, EmilyKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
FOWLER, Male21 Oct 1907FOWLER, Nelson....Clear Lake Press
FOX, Female30 Jul 1878FOX, J. M.....Lake Democrat
FOY, Male
    (Francis E.)
01 Aug 1905FOY, EllisHALE, IdaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
CA Birth Index
FRANCES, Female24 Jan 1892FRANCES, John D...Bradford MineMiddletown Independent
FRANCIS, Male02 Aug 1897FRANCIS, ADAMS, ..Birth Register Bk. 1
FRANCK, Male10 Sep 1910FRANCK, Max....Clear Lake Press
FRASER, Female15 Feb 1879FRASER,
      Capt. Howard
....Lake Democrat
FRASER, Male29 Dec 1880FRASER,
      Capt. John F.
..LakeportLower Lake Bulletin
FRASER, Female23 Feb 1890FRASER, Capt. J. K.....Lake Democrat
FRASER, Male02 Jun 1906FRASER, LyonMILLS, Ida Lorena2 1/2 mi. from KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
FRASER, Female07 Jul 1907FRASER, LyonMILLS, Ida L.LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
FRASER, Female15 Oct 1908FRASER, Lyon....Clear Lake Press
FRAZER, Male12 Nov 1877FRAZER, Capt. J. K.....Lake Democrat
FRAZIER, Female03 Mar 1873..FRAZIER,
    Sarah Isabella Victoria
Upper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
FRITZ, Female19 Oct 1873FRITZ, HenryDENNISON, AliceUpper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
FROOM, Female03 Aug 1906FROOM,
     Erastus Harvey
    Laura Frances
KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
FULLER, Male(no date)FULLER, J. T. ....Birth Register, Bk. 1
FULTZ, Vera Renfro11 Jul 1897FULTZ, Arthur G.RENFRO, Nannie..Birth Register Bk. 1
FULTZ, Male18 Sep 1898FULTZ, W. H.....Lake County Bee
FULTZ, Female14 Dec 1901FULTZ, William H.GUNN, E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
FULTZ, Female09 ar 1902FULTZ, A. G.....Clear Lake Press
FURBER, Male07 Jun 1895FURBER, Wm C.....Birth Register Bk. 1

GADDY, Male25 Jun 1876GADDY, R...near LakeportLake Democrat
Russian River Flag
GALBRAITH, Female14 Sep 1890GALBRAITH, J. W.....Lake Democrat
GANTER, Female06 Jul 1909GANTER, Clint....Clear Lake Press
GARBER, Male07 Sep 1904GARBER, John....Clear Lake Press
GARD, Male14 Aug 1902GARD, Will....Clear Lake Press
GARD, Female15 Sep 1902GARD, WilliamKEITHLY, Georgia..Birth Register, Bk. 1
GARD, Female04 Mar 1904GARD, William....Clear Lake Press
GARNER, Male07 Sep 1904GARNER, John....Clear Lake Press
10 Mar 1908GARNER, Lloyd....Clear Lake Press
GARNER, Male05 Oct 1910GARNER, Fred....Clear Lake Press
GARNER, Male29 Oct 1910GARNER, John....Clear Lake Press
GARRETT, Female14 Jan 1894GARRETT, HarryMEAD, Fanie..Birth Register Bk. 1
GARRETT, Female20 Oct 1895GARRETT, HarryMEAD, Fannie..Birth Register Bk. 1
    Male & Female
24 Aug 1876GASSMAN,
     Prof. George
..LakeportLake Democrat
Russian River Flag
SERVINA, Mangini..Birth Register, Bk. 1
GENTRY, Female10 Jun 1896GENTRY, J.THOMPSON, M...Birth Register Bk. 1
GET(Getz), Female18 Jan 1881GET, Sol..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
GETZ, Female14 Jan 1870GETZ, Joseph..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
GIBBS, Female06 Apr 1896GIBBS, E...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
GIBSON, Male11 Nov 1908GIBSON, Herbert....Lake County Bee
GIFFON, Male03 Sep 1908GIFFON, Herbert....Clear Lake Press
     (Nora Eliza)
05 Jan 1873GILBERT, JacobDAVIS, Julet..Birth Register Bk. 1
      Clifford Elvin
18 Nov 1905GILLESPIE,
      William Frederick
GILLESPIE, Cora BellUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
       Maybell Irene
07 Dec 1905GINNER, Charles RoyMALLORY, Lena MayKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
GLINES, Male02 Jan 1874GLINES, John H.EVANS, Mary AnnUpper LakeBirth Register Bk. 1
GOLDSMITH, Male23 Jan 1870;
d. 06 Mar 1870
GOLDSMITH, WilliamMartha ____Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
GOLDSMITH, Male02 Jun 1870GOLDSMITH, John H...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
GOODRICH, Female25 Nov 1907GOODRICH, Fred....Lake County Bee
GORDON, Male08 Jan 1877GORDON, E. H.....Lake County Bee
GORDON, Dorothy06 Nov 1905GORDON,
     Charles Lutelluen
     Maggie Frederick
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
GRAHAM, Male07 Feb 1879GRAHAM, E. A.....Lake Democrat
GRAHAM, Male (?)
    Elsie Marguerite)
24 Feb 1899GRAHAM,
     W.(Willis) N.
MORRISON, Elsie..Birth Register Bk. 1
Clear Lake Press
      Ross Adison
06 Jun 1906GRAHAM, WillisDUNTON, Sylva R.Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
GRAHAM, Female20 Dec 1907GRAHAM, Willis....Lake County Bee
GRANTHAN, Male10 Jun 1896GRANTHAN, W. D.MILLS, Daisy..Birth Register Bk. 1
GRAY, Male26 Sep 1908GRAY, E. E.....Clear Lake Press
      Bennett Warner
18 Mar 1899GREEN, A. W.BURNS, Mary D...Birth Register Bk. 1
     Bernice Arline
(listed in the "A" Index)
24 Mar 1906GREEN,
      Charles Henry
GREEN, Maud Irene
(BECK, Maud Irene)
Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
GREEN, Female16 Feb 1903GREEN, A. W.....Clear Lake Press
Lake County Bee
GREEN, FemaleApril 1906GREEN, Charles....Lake County Bee
GREEN, (Geraldine)01 May 1907GREEN, A. W.(BYRNES, Mary Dale)..Lake County Bee (1910 Census)
GREEN, Male11 Jun 1909GREEN, A. W.....Clear Lake Press
GREENE, Male09 Jun 1873GREENE, W. E...KelseyvilleLake County Bee
Russian River Flag
GREENE, Female12 Jul 1875GREENE, W. E...KelseyvilleLake Democrat;
Russian River Flag
GREENE, Male25 May 1882GREENE, Willis..LakeportLower Lake Bulletin
GREENE, Thomas23 Feb 1907......LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
       Mildred Adele
22 Mar 1907GREENE,
     Fred A.
ALLEY, Ruth A.LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
GREENFIELD, Male10 Jun 1874GREENFIELD, Z. B.HERNDON, BlancheCoyoteBirth Register Bk. 1
GREENFIELD, Male10 Mar 1879GREENFIELD, W. C.....Lake County Bee
GREGG, Male06 Nov 1870GREGG, William..Big ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
GREVES, Female15 Nov 1894GREVES, Thomas....Clear Lake Press
GREWER, Female
    (Lois P.)
12 Nov 1905GREWER, John JacobDAVISON, Harriet E.LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
CA Birth Index
GRIFFITTS, Female15 Nov 1874GRIFFITTS, JohnORMISTON, BlancheKelseyBirth Register Bk. 1
GRIFFITTS, Female(no date) GRIFFITTS, JohnORMISTON, Blanche..Birth Register, Bk. 1
GRIGSBY, Female30 Sep 1896GRIGSBY, W. F.COLEMAN, May..Birth Register Bk. 1
GRIGSBY, Female24 Jun 1906GRIGSBY, Nelson....Lake County Bee
GRINER, Male03 Aug 1894GRINER, C.JONES..Birth Register Bk. 1
GRINER, Male(no date)GRINER, O. T.SAYLOR, ..Birth Register, Bk. 1
GRINER, Male18 Dec 1901
(might be one above)
GRINER, O. T.....Clear Lake Press
GROOM, Female22 Aug 1907......Birth Register, Bk. 1
GROVES, Male05 Mar 1873GROVES, Samuel J.SaraScotts ValleyBirth Register Bk. 1
(Lower Lake area)Lake County Bee
(Lower Lake)Lake Democrat
GRUWELL, Labin Harding (Jr.)22 May 1882GRUWELL, L. H.(McCLINTOCK,
Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
     Ralph Nickols)
(3 Mar 1884)GRUWELL, L. H.(McCLINTOCK,
(Lower Lake area)Descendant
(GRUWELL,Margaret)(28 Sep 1886)GRUWELL, L. H.(McCLINTOCK,
(Lower Lake area)Descendant
 Burling McClintock)
(30 May 1891GRUWELL, L. H.(McCLINTOCK,
(Lower Lake area)Descendant
    (Beverly Holiday)
..Lake Democrat
     Male & Female
25 Dec 1892;
girl d. same day
GUILLIERI, Charles..Voluntine RanchMiddletown Independent
GUINNAR, Female08 Oct 1903GUINNAR, Charles....Clear Lake Press
GUINNAR, Female06 Dec 1905GUINNAR, Charles....Clear Lake Press
GULLY, Female02 Apr 1869GULLY, P. Jasper....Clear Lake Courier
GULLY, Female24 Feb 1874GULLY, JasperOGLE, EllenBachelor ValleyBirth Register Bk. 1
GULLY, Male28 Feb 1878GULLY, Frank....Lake County Bee
     Male & Female
27 Dec 1898GUNN, ArthurIRVING, Viola..Birth Register Bk. 1
GUNN, Female10 Jul 1903GUNN, Arthur J.IRVIN, Viola..Birth Register, Bk. 1
GUNN, Female17 April 1910GUNN, James, Jr.....Clear Lake Press
GUPTILL, Male01 Mar 1909GUPTILL, Roscoe....Clear Lake Press
GUPTILL, Female04 Jul 1910GUPTILL, Roscoe....Clear Lake Press

HAAS, Male01 Sep 1910HAAS, Andrew....Clear Lake Press
HABISHAW, Female22 Mar 1892HABISHAW, Thomas..near MiddletownMiddletown Independent
HADLEY, Male03 Apr 1871HADLEY, J. B...near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
HAGGITT, Male09 May 1908HAGGITT, H. P. H.....Lake County Bee
Clear Lake Press
HALE, Male29 Aug 1889HALE, W. J...near MiddletownMiddletown Independent
HALL, Female07 Apr 1878HALL, Prof. Robert....Lake Democrat
HAMILTON, Female30 Apr 1907HAMILTON, J. H.....Lake County Bee
HAMLIN, Female30 Apr 1907HAMLIN, John ElbertSOMERS, EmmaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
HAMMACK, Male(no date)HAMMACK, G.SPECK, Minnie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HAMMACK, MaleDec. 1901HAMMACK, GeorgeSPECK, Minnie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HAMMOND, Female(no date)HAMMOND, D. J.BREEDER, Mary C...Birth Register, Bk. 1
HANGSE, Male27 Jan 1880HANGSE, L...near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
HANSON, Female12 Dec 1866HANSON, Dr. H. M.....Clear Lake Sentinel
HANSON, Male06 Aug 1871HANSON, David..Long ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
HANSON, Male31 Jul 1873HANSON, D. M.....Lake County Bee
HANSON, Female19 Apr 1877HANSON, David M.....Lake Democrat
HANSON, Male14 Oct 1887HANSON, Dan....Lake Democrat
HARBIN, Female(no date)HARBIN, James C.PUVEY, Mandy..Birth Register, Bk. 1
    (Lutitia Viola)
18 Jun 1893HARDISTER, Henry(ROOK, Susan)MiddletownMiddletown Independent
    (Lila Rook)
06 Jun 1895HARDESTER, Henry(ROOK, Susan)MiddletownMiddletown Independent
   William Henry, Jr.)
22 Nov 1897HARDISTER, HenryROOK, Susan..Descendant
(listed in "F" Index)
     (Julius ?)
(no date)
d. in half hour
(05 Jul 1902)
    (William Henry)
ROOKE, Susan
(Rook, Susan Ellen)
(Mirabel Mine)
Birth Register, Bk. 1
      Henry Scott)
28 Aug 1909HARDISTER,
         Ira Scott
     Doris DeWolfe
     Pliny Reed)
04 Sep 1911HARDISTER,
         Ira Scott
     Doris DeWolfe
HARRINGTON, Male03 May 1900HARRINGTON, A.....Clear Lake Press
HARRIS, Female14 Sep 1880HARRIS, J. A...near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
HARRIS, Male12 Dec 1881HARRIS, A...near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
HARRIS, Female08 Oct 1894HARRIS, George H.CASSIDY, Bridget..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HARTLEY, Female17 Jan 1892HARTLEY, Dr. R. E...SacramentoMiddletown Independent
HASTAIN, Male(no date)HASTAIN, J. H.BOGGS..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HASTAIN, Male08 Mar 1873HASTAIN, J. H.BOGGSUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
HASTAIN, Male06 Mar 1900HASTAIN, W. R.....Clear Lake Press
HASTAIN, Female(no date)HASTAIN, RileyPERRINGTON, Eva..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HASTAIN, Female14 Sep 1902
(May be the one above)
HASTAIN, Riley....Clear Lake Press
HASTAIN, Female14 Feb 1905HASTAIN, Isaac....Clear Lake Press
HASTAIN, Male20 Mar 1907HASTAIN,
     William Riley
     Cora Ellise
near KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
HASTIN, Male11 Mar 1893HASTIN, George....Lake Democrat
      Doris Ruth
10 Nov 1898HATFIELD, W.SYLAR, L...Birth Register, Bk. 1
      Charles M.
CAMPBELL, CoraKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
HATFIELD, FemaleJan 1908HATFIELD, W. S.....Clear Lake Press
HATHAWAY, Male21 Mar 1900HATHAWAY, C. F.....Clear Lake Press
HATHAWAY, Male(no date; may be same as above)HATHAWAY, C. F.HERSEL, Ethel..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HAUGSE, Male27 Jan 1880HAUGSE, L.....Lower Lake Bulletin
HAYCOCK, Female30 Jun 1906HAYCOCK,
      Charles W.
      Myrtle Elizabeth
LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
HAYES, Male01 Jun 1897HAYES, E. L.BISHOP, Maggie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HAYES, Male03 Sep 1899HAYES, EdwardBISHOP, Maggie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HAYES, Female24 Aug 1905HAYES,
      James Edward
BISHOP, Margaretnear LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
HAYNES, Female19 Apr 1877HAYNES, G. H.DENNISON, Mary Ann..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HAZELWOOD, Male18 Nov 1875HAZELWOOD, John..LakeportLake Democrat
Santa Rosa Times
     Edward Pearle
          Nora Bell
LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
HAZELWOOD, Female13 Apr 1909HAZELWOOD, E. P.....Clear Lake Press
HEALLY, Ella Frances08 Mar 1874HEALLY, Thomas..Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
HEDGER, Male27 Sep 1908HEDGER, L. A.....Clear Lake Press
                Sarah E.
Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
     Jessie Dunblane)
26 Mar 1879HENDERSON, LewisTOWNSEND, BeulahKelseyvilleDescendant
HENDERSON, Male31 Dec 1885HENDERSON, L.....Lake Democrat
HENDERSON, Male13 June 1905HENDERSON, LewisTOWNSEND, Beulah..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HENDERSON, Male11 Oct 1907HENDERSON, E. A.....Lake County Bee
HENDERSON, Male22 Mar 1908HENDERSON, B. H.....Clear Lake Press
      Robert Edward
13 Mar 1873HENDRICKS, Z. B.STEPHENSON, Marian..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HENDRICKS, Male02 Jan 1907HENDRICKS, CharlesDORN, MarthaKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
HENDRICKS, Female15 Feb 1909HENDRICKS,....Clear Lake Press
HENNING, Male(no date)HENNING, ClintonMcGINNIS, Maggie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HENRY, Male(no date)HENRY, JobWOOLEY, Sarah..Birth Register, Bk. 1
(HENRY, Rosella)27 May 1886HENRY,
    Benjamin Franklin
    Mary Matilda
Upper LakeDescendant
     Samuel Morton)
29 Apr 1889HENRY,
   Benjamin Franklin
    Mary Matilda
(now) LucerneDescendant
HERNDON, Female15 May 1881HERNDON, F. M...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
HERNDON, Male12 Oct 1881HERNDON, N. W...near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
HERRICK, Male14 Feb 1907HERRICK,
      Edward Lee
GROOM, Alice MaudMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
HERRICK, Male29 Dec 1907HERRICK, A. H.....Clear Lake Press
HICKLIN, Female19 Sep 1875HICKLIN, James..Excelsior MineRussian River Flag
HIGSON, Female11 Aug 1880HIGSON, Marquis....Lake County Bee
HILDEBRAND, Male19 Apr 1896HILDEBRAND, G. L...Alwood FarmMiddletown Independent
21 Sep 1899HILDEBRAND, G. W.....Clear Lake Press
(no date)HILDERBRAND, S.FERRARD, Mabel..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HILL, FemaleJun-Jul 1889HILL, James....Lake Democrat
HILL, Mattie Lillian26 Feb 1895HILL, W. P.WOOLDRIDGE, Lillian..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HILL, Female22 Dec 1896HILL, W. P.WOOLDRIDGE, L...Birth Register, Bk. 1
HILL, Female01 Jun 1897HILL, W. P.....Clear Lake Press
HILL, Male20 Dec 1899HILL, W. P.....Clear Lake Press
HILL, Female
    (Alexandra L.)
28 Oct 1905HILL, W. L. B.JOHNSON, Tina
Highland SpringsBirth Register, Bk. 2
CA Birth Index
HILL, Female
(listed under "N")
20 May 1907HILL, James P.CONNER, CaliforniaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
HINKLE, Female26 Nov 1867HINKLE, J. T.....Clear Lake Courier
HINTON, Female
       (Esther S.)
22 Sep 1873HINTON, George(COBB, Mary H. O.)Lower LakeLake County Bee
HINTON, Male12 Sep 1902
(lived abt. 3 mo.)
HINTON, EdENDERLIN, Louise..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HOAG, Male15 Mar 1888HOAG, Charles....Lake Democrat
HOBERG, Male23 Aug 1905HOBERG,
      Max Gustave
       Teresa Dorathea
Hoberg's ResortBirth Register, Bk. 2
HOBERG, Male02 Aug 1909HOBERG, Max....Clear Lake Press
HOGAN, Male25 Mar 1882HOGAN, William M...Long ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
    Male (one died)
20 Aug 1905HOLDENREID, FrankSCHROEDER, AnneCobb ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
           Judge J. B.
....Clear Lake Courier
HOLMAN, Male19 Aug 1909HOLMAN, James....Clear Lake Press
HOLMSTEDT, Female18 Oct 1892HOLMSTEDT, Oscar..near MiddletownMiddletown Independent
HOLSTEAD, Male01 Nov 1906HOLSTEAD, HenryCONNOR, MarieUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
HOPKINS, Male05 Oct 1880HOPKINS, Dr. E. V...Sulphur BankLake Democrat
HOWARD, Female29 Dec 1895HOWARD, S. H...Upper LakeMiddletown Independent
HOWARD, Female(no date)HOWARD, E.
DOWNEN, Maud..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HOWARD, Female22 Dec 1896HOWARD, Frank....Clear Lake Press
HOWARD, Male25 Sep 1903HOWARD, EvelleDOWNEN, Maud..Birth Register, Bk. 1
06 Aug 1905HOWARD, EuvelleDOWNEN, Maud..Birth Register, Bk. 2
CA Birth Index
HOWARD, Male26 Mar 1907HOWARD, EuvelleDOWNEN, MaudLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
      Dorothy Lorraine
28 Apr 1907HOWARD,
      Elmo Faber
STIPP, MaryLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
HOWARD, Female(no date)HOWARD, E.DOWNEN..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HOWARD, Female24 Aug 1908HOWARD, Elmo....Clear Lake Press
HOWARD, Female29 Aug 1909HOWARD, Euvelle....Clear Lake Press
HOWARD, Female06 Dec 1910HOWARD, Elmo....Clear Lake Press
HOWE, Norene27 May 1896HOWE, FrankKELTING, Louella..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HOWE, Female22 Dec 1896HOWE, Frank....Clear Lake Press
HOWE, Male21 Jun 1898HOWE, FrankKELTING, Louella..Birth Register, Bk. 1;
Clear Lake Press
HOWE, Male08 Nov 1898HOWE, Frank....Clear Lake Press
HUBBS, Male16 Sep 1874HUBBS, Charles....Lake County Bee
HUDSON, Male(no date)HUDSON, R. L.ROSE, Annie E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
HUDSON, Frances M.27 Apr 1896HUDSON, Robert LeeROSE, A...Birth Register, Bk. 1
HUDSON, Female31 May 1907HUDSON, HarryRANTZ, BerthaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
HUDSON, Male01 Jun 1909HUDSON, R. L.....Clear Lake Press
HUFF, Male17 Mar 1880HUFF, W. R.....Lake County Bee
       Milton Delvey
22 Nov 1897HUGHES, John JonesPARKER, Mary Olive..Birth Register, Bk. 1
       Clifford Parker
19 Jun 1898HUGHES, John JonesPARKER, Mary Olive..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HUGHES, Female(no date)HUGHES, DavidHINDMAN, Esther..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HUGHES, Male24 Aug 1905HUGHES, John J., Jr.PARKER, Mary OliveMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
HUNT, Male06 Oct 1879HUNT, B. A...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
HUNT, Male(no date)HUNT, CharlesMULLALY, Mary Ann..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HUNT, Male06 Jul 1906HUNT,
      Benjamin Franklin
    Clara Elizabeth
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
    (William Waite)
14 May 1900HUNTER, W. C.
    (William C.)
(WAITE, Parthenia)..Clear Lake Press
HUNTING, Female27 Jan 1908HUNTING, Ollie....Lake County Bee
HURT, Female03 Nov 1876HURT, C. H.....Lake Democrat
HURT, Female20 Aug 1878HURT, J. W.....Lake Democrat
HURT, Female14 Feb 1880HURT, C. H.....Lake Democrat
HUSTON, Male28 Nov 1874HUSTON, J. H.BOGGS..Birth Register, Bk. 1
HUSTON, Male21 Oct 1880HUSTON, James....Lake County Bee
HUSTON, Male09 Mar 1886HUSTON, J. H.....Lake Democrat

INGRAM31 Jan 1873INGRAM, Yonas....Birth Register, Bk. 1
INGRAM, Female(no date)INGRAM, HenrySHIRLEY, B...Birth Register, Bk. 1
INGRAM, Female17 Jul 1879INGRAM, William R.....Lake County Bee:
Lake Democrat
INGRAM, Female21 Nov 1894INGRAM, Charles....Clear Lake Press
INGRAM, Male14 Jun 1897INGRAM, Charles....Birth Register, Bk. 1
IRWIN, Male31 Jan 1875IRWIN, E.STARK, LeaCoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
IRWIN, Female20 Aug 1903IRWIN, George....Clear Lake Press
IRWIN, Male16 Aug 1908IRWIN, George....Clear Lake Press

JACKA, Female06 Sep 1894JACKA, Richard..MirabelMiddletown Independent
23 Jul ?? premature,
      d. 2 hrs.
JACKS, Richard
MUNZ, Ella..Birth Register, Bk. 1
JAGO, Female01 Jun 1906JAGO, Louie....Lake County Bee
JAMISON, Female27 Feb 1871JAMISON, J. A.....Russian River Flag
JAMISON, Female11 Jul 1893JAMISON, J. B.....Lake Democrat
JAMISON, Male17 Nov 1896JAMISON, J. B.WILKINSON, (Annie)MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
JAMISON, Opal11 Jun 1906
d. within hrs.
JAMISON, RodneySMITH, Ada IoneMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
JENKINS, Female09 Jan 1887JENKINS, C.....Lake Democrat
JOB09 Jun 1873JOB, HenryWOOLEY, SarahUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
JOHN, Female
(Sally C.)
18 Oct 1905JOHN, AllieWARES, Bernice3 mi of KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
CA Birth Index
      Mary Ester
15 Aug 1861JOHNSON, MathewCARPENTER,
        Sarah Jane
        Sarah Jane
        Sarah Jane
        Sarah Jane
Upper LakeDescendant
        Sarah Jane
Upper LakeDescendant
JOHNSON, Male02 Jul 1870JOHNSON, Eli..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
15 Jan 1873JOHNSON, MathewCARPENTER,
         Sarah Jane
Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
        Hattie E.)
03 Feb 1875;
d. 21 Jul 1875
        Sarah Jane
Upper LakeDescendant
JOHNSON, Female17 Oct 1875JOHNSON, CharlesGLINES, Mary A...Birth Register, Bk. 1
        Lucy Ellen)
09 Jan 1877JOHNSON, MathewCARPENTER,
        Sarah Jane
Upper LakeDescendant
JOHNSON, Female17 Aug 1890;
d. 28 Oct 1890
JOHNSON, C. A...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
JOHNSON, Male03 Jan 1893JOHNSON, C. A...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
JOHNSON, Male14 Jul 1894JOHNSON, A. W.RENWICK..Birth Register, Bk. 1
JOHNSON, Female09 Mar 1901JOHNSON, CharlesOZENBURGER, Iva E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
JOHNSON, Female13 Feb 1907JOHNSON, William F.DUTCHER,
       Emma Blanche
Scotts ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
JOHNSON, Female19 Feb 1907JOHNSON, John J.SHELD, JennieLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
JONES, Male11 May 1880JONES, Charles....Lake County Bee
JONES, Jesse Willard23 Sep 1898JONES, CharlesWALDO, Nellie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
JONES, Male21 Mar 1909JONES, Jim....Lake County Bee

KEATLEY, MaleJuly (?), 1893KEATLEY, Ed....Lake Democrat
KEEFE, Male06 Oct 1910KEEFE, Ernest....Clear Lake Press
    Herbert Vincent
31 Jul 1895KEELING, H. V.HOBBS, M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
KEEP, Male19 May 1896KEEP, J. H.WILEY..Birth Register, Bk. 1
KEIP, Male03 May 1892KEIP, John..Jerusalem ValleyMiddletown Independent
    Seth & Sarah
23 Mar 1900KEITHLEY, JacobRUSSELL, Grace..Birth Register, Bk. 1
KEITHLY, Female (Audrey)08 Apr 1910KEITHLY, J. A.(RUSSELL, Grace)..Clear Lake Press
KELLEY, Male21 Dec 1872KELLEY, J. C.....Cloverdale Bee
KELLOGG, Female26 Jun 1896KELLOGG, C.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
KELLOGG, Female27 Jun 1898KELLOGG, Dr. C. W.....Lake County Bee
KELLY, Ruth Pauline21 Jul 1900KELLY, J. MelvinROSE, Alice G...Birth Register, Bk. 1
KELLY, MaleSept. 1903KELLY, Mark....Lake County Bee
KELSAY, Female28 Aug 1899KELSAY, Larkin....Clear Lake Press
KELSAY, Female15 Dec 1901KELSAY, Larkin....Clear Lake Press
KELSAY, Female26 Jun 1902KELSAY, D. A.....Clear Lake Press
KELSAY, Female09 Oct 1904KELSAY, Daniel....Clear Lake Press
KELSEY, Female21 Jul 1874KELSEY, AlexanderSHUR, Emily..Birth Register, Bk. 1
KELSEY, Male14 Jun 1877KELSEY, James....Lake County Bee
KELSEY, Female03 Jul 1880KELSEY, W. F.....Lake County Bee; Lake Democrat
KELSEY, Female23 Nov 1897KELSEY, Will....Clear Lake Press
KELSEY, Male04 Mar 1901KELSEY, DanielNUTTER, Cora..Birth Register, Bk. 1
KEMP, Female
(Agnes Elsie)
08 Oct 1892KEMP, G. W.
  (George Washington)
(CANNON, Luemma)MiddletownMiddletown Independent
KEMP, Female07 Jun 1896KEMP, G. W.CANNON, Luemman..Birth Register, Bk. 1
KEMP, Female
     (Vernie Evaline)
15 Nov 1896KEMP, G. W.
   (George Washington)
(CANNON, Luemma)MiddletownMiddletown Independent
& Descendant
KEMP, Male
    (Lloyd Cannon)
27 Dec 1901
12 Dec 1901
KEMP, George W.
(George Washington)
CANNON, Luemma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
KEMP, Female10 May 1905KEMP, C. E.FRASER, L. M.MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
KEMP, Female24 Jul 1908KEMP, Clarence....Lake County Bee
KENDRIX, Male 20 Nov 1896KENDRIX, J...Upper LakeMiddletown Independent
KENEDY, Male15 Oct 1878KENEDY, H.....Lake Democrat
KENNEDY, FemaleAug (?), 1881KENNEDY, R.....Lower Lake Bulletin
KENNEDY, Male10 Feb 1882KENNEDY, Almus..Long ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
KENNEDY, Female05 Dec 1908KENNEDY, Will....Clear Lake Press
KENNEDY, Male22 Dec 1908KENNEDY, James....Clear Lake Press
KENNEDY, Female29 Sep 1909KENNEDY, Alec....Clear Lake Press
KERN, Male12 May 1895KERN, DavidBASSETT, Lucinda..Birth Register, Bk. 1
KINGSBURY, Female(no date)
(24 Sept 1895 in newspaper)
    (Calvin W.)
ASHLY, (Alice M.)Spruce GroveBirth Register, Bk. 1
Middletown Independent
KIRBYSON, Female25 Sep 1905KIRBYSON, RichardFISHER, Lucreita3 mi. E of KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
     Lilburn Dee
SYLER, Sarah Jane..Birth Register, Bk. 1
     Robert K.
    Frederick John
       Sarah Jane
(SYLAR, Sarah Jane)
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
04 Feb 1904KIRKPATRICK, T. J.....Clear Lake Press
     Frederick J.
SYLAR, Sarah JaneKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
KIRKPATRICK, Male07 Nov 1907KIRKPATRICK, F.SYLAR, P...Birth Register, Bk. 1
KIRTLEY, Male20 Aug 1881KIRTLEY, E. B.....Lower Lake Bulletin
KLEISER, Male25 Jun 1874KLEISER, J. A.....Lake County Bee
KNAUER, Female06 Apr 1880KNAUER, Harvey..High ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
KNEEBONE, Male12 Apr 1897KNEEBONE, Elwin..Mirabel MineMiddletown Independent
      Pearl Ellen)
09 May 1899(KNIGHTON, Fount)(CRABTREE,
          Jennie May)
(Upper Lake)Descendant
      Pheba Almeda)
17 Aug 1900(KNIGHTON, Fount)(CRABTREE,
          Jennie May)
(Upper Lake)Descendant
      Nina Erelda)
04 Feb 1903(KNIGHTON, Fount)(CRABTREE,
          Jennie May)
(Upper Lake)Descendant
29 Oct 1906(KNIGHTON, Fount)(CRABTREE,
          Jennie May)
(Upper Lake)Descendant
     Mattie Marian)
26 Sep 1908(KNIGHTON, Fount)(CRABTREE,
          Jennie May)
(Upper Lake)Descendant
    (Fe) Adra Leta)
15 Oct 1910KNIGHTON, Fount(CRABTREE,
          Jennie May)
(Upper Lake)Clear Lake Press
& (Descendant)
      Jesse Upton)
30 Nov 1913(KNIGHTON, Fount)(CRABTREE,
          Jennie May)
(Upper Lake)Descendant
      Wilfred Ammon)
12 Oct 1915(KNIGHTON, Fount)(CRABTREE,
          Jennie May)
(Upper Lake)Descendant
KNOWLTON, Female03 Jul 1876KNOWLTON, C. V...LakeportRussian River Flag
KNOX, Male05 Jul 1898KNOX, P. A.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
KNOX, Female27 Apr 1905KNOX, Prince AlbertALEXANDER..Birth Register, Bk. 1
KNUST, Female25 May 1901KNUST, August....Clear Lake Press
KOOPMAN, Female24 Sept 1895KOOPMAN, H...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
KRAMER, Female05 May 1897KRAMER, George..near MiddletownMiddletown Independent
KROMER, Male28 Feb 1905
KROMER, GeorgeHARBIN, Jennie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
29 Mar 1896KUYKENDALL, J. W.....Middletown Independent

LAKE, Twins
    Male & Female
23 Feb 1903LAKE, Norman....Lake County Bee
& Clear Lake Press
LAKE, Female13 Sep 1908LAKE, N. J.....Clear Lake Press
LAMBIER, Female18 Jul 1879LAMBIER, Robert..Dunivan ValleyLower Lake Bulletin;
Lake Democrat
LAMPLEY, Male19 Dec 1898LAMPLEY, W. A.CRANSON, Cora M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
LANE, Male29 Jan 1882LANE, W...Cold CreekLower Lake Bulletin
LANE, Male13 Mar 1897LANE, Rev. C. M...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
LANE, Male11 Apr 1910LANE, Dr. Wm. R...Lakeport?Lake County Bee
LANGLAND, Male16 Jan 1906LANGLAND, RobertALLEY, ClaraUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
LASSEN, Male05 Feb 1897LASSEN, PeterLALLISFER, Annie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LAWLAR, Female23 Oct 1898LAWLAR....Birth Register, Bk. 1
Clear Lake Press
LAWRY, Female17 Dec 1872LAWRY, S.....Cloverdale Bee
LEA, Female29 May 1891LEA, EmmettLEA, Marynear KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 1
LEA, Female13 Oct 1893LEA, A. F.....Lake County Bee
LEA, Male23 May 1895LEA, A.
      (Alonzo Floyd)
      (Caroline Haws)
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LEA, Male27 Mar 1896LEA, AlonzoCOMBS,
       (Caroline Haws)
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LEA, Female19 Jul 1896 (?)LEA, AlonsoCOMBS..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LEA, Male16 Mar 1901LEA, LandoVASSAR, Ollie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LEA, Female26 Mar 1906LEA, John OrlandoVASSAR, Lucinda Olive4 mi. W of KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
LEA, Female10 Jun 1908;
d. 20 Jun 1908
LEA, E. N.....Clear Lake Press
LEAGUE, Male17 Feb 1877LEAGUE, J. N.....Lake County Bee;
Lake Democrat
LEAVY, Male13 Mar 1897LEAVEY, L. W.WATERMAN, L. L...Birth Register, Bk. 1
LEE, Male10 Aug 1871LEE, George..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
LEE, Female24 Feb 1881LEE, George S...Morgan ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
LEE, Male(No date)
09 Sep 1995?
LEE, LymanBAILEY, May..Birth Register, Bk. 1;
Clear Lake Press
LERRY, Male29 Mar 1894LERRY, MorrisWOLF, Selina..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LEVENSALER, Male13 Aug 1907LEVENSALER, J. B.TOLAND, JuliaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
LEVIN, Female08 Jan 1879LEVIN, David....Lake Democrat
LEVINSON, Female17 Nov 1870LEVINSON, A.....Clear Lake Courier
LEVINSON, Male30 Apr 1874LEVINSON, A...Upper LakeRussian River Flag
LEVINSON, Male30 Apr 1896LEVINSON, B. (Abraham)(Yetta) BOUKOFSKYUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
LEVY, Male24 Apr 1880LEVY, M.....Lake Democrat
LEVY, Female06 Jul 1882LEVY, Morris....Lower Lake Bulletin
LEVY, Female11 Jul 1899LEVY, Joe....Clear Lake Press
LEVY, MaleJune 1901LEVY, Joe....Clear Lake Press
LEVY, Male15 Dec 1903LEVY, Bert....Clear Lake Press
LEVY, Male10 Aug 1906LEVY, JosephLEVY, Celia WolffLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
LEWIS, Male01 Oct 1889LEWIS, D. C.LEWIS, Bernice..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LEWIS, Male13 May 1896LEWIS, D. C.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
LEWIS, Female01 Jan 1897LEWIS, G. E.EVANS, Lucynear MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
LEWIS, Male05 Jun 1899LEWIS....Clear Lake Press
LIBBY, Male25 May 1892LIBBY, Granville....Middletown Independent
LIBBY, Female08 Nov 1897LIBBY, GranvilleSMITH, MayMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
LINCK, Male23 May 1879LINCK, Charles..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
LINCK, Female20 Jun 1880
d. 27 Jul 1880
LINCK, Charles....Lower Lake Bulletin
LINCOLN, Iris Fay31 Mar 1906LINCOLN,
     Ulysses Grant
ADAMS, Mary AbigailLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
LINDBERG, Female20 Jul 1898LINDBERG, DavidCOLSON, Elizabeth..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LINDEBERG, Male13 Sep (no year)LINDEBERG, DavidCARLSON, Hannah..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LINDSEY, Male14 Dec 1894LINDSEY, E. W.LOVE, Mary Ellen..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LINN, Male02 Nov 1907LINN, S. G.....Clear Lake Press
LITTLE, Female02 Sep 1898LITTLE, RichardCRUMP, Lena..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LOBE, Male02 Dec 1878LOBE, L.....Lake Democrat
LOBREE, Female25 Apr 1875LOBREE, (F.)D...MiddletownLake County Bee
Santa Rosa Times
LOMBARD, Male23 Feb 1898LOMBARD, Thomas....Clear Lake Press
LONGE, Male13 Dec 1877LONGE, James....Lake Democrat
LUI, Male(No date)LUI, JosephWOLFE..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LUKEY, MaleBet. 24 Nov & 26 Dec 1894LUKEY, Robert..Mirabel MineMiddletown Independent
     Norma Olive
28 Oct 1897LUNDQUIST, CalebCOTTRELL, Irma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LUNDQUIST, Male03 Jan 1899LUNDQUIST, CalebCOTTRELL, Erma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LUNDQUIST, Male01 Sep 1900LUNDQUIST, CalebCOTTRELL, Irma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
LUNDQUIST, Female11 Jun 1902LUNDQUIST, LeviDEARBORN, RubyMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
LUNDQUIST, Female24 Sep 1906LUNDQUIST, LeviDEARBORN, RubyMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
LYNCH, Male18 Jan 1866LYNCH, Patrick....Clear Lake Journal
LYON, Female05 Jun 1880LYON, George....Lake Democrat
LYON, Male17 Apr 1882LYON, George A.....Lake Democrat
LYON, Male23 May 1903LYON, George....Lake County Bee
& Clear Lake Press
LYONS, Male23 Jul 1878LYONS, George....Lake Democrat
LYTLE, FemaleDec 1903LYTLE, Jack....Lake County Bee

MAHAN, Female14 Mar 1896MAHAN, H. J.STODDARD, C. L...Birth Register, Bk. 1
MAHER, Male16 Aug 1907MAHER, William P.RAFFERTY, Mary M.KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 1
MAKER, Male28 Jul 1894MAKER, HarryJOHNSON..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MALLORY, ?08 Aug 1893MALLORY, G. W.
(George Washington)
(WEST, Mary Blanch)
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MALLORY, Male24 Nov 1891MALLORY, G. W.....Clear Lake Press
MALLORY, Male09 Apr 1895MALLORY, G. W.WEST..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MALLORY, Male12 May 1900MALLORY, G. W.....Clear Lake Press
MANLOVE, Male05 Jun 1874MANLOVE, W. H...Big ValleyRussian River Flag
Lake County Bee
MANLOVE, Male16 Mar 1876MANLOVE, W. H...near LakeportRussian River Flag
Lake Democrat
MANLOVE, Female10 Feb 1878MANLOVE, Wm...Big ValleyLake Democrat
MANN, Female16 Aug 1873MANN, LeighMILLIER, Ann..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MANN, James Ewing28 Aug 1905MANN, James..Ukiah (?)Birth Register, Bk. 2
    (Virginia E.)
25 May 1895MANNING, Thomas....Birth Register, Bk. 1
     Elenor Clare
07 Jul 1907MANNING,
     John Thomas
BUTLER, Annie FrancisLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
14 Mar 1910MANNING, John(BUTLER, Francis)..Clear Lake Press
MANTZ, Gertie17 Jul 1874
d.09 Jul 1875
MANTZ, John?, DollieLakeportRussian River Flag
MARSH, Male29 Jul 1875MARSH, R. A.....Lake Democrat
MARSHALL, Male28 Apr 1896MARSHALL, W.LOURY, Agusta..Birth Register, Bk. 1
    Harriet Madeline
15 Jul 1907MARSHALL,
     William Henry
SYLAR, Mary AliceKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
MARTIN, Male22 Feb 1871MARTIN, J. M...near LakeportRussian River Flag
MARTIN, Female17 May 1873MARTIN, J. M.....Lake County Bee
   Female twins
29 Sep 1875MARTIN, J. M.....Lake Democrat
MARTIN, Female27 Mar 1878MARTIN, J. M.....Lake Democrat
     William Glenn
05 Aug 1893MARTIN, GeorgeMARTIN, Antoinetta
(BIGGI, Antoinette)
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MARTIN, Male21 Oct 1895MARTIN, F.
   (George Frank)
BIGGI, A. (Anthonette)..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MARTIN, Female02 Jul 1898MARTIN, E. S.....Lake County Bee
MARTIN, Male21 Aug 1900MARTIN, E. S.....Clear Lake Press
MARTIN, Male14 Mar 1905MARTIN, ?....Clear Lake Press
     George Gorden
(no date)MARTIN, F.
   (George Frank)
BIGGI, (Anthonette)..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MARTIN, Harold07 Jan 1907MARTIN, RodneyBARNES, DorothyLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
MARTIN, Male07 Apr 1907MARTIN, J. R.....Lake County Bee
MARTIN, Male04 Apr 1908MARTIN, J. M.....Lake County Bee
MASON, Female
30 Nov 1904MASON, James(SLEEPER, Kate)..Clear Lake Press
    John Florine?
03 Sep 1906(MASON, Stephen G.)(SLEEPER, Mary Estella)..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MASON, Female
  (Mary Avalon)
16 Dec 1909MASON, James(SLEEPER, Kate)(Upper Lake)Clear Lake Press
Lake County Bee
  (James Foyle)
03 Mar 1908MASON, J. D.
(SLEEPER, Kate)..Clear Lake Press
MASS, Female13 Oct 1875MASS, William H.LAMBERBAIN,
     Mary Anne
Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
..near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
MATHAN, Male28 Aug 1904MATHAN, HermanBAUM, Cecelia..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MATHES, Male11 Jun 1879MATHES, John....Lake County Bee
MATHEW, Female22 Jan 1882MATHEW, William....Lower Lake Bulletin
MATHEWS, Male05 May 1889MATHEWS, Richard....Lower Lake Bulletin
MATHIS, Male20 Jul 1875MATHIS, John T...LakeportRussian River Flag
MATHIS, Male(no date)MATHIS, WilliamCOX, Irene Edna..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MATHIS, Male28 Aug 1899
(one above?)
MATHIS, William....Lake County Bee
MATHIS, Female(no date)MATHIS, WilliamCOX, Irene Edna..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MATHIS, Unknown24 Jun 1904MATHIS, Wilbur....Birth Register, Bk. 2
    Eleanor Irene
17 Oct 1906MATHIS, WilliamCOX, Edna IreneKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
MAYNARD, Virgil29 Jan 1907MAYNARD,
      Charles Woodruf
OWENS, Lenora HorteriseLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
MAYNARD, Male06 Jan 1910MAYNARD, C. W.....Clear Lake Press
MAYON, Male30 Nov 1872MAYON, D. C.....Cloverdale Bee
McBEE, Male17 May 1878McBEE, W.....Lake County Bee;
Lakeport Democrat
McBEE, Male07 Mar 1905McBEE, AlexanderHUGHES, Emma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
McCABE, Female20 Nov 1895McCABE, Phil....Clear Lake Press
McCABE, Female12 Feb 1898McCABE, P. T.....Lake County Bee
McCABE, Male03 Dec 1905McCABE, P.....Clear Lake Press
McCLINTOCK, Male23 Jul 1879McCLINTOCK, Sam....Lake Democrat
16 Jan 1881
d. 16 Mar
..Rice's MillLower Lake Bulletin
16 May 1882McCLINTOCK,
        Samuel T.
..Eureke MillsLower Lake Bulletin
06 Feb 1876McCONATHY, James..LakeportRussian River Flag
McCONDRY, Male07 Jul 1900..Mary..Clear Lake Press
McCOY, Male16 Oct 1907McCOY, Truman....Clear Lake Press
McCOY, Female20 Nov 1909McCOY, T. H.....Clear Lake Press
McCRAY, Male09 Oct 1873McCRAY, W. L...Toll HouseRussian River Flag
..Scotts ValleyLake County Bee;Lower Lake Bulletin
....Clear Lake Press
McCUTCHEN, Male05 Mar 1900McCUTCHEN, A. B.....Clear Lake Press
McDERMOTT, Male12 Dec 1905McDERMOTT, David....Clear Lake Press
McDOWELL, Female17 Nov 1904McDOWELL,
      William A.
DAVIDSON, Sarah..Birth Register, Bk. 1
McGAVAN, Female17 Jan 1880....MiddletownLower Lake Bulletin
McGINNISS, Male09 Feb 1908McGINNISS, Samuel....Lake County Bee
    Madeline Marie
09 Jun 1904McGOVERN, F. P.FEENEY..Birth Register, Bk. 1
McGOVERN,FemaleMay 1905McGOVERN, Dr.....Clear Lake Press
McGREGOR, Male26 Aug 1874McGREGOR, James....Lake County Bee
McHAPPER, Female(no date)McHAPPER, WilliamFLANNA, Emma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
McHARVEY, Female04 Dec 1876McHARVEY, C. F.....Lakeport Democrat
McHARVEY, Female29 Jul 1880McHARVEY, C. F.....Lakeport Democrat
(McINTIRE, Male)12 Aug 1891(McINTIRE,
        Eva Alzada)
  (Leslie Harold)
17 Feb 1893McINTIRE, M.
        Eva Alzada)
..Lakeport Democrat
McINTIRE, Male16 Jul 1894McINTIRE, D. W.MAYFIELD..Birth Register, Bk. 1
McINTIRE, Male19 May 1896McINTIRE, W. R.REYNOLDS, LydiaLower LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
McINTIRE, Female
  (Geneva Luemma)
18 Dec 1896McINTIRE, Murdock(CANNON, Eva Alzada)..Clear Lake Press
McINTIRE, Female01 Mar 1907McINTIRE, D. F.....Lake County Bee
McLEAN, Male12 Jan 1873McLEAN, Geo.....Cloverdale Bee
McLEOD, Twins
    Male & Female
08 Oct 1877McLEOD, A. C.....Lake County Bee
McKINLEY, Male(no date)McKINLEY,
      George A.
WOODS, Florence E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
McKINLEY, Male21 Jan 1902McKINLEY,
      George A.
WOOD, Evelyn..Birth Register, Bk. 1
McKINLEY, Male01 Dec 1904McKINLEY,
      George A.
      Florence Evelyn
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
McKINLEY, Kenneth12 Jan 1913;
d.09 Feb 1913
McKINLEY, G. A.....Lake County Bee
McMATH, Male27 Mar 1870McMATH, Geo.....Clear Lake Courier
McMATH, Female10 Mar 1879McMATH, Cy....Lake County Bee
Lakeport Democrat
McMATH, Male24 Jun 1879McMATH, G. K...Gravelly ValleyLake County Bee;Lower Lake Bulletin
McMURDO, Louis18 May 1896McMURDO, WillMARKWELL, Nancy..Birth Register, Bk. 1
McNEAL, Male19 Sep 1902McNEAL, Arthur....Clear Lake Press
     Everett Ellery
12 Aug 1900McNEILL, Aurthur E.HANEY, Ida M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
McSLEEPER, Male29 Jul 1877McSLEEPER, J.....Lakeport Democrat
MEADOR, Eugene11 Dec 1905MEADOR,
       George A.
           Olive D.
Scotts ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 1
MEADORS, Male02 Dec 1879MEADORS, Edward..LakeportLakeport Democrat;
Lower Lake Bulletin
  (Edwin Stuart)
02 Nov 1891MEDDAUGH, Oscar(HAYCOCK, Mary Emeline)..Lakeport Democrat
  (Ila Jean)
03 Nov 1893MEDDAUGH, O. E.
(Oscar Edson)
(HAYCOCK, Mary Emeline)..Lake County Bee
  (George Wallace)
(no date)
(8 Oct 1898)
MEDDAUGH, OscarHAYCOCK, Mary..Birth Register, Bk. 1
  (Oscar Edson)
27 Oct 1901MEDDAUGH, O. E.(Oscar Edson)HAYCOCK, M. E. (Mary Emeline)..Birth Register, Bk. 1Descendant
MEEKER, Male28 Apr 1878MEEKER, A. P.....Lakeport Democrat;
Lake County Bee
MEGGETT, Male25 May 1890MEGGETT, ?....Lakeport Democrat
MELIS, Female(no date)MELLIS, B. P.Elize..Birth Register, Bk. 1
    (Nina Edith)
08 Jan 1880MENDENHALL,
  (Phillips, America)
Scotts CreekBirth Register, Bk. 1
MERRITT, Marion (Female)31 Jul 1895MERRITT, F. H.ALEXANDER, Edith..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MERRY, Male07 Feb 1873;
(d. same day)
MERRY, Thomas....Cloverdale Bulletin
METCALF, Male22 Jan 1874METCALF, Lewis L.HOOPER, JosephineUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
METCALF, Male11 Jan 1876METCALF, L. T.....Lakeport Democrat
     Ernest Roy
17 May 1905METHVIN, LeeTHORNE, OliveMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
MEYERS, Male22 Mar 1881MEYERS, J. A.....Lower Lake Bulletin
15 Aug 1908MIDDLETOWN, Loyd
YOWSE, Miss Abbie
Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
     Alpha Loreta)
27 Feb 1878MIKESELL, Andrew J.HENRY, Mary E.Upper LakeDescendant
MILES, Male03 Oct 1877MILES, James..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
MILES, Female14 Mar 1894MILES, RobertSHREVE, Ella..Birth Register, Bk. 2
MILES, Male03 Oct 1877MILES, James....Lower Lake Bulletin
MILES, Male16 May 1879MILES, R. F...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
MILES, Male17 Oct 1907MILES, Brick....Lake County Bee
MILLBERRY, Female05 Oct 1910MILLBERRY, P. H.....Clear Lake Press
MILLER, Female18 Dec 1872MILLER, F. M.....Cloverdale Bee
      Myrtle Marie
30 Dec 1901MILLER, F. F.SMITH, HelenLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
MILLETT, Female15 Sep 1873MILLETT, G. E.....Lake County Bee
MILLS, Female20 Oct 1876MILLS, Wm. D.....Lakeport Democrat
MILLS, Female(no date)MILLS, CharlesMATHIS, Lucy..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MINER, Female18 Apr 1908MINER, Mark....Clear Lake Press;
Lake County Bee
MINSTRELL, Female09 Dec 1877MINSTRELL, G. W.....Lakeport Democrat
MITCHELL, Female09 Apr 1877MITCHELL, T. A.....Lakeport Democrat;
Lake County Bee
MITCHELL, Male23 Jun 1879MITCHELL, T. A. R.....Lower Lake Bulletin
MITCHELL, Female08 Dec 1879MITCHELL, Rev. J. A.....Lakeport Democrat
MITCHELL, Male29 Dec 1880MITCHELL, Wm. E...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
MITCHELL, Male06 Feb 1910MITCHELL, Paul....Clear Lake Press
MIZE, Female19 Oct 1905MIZE, J. W.....Clear Lake Press
MOLINARI, Angelo13 Feb 1904MOLINARI, GovanniCAVANANA, EugeniaHelen Mine
Birth Register, Bk. 2
MOLINARI, Edmund30 Aug 1905MOLINARI, GiovanniCAVAGNERO, EugeniaHelen MineBirth Register, Bk. 2
    Anna Christina
        Mary Annie
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
   Andrew Devening
11 Jan 1907MOLLES,
        John Alexander
        Susan Charlotte
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
MONROE, Maurice16 Jul 1902MONROE, J. D.BLYREINE, Rose..Birth Register, Bk. 2
MONROE, Male11 Apr 1908MONROE, Dr. C. A.....Clear Lake Press
    Mary Alice
01 Oct 1905MONSON, PeterGUSTAFSON,
        Clara Sofia
LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
 George Washington)
25 Feb 1860(MOORE,
         William Tandy)
(DOTY, Winafred S.)..Descendant
Jefferson Beauregard)
15 Dec 1862(MOORE,
        William Tandy)
(DOTY, Winafred S.)..Descendant
(MOORE, Robert Lee)04 Aug 1864
d. bef 1865
         William Tandy)
(DOTY, Winafred S.)..Descendant
   George Thomas)
15 Feb 1868(MOORE,
         Anderson W.)
(SHAW, Patience)..Descendant
    Crigler Benjamin)
16 Feb 1869(MOORE,
        Joseph Henry)
(Jennie W. Bynum)..Descendant
    Charles Lorenzo)
28 Aug 1869(MOORE,
         Anderson W.)
(SHAW, Patience)..Descendant
MOORE, Female05 Jul 1870MOORE, Gawn..LakeportRussian River Flag
(MOORE, Hettie)17 Aug 1870(MOORE, William F.)(REESE,
        Martha Rebecca)
(MOORE, Addie)28 Oct 1870(MOORE,
        John Marion)
        Mary Elizabeth)
Upper LakeDescendant
    Margaret May)
22 Jul 1871(MOORE,
         Anderson W.)
(SHAW, Patience)..Descendant
MOORE, Female17 Jan 1873MOORE, William F.REESE, Martha R.Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
(no date)
(Jun-Jul 1873)
    (Joseph Henry)
(BYNUM, Jennie W.)Lower LakeRussian River Flag
MOORE, Male17 Jan 1895MOORE, E. J.....Birth Register, Bk. 2
    Margaret Evelyn
09 Jun 1907MOORE, William C.MONROE, Rosa LillianLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
MOORE, Male20 Sep 1908MOORE, Charles....Lake County Bee
MOROSOLI, Sabrina22 Jun 1907MOROSOLI, FrankSALMINA, KatieMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
MORRELL, Female(No date)MORRELL, E. S.ELWOOD, Maud..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MORRIS, Female31 Aug 1892MORRIS, H. M...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
MORRIS, Female26 Dec 1907MORRIS, J. W.....Lake County Bee
    (Fanny Louisa)
14 Sep 1898MORRISON, Geo.(MALE, Lena Belle)..Clear Lake Press
MORRISON, Male30 Aug 1904
(31 Aug)
         Emma Olive)
..Clear Lake Press
    Geraldin Ethel
(No date)
(11 Feb 1906)
        Frederick L.
McCABE, Anna L.Bartlett LandingBirth Register, Bk. 2
    (James Lewis)
28 Sep 1907MORRISON, Geo.(MALE, Lena Belle)..Clear Lake Press
MORSE, Male13 Nov 1872MORSE, A. Capt....Cloverdale Bee
    (Willmatt N.)
13 Dec 1908MOSIER, Francis(JOHNSON, Anna)..Clear Lake Press
MUNZ, Male(No Date)MUNZ, William MarcusPARRISH, Mary Adeline..Birth Register, Bk. 1
MUNZ, Male21 Mar 1902MUNZ, WilliamPARRISH, A...Birth Register, Bk. 1
MURPHY, Male16 Oct 1894MURPHY, C.YERS, A.CoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
      Irma Helen
02 Nov 1904MUSFIELD, Irwin W.ARMSTRONG, Emily..Birth Register, Bk. 2
      Irvin Homer
27 Nov 1906MUSFIELD,
     Irwin William
     Emily Phoebe
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
MUSIC, Effie May27 Jun 1895MUSIC, CharlesBOND, MaudLower LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
MUSICK, Male15 Nov 1868MUSICK, Riley..near LakeportClear Lake Courier
MUSICK, Female03 Nov. 1870MUSICK, R. B...Big ValleyLower Lake Bulletin

NARRON, Female04 Oct 1900NARRON, Harvy H.PEARSON, Lucy M...Birth Register, Bk. ?
        Robert Jerome
30 Dec 1904NARRON, Harvey H.PEARSON, Lucy M...Birth Register, Bk. ?
NAVONNE, Female06 Aug 1893;
d.7 Aug 1893
NAVONNE, Antone..Great Western MineMiddletown Independent
01 Oct 1893NEILSON, J. I...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
NEILSON, Male05 Apr 1895NEILSON, A. H.WILLIAMS, Kesy..Birth Register, Bk. 1
NELSON, Male25 Nov 1899NELSON, JohnROBINETT, Emma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
NELSON, Lucile
        (Janet Lucille)
23 May 1907NELSON, AlbertHENRY, RosellaUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
NELSON, Female28 May 1907NELSON, Oscar....Lake County Bee
NELSON, Female29 May 1907NELSON, Perry....Lake County Bee
NELSON, Female
        (Hazel Irma)
16 Jul 1909(NELSON, Albert)(HENRY, Rosella)(Upper Lake)Clear Lake Press;
   Mary Esther "June")
28 Jun 1912(NELSON, Albert)(HENRY, Rosella)(Upper Lake)(Descendant)
         Coralie Dorothy
22 May 1903NICOLL,
        John Howard
         Gertrude C.
..Birth Register, Bk. ?
NOBLE, Female11 Jan 1899NOBLE, Geo. HaroldECHENBERGER,
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
NOBLES, Male31 Jan 1904NOBLES,
         George Harold
        Elizabeth Caroline
..Birth Register, Bk. ?
NOYES, Male07 Feb 1897NOYES, E. E.MARSH, K.Cobb ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 1

OBERDON, Male01 Dec 1904OBERDON, MathewCOMENISCH, Fanny..Birth Register, Bk. 1
O'BRIEN, Gertrude09 Nov 1900O'BRIEN, JamesCHRISTIE, Isabelle..Birth Register, Bk. 1
O'BRIEN, Female18 Apr 1909O'BRIEN, J. D.....Clear Lake Press
OLIVER, Male31 May 1876OLIVER, H. A...LakeportRussian River Flag
OLIVER, Female22 May 1893OLIVER, HenrySarah..Birth Register, Bk. 1
OLSEN, Male08 Mar 1888OLSEN, A. B.....Lakeport Democrat
ORTH, Male27 Aug 1910ORTH, Frank....Clear Lake Press
OSBORN, Male04 Dec 1896OSBORN, W. L.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
OSGOOD, Male13 Aug 1890OSGOOD, Charles..MiddletownMiddletown Independent
OTTO, John Frederick27 May 1896OTTO, William HenryWRIEDEN, Anna M.near MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1

PACKARD, Female17 May 1909PACKARD, A.....Clear Lake Press
PACKARD, Female21 Oct 1910PACKARD, Almond....Clear Lake Press
PAGE, Male22 Feb 1909PAGE, Arthur....Clear Lake Press
PAGE, Female18 Mar 1910PAGE, Arthur....Clear Lake Press
PALMER, Male07 Nov 1877PALMER, J. C...Morgan ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
PAPSON, Female
June (1901)PAPSON, Geo.SMITH, Anni
    (Mary Edna)
..Birth Register
PARDEE, Male04 Apr 1880PARDEE, G. W...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
        Milby Rollon
15 Jul 1898PARDEE, G. W.ALAN, Mollie..Birth Register
PARISH, Male26 Mar 1866PARISH, J.....Clear Lake Journal
PARISH, Female04 Sep 1894PARISH, L.CAHILL..Birth Register 1
PARKER, Male15 Feb 1875PARKER, EdwinMcMATH, Minnie B...Birth Register, Bk. 1
PARKER, Male24 Dec 1876PARKER, T. R.....Lake Democrat
PARKER, Male31 Dec 1876PARKER, EdwinMcMATH, Minnie B...Birth Register, Bk. 1
PARKER, Male16 Nov 1888PARKER, John Doe
(of Lake Co.)
..CloverdaleSonoma County Tribune
PARKER, Female12 Aug 1892PARKER, Thomas..near MiddletownMiddletown Independent
PARKER, Emil Everett02 Aug 1896PARKER, FrankOZENBERGER, Hattie G.MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
PARKER, Female17 Sep 1897PARKER, Thos.STANDIFORD, P...Birth Register, Bk. 1
PARKS, Male19 Aug 1908PARKS, W. A.....Clear Lake Press
PARRIOT, Female16 Oct 1897PARRIOT,
        John Franklin
PARKER, Minnie Jane..Birth Register, Bk. 1
        Everett Thomas
14 May 1900PARRIOTT, J. F.PARKER, Minnie Jane..Birth Register, Bk. 1
PARRIOTT, Male14 Jun 1902PARRIOTT, J. F.PARKER, M. J...Birth Register, Bk. 1
PARRISH, Male10 Oct 1873PARRISH, James..LakeportRussian River Flag
PARRISH, Female15 Feb 1876PARRISH, James..LakeportRussian River Flag
PARRISH, Female12 Oct 1878PARRISH, James....Lake Democrat
PARRISH, Female26 Aug 1889PARRISH, Sanford....Lake Democrat
PARRISH, Female30 Oct 1891PARRISH, Sanford....Lake Democrat
PARRISH, Female04 Sep 1894PARRISH, Lew....Clear Lake Press
PARRISH, Male20 Oct 1895PARRISH, Sanford....Clear Lake Press
PARRISH, Male18 Sep 1902PARRISH, Sanford....Clear Lake Press
         Herbert Victor
(no date) (may be one of the ones above)PARRISH, SanfordBUNDY, Annie S...Birth Register, Bk. 1
PARSON, Male28 Apr 1892PARSON, W. W.....Middletown Independent
PARSONS, Male30 Sep 1896PARSONS, W. W.SNOW, Mary..Birth Register, Bk. 1
PARSONS, Marie22 Sep 1905PARSONS, John M.SALEE, Mary M.QuicksilverBirth Register, Bk. 2
PASHEY, Female09 Oct 1903PASHEY, Chas. A.SALLEE, Fannie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
PATE, Female24 Nov 1866PATE, David....Clear Lake Sentinel
PATRICK, Male10 Apr 1901PATRICK, FrankHOOPER, ___..Clear Lake Press
PATTEN, Female12 Dec 1866......Clear Lake Sentinel
PATTEN, Female
        (Emma P.)
16 Feb 1875PATTEN, John M.KENNEDY, Eliza A.Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
  (Eugene & Eileen)
29 May 1909PATTEN, Roy (C.)(JONES, Nannie)..Clear Lake Press
....Clear Lake Press
PLUTH, MaryMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
PEDRAZZINI, Male20 Aug 1896PEDRAZZINI, L.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
        (Frances L. ?)
12 Feb 1906PEDRAZZINI, LivioSCHARTZ, Grace A.LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
        Ethel Margrett
08 Aug 1908PEDRAZZINI, Livio A.SWARTZ, GraceLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
PENO, Male30 Oct 1907PENO, MarfioDUNNEBECK, Josie..Lake County Bee
PETTITT, Female26 Sep 1894PETTITT, AlbertSNOW, ___..Birth Register, Bk. 1
PEUGH, Male29 Sep 1894PEUGH, C.KELSEY, Susan..Birth Register, Bk. 1
PEUGH, Male04 Jun 1899PEUGH, Charles....Clear Lake Press
PEUGH, Female21 Jun 1902PEUGH, S. A.....Clear Lake Press
        Myrtle Kiretta
05 Feb 1907PEUGH,
        Charles Henry
KELSEY, Susan JestinaKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
PHILLIPS, Male11 Oct 1893PHILLIPS, J. A.....Lake County Bee
PHILLIPS, Female05 Nov 1896PHILLIPS, J. A.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
PHILLIPS, Female24 Mar 1900PHILLIPS, George....Clear Lake Press
PHILLIPS, Male31 Jul 1904PHILLIPS, George....Clear Lake Press
PHILLIPS, Elmer Rose25 Jan 1907PHILLIPS, Walter L.KLEEBAUER, Ida MayUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
PHILLIPS, Female15 Aug 1907PHILLIPS, George....Clear Lake Press
PHILLIPS, Male26 Apr 1909PHILLIPS, George....Clear Lake Press
PINER, Male19 May 1903PINER, W. A.....Clear Lake Press
        Frank Anthony
08 Jul 1903PINER, Chas. A.SMYTHE, Inez..Birth Register, Bk. 1
PINER, William Dean19 Apr 1906PINER, William A.TRAILOR, Allie RosellaKelseyvilleirth Register, Bk. 2
PLUTH, Female09 Dec 1899PLUTH, MatSMAKER, Mary..Birth Register, Bk. 1
POLK, Male
        (Percy Clark)
24 Jul 1908POLK, Percy (W.)(CLARK, Lulu)(Upper Lake)Clear Lake Press
POOL, Burrell Frank24 Aug 1898POOL, Henry F.
        (Henry Franklin)
SMITH, (Tusklue)..Birth Register, Bk. 1
POOL, Male29 Apr 1900POOL, George....Clear Lake Press
POOL, Male05 Feb 1905POOL, George W.WELTY, Mary Isabel..Birth Register, Bk. 1
POOL, Male24 Aug 1909POOL, George....Clear Lake Press
POOLE, Female(no date)
(13 Mar 1908?)
POOLE, GeorgeWELTY, Bell..Birth Register, Bk. 1
Clear Lake Press
POOLE, Male23 Aug 1898POOLE, J.
         (or Frank or Ed)
....Birth Register, Bk. 1
Lake Co. Bee or Clear Lake Press
POOLE, Female21 Sep 1900POOLE, F.WELTY, ..Birth Register, Bk. 1
PORTENS, Female22 Sep 1887PORTENS, Thomas....Lake Democrat
PORTER, Male18 Aug 1908PORTER, Herbert....Clear Lake Press
POSTON, Mary Adele27 Aug 1905POSTON,
        Charles Albert
        Frances Goodin
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
POTTER, FemaleNov 1904POTTER, Webb....Clear Lake Press
POTTER, Female06 Jan 1908POTTER, Webster....Lake County Bee
POULSON, Female11 May 1874POULSON, O. P.RITCHEY, Harriet P.CoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
POULSON, Female18 Apr 1896POULSON, W.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
POWELL, Female03 May 1893POWELL, F.POWELL, E.CoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
POWELL, Male11 Nov 1904POWELL, J. A.....Clear Lake Press
PRATHER, Male(no date)PRATHER, W. R.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
PUETT, Female22 Aug 1908PUETT, W. L.....Clear Lake Press
PRUITT, Male31 Jan 1897PRUITT, Rodelin H.RUSH, Edith May..Birth Register, Bk. 1
PURINTON, Male24 Aug 1900PURINTON, Jas. Ben.WRAY, Anne Laura..Birth Register, Bk. 1
PURINTON, Female14 May 1903PURINTON, John....Clear Lake Press

QUIGLEY, Female15 Jun 1878QUIGLEY, R.V.S.....Lake Democrat
QUIGLEY, Female30 Sep 1889QUIGLEY, R.V.S.....Lake Democrat
QUIGLEY, Male14 Mar 1896
d. 11 Apr 1896
QUIGLEY, H. T...MiddletownMiddletown Independant

RAINES, Female18 Nov 1889RAINES, Jim....Lake Democrat
RANDALL, Male28 Dec 1894RANDALL, Charles....Clear Lake Press
        Helen Eloise
16 Jun 1907RANNELLS, RollaPEARSON, AngieCache CreekBirth Register, Bk. 2
RANSDELL, Female14 May 1879RANSDELL, John....Lake Democrat
RANSDELL, Male18 Oct 1880RANSDELL, John W...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
RANSDELL, Male08 Dec 1896RANSDELL, C.THOMPSON, E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
30 Jan 1898
d. 5 Feb.
RANSDELL, Chas. W.THOMPSON, Emma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
(Lake County Bee
RANSDELL, Male17 Jan 1902RANSDELL, Chas W.THOMPSON, Emma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
RAVENS, Male02 Sep 1879RAVENS, Rev. D. F...MiddletownLower Lake Bulletin
READ, Male15 Mar 1878READ, Jos. L.....Lake County Bee
READ, Male10 Aug 1890READ, J. L...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
READ, Lily Ellen18 Mar 1903READ, Thos A.FRAZER, Nellie H.MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
READ, Female31 Jan 1905READ, Thomas A.FRASER, Nellie Harlow..Birth Register, Bk. 1
READ, FemaleJun-Jul 1906READ, Justin....Lake County Bee
        Elizabeth Lucille
12 Jul 1906READ,
        Warren Edward
        Maud Margaret
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
READ, Male26 Apr 1908READ, T. A.....Lake County Bee
READ, Female18 Aug 1909READ, Warren....Clear Lake Press
REAL, Reta19 Feb 1891REAL, F. T.REAL, MaryKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 1
      Maybelle Margaret
10 Aug 1894REDPATH, Robert A.DAY, Maud LetitiaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 1
REDPATH, Female10 Jul 1896REDPATH, R.
DAY, LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 1
REECE, Male20 Mar 1874REECE, LwellingREED, Amanda E.CoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
REED, Male15 Sep 1878REED, C. W.....Lake Democrat
REED, Male12 Mar 1880REED, C. W.....Lake County Bee
(REED, Mabel Alpha)04 Aug 1882(REED, Pliny Wilfred)(LYNN, Florence M.)(Middletown)Descendant
        Frank Mitchell)
03 Aug 1885(REED, Pliny Wilfred)(LYNN, Florence M.)(Middletown)Descendant
(REED, Wilfred)30 Aug 1887(REED, Pliny Wilfred)(LYNN, Florence M.)(Middletown)Descendant
        Doris DeWolfe)
11 Oct 1890(REED, Pliny Wilfred)(LYNN, Florence M.)(Middletown)Descendant
REED, Male
        (Valentine Hoyt)
16 Mar 1893REED, Pliny W.(LYNN, Florence M.)MiddletownMiddletown Independent
& Descendant
REED, Male12 Jun 1893REED, Justin....Middletown Independent
REED, Female
        (Florence May)
23 Dec 1895REED, P. W.
        (Pliny Wilfred)
(LYNN, Florence M.)MiddletownMiddletown Independent
& Descendant
        Donna Vivian)
01 Jun 1900(REED, Pliny Wilfred)(LYNN, Florence M.)(Middletown)Descendant
REED, Female(no date)
(one of above)
REED, P. W.LYNN, Florence..Birth Register, Bk. 1
REED, Female(no date)REED, JustinGREENLEE, Elizabeth..Birth Register, Bk. 1
REED, Helen Mar02 Sep 1903REED, P. W.
        (Pliny Wilfred)
LYNN, Florence
        (Florence Marcia)
(Middletown)Birth Register, Bk. 1
REED, Lyla Claire25 Sep 1903REED, Harlow A.BERRY, IvyMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
REED, Female23 Mar 1906REED, S. B.....Clear Lake Press
REED, Female01 Nov 1907REED, JustinMEENLEE, E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
REEL, Female16 Jan 1909REEL, Nels....Clear Lake Press
REES, Male02 Dec 1905REES, SamuelHULL, MattieMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
REEVES, Female13 Nov 1893REEVES, Mat....Lake County Bee
REID, MaleDec 1901REID, J.MOAK, Rosie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
REID, Lucile May23 Mar 1906REID, Seth B.CRUTCHFIELD,
        Eva May
LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
REID, Female28 Dec 1908REID, Seth....Clear Lake Press
REINIKE, Female02 May 1877REINIKE, John....Lake County Bee
REINIKE, Male28 Aug 1893REINIKE, D. F...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
REINIKE, Male04 Oct 1909REINIKE, Ralph....Clear Lake Press
RENFRO, Male18 Jun 1873RENFRO, James H.PINER, E.Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
RENFRO, Female23 Jan 1876RENFRO, James..KelseyvilleRussian River Flag
11 Jan 1877RENFRO, W. S.
       (Winfield Scott)
(WELCH, Eliza Jane)..Lake County Bee
RENFRO, Willard06 Dec 1900RENFRO, Wm. H.NOBLES, Grace K...Birth Register, Bk. 1
        Gussie Hampton
(No date)RENFRO, Wm.NOBLES, Grace..Birth Register, Bk. 1
RENFRO, Male07 Dec 1903RENFRO, Wm.....Lake County Bee
RENFRO, Male24 Jul 1909RENFRO, Harvey....Clear Lake Press
RENFRO, Male08 Dec 1903RENFRO, H. H.(?)NOBLES, Grace..Birth Register, Bk. 1
RESDON, Male08 Feb 1902RESDON, C. O.....Clear Lake Press
REYNOLDS, Male25 Dec 1879REYNOLDS, Leslie....Lake County Bee
RICE, Male(no date)RICE, CharleyWAYNE, Alleyn
(VANN, Eileen?)
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
RICE, Male17 Nov 1901RICE, Chas.VANN, S. E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
RICE, Rena Adeline20 Feb 1905RICE, CharlesVANN, Sarah Eileen..Birth Register, Bk. 1
RICE, Ruby Virginia17 Nov 1906RICE, CharlesVANN, Sarah EileenLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
RICKABAUGH, Male16 Feb 1882RICKABAUGH, Seth....Lake Democrat
RICKABAUGH, Male08 Jun 1897RICKABAUGH, Will....Clear Lake Press
....Clear Lake Press
26 Apr 1900RICKABAUGH,
....Clear Lake Press
28 May 1901RICKABAUGH, Wm.YATES, Alice..Birth Register, Bk. 1
25 Jul 1905RICKABAUGH,
        Wm. D.
YATES, Alice..Birth Register, Bk. 1
        William Kenneth
01 Oct 1906RICKABAUGH,
YATES, AliceKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
RICKABAUGH, Male24 Apr 1908RICKABAUGH, W. D.....Lake County Bee
RIDDLE, Female28 Oct 1888RIDDLE, Chas.....Lake Democrat
RIDDLE, Male23 Jul 1890(not given)....Lake Democrat
RIDEOUT, Female30 Nov 1897RIDEOUT, Winslow....Clear Lake Press
        (Henry H.)
16 Oct 1874RIFFE, AbrahamHELM, Amanda J.Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
RIGGS, Female29 Apr 1900RIGGS, Albert....Clear Lake Press
RIGGS, Female29 Apr 1902RIGGS, Albert....Clear Lake Press
RIGGS, Male21 Sep 1903RIGGS, Albert....Clear Lake Press
RIGGS, Sidney Leslie30 May 1906RIGGS, AlbertWELTY, MinnieLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
RIPPEY, Female01 Nov 1880RIPPEY, Henry....Lake Democrat
RISIN, Male07 Dec 1898RISIN, HiramINGRAM, ....Birth Register, Bk. 1
RITCHIE, Male02 Feb 1873RITCHIE, A. A.JOHNSON, RebeccaCoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
RITCHIE, Male20 Nov 1874RITCHIE, A. A.OLSON, R.CoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
RITER, Male17 Jul 1897RITER, Chas. G.BECK, Betina..Birth Register, Bk. 1
RITER, Male28 Mar 1900RITER, Chas. Geo.BECK, Beltine W...Birth Register, Bk. 1
RITER, Leona Mildred29 Sep 1902RITER, Chas. G.BECK, B. W...Birth Register, Bk. 1
ROBBINS, Female24 Nov 1881ROBBINS, T. J.....Lower Lake Bulletin
ROBERTSON, Male14 Sep 1893ROBERTSON, Albert....Middletown
ROBINSON, Male23 Mar 1876ROBINSON, J. B.PICKETT, Eliza EllenUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
ROBINSON, Male13 Apr 1895ROBINSON, P.FICKES, Theresa..Birth Register, Bk. 1
ROBINSON, Male14 Sep 1893ROBINSON, Albert..MirabelMiddletown Independent
        Rolla Hazen
17 Nov 1896ROBINSON, PerryFICKES, TeresaMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 1
ROBINSON, Female22 Mar 1908ROBINSON, John....Clear Lake Press
ROBINSON, Female11 May 1908ROBINSON, Jesse....Clear Lake Presss
ROBISON, Male17 Nov 1896ROBISON, P. Q.....Middletown Independent
ROCHESTER, Male31 May 1898ROCHESTER, J. C.....Lake County Bee
ROCHESTER, Female28 Jun 1901ROCHESTER, J. C.REDPATH, Maggie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
ROCCA, Female22 Jul 1887ROCCA, Andrew..Great Western MineThe Sonoma Democrat
ROE, Jesse Franklin27 Aug 1905ROE, Will Henry F.HALBROOK, Lile BellKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
ROE, Female10 Jun 1910ROE, Wm....Clear Lake Press
        Glenn Arthur
27 Jan 1906ROGERS, Edward C.LIVESEY, Emma E.SE of LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
ROGERS, Female20 Jan 1909ROGERS, E. C.....Clear Lake Press
ROSE, Female12 Aug 1880ROSE, Wm.....Lake Democrat
        Wilma Genevieve
18 Oct 1889ROSE, Wm...LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 1
ROSENBERG, Female08 May 1898ROSENBERG, ?....Lake County Bee
ROSS, Female23 Apr 1880ROSS, A.....Lake Democrat
ROWDEN, James11 Oct 1878ROWDEN, James....Lake Democrat
ROWE, Male20 May 1871;
d. 22 May 1871
ROWE, W. F...Long ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
ROWE, Male13 Nov 1877ROWE, W. F...Long ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
RUPE, Female15 Jan 1906
RUPE, WilliamLaGUNA, SarahKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
RUSH, Female17 May 1871RUSH, G. G...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
RUSSE, Female14 Oct 1910RUSSE, P. W.....Clear Lake Press
RUSSELL, Female25 Oct 1873RUSSELL, P...Scotts ValleyRussian River Flag
RUSSELL, Female14 Feb 1878RUSSELL, J. M...LakeportLake Democrat
RUSSELL, Female29 Nov 1894RUSSELL, Frank....Clear Lake Press
RUSSELL, Male10 Apr 1897RUSSELL, F. B.STANLEY, E. M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
RUST, Female11 Jun 1879RUST, Edwin....Lake County Bee
RYDER, Male07 Jan 1905RYDER, Edgar..MiddletownKelseyville Sun, January 23, 1905

SACRY, Female21 Oct 1874SACRY, Benjamin L.WALL, Alice B.near LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 1
SACRY, Female18 Jan 1890SACRY, Arthur..MiddletownMiddletown Independent
SACRY, Male30 Jan 1893SACRY, G. A...MiddletownLake Democrat
SAGERTY, Female16 Sep 1904SAGERTY, Martin....Clear Lake Press
     Alberta Lee
20 Sep 1906SAGERTY,
     Asa Martin
PATRICK, GraceKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
SAILOR, Male17 Nov 1878SAILOR, L.....Lake Democrat
SALISBURY, Female22 Oct 1899SALISBURY, C. M.HULL, Mary V...Birth Register, Bk. 1
SANBORN, Elwell A.30 Jun 1906SANBORN,
     Charles A.
MENDENHALL, Eva L.Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
SANBORN, Male26 Apr 1908SANBORN, Charley....Lake County Bee
SANTSCHI, Male21 Jan 1896SANTSCHI, E.ZEKANDER, Ida..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SAWTELL, Male01 Aug 1896SAWTELL, FredGOOD, Ray..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SAWTELL, Male26 Jul 1898SAWTELL, FredGOOD, Ray..Birth Register, Bk. 1
28 Mar 1910SCHALLIE, B. L.....Clear Lake Press
SCHINDLER, Male24 Jan 1880SCHINDLER, John..High ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
SCHINDLER, Female06 Jul 1881SCHINDLER, John....Lower Lake Bulletin
SCHMIDT, Female30 May 1892SCHMIDT, HenryARDER, Matilda..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SCHMIDT, Male22 Sep 1903SCHMIDT, HenryRITER, Matilda..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SCHULTHESS, Paul(no date)SCHULTHESS, FredMURUSCH, Pauline..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SCHWALLIE, Female06 Jul 1906
REIMIKE, MaeMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
    Ona Frances
13 Jul 1907SCHWALLIE,
REINIKE, MayMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
    Harold Frederick
         Mary H.
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SCOTT, Male09 Mar 1878SCOTT, Charles....Lake County Bee
SCOTT, Female01 Jan 1879SCOTT, J. F...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
SCOTT, Alma Jewel25 Oct 1905SCOTT, Stephen S.CRAWFORD,
         Martha A.
LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
SCOTT, Ramona G.25 Oct 1906SCOTT, Geo. B.REED, AnitaBachelor ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
    Stephen LeRoy
18 Mar 1907SCOTT,
    Stephen Solomon
     Mattie Alma
Lower LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
SCOTT, Owen Clyde23 May 1907SCOTT, AlbertCUMMINGS, MaryUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
SCUDAMORE, Male08 Jan 1893SCUDAMORE, Dick....Lake Democrat
15 Mar 1898SCUDAMORE, Dick....Clear Lake Press
SEAVEY, Female21 Jun 1896SEAVEY, L.PEASE,..KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 1
SEAVEY, Vera Marie25 Jun 1898SEAVEY, Fred HamlinPEASE, Effie Leona..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SEITZ, Male17 Sep 1894SEITZ, John....Birth Register, Bk. 1
21 Jan 1871SHALL, Benjamin..near Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
SHATTUCK, Female21 Sep 1894SHATTUCK, D. R.BONES, Nancy AnnUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
    Mark Meredith
25 Oct 1906SHATTUCK,
    Charles Spencer
MEREDITH, Maggie..Birth Register, Bk. 2
SHAUL, Male21 Jun 1871SHAUL, Benjamin....Lower Lake Bulletin
SHAUL, Female20 May 1897SHAUL, Frank....Clear Lake Press
SHAUL, Male31 Aug 1900SHAUL, BooneAKES, ElizabethKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 1
SHAUL, Female13 Apr 1901SHAUL, Jesse....Clear Lake Press
SHAUL, Male11 Aug 1902SHAUL, Frank....Clear Lake Press
SHAUL, Female15 Dec 1903SHAUL, Jesse....Clear Lake Press
SHAUL, Female20 May 1904SHAUL, Andrew J.HODGES,..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SHAUL, Female18 Apr 1906SHAUL, Jesse....Lake County Bee
     Floyd Mortimer
07 May 1907SHAUL, Henry B.AKERS, LizzieLower LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
     Aaron Waldo
29 Jun 1907SHAUL, JayWILDGRUB, JuliaLower LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
SHAUL, Female18 Jun 1908SHAUL, Frank....Lake County Bee
SHAUL, Female26 Jun 1909SHAUL, Jay....Clear Lake Press
SHEELEY, Female13 Nov 1877SHEELEY, Wm.(CARSON, Matilda)..Lake Democrat
(Marriage notice)
SHEIRS, Female28 Nov 1895(None given)....Middletown Independent
SHIPLEY, Female05 Dec 1874SHIPLEY, J. C.....Lake County Bee
SHORTRIDGE, Male20 Aug 1909SHORTRIDGE, S. B.....Clear Lake Press
SHREVE, Male07 Feb 1882SHREVE, J. B.....Lower Lake Bulletin
SHREVE, Female10 Apr 1892SHREVE, Grant..MiddletownMiddletown Independent
SHREVE, Male21 Jan 1897SHREVE, E. B...Lower LakeMiddletown Independent
SHUMAN, Male23 Apr 1908SHUMAN, L. J.....Clear Lake Press
     Wilmer Raney
04 Feb 1896SIDWELL, MiltonRAINEY, Mattie May..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SIDWELL, FemaleDec.? 1897SIDWELL, Milton....Clear Lake Press
SIGELER, Female21 Jun 1873SIGLER, JosiahWALKER, Mary M.Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
SIMMONS, Female29 Apr 1878SIMMONS, Geo.....Lake County Bee
SIMONS, Male13 Jun 1909SIMON, Carl....Clear Lake Press
16 Mar 1875SLEEPER, D. O.WAY, MayUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
    (Flora S.)
11 Oct 1875SLEEPER, Jerome MackSLEEPER, Mary EvalinaUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
SLEEPER, Alma05 Jan 1906SLEEPER, VanSCOTT, AlmaUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
    (Lenore Effie)
31 Jul 1908SLEEPER, Ellery....Clear Lake Press
SLIGER, Ollie Mae13 Jun 1907SLEIGER, A. J.HODGES, N. J.near LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
SLOCUM, FemaleOct 1897SLOCUM, H. E.....Clear Lake Press
SLOCUM, Male27 Mar 1902SLOCUM, H. S.....Clear Lake Press
SLOCUM, Male24 Dec 1903SLOCUM, Herschel....Lake County Bee
22 Apr 1876SLOTTERBEC, Charles..LakeportLake Democrat
     Allen Ross
27 Aug 1902SMELTSER, A. B.HALFORD, Sadie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SMITH, Female05 Mar 1873SMITH, P.....Lake County Bee
SMITH, Female
    (Carrie May)
01 May 1873SMITH, WilburnLINDER, AbbieUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
SMITH, Female26 May 1882SMITH, James A...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
SMITH, Male29 May 1882SMITH, D. L.....Lower Lake Bulletin
SMITH, Male20 Apr 1895SMITH, R. F. H.LEHAN, Violet..Birth Register, Bk. 1
    Maxine Clara Belle
16 Dec 1896SMITH, James RileyFEES, Ida..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SMITH, Female15 Mar 1897SMITH, J. W.....Clear Lake Press
SMITH, Male15 Apr 1899SMITH, RileyFEES, Ida..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SMITH, Female20 Sep 1899SMITH, Ed....Clear Lake Press
SMITH, Grace24 Feb 1900SMITH, R. T. W.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
SMITH, Luke Leonard15 Feb 1903SMITH, Joseph H.JONES, Mary June..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SMITH, Colon Lea16 May 1904SMITH, Charles LeeRYDON, Lena Rivers..Birth Register, Bk. 1
    William Henry
02 Dec 1906SMITH, JamesJONES, AmandaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
    Helen Marguerite
22 Feb 1907SMITH, HarryHOPKINS, MabelLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
SMITH, Male24 Sep 1908SMITH, Wm.....Clear Lake Press
SMITH, Twin boys23 Aug 1909SMITH, James....Clear Lake Press
SMOOT, Female29 Aug 1907SMOOT, Lee....Lake County Bee
     Frank Henry, Jr.)
21 Jan 1874(SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
(SMYTHE, Walter)22 Dec 1876(SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
SMYTHE, Male14 Nov 1877SMYTHE, J. L.....Lake Democrat
     Wilfred Levi)
7 May 1878 (SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
      Thomas Allen)
12 Feb 1881(SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
      Gladys May)
16 Feb 1883(SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
      Curtis Moon)
20 Aug 1885(SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
      William R.)
4 Jan 1888(SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
(SMYTHE, Bessie)11 Aug 1889(SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
      Eunice Helen)
22 Jun 1893(SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
      John Arthur)
24 Dec 1895(SMYTHE,
      Frank Henry)
(CLICK, Annis)(Middletown)Descendant
Bible records
SMYTHE, Male28 Nov 1898SMYTHE, F. H., Jr.SNOW, Fannie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SMYTHE, Janette09 Mar 1906SMYTHE, RichardGREAVES, StellaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
SMYTHE, Female08 Jul 1909SMYTHE, O. E.....Clear Lake Press
SNEED, Male30 Jan 1902SNEED, _________, Addie..Clear Lake Press
SNELL, Female08 Sep 1909SNELL, M. J.....Lake County Bee
SNOW, Female07 Feb 1871SNOW, S. B...near Lower LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
SNOW, Unknown28 Mar 1904SNOW, William FrankNELSON, Alma E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
SNOW, Male28 Sep 1908SNOW, Frank....Clear Lake Press
SOHLER, Female12 Dec 1903SOHLER, Paul....Clear Lake Press
SOPER, Female06 Jun 1874SOPER, John H.HUNDENBURG, May E...Birth Register, Bk. 1
30 Jul 1877SOUTHWORTH,
....Lake County Bee
SPENCER, Male17 Aug 1875SPENCER, Dennis....Lake Democrat
SPENCER, Male22 Jul 1893SPENCER, A. K.....Lake Democrat
SPENCER, Male15 Apr 1895SPENCER, A. K.POE, .....Birth Register, Bk. 1
    Clemens Lawson
14 May 1895SPIELMAN, J.STANLEY, Frankie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SPIERS, Male26 Apr 1893SPIERS, Wm...CalistogaMiddletown Independent
SPIERS, Male18 Jul 1898SPIERS, J.HANNA, Lizzie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SPIERS, Female24 Jan 1901SPIERS, JosiahHANNA, Elizabeth..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SPRINGSTON, Female28 Oct 1890SPRINGSTON, Wm. T...near MiddletownMiddletown Independent
SPRINGSTON, Male20 Aug 1910SPRINGSTON, Rufus....Clear Lake Press
YOUNG, ....Birth Register, Bk. 1
(Clear Lake Press)
St. JOHN, Unknown23 Jan 1904St.JOHN,..GROSS, ....Birth Register, Bk. 1
    E. Clarence Elmer
03 Sep 1906St.JOHN, ElmerSALMINA, Carrie10 m. E. of KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
     Roberta Joice
02 Nov 1906St.JOHN, LeroyGROSS, Lilian Bessie10 m. E. of KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
STAGE, Male28 Apr 1901STAGE, Geo.GINNER, Bertie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
     Matilda Emily
14 Aug 1905STAHELI, John J.BAUMANN, Emily1/4 mile S. of KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
28 Oct 1903STANDIFORD, HarryYATES, Anita..Birth Register, Bk. 1
     Alfred Daniel
27 Jan 1905STANDIFORD, Thomas MartinSTANDIFORD, Elsie GenevieveMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
    Violet Lidella
16 Feb 1905STANDIFORD, HarryYATES, AnitaMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
    Clarence Thomas
23 Jan 1906STANDIFORD, Thomas MartinFARMER, Elsie GenevieveMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
STANLEY, Male28 Nov 1897STANLEY, PercyMORLAN, Hattie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
STANLEY, Male05 Mar 1902STANLEY, Otha....Clear Lake Press
STANLEY, Female08 Sep 1909STANLEY, M.....Clear Lake Press
     Edna Elsie
05 Mar 1907STANNIFIELD, Thomas M.FARMER, Elsie GenevieveMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
STANTON, Female25 Dec 1878STANTON, J. B...Little Indian ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
     Gladys Frances
20 Jan 1895STANTON, George____, Frances..Birth Register, Bk. 1
STARR, Female18 Aug 1894STARR, B.REEDE, ____..Birth Register, Bk. 1
STARR, Female27 Oct 1898STARR, B. W.....Lake County Bee
STARR, Male20 Sep 1902STARR, Burt W.REED, Lovina N...Birth Register, Bk. 1
STATZ, Male18 Nov 1901STATZ, Chas. M.O'DONNELL, Mary..Birth Register, Bk. 1
STEDER, Female09 Jan 1907STEDER, Bud....Lake County Bee
STEIGE, Male15 Apr 1900STEIGE, Geo.....Clear Lake Press
STEPHENS, Female03 Apr 1906STEPHENS, Allie....Clear Lake Press
STEPHENS, Female25 Aug 1910STEPHENS, Allie....Clear Lake Press
STEVENS, Male29 May 1878STEVENS, J. D.....Lake County Bee
STEWART, Female28 Sep 1910STEWART, William....Clear Lake Press
STILE, Henry Loraine22 Oct 1906STILE, William R.CHENEY, Jena BlanchPorta Costa
Birth Register, Bk. 2
STOLTZ, Male09 Jul 1897STOLTZ, Charles..MiddletownMiddletown Independent
STOLZ, Male18 Nov 1901STOLZ, Charles....Clear Lake Press
STONE, Female16 Mar 1889STONE, S. C...Big ValleyLower Lake Bulletin
STONE, Male10 Aug 1894STONE, S. C.ARNOLD, Cora..Birth Register, Bk. 1
    Willard Carroll
27 Nov 1898STONE, S. S.ARNOLD, Cora..Birth Register, Bk. 1
STONE, Female06 Apr 1901STONE, Sol....Clear Lake Press
25 Jun 1879STONEBRAKER, N. W...Lassen CountyLower Lake Bulletin
STROPTSON, Male11 Apr 1875STROPTSON, Wm.THURILLER, AnnaCoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
STUART, Male15 May 1880STUART, Joseph....Lake County Bee
STUBBS, Female14 Jan 1869STUBBS, C.....Clear Lake Courier
SULLIVAN, Male04 Mar 1873SULLIVAN, M.....Lake County Bee
SULLIVAN, Male18 Oct 1876SULLIVAN, M.....Lake Democrat
    Elwood Gerald
04 Dec 1901SULLIVAN, D. E.
NOSLER, M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
SULLIVAN, Male24 Jan 1902SULLIVAN, Dempsey....Clear Lake Press
SULLIVAN, Female09 Oct 1903SULLIVAN, Denman....Clear Lake Press
    Averil Ortha
12 Aug 1905SULLIVAN, John DempseyRUSH, Annie M.Cobb ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
SULLIVAN, Male25 Mar 1907SULLIVAN, John DempseyRUSH, Anna MaryCobb ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
01 Jul 1879SUTHERLAND, J...Sulphur BankLower Lake Bulletin
SUTTON, Male23 Jul 1890SUTTON, C. S.....Lake Democrat
SWAIN, Glen Franklin26 May 1906SWAIN, James BerkwithBARDIN, Sarah CharlotteLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
SWEENEY, Glenn12 Nov 1904SWEENEY, JohnHODGES, ____..Birth Register, Bk. 1
SWEIKERT, Male14 Nov 1874SWEIKERT, Casper..Big ValleyRussian River Flag
SWEIKERT, Male16 Mar 1878SWEIKERT, Casper....Lake County Bee
     Casper A.
25 Sep 1900SWEIKERT, ArthurAKERS, Lulu..Birth Register, Bk. 1
     Amelia May
20 May 1905SWEIKERT,
    August A.
AKERS, Lulu M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
SWEIKERT, Female26 Nov 1907SWEIKERT, Arthur....Lake County Bee
SYLAR, Female04 Apr 1898SYLAR, Dan....Lake County Bee
SYLAR, Female04 Mar 1904SYLAR, John....Clear Lake Press
SYLAR, Male26 Jul 1905SYLAR, John....Clear Lake Press
SYLAR, Female23 Nov 1907SYLAR, John....Lake County Bee
SYLAR, Female26 May 1910SYLAR, John....Clear Lake Press

TADLOCK, Male23 Oct 1889TADLOCK, W. L.TADLOCK, Mrs.LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 1
(Fred L.)
09 Apr 1874TALLMAN, R. C.
(Rufus C.)
MOORE, Mary EllenUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
  (Charles Harold)
05 Aug 1909TALLMAN, Harry(MADERIOS,
    Mary Louise)
..Clear Lake Press
TALLMAN, MaleSep? 1909TALLMAN, Cleve....Lake County Bee
TAYLOR, Male22 Jan 1875TAYLOR, D. T.
(Diar Talley)
JONES, Susan C.Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
TAYLOR, Female
(Winona Isabelle)
31 Jul 1875TAYLOR, J. HeweyMcLEAN, FrancesUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
(Gerald Alexander)
27 Jun 1906TAYLOR, WilliamDENNISON, OllieUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
TAYLOR, Femaleno date
28 Sep 1909
TAYLOR, George(VARITY, Mary/May)..Clear Lake Press
& Decendant
THOMAS, Female20 Mar 1891THOMAS, BentieTHOMAS, Emily..Birth Register, Bk. 1
THOMPSON, Male12 Nov 1877THOMPSON, H. C.....Lake Democrat
THOMPSON, Male10 May 1880THOMPSON, J. C.....Lake County Bee
THOMPSON, Female11 Apr 1881THOMPSON, Dr. H...MiddletownLower Lake Bulletin
THOMPSON, Female27 Oct 1881THOMPSON, S. H...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
THOMPSON, Female14 Nov 1881THOMPSON, S. A.....Lower Lake Bulletin
THOMPSON, Female05 Jul 1890THOMPSON, S. G.....Lake Democrat
THOMPSON, Female12 May 1893THOMPSON, Will....Lake Democrat
THOMPSON, Female12 Jun 1893THOMPSON, James....Lake Democrat
THOMPSON, Female14 Feb 1895THOMPSON, C.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
THOMPSON, Male10 Mar 1895THOMPSON, Luman..Mirabel MineMiddletown Independent
THOMPSON, Male24 Aug 1895THOMPSON, Geo.....Clear Lake Press
THOMPSON, Male29 Dec 1895THOMPSON, E. A.GARNER, Mary A...Birth Register, Bk. 1
THOMPSON, Female24 May 1896THOMPSON, W. H.McMATHEWS, Mattie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
THOMPSON, Female19 Dec 1897THOMPSON, L.HIBBARD, Etta..Birth Register, Bk. 1
THOMPSON, Unknown19 Jan 1900THOMPSON, LumanHIBBARD, Henrietta A...Birth Register, Bk. 1
THOMPSON, Male28 Dec 1902THOMPSON, F. W.....Clear Lake Press
THOMPSON, Male24 Nov 1908THOMPSON, Curtis....Clear Lake Press
THORINGTON, Male15 Mar 1880THORINGTON, Geo.....Lake County Bee
THORNTON, Male29 Jul 1876THORNTON, Dr. P. H...LakeportLake Democrat
THORNTON, Male11 Aug 1877THORNSON, Dr. P. H.....Lake County Bee
THORNTON, Male30 Jun 1880
d.17 Jul 1880
......Lake County Bee; Lake Democrat;Lower Lake Bulletin
THUGMAN, Male29 Mar 1862THUGMAN, Leach B...Upper Clear LakeSacramento Bee
THURMAN, Male14 Oct 1869THURMAN, L. B...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
TIBBETT, Female04 Dec 1906TIBBETT, ?....Lake County Bee
TILLMAN, Female24 Jan 1910TILLMAN, Emil....Clear Lake Press
TIMOTHY, Male27 Sep 1894TIMOTHY, M.MATHEWS, Mary..Birth Register, Bk. 1
Violet Kathryn
27 Sep 1900TIMOTHY, J.PORTER, ?..Birth Register, Bk. 1
TIMOTHY, Male31 Aug 1909TIMOTHY, Morgan....Clear Lake Press
TINDALL, Male01 Oct 1893TINDALL, Wm.....Lake Democrat
   (Joseph Alden)
25 Feb 1890TINKER, A.....Lake Democrat
Lional John William
23 May 1906TOCHER, RobertMERSON, AnnabelleMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
TOCHER, Female04 Apr 1910TOCHER, R.....MiddletownLake County Bee
TOCKER, Robert04 Apr 1910TOCKER, Robert......Clear Lake Press
TODD, Male26 May 1895TODD, L. R.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
TODD, Male11 Mar 1899TODD, F. R.....Clear Lake Press
TOLL, Female18 Apr 1876TOLL, J. B.....Lake Democrat
TRAILOR, Unknown07 Feb 1904(?)TRAILOR, Mary J.
(listed as father)
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
TRAVERSON, Male16 Jan 1898TRAVERSON, VictorBASSEGALPO, Louisa..Birth Register, Bk. 1
TRAVIS, Male03 Sep 1881TRAVIS, J.....Lower Lake Bulletin
TREADWAY, Female12 Aug 1898TREADWAY, O. W. R.....Clear Lake Press
TREMPER, Female31 Dec 1908TREMPER, J. M.....Clear Lake Press
    Dorothea Voss
15 Jul 1907TRIMBLE, JohnVOSS, EmmaLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
TRIMBLE, Female10 Sep 1910TRIMBLE, John....Clear Lake Press
TRYON, Mabel Mary15 Apr 1896TRYON, John C.GOFFINET, Pauline..Birth Register, Bk. 1
TRYON, Female28 Sep 1898TRYON, J. C.GOFFINET, P. M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
TRYON, Female11 Jul 1903TRYON, J.....Clear Lake Press
TUCKER, Male08 Aug 1889TUCKER, Ben....Lake Democrat
TURNER, Female17 Oct 1892TURNER, W. R.....Middletown Independent
TURNER, Charlotteno dateTURNER,
     Howard Chas.
REESE, Emma..Birth Register, Bk. 1
      Luther Clifford
04 Nov 1900TURNER, CliffordCROWLEY, Dora L...Birth Register, Bk. 1
      Gerald William
13 Nov 1905TURNER,
      Charles Howard
REES, EmmaMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
TURNER, Female08 Apr 1907TURNER, Cy....Lake County Bee
TURNER, Female27 Dec 1907TURNER, Austin....Lake County Bee
TURNER, Male11 Jul 1908TURNER, Howard....Clear Lake Press
TYLER, Male29 Dec 1875TYLER, James....Lake Democrat

ULTING, Male08 Dec 1876ULTING, A. A. R.....Lake Democrat
      Delpha Clarissa
23 Jun 1907UPTON,
     William Edward
BUCKNER, Mary AliceKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2

Van BIBBER, Female13 Feb 1894Van BIBBER, H...MiddletownMiddletown Independent
Van BIBBER, Female02 Aug 1895Van BIBBER, Henry..MiddletownMiddletown Independent
Van BIBBER, Male02 Aug 1901Van BIBBER, H.BERRY, [?]..Birth Register, Bk. 1
VEASY, Female21 Dec 1875VEASY, Wm.....Lake Democrat
VEATCH, Female04 Aug 1870VEATCH, Andrew..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
VEST, Robert Lee05 Oct 1902VEST, [?]LEE, Lorenna..Birth Register, Bk. 1
VEST, Lydia Ann23 Dec 1906VEST, EliVINCENT, Lizzie LeeLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2

      Clifford Ralph
28 Feb 1895WAGENET, Henry W.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
WAGENET, Female14 Jun 1896WAGENET, HenrySCHERZ,
      Julia Madalene
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WAGNER, Female29 Mar 1901WAGNER, Frank....Clear Lake Press
WAITE, Female24 May 1895WAITE, GeorgeRICKABAUGH, S...Birth Register, Bk. 1
WAITE, Male23 Dec 1896WAITE,
      George Waters
RICKABAUGH, S...Birth Register, Bk. 1
WAITE, Male23 Jan 1899WAITE, George....Clear Lake Press
WALDEN, Female19 Jul 1877WALDEN, J. E.....Lake Democrat
WALDO, FemaleSep 1891WALDO, W. W.....Lake Democrat
WALDO, Sadie Ruth06 May 1903WALDO, Walter. W.MILLER, Sadie A...Birth Register, Bk. 1
WALKER, Female08 Feb 1873WALKER, James W.HEALL, JuliaUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
WALKER, Female11 Oct 1874WALKER, George W.BLACK, EllaUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
WALLACE, Female23 Nov 1875WALLACE, Rev. L...LakeportSanta Rosa Times
     Female twins
30 Jan 1877WALLACE, L.....Lake County Bee
WALLACE, Female04 Sep 1880WALLACE, Rev. L...LivermoreLower Lake Bulletin
WALLACE, Female14 Nov 1880WALLACE, J. M...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
WALLER, Female(no date)WALLER, JohnGORDON, Catherine..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WALLS, Male12 May 1878WALLS, Benjamin....Lake County Bee
WALTERS, Female07 Jan 1904WALTERS, John LeeGRIGSBY, Julia A...Birth Register, Bk. 1
WALWORTH, Female19 Nov 1900WALWORTH,
           Dr. C. W.
....Clear Lake Press
WAMBOLD, Male19 May 1896WAMBOLD, HenryGRAHAM..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WAMBOLD, Male02 May 1897WAMBOLD, Richard....Lake County Bee
WAMBOLD, Male09 Aug 1898WAMBOLD, M.GRAHAM, D. W...Birth Register, Bk. 1
WAMBOLD, Female17 Dec 1902WAMBOLD, M.....Clear Lake Press
WAMBOLD, Female18 Dec 1903WAMBOLD, MiltonGRAHAM,
      Dollie Melvina
..Birth Register, Bk. 1
    Genevieve Pearl
30 Jun 1902WARD, MackKEITHLEY, Alice..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WASHBURN, Female05 Jul 1894WASHBURN, M.TAYLOR, Mary..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WASHBURN, Male(no date)WASHBURN, M.TAYLOR, Mary..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WASHBURN, Male21 Feb 1897WASHBURN, M.TAYLOR, M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
WASSON, Female23 Feb 1896WASSON, J. J.BRODERICK, Mary..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WATERMAN, Male05 Oct 1875WATERMAN, M...near LakeportSanta Rosa Times
14 Dec 1879WATERMAN, M.....Lake County Bee
& Descendant
    Evelyn Emelda
02 Aug 1907WATKINS, F. ElmerTHOMPSON, Velma E.LakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
WATSON, Female16 Oct 1909WATSON, Arch....Clear Lake Press
       Leonard Abram
01 Dec 1895WAYNE, Thos. A.CUNNINGHAM, B...Birth Register, Bk. 1
WEBB, Female07 Dec 1908WEBB, R. L.....Lake County Bee
       Lawrence Andrew
01 Nov 1906WEBER, PeterKELLER,
      Elizabeth Frances
FinleyBirth Register, Bk. 2
WEIL, Male08 Jan 1876WEIL, M.....Lakeport Democrat
WELDON, Male06 Jan 1893WELDON, Dr...Arlington, WAMiddletown Independent
WELLS, Female13 Jan 1874WELLS, JacksonWELLS, BellCoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
WELLS, Female30 Jun 1898 ? WELLS, Elizabeth..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WELLS, Female19 Dec 1903WELLS, Albert G.ARMSTRONG, Stasia..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WELLS, Male13 Sep 1906WELLS,
        Albert Gupton
      Mary Stasia
MiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
WELTY, Female16 Mar 1891WELTY, Zack....Lakeport Democrat
       Helen Lita
16 Jun 1907WESTEGARD,
      William C.
COFFEE, Lita OlgaKelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
       Hazel Ardella
15 Jul 1906WHEATLEY,
      William Clark
KELLER, Mable BlancheLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
WHEELER, Male12 Nov 1905WHEELER, August O.WHEELER, Alice E.
   (HANSCOM, Alice E.)
Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
& Descendant
WHITE, Female25 Nov 1877WHITE, G. H.....Lake County Bee
WHITE, Male26 Nov 1891WHITE, C. P.....Lakeport Democrat
WHITE, Male02 May 1897WHITE, R. (Richard)....Birth Register, Bk. 1
Clear Lake Press
WHITE, Male12 Feb 1903WHITE, Chester....Lake County Bee
WHITE, Sarah Burris04 Mar 1906WHITE, ChesterBURRIS, JosephineLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
      Ora Louis
16 Aug 1907WHITMAN,
      Alorno A.
COPENHAVER, CarrieLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
WHITMAN, Female23 Feb 1909WHITMAN, A. A.....Clear Lake Press
WHITTON, Male25 Oct 1878WHITTON, W. H.....Lakeport Democrat
WIEMER, Female18 Sep 1906WIEMER, Dr. John....Lake County Bee
WILBER, Ethel May07 Jun 1896WILBER, ClarkRYERSON, Ida Lillian..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WILKINSON, Male28 Jan 1874WILKINSON, JamesWILKINSON, NancyCoyoteBirth Register, Bk. 1
WILKINSON, Male27 Feb 1897WILKINSON, H.       (Hiram)WASHBURN, M...Birth Register, Bk. 1
Clear Lake Press
WILKINSON, Male18 Sep 1897WILKINSON, S. P.SHIRLEY, Susie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WILKINSON, Female26 Jun 1898
d. 28 Jun 1898
WILKINSON, HiramWASHBURN, Martha..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WILKINSON, MaleOct 1899WILKINSON, Brick....Clear Lake Press
WILKINSON, Female1901WILKINSON, E. J.SHIRLEY, Bertha..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WILKINSON, Male07 May 1902WILKINSON, Brick[?], Susie....Birth Register, Bk. 1
WILKINSON, Male04 Dec 1903WILKINSON, Wm H.BURRIS, Mary D...Birth Register, Bk. 1
    William Henry
12 Sep 1905WILKINSON,
      Sterling Price
      Martha Susan
1 mi. from KelseyvilleBirth Register, Bk. 2
WILLIAMS, Male(no date)WILLIAMS, F.STRIFE,..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WILLIAMS, Female11 Feb 1873WILLIAMS,
       John Smith
BOONE, Ellen MedoraBig ValleyBirth Register, Bk. 1
WILLIAMS, Female17 Feb 1876WILLIAMS, William..LakeportRussian River Flag
WILLIAMS, Male05 Mar 1901
d. next day
WILLIAMS, Fred....Clear Lake Press
       Samuel W.
       Margaret E.
Upper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 1
WILSON, Male10 Mar 1858WILSON, G. B...Big ValleySonoma County Journal
WILSON, Male27 Nov 1865WILSON, E. B.....Clear Lake Journal
WILSON, Male13 Oct 1870WILSON, H. H...Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
WILSON, Male11 Jan 1875WILSON, G. W...LakeportRussian River Flag
WILSON, Male21 Aug 1877WILSON, G. W.....Lake County Bee
WILSON, Female15 Nov 1879WILSON, Prof. G. W.....Lake County Bee
WILSON, Female09 Jan 1880WILSON, James Warren..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
WILSON, Female09 Nov 1894WILSON, B. A.....Middletown Independent
WILSON, Male22 May 1895WILSON, WilliamHASKINS, Dora..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WILSON, Male03 Feb 1898WILSON, W. W.TWILL, Ella..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WILSON, Female25 Feb 1901WILSON, AlGREEN, ..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WILSON, Male06 May 1902WILSON, Al....Clear Lake Press
WILSON, Alice May02 Jun 1904WILSON, AlfredGREENE, Mattie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
      Herbert Francis
28 May 1907WILSON, Wm. A.HAWKINS, DoraMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
WILSON, Female07 Jan 1910WILSON, Claude....Clear Lake Press
WINCHESTER, Male24 Jan 1870WINCHESTER, Seth..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
      Phillip Douglas
      Marerie Dean
Richmond, CABirth Register, Bk. 2
WITHERSPOON,     Female       (Floye)04 Dec 1903WITHERSPOON, H. E.....Clear Lake Press
      Wanda Jeanette
SLEEPER, MaudUpper LakeBirth Register, Bk. 2
28 May 1909WITHERSPOON, H. E.....Clear Lake Press
WOOD, Male18 Nov 1889WOOD, George..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
WOOD, Male26 Apr 1896WOOD, Albert H.BARKER, Nellie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WOOD, Fern Phoebe28 Oct 1898WOOD, Albert H.BORKER, Nettie..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WOODRUM, William14 Sep 1876
(d.26 Sep 1876)
WOODRUM, D. L...LakeportRussian River Flag
WOODS, Eric Jerome23 May 1906WOODS, JamesJONES, Lottie MayLakeportBirth Register, Bk. 2
WOOLDRIDGE, Male(no date)WOOLDRIDGE, L.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
WOOLDRIGE, Male01 Sep 1895WOOLDRIGE, Lemuel....Clear Lake Press
WOOLDRIGE, Female27 Dec 1896WOOLDRIGE, L. E.....Clear Lake Press
WOOLDRIDGE, Male24 Jul 1897WOOLDRIDGE, J.KEITHLEY, A...Birth Register, Bk. 1
WOOLEY, ?(no info) ? WOOLEY, Ellen..Birth Register, Bk. 1
         Stephen E.
SMITH, E. M. J...Birth Register, Bk. 1
WRAY, Male29 Jul 1894WRAY, E. P.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
WRAY, Male22 Jan 1895WRAY, G. P.RANTZ, (Nellie May)..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WRAY, Female16 Mar 1897WRAY, E. P.HOYT, (Artemesia)..Birth Register, Bk. 1
WRAY, Female09 May 1898WRAY, E. P.....Birth Register, Bk. 1
WRIGHT, Male17 Sep 1868WRIGHT, Joseph....Clear Lake Press
WRIGHT, Female08 Aug 1910WRIGHT, William....Clear Lake Press

YATES, Female20 May 1871YATES, Owen..Lower LakeLower Lake Bulletin
YATES, Female27 Nov 1879YATES, Alonzo....Lake Democrat
YATES, Male11 Jun 1880YATES, Enoch..LakeportLower Lake Bulletin
YONGE, Female
24 Feb 1876YONGE, F. M.
(James Frederick Moore)
      Helene Francis)
LakeportRussian River Flag
(YONGE, John Duke)Dec. 1879(YONGE,
James Frederick Moore)
      Helene Francis)
(Probably Lakeport)Descendant
      Wirt Haight)
(07 Aug 1867)(YOUNG,
      Charles Marsh)
      Margaret Lutitia)
      Baxter Ewing)
(20 Jul 1868)(YOUNG,
      Charles Marsh)
      Margaret Lutitia)
(YOUNG, Mary L.)(10 Aug 1871)(YOUNG,
      Charles Marsh)
      Margaret Lutitia)
YOUNG, Female23 Nov 1875YOUNG, Lee....Lake Democrat
       Charles William)
(25 Oct 1877)(YOUNG,
      Charles Marsh)
      Margaret Lutitia)
YOUNG, Male31 Mar 1878YOUNG, L. A.....Lake Democrat
YOUNG, Male07 Jan 1897YOUNG, L. M.YOUNG, Ella..Birth Register, Bk. 1
YOUNG, Female11 Jul 1899YOUNG, Baxter E.ADAMSON, Hattie V...Birth Register, Bk. 1
       Charles Glenn
24 Nov 1905YOUNG,
      Charles Wm. Bell
BROOKS, Velma ButitiaMiddletownBirth Register, Bk. 2
YOUNT, Female09 May 1890YOUNT, George W...Bartlett SpringsThe Winters Express
YULE, Male28 Oct 1903YULE, George....Lake County Bee

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