Lake County, California

Marriage Notices

These are "roughly" in alphabetical order of the Groom's name.
Some of these marriages took place elsewhere, but involve Lake County people.
If anyone has a marriage notice of an ancestor that they would like to contribute, please type it, and attach it to an email to me.

Anita Crabtree

Daily Bee - Sacramento, Sacramento County
Healdsburg Tribune - Healdsburg, Sonoma County
Lake County Bee - Lakeport, Lake County
Lake Democrat - Lakeport, Lake County
Russian River Flag - Healdsburg, Sonoma County
Salinas Weekly Index - Salinas, Monterey County
Santa Rosa Times - Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Sonoma Democrat - Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Sonoma County Democrat - Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
Sonoma County Journal - Petaluma, Sonoma County
Sonoma County Tribune - Healdsburg, Sonoma County
The Free Lance - Hollister, San Benito County


Because the courthouse burned on February 15, 1867, all vital records were lost from May 20, 1861 until that date. Any information about known marriages in Lake County between these dates would be appreciated. (with the source)

  • 20 marriage certificates were issued in Lake County in 1866.   (Sarshel Bynum, Clerk, Clear Lake Courier, February 2, 1867)
  • January 14, 1866 - Henry BUCKNELL - Martha Ann Elizabeth ALLEY
  • January 14, 1866 - Hiram O'BRIEN - P. Emma AKINS
  • 2 weddings on the same day took place in Upper Lake last week.  (Clear Lake Courier, February 2, 1867)


  • Popular Lakeport Couple Married at Napa
    Word has reached Lakeport that Miss Lillie B. TINKER, the only daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. Alden A. Tinker, became the bride last Saturday at Napa of Robert ABERCROMBIE. The marriage had been planned to take place about Christmas time but was postponed on account of the serious illness of Mrs. Tinker, the bride's mother.
    Details are lacking but it is presumed the Joseph Tinker, brother of the bride, witnessed the ceremony. All three young people were passengers from Lakeport on the Calistoga stage Saturday morning.
    Mrs. Abercrombie is an accomplished young woman and gave up teaching school to accept a government position during the war.
    Mr. Abercrombie is the second son of Mr. And Mrs. S. D. Abercrombie of Lakeport and well known here where he was raised. He holds a good position at Crockett where the young people will reside.
    The Bee joins a host of friends in congratulating the groom and in wishing the bride a happy prosperous life.  Lake County Bee, Jan 15, 1920
  • Married -- ACTON-BRODLEY --
    at San Jose, Dec. 20, by Rev. C.B. RIDDICK; Rev. William ACTON of Lakeport to Miss Julia BODLEY of San Jose. at the Methodist Church South…Loving friends had decorated the sacred edifice…Mrs. Susie HALE, Miss Edna RINGO, Miss Lyeese BYRD and Miss Mattie GEORGE…The church was filled with friends of the contracting parties who were given seats by the courteous ushers, George SMITH and Sam BROWN…the bride…accompanied by her brother, Thomas BODLEY…Miss Mabel ARQUES played the "Lohengrin" wedding march…a wedding breakfast at the residence of Mr.& Mrs. Thomas BODLEY on North Third street…Rev. and Mrs. ACTON left for San Francisco en route for Lakeport, where the groom has a lovely cottage furnished. Mrs. Julia BODLEY and Miss Ettie BODLEY, mother and sister of the bride, will make their home with them…  The Free Lance, Hollister, San Benito Co., California, January 5, 1900
  • Married - In Burns Valley 11 May 1871 Mr. M. AIKEN to Mrs. Helen SLATER.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Kelseyville, Nov. 14, 1875, by Rev. J.L. WOOD; William D. AKERS to Ellen STONEBRAKER.   Santa Rosa Times December 2, 1875
  • Married - At Lakeport 22 Feb. 1896 B. C. ALLEN and Mrs. Ella STARK.  Middletown Independent
  • Upper Lake, April 9, 1876, W.L. ALLEN to Mrs. Mary C. HURSE. (Nancy Cecelia Moore Hurse)    Russian River Flag, April 20, 1876
  • Married at Upper Lake, Aug. 9, 1870, John L. ALLEY and Ella Eliza McGRATH (McMATH).   Russian River Flag, August 25, 1870
  • Married at Healdsburg, Aug. 21, 1881, at the residence of M. RAABE; Mrs. Mellissa GORDON to Geo. ANDREW, both of Middletown.  Russian River Flag, Aug. 25, 1881
  • Married - In Big Valley, Feb. 12th, at the residence of J. J. GOODIN, by the Rev. J. L. WOODS, Mr. James W. ANNETT and Miss Fannie BAKER.  Lake Democrat
  • Lakeport, Dec. 6, 1875, by Rev. R.F. ALLEN; Henry ARGALL to Mary E. HARBIN.   Santa Rosa Times, December 23, 1875
  • Married - In Sacramento 27 Dec. 1880 John A. APPERSON and Emma A. MASTEN.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • A Middletown correspondent says that Charley ARMSTRONG and Miss Amanda POULSON were married last week at the residence of the bride's parents.  Napa Daily Register, August 22, 1878
  • Clear Lake Press, Oct. 29, 1904
    David P. ARMSTRONG and Miss Ruby L. CHRISTIE were married at the home of the brides parents in Coyote valley Wednesday by Rev W. M. Woodward. They will visit in Middletown before going to their home in Lakeport, where the groom is a prosperous business man.   -Ukiah Press.

    Contributed by Shirley Langdon Wilcox (No other information on this couple)
  • Married - 18 Feb. 1894 Mis Camelia LOBREE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Lobree of Middletown, to Mr. M. ARONSON in Portland, Ore. They will make heir home in New Whatdom, Washington.  Middletown Independent


  • Justice Seawell pronounced the words that made Wiston BADGEROW, of Kelseyville, Lake Co., and Miss L. PRESTON, of Windsor, man and wife, Tuesday morning. Charges nominal.   The Sonoma Democrat, August 6, 1887
  • At Lakeport, Lake co., Sept. 7, 1872, E.E. BALDWIN to Mrs. S. SHELBY.   Russian River Flag, Sept. 26, 1872
  • Married - In High Valley 1 Dec. 1880 Mr. George H. BARFF and Miss Nevada O. FOUTCH.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Lower Lake 27 Nov. 1895 George E. BAYLORD to Mrs. Hattie STANLEY of Cache Creek.  Middletown Independent
  • Married in Long Valley, Dec. 23, 1869, H.A. BEATTIE and Nancy J. HOLMAN.   Russian River Flag, January 20, 1870
  • Married - In Lakeport, July 4th, by Thomas Allen, Justice of the Peace, Mr. Leonidas F. BECKWITH, of Marysville, to Miss Harriet M. DAY, of Lower Lake. Mr. Beckwith formerly conducted the Lake County Democrat at this place. He is now one of the proprieters of the Northern Statesman, a daily paper, recently started in Marysville.  Clear Lake Courier, July 6, 1868
  • In London, England, John BENSLEY of San Francisco to Mrs. GRENVILLE, widow of George Grenville.  London Times, 07 July 1870
  • Charles Willis Bird wed Ethel Ruth Snyder April 18, 1937
    Miss Ethel Ruth SNYDER of Lakeport and Charles BIRD of Upper Lake were quietly married in Ukiah Sunday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock by the Methodist pastor, Rev. Mark Pike. The bride, daintily gowned in a pastel shade of turquoise blue, carried a fragrant bouquet of spring blossoms and maiden hair fern. She is a lovely brunette and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Snyder, who now reside at San Jose. She graduated from the San Jose high school and then took a course in cosmetology. Since September she has assisted Mrs. Roy Embree in her beauty shop. Mr. Bird is favorably known by numerous friends and is employed by E. P. Sailor at Upper Lake. The newlyweds are making their home in one of Stewart's cottages on Forbes Street for the present. Congratulations are extended by their many friends.
    Lake County Bee, April 22, 1937

    Contributed by Pat Bird

  • Lower Lake, Apr. 6, 1873, Wm. BLANN to Maria J. ALLEN. Russian River Flag, April 17, 1873
  • In San Francisco, Cal, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hendricks, 726 Dubose ave., on August 26, 1911, by Rev. H. W. Chapman, Miss Vina HENDRICKS, of that city, and Mr. O. T. BOARDMAN, of Maunawi, Hawaii.

    To many of Miss Hendrick's friends the news of her marriage will come as a surprise, though many of her most intimate friends have known for some time of the approaching nuptials, but we know all will join in sincere good wishes to bothe the bride and groom. Miss Vina was a teacher in our grammar school for 16 or 17 years and was dearly loved by every pupil who passed through her room. She also taught a class in Sunday school for years, and endeared herself to the young people. Mr. Boardman was also a teacher here in 1901-2, and is well-known and highly respected. He went to the Hawaiian Islands some years ago, where he has since resided. He arrived in San Francisco last Tuesday on the steamship Honolula, and following the marriage ceremony, the happy couple took passage on the same steamer for their future home.The Clear Lake Press, September 02, 1911

  • At the residence of David HERRINGTON 12 Nov. 1869, David H. BOLES to Lanorah HOTON.   Lower Lake Bulletin
  • At Morgan Valley 21 Feb. 1871 Mr. Henry BOND and Miss Mary F. GENTRY.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married at the bride's home in Weldon Valley 7 Feb. 1892 Richard BONHAM to Miss M. M. HANSON.  Middletown Independent
  • Bachelor Valley, residence of D.J. COLLIER; Sept. 11, 1876, H.S. BOTZ, Wheatland, to Mary DROLLINGER, Lake co.   Russian River Flag, Sept. 21, 1876
  • Married last Sunday, Mr. Horace BOWMAN of San Francisco and Miss Clara McINTIRE of Cold Valley. They will live in San Francisco.  Lower Lake Bulletin, 06 Oct 1881
  • Married - In Lower Lake 20 Sept. 1881 Mr. Henry BOWER to Miss E. WALLS.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Napa 23 Oct. 1895 Quin BRADLEY and Mrs. Mattie QUIGLEY, both of this place.  Middletown Independent
  • Upper Lake, February 29,1876, Alfred W. BROWN to Bettie A. THOMPSON.   Russian River Flag, March 9, 1876
  • In Upper Lake, February 29, by Rev. D. T. Taylor, Mr. Alfred W. BROWN to Miss Bettie A. THOMPSON, all of Upper Lake.   Lake Democrat, March 4, 1876
  • Billy BROWN of Mendocino married Susan J. WESTERMAN on the 25th of July. He intends to make his home in Lakeport.   Russian River Flag, Aug. 8, 1871
  • At Middletown, Lake co., 9/30/1874, Oscar BROWN to Nancy WINDOM.   Russian River Flag, October 15, 1874
  • Married - At Upper Lake, Lake County, Jan. 14th, Henry BUCKNELL to Martha E. ALLEY.    Weekly Examiner, San Francisco, Feb. 17, 1866
  • Married in Lakeport, Aug. 9, 1870, Robert BUCKNELL and Louisa W. ALLEY.   Russian River Flag, August 25, 1870

    An event of more than usual interest took place at Upper Lake last Monday August 9th when the members of the Bucknell family gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bucknell to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. Sixteen persons were present, all members of the immediate family except one aunt, Mrs. John Alley, who was married the same day Mr. and Mrs. Bucknell were, but whose husband is dead. Mr. and Mrs. Alley were married in Gravelly Valley early in the morning and after the ceremony drove to Upper Lake to attend the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Bucknell.
    The five Bucknell children furnished the dinner of turkey, chicken, cakes, etc., and Roy Bucknell, the youngest child, sat between his father and mother with one of his two children on either side of him. At the close of the meal Roy arose and read a short poem appropriate to the occasion, after which his children in turn presented their grandfather and grandmother each $50 in gold on a gold rimmed plate, at the same time reciting a short verse. The afternoon was spent on the lawn where ice cream was served. One interesting fact about the Bucknell family is that there has never been a death in it to mar the happiness of its members. While the day will never be repeated it will always be remembered and cherished by those present.
      Lake County Bee, August 12, 1920

    Contributed by Pat Bird

  • Married July 3, 1878, at the residence of the bride's parents, Josephine Hattie NUTTER, of Healdsburg, to Charles Gordon BURTNETT, of Lake co.   Russian River Flag, July 4, 1878
  • John T. BUTLER and Miss Emma ELLIOT were married in San Francisco on July 25th at 5 P.M. at St. Mary's Cathedral, Rev. J. B. Hannigan performing the ceremony. They returned home Friday.   Clear Lake Press, August 4, 1898

    Contributed by Shirley Wilcox. [I have no further information on these people.]

  • In Lower Lake 23 Apr. 1871 Mr. Michael BUTLER and Miss Emma E. YATES, both of Lower Lake.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married at Scott's Valley near Lakeport, Sept. 22, 1878, Mrs. S.A. (Sarah A.) BURRIS to J.W. BYRNES, late of Healdsburg.    Russian River Flag, Sept. 26, 1878
  • Married in Lakeport 9 Oct 1892 John BYRNES of Scotts Valley and Miss Emma CRAWFORD, daughter of Woods Crawford.  Middletown Independent


  • Married at Lower Lake, Sept. 4, 1870, John H. CAMPBELL and Mrs. Betty THURMOND.    Russian River Flag, September 15, 1870
  • Oct. 5, 1875, A.J. CARSON to Ellen OBRIEN both of Lake county. Russian River Flag, Oct. 7, 1875
  • Married - In Big Valley, August 13th, by Rev. J. L. Woods, Mr. Carlton B. CHAPMAN to Miss Mollie McKINNEY, both of Lake County.  Lake County Bee, August 16, 1877
  • Married at Napa City, March 19, 1871, A.W. CHILDERS to Mrs. B.C. CAMPBELL, both of Lake Co.    Russian River Flag, March 23. 1871
  • Lower Lake, Sept. 13, 1875, Peter CHRISTENSON to Lucy Ann MATHEWS.   Russian River Flag, Sept. 23, 1875
  • Married - Near Lowwer Lake 13 Feb. 1894 Dr. J. L. CILEY of Lakeport to Miss Kate M. HARRIS of Lower Lake.  Middletown Independent
  • Lower Lake, May 14, 1873, Jeff CODY to Mrs. EXSOM.   Russian River Flag, May 22, 1873
  • Coffman-Smith - Near Lower Lake November 30, 1889- E. COFFMAN to Mrs. Sophonia SMITH.
    The happy couple had children and grandchildren to assist at the nuptial ceremony. We wish for them health, wealth and happiness.   Lower Lake Bulletin, November 23, 1889
  • Bachelor Valley, Lake co., May 14, 1876, David J. COLLIER to Phoebe C. DROLLINGER.    Russian River Flag, May 25, 1876
  • Married - At Middletown 4 Sept. 1894, Edward L. COLLINS to Miss Louise GROOM.  Middletown Independent
  • 19 Aug. 1869, J. C. COPSEY to Miss Martha AIKENS, both of Lower Lake.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married near Healdsburg, Sept. 29, 1869, Dr. J.B. COX, of Lakeport and Sadie L. McCLISH. The Doctor has shown himself an excellent judge of beauty and goodness in the choice of a wife.    Russian River Flag, September 30, 1869
  • At Bartlett Springs, Aug. 8, 1874, Thomas COX, Ukiah to Arabella F. BURKE, Anderson Valley.   Russian River Flag, Aug. 20, 1874
  • Married - Near Lower Lake 6 Feb. 1870, Theodore CRABTREE and Melona M. HALE.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - Near Long Valley 11 Jan 1879 P. R. CRONK and Mrs. Annie HARRINGTON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Carlson.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Elizabeth Etta TINKER married James Thomas CRUMPACKER on October 11, 1882
  • Elizabeth E. Tinker CRUMPACKER married George William KIBLINGER on March 28, 1907.
  • Lake co., Mar. 9, 1873, Wm. H. CUNNINGHAM to Nancy Jane HOWARD.   Russian River Flag, May 1, 1873
  • At Upper Lake, July 2, 1874, Wm. M. CUNNINGHAM to M.L. METCALF.   Russian River Flag, July 30, 1874


  • Santa Rosa, Dec. 11, 1875, at the residence of Mr. A. CHILDERS by Rev. E.H. WARD; Robbert Hugh DALEY, of Napa to Mrs. Mary E. WILSON, of Lake county. Santa Rosa Times, December 16, 1875
  • Married - At Middletown 25 Dec. 1895 Ben J. DEARBORN and Mary L. MAKER.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Vallejo 17 Aug. 1870 Frank DELMONT to Mrs. Sophie SHAEFER both of Lower Lake.  Lower Lake Bulletin

    Married in Ukiah

    A marriage license was issued in Ukiah Monday, Jan. 19th to Pete DILGER, of Upper Lake, and Miss Grace Helen DODGE, of Lakeport. The happy couple were married in Ukiah that day and returned to Lakeport the same evening. It is understood they will reside in Lakeport, where the bride has property.    Lake County Bee, January 29, 1920

    Contributed by Judy Dubauskas

  • Married - At Moscow, Idaho, Daniel DOBBINS, formerly of Lake Co., to Mrs. Molly Stark GOOD, formerly of Middletown and now a resident of Diamond, Whitman Co., Wash. Her father was ex-judge Stark of Napa Co.  Middletown Independent, 18 Mar. 1893
  • Big Valley, Nov. 28, 1875, at the residence of the bride's brother, Daniel DONNOVAN to Margaret DALY.   Russian River Flag, December 9, 1875
  • Married - In Big Valley 22 May 1879 George W. DUNNEGAN and Miss M. M. THOMPSON, both of Lake County.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Morgan Valley 8 Dec. 1895 George DUNNIGAN and Miss Flora MORRELL.  Middletown Independent


  • (Harold Dickson Eakle wed Helene Azile Polk Dec 5, 1933)

    On last Tuesday morning in Woodland Miss Helene POLK, daughter of Mrs. Zeno Jones was married to Harold ESKEL (EAKLE) of Woodland. Following a wedding luncheon the newlyweds departed for San Francisco for a short honeymoon. They passed through Upper Lake on Saturday enroute to their valley home. Relatives from here to attend the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Jones and children, Percy Polk and Mrs. L. Alley. Mrs. Eskel is well known here, having attended school here and her many friends wish her much happiness.  Lake County Bee, Dec 13, 1933

    Contributed by Pat Bird

  • Married in Lakeport, Jan. 8, 1870, J.C. EAKLE and Mary R. O'SHEA.   Russian River Flag, January 20, 1870
  • Married - In Lakeport 9 Jan. 1870, Jonathan C. EAKLE to Miss Mary Lucinda O'SHEA.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • At Ukiah, Nov. 4, 1873, Charles EDDY of Potter Valley to Emma ROSS of Lake co.    Russian River Flag, Nov. 20, 1873
  • In San Francisco 11 Dec. 1869, Charles A. ELLIS ad Carrie BOURBIN.   Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Lakeport, June 27, 1876, Chas. G. ELWOOD to Mary GARDINER.   Russian River Flag, July 6, 1876


  • In Lakeport 13 July 1880 Samuel FARMER and Miss Kate McGREER, both of Middletown.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Scott's Valley, William FARRIER to Amanda E. HENDRICKS. (no date given) Russian River Flag, May 25, 1876
  • Married - In Lower Lake at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. J. L. FARRIS and Miss Florence V. WILSON, both of Lake County.  Lower Lake Bulletin, April 1, 1882
  • Walter FAUGHT and Miss Iba FARRIER both of Scotts valley were married at the Methodist parsonage Wednesday. Rev. W. F. Coffin officiated. He says that two couples presented themselves there and that for a while he was at a loss to know which two he was to marry but found that Curtis Thompson and Miss Maude Rantz were there as witnesses.    Clear Lake Press, Oct. 29, 1904

    Contributed by Shirley Wilcox (No further information)

  • FARRIER-SPENCER - at Lakeport, January 15, 1905 by Elder J. J. Bruton. M. O. FARRIER & Mrs. Mary SPENCER.   Kelseyville Sun, January 24, 1905)
  • FAWCETT-KNIGHTEN - In Lakeport, February 5, 1919, Arthur Ernest FAWCETT, aged 27 years, and Nina Emelda KNIGHTEN, aged 18, both of Upper Lake.   Sacramento Bee, February 7, 1919
  • Fels-Morris - (1 September 1878) At Commercial Hotel, Lakeport, Cal., by the Rev. Barton Ogle, Mr. Geo. T. FELS of Suisun City, and Miss Fannie (Sarah Francis) MORRIS of Lakeport.    Solano Republican, 5 September 1878

    Contributed by V. Schomburg

  • Married - In Big Valley 15 Nov. 1896, Thomas FENTON of San Francisco and Miss Mamie MINSTRELL.  Middletown Independent
  • Married -- FILBEN-PEARCE -- in Hollister, Nov. 25th, by W.C. ASHER; J.P. Frank FILBEN, of San Jose, and Lizzie PEARCE, of Lake County.    The Free Lance, December 2, 1892
  • Married - At Kelseyville 30 Oct. 1906, Albert J. FINN and Miss Grace EDWARDS, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Edwards. Mr. Finn is the son of Rev. J. E. Finn of Lower Lake.  Middletown Independent
  • Married -At Middletown 4 Mar. 1897 at the residence of bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Armstrong, August FINN and Sarah WATERBURY.  Middletown Independent
  • Married in Napa, Apr. 24, 1889, C.F. FISHBACK, Esq., Lakeport, and Annie E. DERRY, Napa.    The Sonoma Democrat, May 4, 1889
  • Married - Mr. J. FITCH, of Lower Lake, to Miss Libbie GRAHAM in Petaluma on 9 Feb. 1882.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • At Lake co., Morrison's Ranch, July 18, 1874, Thomas FLEXMAN to Hannah F. MEDBURY.    Russian River Flag, July 30, 1874
  • Married - At Upper Lake 2 May 1880 Albert P. FOUTCH to Miss Emma STREIFF.  Lower Lake Bulletin, May 8, 1880
  • Married - At the residence of the bride's parents at Great Western Mine, on Monday, April 24, 1887, by Rev. J. Appleton, John D. FRANCIS to Miss Rosa ADAMS.  Lakeport Democrat, April 29, 1887
  • Married - At Santa Rosa 4 May 1897, John FRYE and Miss Ida DAVIS, both of Middletown.  Middletown Independent


  • Married - At Large(?) Valley, June 3, 1874, R. GADDY to Annie M. O'BRIEN, both of Lake county.    Russian River Flag, June 18, 1874
  • Clint GANTER of Ukiah and Miss Flora SLEEPER of Upper Lake were married last Wednesday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Sleeper, Rev. Lindsey officiating.  Lake County Bee, June 17, 1903
  • Married - At Kelseyville, Lake co., Aug. 18, 1872, J.N. GARD to S.A. HARPER.  Russian River Flag, Sept. 26, 1872
  • Married - At Upper Lake 8 April 1896, James GARD of Kelseyville and Miss Lydia YOSE (YOWS) of Upper Lake.  Middletown Independent
  • DOROTHY POLK WEDS AT FALLON, NEVADA Coming as a surprise to their many friends in Upper Lake was the announcement of the marriage of Miss Dorothy POLK and William GARD. The wedding ceremony took place on June 4th at Fallon, Nevada. Mrs. Gard is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Polk Sr., and has been teaching in the Kelseyville schools, following her graduation from the San Francisco Teachers' College. Mr. Gard is a resident of the Kelseyville district and was employed some time ago in Griner Bros. store and the Upper Lake Ice and Soda Works. The young couple have the best wishes of their friends in this vicinity.
    Lake County Bee, June 15, 1939

    Contributed by Pat Bird

  • Married - In San Francisco 2 Jan. 1882 Mr. Charles GILLETT of Lake County and Miss Susan M. WOOD of San Francisco.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At the Capital Hotel in Sacramento, 11 Sept. 1869, John H. GOLDSMITH to Mary Alice SHERIDAN.    Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Middletown, 21 Jan. 1880, Mr. W. GOOD and Miss Mary STARK.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In San Francisco 24 April 1880 Charles GOODWIN to Rebecca J. ARNOLD.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - Gravelly Valley, Lake Co., March 17, 1875, Aaron Alfred GRAVES to Miss Ada M. McMATH.   Russian River Flag & Santa Rosa Times, April 1, 1875
  • Kelseyville, April 25, 1876, Eugene GORDON, Healdsburg to Laura TRAILOR, Big Valley.    Russian River Flag, May 4, 1876
  • At Scott Valley, Lake co., Apr. 23, 1874, L.H. GRUWELL to Martha McCLINTOCK.    Russian River Flag, May 7, 1874
  • Married in Big Valley, Sept. 6, 1870, Samuel W. GRUWELL and Elizabeth M. BRITTON.   Russian River Flag, September 15, 1870
  • Married - At Kelseyville Arthur J. GUNN and Miss Viola IRWIN last week.   Middletown Independent, November 22, 1895


  • Married - In Lakeport 18 Sept. 1894, Elijah HALE, age 22, and Miss Ada GRIGSBY, age 16, both of Mirabel.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - Lakeport, Feb. 27, 1876, J.W.C. HALE to Matilda COOK, all of Bartlett Springs.   Russian River Flag, March 9, 1876
  • Married - In Lakeport, February 27, by Rev. H. N. Compton, Mr. J. W. C. HALL to Miss Matilda COOK, all of Bartlett Springs.   Lake Democrat, March 4, 1876
  • Rufus HANSON was married to Miss Velma RANNELS at the bride's mother's home on Cache creek, on Tuesday last, Rev. Starr uniting the young couple. Both the young people are well known here and highly esteemed. Immediately after the ceremony the newly married couple left for San Francisco.-Bulletin   Lake County Bee, January 20, 1898
  • Near Lower Lake, July 9, 1875, Louis HARDY to Florina THOMPSON.    Russian River Flag, Aug. 12, 1875
  • Married - Near Lower Lake, Mrs. Robert HARDY to Miss Ella HERNDON, both of Lake County.  Lower Lake Bulletin, Mar. 20, 1880
  • Near Lower Lake, Apr. 14, 1875, J.A. HARRIS, Lake Co. to Lena C. POWELL, Marin Co.   Russian River Flag, Apr. 29, 1875
  • Married - At Mirabel Mine 28 Nov. 1895 James HARRIS and Miss Maude ESLICK.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Little High Valley near Lower Lake 5 Sept. 1877 Mr. Samuel HARRIS and Miss Hester E. COBB.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Harbin Springs 1 Jan 1879 Mr. L. J. HAUGSE and Miss Jannett NICHOLSON, both of Lake County.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Upper Lake, Jan. 23, 1876, H.H. HAYNES to M.A. DENNISON.    Russian River Flag, February 10, 1876
  • Upper Lake, Feb. 25, 1876, Samuel C. HELM to Lucy MARSHALL.    Russian River Flag, March 9, 1876

  • At Upper Lake, February 25, by D. V. Thompson, J. P., Mr. Samuel C. HELM to Miss Lucy MARSHAL, all of Upper Lake.    Lake Democrat, March 4, 1876
  • At Lakeport, Lake co., Oct. 12, 1874, H.C. HELMS to Sarah E. CHAMBERLAIN.    Russian River Flag, Oct. 22, 1874
  • HENDRICKS-BUTLER - In Lakeport, February 21, 1919, Ernest HENDRICKS of Scotts Valley and Miss Margaret BUTLER of Big Valley.    Sacramento Bee, February 25, 1919
  • Near Lower Lake, Feb. 14, 1876, N. HERNDON to Mrs. Mary BETTS.   Russian River Flag, March 16, 1876
  • Married - Mr. Ham HERRICK, a native of Lake County, to Miss Allie LEWIS of Sacramento.  Lower Lake Bulletin, Nov. 30, 1889
  • Married - At Mirabel 23 May 1897, Mr. W. George HILL, of Carter, Tuolumne Co., and Miss Bessie HARRIS.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Kelseyville 27 July 1897, Elmer HILLYER and Miss Daisy PINER.   Middletown Independent
  • Married - At the Mound Cottages in Lakeport 8 April 1882 J. Townsend HOFFMAN and Mrs. E. A. GORDON, both of Lake County.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Kelsey Mills 1 Dec. 1880 Mr. Joseph B. HOOK and Miss Emma J. BURTNETT.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Middletown 2 Aug. 1896, J. W. HOPPER to Miss Emma HANNA.  Middletown Independent
  • Married near St. Helena, Nov. 5, 1857, Henry B. HOUGHTON, Clear Lake, to Mrs. Leonora COOK.
  • Invitations are out for the marriage of Elmo F. HOWARD and Miss Mary STIPP, on the 27th. Miss Stipp is one of Lakeport's brightest and best girls, and one of the handsomest as well. Mr. Howard has been a resident of Lakeport about two years, being employed as assistant postmaster during most of that time. He's a good boy, and a mighty lucky one, as all who know Miss Stipp will readily admit.   Lake County Bee, June 13, 1906
  • Lakeport, June 4, 1875, J.V. HOWARD to Nancy BEASORE, Mendocino county.    Russian River Flag, June 17, 1875 issue
  • Married - In Napa City 20 April 1881 the Honorable Rodney J. HUDSON, Superior Judge of Lake County, and Miss Panthea Boone BOGGS, eldest daughter of Albert and Lucy Boggs of Napa.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Near Kelseyville, June 30, 1876, A.B. HUGHES to C.F. WALLER.
  • Married - In Long Valley 15 Dec. 1895, J. J. HUGHES, Jr., and Miss Ollie PARKER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parker.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Jericho Valley 22 Dec. 1878 Mr. Byrd A. HUNT and Miss Prudella SMITH.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • At Lakeport, June 21, 1874, Chas. H. HURD to Sarah J. SCUDAMORE.   Russian River Flag, July 2, 1874
  • Bachelor Valley, Lake co., June 20, 1876, G.J. HURD to Ella LOWNES of Mendocino Co.    Russian River Flag, July 6, 1876
  • At Healdsburg, by Rev. George Washington PADDOCK - J.W. HURRNE? of Clear Lake to Miss E. McKISLEY of Healdsburg.   The Sonoma County Democrat, Oct. 23, 1862


  • Married - At Middletown last week Miss Katie CRIGLER to Mr. A. INMAN.  Lower Lake Bulletin, Dec. 18, 1880
  • Married - At Lakeport last week, Mr. Frank IRISH and Mrs. Clara GRIFFITH.  Middletown Independent, Mar. 16, 1895


  • Miss Abbie L. PIERCE, the well known literary and dramatic reader, was married to Brother A. C. JACKSON of the Lakeport BEE.  Lower Lake Bulletin, April 30, 1880
  • Married - In St. Joseph's Church in Lower Lake 30 April 1889 A. J. JONAS to Miss E. ELLETT.  Lower Lake Bulletin


  • Married - In Long Valley 25 Jan 1881 Almus KENNEDY to Miss Bell WILSON of Solano County.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Lakeport 5 Sept. 1880 Romulus KENNEDY and Miss Belle M. HURLBURT.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Geo. W. KIBLINGER and Mrs. Elizabeth E. CRUMPACKER were married at Lakeport last Thursday. Both are residents of Upper Lake neighborhood and well and favorably known at Lakeport. Mr. Kiblinger is one of the principal stockholders of the Snow Mt. Stock Co. and the company's manager. They will reside at Upper Lake.  Lake County Bee, April 3, 1907


  • Married - In Middletown 25 Oct. 1896, W. A. LAMPLEY and Miss Cora CRANSON.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Woodland 8 Feb. 1890 at the home of the bride's uncle, Mr. Fowler, Mr. LAWSON and Miss COLLINS of Middletown.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Morgan Valley 4 April 1880 George S. LEE to Miss Carrie PALMER, eldest daughter of J. C. Palmer.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In San Francisco 31 Aug. 1879 Isider LEVINE to Minnie GETZ.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In San Francisco 6 July 1879 Morris LEVY and Miss Salina SCHWARTZ.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Middletown 19 Dec. 1895 George E. LEWIS and Miss Lucy EVANS, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ingle.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Ukiah 16 Sept. 1897 Richard LITTLE and Miss Lena CRUMP, youngest daughter of Judge R. W. Crump.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Woodland 29 Oct. 1869 Jonathan LOCKE to Mrs. Maria LAMBERT.    Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Potter Valley 1 July 1879 N. N. LOTT to Miss Chloe J. GARNER.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Lakeport, December 5th, 1893, Mr. John C. LUFT, to Miss Laura E. FRITTS. The young couple were united by Rev. W. M. Winters at an early hour and left the same day for Dixon, the home of the groom. The bride is a Lake county girl and has many friends here who wish her joy in her new home. Lake County Avalanche, December 7, 1893
  • Married - Near Middletown 15 April 1897, Mr. Caleb LUNDQUIST, age 20, and Miss Irma COTTRELL, age 18, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. S. Cottrell.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - Lakeport, Feb. 6, 1876, W.T. LYDIARD to Mrs. Catharine RAYBURN.    Russian River Flag, February 17, 1876
  • Married - Near Petaluma, June 10, 1874, at the residence of the bride's father, D.A. SACKETT; George A. LYON, Lake county to Mrs. Emma L. RANARD, Petaluma.   Russian River Flag, June 18, 1874


  • Married - At Lakeport 1 June 1897, F. A. MACONDRAY of San Francisco and Miss Mary COLLIER of Lakeport.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In San Francisco 8 Nov. 1894, Albert H. MAHAN to Caddie L. STODDARD.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Gualala 25 Dec. 1895 Daniel MAIN of Greenwood, Mendocino Co., and Miss Ella SHAW, daughter of I. V. Shaw of Middletown, at her sister's home, Mrs. William Heywood.  Middletown Independent
  • Mr. Arthur MARSHALL and Miss Sarah Maxwell were married in Lakeport 8 Sept. 1881 by Rev. Harris.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • J. Rodney MARTIN and Miss Dorothy BARNES were married yesterday afternoon and left by private conveyance, declining to make their destination known. Mr. Martin is a Lakeport boy and one of our successful farmers. Nor is Mrs. Martin a stranger, having once been a resident of Lakeport. She went east about a year ago and returned last Thursday.   Lake County Bee, June 13, 1906
  • At Big Valley, Lake co., Nov. 18, 1873, John T. MATHES to Mary E. CARSON. Russian River Flag, Nov. 27, 1873
  • Married -At Arroyo Grande 26 Dec. 1880 Mr. George W. McCABE of San Luis Obispo to Miss Cordelia STEEL of Arroyo Grande.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • A marriage license was issued by Cupid SHAW, Monday, for Stewart McCARMACK, of Lake county, to wed Miss Susie HALL, a resident of the county of Santa Clara.   The Free Lance,18 August, 1905
  • CRUMP - McCLURE - At the residence of Capt. R. W. Crump, April 8, 1886 by Rev. Henry Monta (?), Miss Carrie C. CRUMP, of Lakeport, and J. F. McCLURE of Greenfield, Missouri   (Unknown newspaper)
  • Married - Mr. McCARTY, son of Judge A. P. McCarty of Lakeport, and Miss Ida IRISH. They have gone to Texas to live.  Lower Lake Bulletin, April 1, 1882
  • Married - Mr. Alfred McCOY and Miss Emma H. HELM last Thursday.  Lower Lake Bulletin, Nov. 19, 1881, Upper Lake News Item
  • Married - In St. Helena 26 Oct. 1881 Mr. Johnson H. McFARLING of Lower Lake and Miss Bell A. BRUCE of Howell Mountain, Napa County.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Cloverdale, Oct. 3, 1875, by Rev. J.C. SIMMONS, in the M.E. Church South; F. McHARVEY, Lakeport, to Alice S. PORTERFIELD, Cloverdale.   Santa Rosa Times, Oct. 7, 1875
  • Married - At Lower Lake 24 Mar. 1895, W. R. McINTIRE and Miss Lydia REYNOLDS.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Jericho Valley, Lake County, 22 Dec. 1878 Mr. Perry McMILLAN, Perry and Miss Mary M. COFFMAN.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - Mr. Adolph MENDENHALL and Miss Lottie MERRIDETH, both of Batchelor Valley, last Sunday.  Lower Lake Bulletin, 24 Sept. 1881
  • Lakeport, July 5, 1875, John M. MIDDLETON to Mrs. Frances A. HOUX.   Russian River Flag, July 15, 1875
  • Married - In Grass Valley 1 Jan. 1870, William H. MONTGOMERY and Lavinia A. HODGE.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married near Cloverdale, Apr. 1, 1880, Ella WILSON to Jos. MOORE, Lakeport.  Russian River Flag, April 15, 1880
  • Married - In Grizzly Canyon, Lake County, 8 May 1880 Mr. S. MORINE and Miss Emily SCRANTON.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - 1 Dec. 1895 Ellis MORRELL of Morgan Valley and Miss Maude ELWOOD of Sulphur Bank.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Lakeport 27 Nov. 1880 Miss Mary E. DALY, daughter of P. M. Daly of Big Valley, to Mr. S. F. MORINE.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Mr. John W. MORRIS and Miss Ellen SIMPSON, both of Scotts Valley were united in marriage by Rev. W. H. Whelan on Wednesday the 9th at the home of Lafayette Hendricks, tendered for the occasion. Many presents testify to the high esteem in which both parties are held by their friends and neighbors. The couple will reside on Mr. Morris' fruit farm in the Valley. Our good wishes attend the happy couple.  Clear Lake Press, October 10, 1901
  • Married - Near Upper Lake Wesley MORRIS and Miss Kate HELM.  Lower Lake Bulletin, 7 Aug 1880
  • Married - At the residence of the bride's mother near Upper Lake, by D. V. Thompson, J. P., Wesley MORRIS to Miss Kate HELM.  Lake County Bee
  • Married - Near Lakeport 17 Sept. 1879 Lewis N. MULLINS to Miss Mary E. SPENCER of Lakeport.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Calistoga, August 6th, Mr. Fred MURDOCK to Miss Fannie ALLEN, both of Lower Lake.   Lake County Bee, August 16, 1877


  • Married - Miss Pricie BYNUM and Mr. Maurice NATHAN in Willows. She is the daughter of the late Sarshel Bynum, a County Clerk of Lake County for several years.  Lower Lake Bulletin, May 27, 1882
  • Married - In Middletown 18 Oct. 1892 J. I. NIELSON and Miss Emma ROBINETT.  Middletown Independent
  • At Lakeport, Oct. 13, 1874, Jos. Y. NEWMAN to Elizabeth KESTERSON.   Russian River Flag, Oct. 22, 1874
  • At Healdsburg, Nov. 5, 1873, H.A. NOBLE of Healdsburg to Mrs. Elizabeth QUISCENBERRY of Lake county.  Russian River Flag, Nov. 6, 1873
  • In Lower Lake 10 Jan 1871 A. E. NOEL to Miss Lavina YATES.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Mr. Frank NORTON and Mrs. Grace (Tallman) TAYLOR were married at the home of the bride on the evening of the 14th. Rev. McWhorter of Lakeport performed the ceremony. Miss Lida Robinson acted as bridesmaid and Fred Tallman, brother of the bride, as groomsman. The bride looked charming in a suit of blue serge trimmed with white silk and lace. After the ceremony and congratulations the guests were invited to the dining room where the wedding dinner was served. Because of the serious illness of the groom's father who resides at Napa, the wedding was a very quiet affair. Mr. and Mrs. Norton have many friends here who wish them a long, happy and prosperous wedded life.  Middletown Independent, Oct 24, 1896

    Contributed by Pat Bird

  • NORTON - PINER Wedding
    November 5, 1893

    Last Saturday, at the residence of C. A. Piner at Kelseyville, Mr. Frank J. NORTON, of Yolo County, and Miss Rosa PINER, one of the most popular of the young ladies of Lake County, were united in the bonds of matrimony. About 60 friends and relatives witnessed the ceremony, performed by Rev. Bruton, and partook of a splendid dinner. The bride was dressed in cream India silk, and looked more than usually charming, and every young man present envied the groom in his good fortune; more especially, as her beauty, though not often equaled, is the least of her charms. The ceremony took place at 11 o'clock, then followed congratulations and then the dinner. The afternoon was spent in social conversation and at 3 o'clock the newly wedded couple took their departure for Lower Lake, en route to their home in Yolo County. This ended the pleasures of the day, for it was a sad parting. Mr. and Mrs. Piner, especially, were nearly heart-broken, for this was their last and youngest child. Nor were they alone in their sorrow; when a turn in the road hid the departing carriage from view, few dry eyes were to be found. The AVALANCHE congratulates Mr. Norton, who, while robbing Lake County of one of its fairest daughters, has won a wife worthy of any man on earth. God bless them both.
    Lake County Avalanche, 09 November 1893

    Contributed by Mike & Lois Jordan

  • Married - At Santa Rosa 24 Nov. 1895 Elmer E. NOYES and Miss Kittie MARSH.  Middletown Independent


  • Married - At Lower Lake, Lake County Jan. 14th, Hiram O'BRIEN to P. Emma AKINS.  Weekly Examiner, San Francisco, Feb. 17, 1866


  • Married at San Francisco, Dec. 29, 1861, Elias B. PALMER, of Big Valley, and Mary C. MEEKER, of Melburn, N.J.   Sonoma Democrat, January 9, 1862
  • Lakeport Girl Married in Los Angeles
    Miss Jess DODGE left on the Calistoga stage Thursday morning for Los Angeles, where upon her arrival she expected to become the bride of Solomon PARKER of that city. Miss Dodge intended to remain over a day, in Richmond, with her brother, Dwight Dodge, on her way down to Los Angeles. She is the youngest daughter of A. H. Dodge and came to Lakeport about seven years ago when the family moved from Alameda county to Lakeport. For three years she was stewardess of the Lake county hospital resigning that position last summer when the work became too much for her. She is a member of the local chapter, O. E. S., and an active worker in that order. She has many warm friends here who will wish her unbounded happiness in her new relation and who will miss her cheery presence. Mr. Parker is an old friend of the Dodge family and recently made them a visit of several weeks’ duration. The many friends of his bride congratulate him on his happy choice of a wife and wish for him a long and happy life.    Lake County Bee, December 23, 1920

    Contributed by Judy Dubauskas

  • At the residence of the bride's father, in Berryessa Valley, February 17, by Rev. Thos. Johnston, Daniel PATTEN of the Phoenix Mine, and Miss Mollie F. LAWLEY of Berryessa.    Lake Democrat, March 4, 1876
  • Near Lower Lake 15 Mar 1871 Mr. T. B. PENNY to Miss Laura ASBILL.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Upper Lake 2 Dec. 1895 Ben PERRINGTON and Miss Laura WRAY.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In San Francisco 31 July 1870 Henry PFAFF to Anna TUSCHINSKI  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married in Healdsburg, M.E. Church (South), Dec. 9, 1890, John B. PHARISS and Ada M. LYON, both of Lake county.    Sonoma County Tribune, December 11, 1890
  • Married - In Geneva, Minnesota, Dec. 26th, 1879, R. W. PIERCE, to Miss Emma R. HOLMES, late of Lakeport, Lake County, California.  Lake Democrat, January 17, 1880
  • Married - At Middletown 3 Nov. 1895 C. S. PINER to Miss Inez SMYTHE.  Middletown Independent
  • In Kelseyville on Wednesday evening, Wm. A. PINER and Miss Allie Rozella TRAILOR were married at the Christian church by Rev. R. L. McHatton. The church was crowded to overflowing by friends and acquaintances of the happy couple, many coming from a distance to witness the ceremony.  Middletown Independent, April 7, 1894   Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Kelseyville 29 Mar. 1894 William A. PINER and Miss Allie Rozella TRAILOR.  Middletown Independent
  • Wm. A. Piner And Mrs. F. Brown Are Wedded In Carson
    Word was received here last evening confirming the rumor of the marriage of Wm. A. PINER to Frances BROWN, recently of Hoberg's resort. The couple were married in Carson City on October 1, according to a communication received by Mrs. Piner's son, Carroll Spielman, of Lakeport.
    The couple plan to return to Lakeport within a few days after a honeymoon trip, the destination of which was not divulged in the letter.
    Will Piner is a well known Lakeport merchant, having conducted the Auto Top hop for a number of years. Both he and his bride have numerous friends throughout the county who will wish them much happiness.
    According to member of the family, Mr. and Mrs. Piner planned to keep their marriage somewhat of a secret as to when and where the ceremony was to be performed and from all reports, they were successful. Lake County Bee, October 8, 1936

    Contributed by Betty Helf, RAGOK Volunteer

  • Married - 10 Sept. 1879 A. N. POE to Mrs. S. E. THOMPSON, both of Lake Co.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Lakeport, D. R. POLAND of Prescott, Arizona, and Miss M. BRITTON of Bartlett Springs.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Leroy Hawkins Polk wed Ruth Hazel Cleveland June 10, 1913
    MISS RUTH CLEVELAND AND ROY H. POLK WED Miss Ruth Hazel CLEVELAND of Upper Lake and Roy Hawkins POLK of Oakland were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bona Cleveland at Upper Lake at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning by Rev. George F. Haerle of the Lakeport Presbyterian Church. The wedding is the result of a courtship of several years duration. For several years she has been a teacher in the Lake County schools. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Polk, and is a young man of many fine traits of character. Both are widely known throughout this end of the county and are now receiving the congratulations of their many friends. Mr Polk is in the employ of an Oakland garage, and the couple will make their home in the bay city.
      Lake County Bee, June 12, 1913

    Contributed by Pat Bird

  • Percy Clark Polk wed Grace Inez Taylor Nov 1937
    Mr. and Mrs. Percy Polk returned to their new home here on Thursday from Reno, Nevada, where they had been married the fore part of the week. Mrs. Polk, the former Miss Inez Taylor, wore a lovely suit of grey wool with navy blue accessories. Grey caracul trimmed her suit. She has made her home in Upper Lake with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Tallman and is a graduate of the local schools and of Humboldt teachers college. For the past few years she has been teaching at Newman, in the San Joaquin valley. Mr. Polk is the eldest son of Mrs. Zeno Jones and is employed by the Upper Lake Meat Company. They have the best wishes of their many friends here. Many relatives and friends of the couple called at the Lucerne club house Friday evening to wish them happiness. Mr. and Mrs. Polk entertained for their friends with an evening of dancing. Refreshments were served.
    Lake County Bee, Nov 18, 1937

    Contributed by Pat Bird

  • Percy Wilkins Polk wed Lulu T. Clark April 18, 1905
    A marriage license was issued yesterday by County Clerk Hadsall to Percy Wilkins POLK of Upper Lake and Lulu CLARK of Blacks.  Clear Lake Press, April 22, 1905

    Contributed by Pat Bird

    A marriage license was issued yesterday to Robert C. POLK and Miss Gertrude M. CLARK, both of Upper Lake. They will be married this afternoon.  Lake County Bee, Oct 1, 1908

    Contributed by Pat Bird

    Word was received by relatives here of the marriage last week of Robert POLK, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Polk of Upper Lake, to miss Elysee CRATON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maize of Lodi. The young couple are well known here, both having attended local schools, and they have the best wishes of their many friends, who wish for them happiness and success in the future.
    Lake County Bee, Dec 20, 1934
    (Robert Ashley Polk wed Eliece Anona Creighton Nov 23, 1934)

    Contributed by Pat Bird

  • Lakeport, April 23, 1876, John O. POOLE to Sarah F. TUCKER.  Russian River Flag, May 4, 1876
  • County Clerk Sayre was sweetly dreaming of experts and grand juries between 1 and 2 o'clock Wednesday night when he was rudely awakened by a loud knocking on the front door of his residence. Hurriedly dressing himself and opening the door he was confronted by two anxious young people and a sheet of foolscap paper. Investigation proved the paper to be a marriage contract between James H. PRICE, aged 24, and Susie A. PINER, aged 16, all of Kelseyville, Lake County, California. The ever-affable and gallant County Clerk quickly complied with their wishes by taking their acknowledgements to the document and they disappeared in the stilly night, after depositing the usual fee. An irate parent appeared upon the scene soon after sunrise Wednesday morning, but the contractors were not to be found.
    Lake Democrat, December 23, 1887

    Contributed by Betty Helf, RAGOK Volunteer

  • Big Valley, Feb. 4, 1876, A.J. PRITCHER, Stanislaus co. to Dora RAINS, Lake co.   Russian River Flag, February 17, 1876


  • Married - At Lower Lake 3 Feb. 1895, William F. QUARRELS and Miss Laura HINTON  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Middletown 9 Oct. 1895 H. T. QUIGLEY to Mrs. Margaret JACKSON/  Middletown Independent


  • In Big Valley, Lake county, Oct. 31st, Joseph I. READ to Margaret C. DAVIS.   Daily Bee, November 15, 1861
  • Married - At Lakeport, May 26, Donald READE, a resident of Lakeport and Miss Eleanor RUFF, resident of Oakland.  Lake County Bee, May 31, 1923
  • In Sacramento county, May 10th, at the residence of C. Munger, by Rev. Mr. Williams, R.J. REAMS, of Lake county, to Mrs. Ruth WELTY, of Yolo county.   Daily Bee, May 12, 1863
  • Married - REED, Joseph and MOAK, Rose on 16 January 1900 at Lakeview Hotel.  Clear Lake Press, January 18, 1900
  • Married - At Middletown 11 May 1897, William A. REES and Miss Ida M. ASHLEY.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - J. M. REEVES to Miss INGRAM, daughter of Jonas Ingram, at Lakeport.  Lower Lake Bulletin, Mar. 5, 1881
  • Married - In Big Valley, Oct. 24, 1869, James H. RENFRO and Jane PINER.   Russian River Flag, November 4, 1869
  • Married - Near Guenoc Mr. W. A. REPITON and Miss Laura BROWN.  Lower Lake Bulletin, Oct. 2, 1880
  • Married - In Yuma, Arizona, Dec. 10, Bob REYNOLDS of Brawley, and Miss Hazel HUFFORD, pitt River, Oregon.  Lake County Bee, December 16, 1937
  • Married - In Oakland, Jan. 11, 1894 by T.H.B. ANDERSON, D.D.; Wm. D. RICKABAUGH of Lake county to Miss Alice YATES, formerly of Santa Rosa.   The Sonoma Democrat, January 20, 1894
  • Married - At Kelseyville 20 Oct. 1895 Winslow L. RIDEOUT to Mrs. Willie L. WILLIAMS at the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Piner.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Big Valley 19 Dec. 1878 Mr. Henry H. RIPPEY and Miss Mary D. STURDIVANT  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Big Valley, Sept. 13, 1876, John W. ROBBE to Annie M. ATKINSON.    Russian River Flag, Sept. 21, 1876
  • Married - In San Francisco 24 Nov. 1894, Rev. Frank E. ROBINSON to Mrs. CARVER of St. Helena.  Middletown Independent
  • At Lakeport, Oct. 1, 1871, William ROSE to Lotta SCUDAMORE.   Russian River Flag, October 5, 1871
  • A.F. ROSKELLEY, of this city, who came here recently from Salt Lake City, was married Saturday in Hopland to Miss Naomi STUART of Upper Lake. ROSKELLEY is employed with a local taxi company.   Healdsburg Tribune, January 2, 1929
  • Married in Lakeport, July 3, 1870, Deacon Guy ROSS and Mrs. Jane MOORE.   Russian River Flag, July 14, 1870
  • Married - 5 Feb. 1893 Frank RUSSELL, son of S. S. Russell, and Miss Emma STANLEY of Lower Lake.  Middletown Independent


  • At Middletown, Lake co., Sept. 18, 1874, Charles SACRY to Cady E. RANTZ.  Russian River Flag, Oct. 8, 1874
  • Lakeport, Apr. 1, 1876, Z.C. SAFFELL to Abbey M. COOPER.   Santa Rosa Times, April 20, 1876
  • Married - In Lakeport 31 Oct. 1880 Mr. J. P. Columbus SAVATEER and Miss Eva Arthusa HOWARD.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - Near Middletown 10 May 1894 Mr. Fred SAWTELLE and Miss Ray GOOD.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Santa Rosa, the Lake County District Attorney, M. S. SAYRE, to Mrs. A. E. STRAUT on 29 Oct. 1895.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At High Valley 30 Aug 1877 John SCHINDLER to Regina WISE of San Francisco.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Napa 15 Mar. 1892, L. W. SCHNELLE of Middletown to Miss Mary MARTIN of Sacramento.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Middletown 4 June 1895, John SCHWARTZ, age 66y, to Mrs. Ellen WASSON, age 56y, at residence of bride's brother, J. A. Ingle.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In San Francisco 19 Jan 1897, L. B. SCRANTON of Los Angeles and Miss Eloise BOONE of Lakeport. They will live in Los Angeles.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Lower Lake 4 Mar. 1889 D. B. K. SELLERS of San Francisco and Miss Frisbie WALLS of Lower Lake.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Lower Lake 5 May 1871 Charles W. SHANG and Annie LLOYD.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - 24 Aug. 1879 near Highland Springs S. D. SHARTZER to Miss Mary LEE, both of Lake County.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Lakeport, Apr. 10, 1875, M. SHEPPARD to Mrs. L. MEREDITH. (Michael & Lucy)    Russian River Flag, Apr. 22, 1875
  • Married - Dwight SHERWOOD and Mary M. MORRISON, daughter of S. Morrison, 25 July 1880.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. S. Morrison, by the Rev. J. L. Woods, July 25th, Dwight SHERWOOD and Miss Mary M. MORRISON.  Lake County Bee
  • Cobb Valley, Oct. 28, 1875, S.E. SHORE to Lillie A. MILLS.  Russian River Flag, Nov. 4, 1875
  • Married - 25 Dec. 1889 Grant SHREVE to Miss L. C. MUNZ.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - Mr. Thomas A. SHREVE and Miss Laura E. WILSON 23 April 1882.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - Near Sulphur Bank Charles C. SIMPSON of Knoxville, Napa County, to Anna E. GENTRY.  Lower Lake Bulletin, 18 Oct. 1879
  • Married - At Lakeport 19 Jan. 1896 Jacob I. SIMS and Mrs. Eliza BAKER, both of Lower Lake.
  • Married - In Middletown 12 Jan 1881 Miss Octavia L. SNOW and George L. SLEDGES.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • At Upper Lake, Lake co., July 30, 1874, Thos. B. SLEEPER to Caroline E. SLEEPER.  Russian River Flag, Aug. 13, 1874


  • After a double wedding both couples returned to Upper Lake. Miss Lake is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Lake of Upper Lake. The groom is the son of J. M. Sleeper, a pioneer resident of Upper Lake. Miss Spencer is the daughter of Mrs. Rose McCullough of Middlecreek, and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Steckter of Upper Lake. All four young people were raised in this part of the county. The girls are both attending U. L. U. H. school and the boys are partners in the new meat market of Sleeper & Steckter. The young people of the community gave them a rousing charivari Monday night after which all came down to I. O. O. F. hall and danced until 12 o.clock. But neither Mrs. Sleeper nor Mrs. Steckter was late for school Tuesday morning.   Lake County Bee, 11 November 1920

    Contributed by Rose Davidson

  • Lakeport, Dec. 3, 1874, Chas. SLOTTERBEK to Mrs. Pauline SLOTTER (Slotterbeck).    Russian River Flag, Dec. 17, 1874
  • Near Middletown, May 7, 1876, H. SMITH to Mary OWENS, both of Harbin Springs, Lake co.   Russian River Flag, May 18, 1876
  • Married at Lakeport, June 15, 1871, James SMITH and Emma FRANKLIN.   Russian River Flag, June 22, 1871
  • LeGrand S. SMITH and Miss Julia GLINES were married at Mr. Rance's place in Scotts Valley last Sunday.  Lower Lake Bulletin, 17 Sept 1881
  • In Lakeport 30 Nov. 1870 Thomas H. SMITH to Annie Suts.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Lakeport the "first of the week", Frank SMYTHE, Jr. and Miss Fannie SNOW.  Middletown Independent, December 12, 1896
  • Mr. SNEED, of Napa County, and Miss Lute CARSON.  Lower Lake Bulletin, July 3, 1880
  • Married - Lower Lake, March 21, 1875, G.H. SNOW to Mrs. A.E. VEATCH.    Santa Rosa Times & Russian River Flag, Apr. 1, 1875
  • 6 Sept. 1869 M. M. SNOW to Miss Annette MATHEWS in Lower Lake.   Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - At Middletown 23 Nov. 1896, Joshua SPIERS and Miss Lizzie HANNA, daughter of Mrs. Mary Hanna.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Middletown 15 Aug. 1893 Frank SPIKEN of Middletown to Mrs. Bettie CHILDRESS of Lower Lake.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - At Santa Rosa 29 June 1897, Fred J. STABLE and Miss Amy Louise CAMERON, fomerly of Middletown.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - Residence of Mr. BROWN, near American Mine, July 18, 1875, by Rev. H.G. TALLMAN; Henry STOCKFORD to Lorinda STARK, both of Lake county.  Santa Rosa Times, Aug. 5, 1875
  • In Lakeport 25 25 Jan. 1871 J. M. STRODE to Mrs. Sarah E. COPSEY.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In San Francisco this week, E. W. SCHWARTZ and Miss Nellie FITZSIMMONS, both of Lake County.  Middletown Independent, June 26, 1897


  • At Lakeport, Sept. 29, 1874, A.F. TATE to Mrs. Mary Jane BOIT.   Russian River Flag, Oct. 8, 1874
  • Benjamin TAYLOR and Lulu MANION were married at the home of the bride's mother, south of this city, on Wednesday, Sept. 18th, Rev. S.S. FISK officiating. Both are well known in this city and have many friends to wish them much happiness and prosperity. Mr./Mrs. TAYLOR departed for Lakeport where they expect to make their future home.    The Sonoma Democrat, September 21, 1889
  • Married - Near Freestone, Sonoma Co., 22 Jan. 1893 Alfred THOMAS to Miss Pearl L. WILLIAMSON.  Middletown Independent
  • THOMPSON - WILKINSON, at the Great Western Mine, Lake County, California, January 20, 1884, E.M. THOMPSON of Eight Mile House, Washow County, Nevada to Miss Sadie WILKINSON of Lake County, California.   Weekly Nevada Gazette, Reno, January 24 1884
  • Married -- THOMPSON-WILLIAMS -- in Salinas City, Friday, May 13, by C.F. LACEY, J.P.; Elsworth THOMPSON, of San Francisco, and Kate WILLIAMS, of Middleton, Lake Co., Cal.   The Salinas Weekly Index, 19 May, 1887
  • Lakeport, Nov. 29, 1875, George THORTON to Mrs. Elmira COOK.    Russian River Flag, December 9, 1875
  • At Mrs. Bray's, in Lakeport, Sunday, October 9, 1886 by the Rev. J. B. Rideout, Mr. Alden A. TINKER and Miss Christine McLEAN, of Upper Lake.    Lake Democrat, October 15, 1886
  • Married - At Auburn 5 Oct. 1895 Miss Florence E. REED to J. H. TOLER Miss Reed, daughter of Hon. C. F. Reed, formerly of Cobb Mountain in Lake County.  Middletown Independent
  • 6 Sept. 1869 at Coyote, Jerry TRAVERS to Miss Caroline ROBINSON, both of Lake County.    Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Glenbrook 28 Feb. 1893 Orvis W. R. TREDWAY of Lodi, Calif. and Miss Sadie E. B. COOK of Glenbrook.  Middletown Independent
  • Last Thursday Mr. Charles TULLEY and Miss FINE were married.  Lower Lake Bulletin, April 1, 1882
  • Thomas Jefferson TURNER and Miss Emma Adell SHATTUCK were united in marriage at the Bachelor Valley home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Shattuck. The young people will live in Bachelor Vallery
    The bride is a charming young woman and her husband is looked upon as fortunate by many young men of the vicinity. The groom is a man of many fine traits of character. He is head of the firm of Turner and McCaslin, which conducts the Bachelor Valley store.  (Back in 1913 column; Lake County Bee?, November 27, 1953)


  • Upper Lake, Dec. 26, 1875, Robert ULLERY to Lillian ALLEN.    Russian River Flag, January 6, 1876


  • At New San Diego 19 Dec. 1869, Abraham J. VANMATRAE and Miss Elizabeth MOONEY.   Lower Lake Bulletin


  • Lakeport, June 10, 1876, Burrel WAGNON to Katie E. DOLAN.   Russian River Flag, June 29, 1876
  • At Pleasant Grove, Sept. 6, 1874, A. WAINSCOTT to Lydia Ann MOORE, both of Lake co.    Russian River Flag, Sept. 17, 1874
  • Married in Ukiah, Feb. 27, 1889, Wm. Wallace WALDO and Lydia HENDRICKS, both of Lakeport.    The Sonoma Democrat, March 9, 1889
  • Married - At Westport, Mendocino Co., 28 July 1895, Albert D. WALKER and Rachel Agnes ORMSBY, daughter of Mrs. L. A. Davis, formerly of Middletown.  Middletown Independent
  • Lakeport, June 15, 1873, Rev. Louis WALLACE to Susan McCALL.    Russian River Flag, June 26, 1873
  • Napa City, Aug. 4, 1875, W. WARREN, Calistoga to Lizzie CHAPMAN, Harbin Springs.
  • Married near Middletown, Lake co., July 9, 1876, William C. WARREN to Mrs. Flora E. WING. Russian River Flag, July 27, 1876
  • Married - In Lakeport 25 Dec. 1878 S. A. WAYNE and Mrs. E. A. McMINN.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Married - In Lower Lake 1 Dec. 1894, Thomas WAYNE and Miss Bertie CUNNINGHAM.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Tulare, Califl, 16 Mar. 1893 Miss Mabel DAY to John WEDLER. They will reside in Riverside.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - In Lakeport, at Greene's Hotel August 13th, by Rev. C. Wallace, Mr. Charles O. WELLER to Miss Clemantine BEARDON, both of Mendocino county.  Lake County Bee, August 16, 1877
  • Married - Z. WELTY and Miss Martha J. BIGGS, daughter of E. C. Biggs of Lakeport.  Lower Lake Bulletin, 01 Oct. 1881
  • WHITE - GREENE, in Lakeport, Dec. 8, 1874 by E.M. PAUL, County Judge - G.H. WHITE and Miss Alice G. GREEN(E).   The Sonoma Democrat, January 12, 1875 & Russian River Flag, Jan. 7, 1875
  • Married - At Middletown, August 7th, Mr. W. H. WHITTON to Miss Francis TURNER, both of Middletown.  Lake County Bee, August 16, 1877
  • Married - At Kelseyville 30 June 1895, S. P. WILKINSON and Miss M. S. SHIRLEY.  Middletown Independent
  • Married - Kelseyville, March 5, 1876, David WILLIAMS to Mary E. PINER.   Russian River Flag, March 16, 1876
  • Miss Ethel PINER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Piner, formerly of Kelseyville, was married last week to Frank WILSON of Santa Rosa. The Piners are now located in Winters.  Lake County Bee, September 18, 1907
  • Married - In Upper Lake 1 Jan. 1896 Mr. E. H. WITHERSPOON and Miss Maude SLEEPER.  Middletown Independent
  • At the residence of Wm. C. ABLES, Big Valley, on Sunday, 24th inst., by Rev. J. SPECK - Mr. Wm. B. WOOD, formerly of New York, to Miss Jane E. ABLES, formerly of Iowa.   The Sonoma County Journal, Aug. 29, 1856


  • Married - In San Francisco 14 Aug. 1879 Enoch YATES to Mrs. Mary E. EAKLE, both of Lake County.  Lower Lake Bulletin
  • Lakeport, Apr. 2, 1875, Jas. F.M. YONGE to Frances Helena BRITTAIN.   Russian River Flag, Apr. 15, 1875
  • McKINLEY, Eva of Middletown, married Frank YOUNG of Fresno, CA 8 Dec 1895 at her parents.   Middletown Independent 12/14/1895 and Clear Lake Press 12/20/1895

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