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August 22, 2015
Reed Barnes

I am looking for any family history, newspaper articles etc. for Thomas and Lydia Barnes, They lived in Lakeport 1860's through 1900's They were my great great grandparents.
I have not had much luck learning about their lives or history.
Thank you Reed Barnes Lebec,Ca

March 11, 2015
Jamie Helquist

My family...1920 Census California Lake County:
Rosa Ferrenz & Andrew Bentz -birth about 1875 (children - Rosa and Katherine) - boarder in their home was Paul Scheuer.

1930 Census California Lake County:
Paul Scheuer & Rosa Scheuer (children - Rosa Bentz, Katherine Bentz, and Leopold P. Scheuer - half brother)

I am looking for Katherine. Birth about 1914. She is my father's mother. He never knew her. I do have his birth certificate with her name on it. I am looking for any record for her. Or her family members. I have info for Paul and Rosa. I am looking for more on Andrew. I'm hoping someone will see my post who knew Katherine.

A sincere thank you.

January 18, 2013
Shemeka W

I am looking for a curry connection. Jason, Christmas, Jenny Lynn are some connection. Also, Cynthia Roseann Curry.

February 03, 2012
W. Patrick Vick

I am researching family members belonging to the "Vick" surname for Lower Lake, ca. My grandmother was Jesse H Vick born in 1909, I am trying to find out all that I can about Jesse, especially the name of my grandfather, marriage records etc.
Below is my Lineage:
Jesse H. - Grandmother Born 1909; died 1987 she had two sons William A. Vick & George F. Vick both deceased. William was my father.
Thank you,

September 25, 2011
Alton Christie

I am searching for information and/or a burial location for Merle M. (Reid) Pearce that died in Lake County, California. She was the daughter of Eleanor Milburn and Unk Reid. Census records show she married an Unknown Klinn, John C. Matlack b. abt 1899 in Michigan, and a Pearce as evidenced on her death record in Lake County, California. If you have any info contact me @ Thanks, Alton P. Christie in Lake City, FL

September 02, 2011
Laurie Kirby AKA Laurie Keller

I'm looking for any information on the TRYON family who left Pike County, Illinois some time after the 1860 census and settled in Lake County. My particular interest is in the TRYON ancestors from New York and Ohio. I'm happy to share what I have in return for whatever you may have.

March 31, 2011
Susan Olson

Info on Peter Anderson Sears (ggrandfather) b Kentucky 1822
m: Mary Francis Kirby
d: Lake County, CA
Parents of Peter: Mary Hendricks, David Sears
Information to Thank you!

January 11, 2011
Cindy Williams

I am looking for the names of the parents of Alphean Ann or Alpha Ann McMillan. She was born in Lake County on 9 Jan 1862 and died in Wheatland, Yuba County on 10 Oct 1895. She was married to Jacob Hacker. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Please respond to
Thank you!

September 20, 2010
Margaret Walker

I am a relative of Baker and Wilmans families. Earliest Wilmans on my tree if Frederick Augustus Wilmans, born Germany 1773, buried Fairfield, Ill. His sons went to the Gold Rush in about 1848. Daughters decided to go too. One married a Baker, then Post: This is Helen Wilmans Post, co-founder, with Mary Baker Eddy, of the Christian Science movement. I have the family Bible.

June 7, 2010
Marty Restivo

I am looking for information on the family of Benjamin Burke born 1828 Tennessee. He was married to Mary J. Woolley in Franklin Co. Il.
Thanks, Marty Restivo

May 25, 2010
Judy Root

I would like to contact "Jo" who was looking for the descendants of William Woodward. Her post was May 22, 2001. I have tried to contact this person but have been unable to do so. Evidentally she has changed her email address. We are looking for the same family.

If anyone has any information on William and Susanna Woodward I would like to share notes. Their children were: Charles Wesley Woodward, Samuel Morrison Woodward, Theophilus Woodward, Melissa Woodward, Lycurgus Woodward, and Fidelia Woodward. My husband is a descendant of Lycurgus Woodward.


March 08, 2010
Arnim A. Nicolson

I am Arnim A. Nicolson. I am trying to find a death record for my Uncle William or (Bill) Lundquist married Aug.29,1935 in Southern California to Ellen Nicolson. He lived in Lake County in the late sixities untill his death some time in the last thirty years. There was a second marriage to a Dorthy or Dorthiea. who may or may not have passed on. She was still living and in her 90"s a few years ago. We lost touch.
my e-mail address is

December 14, 2009
Debbie Ogulin

I am looking for any history on the name Ogulin and Pluth for Lake County. My Great-Grandparents homesteaded here from Austria in the 1800's.
Thank You
Debbie Ogulin

October 20, 2009
Susan Olson

Peter Anderson Sears m Mary F Kirby <
Does anyone know Peter's parents? His daughter was Susan Jane Sears MO>CA
Direct replies to thank you!

September 20, 2009
Linda D. Taylor

I am searching for information on all my relatives that were early settlers in Lake County. Any and all information would be appreciated.
Sara Jane Sylar, RSV Quigley, William J. Butler, John Frederick Kirkpatrick and all relatives and descendents.

September 02, 2009
Kari Scott

Came across Aug 18, 1996 query from Alan Klein for surnames Scott, Pearson Christopher...The info he presented is a part of my husband's family tree..Is Alan still out there? He might want to pick up a recent book: Play of Colors The Legend of Opal Whiteley by Germaine A. Cross. This book has more info in it about the Scott's. Alan, how do you fit into the family? Let me know...Thank you...Kari Scott

August 23, 2009
Steve Held

I am looking for information about my father's relatives who lived in lake County in the 1920's & '30's

George & Mary Held were my father's aunt & uncle. Their children were Roselle, Alan & Dorothy. Roselle & Alan may have been born before the family moved to Lakeport, but Dorothy was born in Lake County in 1932.

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

July 4, 2009
Bonnie Koehler

Looking for any information on my mother’s family. Her name was Betty Jean Manchester, born February 8, 1926. She was married to a John Keith, and another man with the last name Graves. She married my father, Clyde Taylor, in 1959.

Her father was Mariner Goodwin Manchester, and her mother was Jessie May Marsh, and later Jessie May changed her name to Gay Wilson. Brothers were Lake Marion Manchester, and Mariner Goodwin Manchester Jr. Sister was Bonnie Jo and we think Bonnie’s husband’s name was Tom Ford.

Betty was born in Pullman Washington. They also lived in California. I believe Jessie May might have been born or lived in Lake County.

Any info is appreciated.

December 21, 2008
Tom Branch

I’m looking for information on my ancestors, including Angeletta Jane KELSAY, born in Kelseyville, 1877-1943, who married my great-grandfather, James Madison VASSAR, 1858-1924, 22 Feb 1898 in Delamar, Lincoln, Nevada. Her mother was Martha Angie Elmira GARD of Kelseyville. Her Father was William Fountain KELSAY.
I have no information on VASSAR, except oral history that he was born right after they got off the boat in San Francisco, and that both his parents were from Missouri. The San Francisco fire of 1908 destroyed his records, I think.
Was this KELSAY family related in any way to the Kelsey’s who founded Kelseyville? I have found that they were both from Ray, Missouri. I thought that was a jumping off point for ships out of New Orleans, but I see now that wagon trains, such as the Kelsey party, came from there.
Anything you can tell me will help.
Thanks, Tom Branch

December 15, 2008

Looking for any information on:
Sadie Phillips b. 3/8/1904 d. 3/22/1985
Harry Phillips b. 6/17/1926 d. 10/2/1988 of Lower Lake, Ca
Sadie was my Grandmother
thank you, Shirley

August 6, 2008
Michelle Reynolds

Looking for information on George Heuser, a resident of Middletown at one time. Need to locate where he is buried and if there are any next of kin. He was married to our good friend Dodie Duerkson's mother who is now deceased. There is a place for him to rest by her in a cemetery Oakland, California, but we are told he was buried in a cemetery in Lakeport in the section where Masons & Shiners are buried. He was 79 and died in 1981.

Best regards,

Michelle Reynolds

July 23, 2008
Walter Moore

Looking for a Felix Perry born 1878 in louisiana and moved to california and died on April 26,1972 in clearlake.need any information on him.

walter moore

July 10, 2008
Ralph Clouse

Vernon Elizabeth SHINN was b. ca. 1870 in Lakeport. On 3 Oct 1900 (place unknown), she mar. Edward L. KELLY. They had a family consisting of: Rosemary Vernon KELLY, Carol L. KELLY and Edward Leslie KELLY.

Looking for additional information on this SHINN or KELLY families.

Thank you,

Ralph Clouse, Sacramento

June 30, 2008
Katey Ellen Price

I am looking for information on a resort operated by Doc Callahan in the late 1930's. What was the location of the resort, and is it still in operation? In 1936 or 1937 there was a young woman named Norma Bates working at the resort where her sister Vera and husband Doc Callahan lived. Vera died in a boating accident on the lake. Any pictures or information about this resort, please contact me.

Thank you, Katey.

November 27, 2007
Adeline Brown

I am looking for any descendants of Bill Graves, Lydia Sleeper, Hensley Thompson, or Ed Anderson from Lake County. My family is researching our history and cannot find anything beyond Ed Anderson and Noona Mitchell. They are supposedly from Upper Lake, but we have been told Scotts Valley, Robinson, and Alturas. Bill Graves is supposed to be the son of William C. Graves of the Donner Party, but we do not know who the mother was.

Thank you, Adeline

November 17, 2007

Would like information on finding grave spot in cemetery.   Lower Lake Cementery on Lake St. Lower Lake, Ca.    I was there 11-12-07 but its so big and unable to walk around.   The grave we are looking for is George E. Redfield b. 12-02-1892 Neb. / d. 1-1-1953 Lake co. Ca. Vet, Flag 37

Any information would be helpful.

Thank You.   Cheryl

October 23, 2007
Dustin Helquist

I am searching for any information on my Grand-mother Katherine Bentz (parents Rosa and Andrew Bentz). Katherine's mother Rosa married Leopold P. Scheuer who was a boarder in their home. I obtained this information from the 1930 Lake County California census. Any information on the Andrew Bentz family would be helpful. I am Katherine's Grand-daughter(her son James is my father) although I never knew her.

Thank you, Jamie

September 08, 2007
Gary Dabbs

I am searching for any information on my Grandparents, George L. Nobel also known a Len Nobel. My Grandmother was Mildred also known a Millie. They owned Nobles Bar, Liquor store and Restaurant In Middletown California. My Grandfather died I believe in 1958 or so. My Grandmother died in 1970. Any Information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much. Gary Dabbs

March 17, 2007
Rachel Santos

I am looking for descendants from the Konocti native American tribe under William Hammock. Please respond ASAP as my kids don't know that part of their history. They are somehow related to the Whipples

Thank you Rachel Santos

July 28, 2006
Phil Andrews

Looking for the burial place and death dates, and/or more information for the following persons:

Father: Richardson Pearson White; Born 5 Jan 1822 in KY; Died: between 1910-1920 in Lake Co., CA
Married Malinda J. Gilliland on 17 Jan 1845 in TN
Mother: Malinda J. Gilliland; Born 18 Nov 1827 in Gibson Co., TN; Died: probably between 1910-1920 in Lake Co., CA

1) Gustavus H. White, born abt 1848 in TN, died before 1900, married Alice G. Greene on 8 Dec. 1874 in Lakeport, Lake, CA. Had a daughter Lela White who married James W. Beck. She had a daughter Merle Beck.
2) Emelia P. White, born abt 1851 in TN
3) Susan M. White, born abt 1855 in CA. She married Thomas J. Sneed abt 1876 in CA, and had a son Richard H. Sneed.
4) Melcenia T. White, born abt 1857 in CA
5) Alice A. White, born Oct 1859 in CA
6) Casander A. White, died bef 1880
7) Cheney Pearson White, born 12 Feb 1865/66 in CA, died 15 Dec 1949 in Contra Costa Co., CA. Married Elizabeth abt 1891 and had 2 sons Claude P. White and Floyd E. White
8) Olive Josephine White, born Oct 1868 in CA, married abt 1898 to Edward Owens. Had a daughter Wylette or Violet Owens.

Richardson Pearson White was a son of Joseph White and Patience Hughes, who were from VA and moved to KY in early 1800’s, then to Gibson Co., TN in 1820’s, and died there. Richardson and his brother John M. White were early CA pioneers, along with some of their nephews, the Flippins. They also had nephews who were Oregon pioneers. Richardson and Malinda White were in the Lake Co., CA census from 1870-1910. In 1860 they were in Alamo, Contra Costa Co., CA, and in 1850 were in Gibson Co., TN.


June 26, 2006
Jim Dewey

Caleb Pancoast Lownes

B: Dec. 9, 1803 - Philadelphia, PA
D: Sept. 3, 1891- Upper Lake, CA

Wife: Sophronia Applegate

Any & all info would be appreciated. Are there any living Lownes in the area?

Thank you kindly, Jim Dewey

June 18, 2006
Mary Kernebone


An obituary for Mrs. Eliza Haycock, widow of Rev. Charles W. Haycock, a pioneer Baptist minister in Lakeport, dated March 16, 1932 , mentions a REV HUTHNANCE who conducted her funeral service at the Baptist Church.  I am looking for my greatgrand uncles and aunts who migrated to USA and Canada in 1849 and wonder if Rev Huthnance could be a descendant of one of them. All Huthnances are one very extended family and a lot of family research is being carried out. So far no connection appears to have been made to this gentlamen.
With thanks, Mary Kernebone (Sydney)

May 14, 2006
Martha Grenzeback

I am looking for information on two brothers: Ebenezer Coe HOUSEWORTH (b. about 1851 in what is now West Virginia) and John Ramer HOUSEWORTH (b. about 1845, also W/VA), both of whom died in Lake Co.

They were in Colusa Co. by 1880, where Ebenezer was a druggist in Arbuckle for many years. They were still living together in Arbuckle in 1900, though both had married--Ebenezer to a woman named Millie and John to Sarah Minnie Inks West. I'm still patching all this together, but Sarah Minnie was in prison in Butte Co. in 1900 for forgery....

By 1910 Ebenezer was in Lake Co. with wife and two teenage foster-daughters, Melcina [?] and Evelina Thompson. He is still there in 1920 (Lakeport), but died 14 March 1920. John Houseworth, though still apparently in Arbuckle in 1910, died in Lake Co. on 17 Jan. 1915. Not sure what happened to the wives--I have undocumented info that Sarah Minnie died in 1929, but I don't know where.

Anyway, I would be very grateful for any help with these people!

February 10, 2006
Charles Dawkins

I am searching for descendents of Lennie Lou Fletcher Cole. She was born 11-13-1907 in OK and died 3-6-1988 in Lake Co., CA.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

January 12, 2006
Claire Kropp

Please email me regarding information about the Kugelman Family. I am a third generation decendant now living in Clearlake.
  • Albert Kugelman     1888-1983     born in Lower Lake
  • Kenneth Kugelman     1916-1999     born in Lower Lake

    I have extensive information about other family members.

    January 12, 2006
    Paul Barker

    Any info on the Barkerville Eastside School, and, the school at Hough Spring’s ‘Civilian Conservation Corps’ -- next to George Able’s home -- will be greatly appreciated. Several of Ephraim and Mary Barker's 18 children attended both schools -- 1934-1944.
    Jean Nelson taught at the Hough Springs School until it closed. And later on, the Eastside School was established next to Seaton G Barker’s home. Mr. Vale was the teacher.
    I was wondering if any pictures of this Lake County vicinity still exist and are available for public perusal. I spent thirteen years growing up in that mountainous area and witnessed the establishment of Barkerville.
    I remember playing on the iron pipe fence that encircled the King Cemetery, and the great flood that took Mrs. Saylor’s life. I remember the Turner family, Mae Whitney, and the ill-fated Saylor children.
    I am mentioning several names in hopes of jogging some old-timer’s memory. Seeking any-and-all information, please help if you can.
    Paul Barker - Oroville Ca.

    December 06, 2005
    Lyman deCamp

    I am trying to identify the descendents, if any, of Thaddeus Johnson who is said to have been the Superintendent of Schools in Lake County for many years. He was b. 3 Jul. 1896 and d. 5 Jul. 1976 in Kelseyville. He was a widower in 1930, but is believed to have remarried. I am seeking descendents, if there are any, to offer the ancestry of his mother's family line, which traces back to Morris County, NJ and the surname De Camp. If anyone can contribute the name of his second wife and whether they had any children, I would be sincerely appreciative.
    Lyman S. deCamp

    September 13, 2005
    Fred Dorris

    I am trying to locate descendants or relatives of Rexford Murray Kemp born April 14, 1950 in San Joaquin, CA -died March 17, 1975 in Napa. A copy of his obituary may have information. I believe he has a son, Rexford M. Kemp, who lives in Clearlake, CA but I have been unable to find an address or phone number. I have pictures and family items I would like to pass on to his son.
    Thanks for any help .

    September 11, 2005
    Colette Stewart

    I am looking for Frank B. Buckner.
    Born c. 1824-1826 Virginia
    Never married
    Mexican war 1846
    1862 received land patents from CA government
    In CA 1860 Yolo Co
    Civil War Vet, Confederate, Ky enlisted 1862
    1880, lived Sacramento, boarder in rooming house, farmer
    1900 census, age 76 lived Township 4, Lake, CA , boarder, capitalist
    1910 census, age 83, lived 4TWP, Lake, CA
    1920 census, not listed, probably died between 1910 and 1920

    I am looking for an obituary or any info on him.
    Thank you

    (Obituary is now on its way)

    September 10, 2005
    Wilda McReynolds

    I am looking for my ancestors, Anna Mahnke arrived in Ny, in 1891, on the steamer Scandia from Mecklenburg Germany. I believe she is the sister to Pauline F. Mahnke who was born in the U.S. and is my Grandmother. I am not sure of her birth date or her parents names. --Only that she had a sister named Anna and a Brother named George.

    Pauline married Charles Parge in Milwaukee Wisc 23rd of July 1899. And migrated to Canada. She died in Drumheller Alberta in 1945.
    That is all the information I have.

    Thank you so much .

    September 07, 2005
    Steve Francies

    Any info on the Reverend Orrin Z. Pyle of Kelseyville? Died in the 1890's. thanks

    August 31, 2005
    Linda Smith

    I am looking for any information for a John Caldwell Baker, born in Kentucky about 1816 and moved to California in the mid 1850's. He first resided with his wife in Suisan Township, however, is listed in the 1870 and 1880 Census in Lake County, Lower Lake. He was a physician who moved to California with his wife Helen Wilmans. They had several children. I have a feeling he died in Lower Lake and am trying to find out any history of him. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    July 28, 2005
    pam vanderhoof

    Looking for information about the family and death of David "Ferris" Green. He died September 1949 in Lake County. The Green family moved to Lower Lake from Texas in the late 1930's. Melville(father), Vera(mother), and children---Virginia, Melville Jr, David "Ferris", and Nanette. Nanette lived/boarded with Sallie Glasgow/Webster. Sallie's father, Nathaniel Glasgow, was a practicing dentist in the area during the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's.


    July 25, 2005
    Raymond Keith Steckter

    I am looking for any info on the Steckter Heritage, my e-mail address is, my name is Raymond Keith Steckter and my brother and I are all that are left. My Dad always said that we were 1/2 native american from that area and I would like to figure out where it comes from.

    June 01, 2005

    John Noble born 1837 in NY state. I am trying to figure out what city John was born and when. Also where and when he died. He was married for a time to Marie Burroughs and they had two children, George Noble b. 1865 in Michigan and Jennie Noble (Young) b. 1863 in NY. George and family lived in Middletown, CA (Lake County) beginning around 1900. Other states that they lived in are Kansas, Massechussetts, and Connecticut. If you have any info to share drop me a line.


    May 03, 2005
    Judy Rudolph

    Leanah J. (Riffe) Maxwell, was my husband, Robert A. Rudolph`s, GGG.Grandmother. She and Jesse W.Maxwell`s daughter, Sarah Frances (Maxwell) Marshall, was my husbands GG.Grandmother. She and Arthur Marshall's son, Aretus Marshall, was my husband's Grandfather. Samuel Campbell Helm, wife Lucy, was Arthur Marshall`s sister. Samuel Campbell Helm, was the son of Isiah and Margaret Jane Helm.
    Contact me at--, I have info: on Sarah Frances (Maxwell) Marshall and the rest of her family from there.

    April 18, 2005
    Rudy Joenk

    I would appreciate any information about my granduncle Lloyd C. LEWIS; born in Missouri 16 July 1883, mother's maiden name Miller, died in Lake County 22 June 1963.
    Rudy Joenk
    2227 Canyon Blvd. #462
    Boulder, Colorado 80302-5680, USA
    1-303-541-0060 (no fax)

    (an obituary has been sent to her)

    April 12, 2005
    Norman Davis

    I am looking for information on the following family that lived in Lake Co., California:

    James Alford BRASHER was born March 11, 1902 in Oklahoma, and died January 30, 1988 in Lake County, California. He married Hassie Malissa WRIGHT, daughter of ROBERT WRIGHT and MARY HANCOCK. She was born September 22, 1911 in Oklahoma, and died February 01, 1999 in Lakeport, Lake County, California. James & Hassie Brasher are buried in Upper Lake Cemetery.

    Children of James BRASHER and Hassie WRIGHT are:

    i. Mildred M. BRASHER, b. Abt. 1925, Oklahoma

    ii. Della M. BRASHER, b. Abt. 1928, Oklahoma

    iii. Kenneth L. BRASHER, b. Abt. 1930, Texas

    iv. Robert Eugene BRASHER, b. August 02, 1946, Arizona; d. October 10, 1995, Lake County, California

    v. Leslie BRASHER.

    Also, I am looking for information on (Mary) Mollie HANCOCK. She 1st married Robert Wright in Oklahoma. She was born February 14, 1891 in Mississippi. She died August 27, 1966, Lake Co., California. She is buried as Mollie Brassfield in the old section of the Upper Lake Cemetery. Looking for name of second husband.

    March 20, 2005
    Dan Durbin

    Looking for information on Donald HIGGINBOTHAM. SSDI shows him deceased 1981 in Clear Lake. California Death Index shows death date as 25 Oct. 1981. DOB is 27 July, 1917 in Oklahoma. Parents s/b Samuel Ebbon and Myrtle (AKEMAN) HIGGINBOTHAM. Would like to make contact with any surviving family members to share Higginbotham information. An obit would be very useful. Thanks for any help. Dan Durbin

    March 19, 2005
    Ron Woods

    Looking for any and all info on Ron Woods in clear lake in 1993, with pictures if any. thanks

    February 18, 2005
    Rebecca Sweezey

    I am looking for information re: William Frank Barnes who was married to Dorothea Maxine Barnes in 1956 in Indiana (state is questionable). They had a daughter in 1956 or 1957. Before William died of cancer, he and Maxine adopted out their second daughter who was born in 1963. Maxine’s mother was a housekeeper for a fraternity as I believe Maxine was also a housekeeper/maid. Maxine’s maiden name is Tice (I believe). If anyone has information on this family, so I can complete my family tree and share my information, I would greatly appreciate it.

    William, Maxine, and first daughter lived in the Lake County area in the late 1950’s and early 60’s (possibly longer).

    Sonja Mihalenko Coulter

    I am trying to put together my parents family trees. All lived in clearlake oaks, from the early 30's-present depending one which branch. the names are perdock, bruijn (brown), hill, barnes, and my married family of ogulin, pluth and mihalenko. If you can help me, email me at

    Any help is appreciated.

    January 18, 2005
    Stephen & Christy Straub

    I am searching for information on the John Lee Jackson family. The 1880 Census places him and his family in Lake Co.

    John Lee Jackson was born in London, KY, on 13 Sep 1835 and died on 12 Jul 1916.
    Eliza Brown (wife) b. 17 Oct 1846 in Junior Furnace, OH
    Nellie M. Jackson b. About 1864
    Hattie A. Jackson b. About 1866
    Wallie B. Jackson b. About 1866
    Harry L. Jackson b. About 1868
    John S. Jackson b. About 1870
    Mary L. Jackson b. About 1872
    Katheryn May Jackson b. 23 Oct 1876

    Our family line goes back through Katheryn May Jackson, but I am looking for information about John S. Jackson, also known as Stonewall Jackson (not the Civil War general!) and was suspected to be a gang member and subsequently hanged on July 4th, around 1890 or 1891. Is there a connection between this Jackson family and that of Gen. Stonewall Jackson of West Virginia?

    Please contact Christy Straub at if you have any info on this family. Thanks!

    December 20, 2004
    Mick Nicholson

    My great aunt, Winnifred Nicholson left some newspaper clippings of family events. One of them says:
    JOHNSON - Upper Lake, California on the 7th inst., Mary Emily, wife of A. W. Johnson and daughter of W.H. Renwick, Bewick Road, Gateshead.   It was dated June 7th 1896.  I believe A.W. stood for Alfred William and W.H. for William Henry. This would have been clipped from one of the local papers but I am not sure which one.

    Looking at your births list they seem to have had a male child born 14 July 1894. From the limited research I have done Alfred William Johnson seems to have previously married Mary Emily Renwick's older sister Eleanor Ward Renwick so there may be other relatives in the Upper Lake area.

    I am related to the Renwick family line and I would be interested to know if anyone else knows anything else about these people.

    Mick Nicholson, Knaresborough, England

    November 17, 2004
    Mike Hardester

    I am researching quicksilver (mercury) mines/miners in >both Lake and Napa Counties, and would like to connect to other researchers.

    August 29, 2004
    Byron Strawn

    Hello, I am looking for information on Marshall Strawn Dodd who was born May 5, 1889 in CA and died Jul 4, 1954 in Lake Co., CA according to the California death record.   I am trying to find the name of his wife and/or children. His mother was my great grandfather's sister. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Byron Strawn

    August 19, 2004
    Pat Graham


    August 10, 2004

    Looking for photos of Cobb Mountain resorts around 1950.

    July 18, 2004

    Peggy, the emails to you are bouncing. I have sent two, and they both came back.
    Lake Co. GenWeb

    July 18, 2004
    Peggy Contreras

    I would like to contribute some family data in the hopes that I might get people to contact me and so I can learn more about this family. Thank you.

    Descendants of Blanche
    Blanche was born 20 February 1898 in Kelseyville, Lake, CA, and died 12 September 1979 in Kelseyville Cemetery. Kelseyville, CA. She married Luther Rees. He was born 24 July 1890, and died 26 March 1971 in Kelseyville, Lake, CA.

    Notes for Blanche:
    Social Security Death Index-
    Name: Blanche Rees
    Last Residence: 95451 Kelseyville, Lake, California, United States of America
    Last Benefit: 95628 Fair Oaks, Sacramento, California, United States of America

    Notes for Luther Rees:
    Social Security Death Index
    Name: Luther Rees
    Last Residence: 95451 Kelseyville, Lake, California, United States of America


    Woodard, Fay E.   Block 83 L1;   Row 30;   Birth 1890;   Death 1977;    Inscription   Mother 1890-June 6, 1977 (Fay Woodard is the aunt of Priscilla Wright Rees (1872-1967) of Portland, Oregon according to Priscilla’s obituary.)

    Rees, Blanche    Block E 13;   Row 6;   Birth 1898;   Death 1979;    Inscription Mother 2/20/1898-9/12/1979

    Rees, Luther    Block E 13;   Row 6;    Birth 1890;   Death 1971;   Inscription July 24, 1890-Mar.26,1971

    Here are the names of Wrights in this cemetery
    Alma 1912-1990
    David 1960-1972
    Emma 1869-1941
    Jennie 1902-1982
    John 1907-1990
    Norma 1923-1997
    Otis 1900-1977
    Ruby 1917-1998
    Wesley 1905-1985

    June 22, 2004
    Peggy Contreras

    Seeking any family information on Fay Woodard b. 24 July 1890, possibly in OR. Died June 1977 Kelseyville, Lake, CA. This data is from the SSDI and an obituary of my family member, Priscilla Rees Wright of Portland, OR.

    June 10, 2004
    Debian Marty

    Lee/Snow/Vann Families - Would like to exchange information with others researching the Samuel Winters Lee/Francis Lucinda Snow family. Sons George S & Luther M., both born in CA. Sam's sister Hannah married Jesse Smith Vann and had 13 children. Sam & Hannah are my ggg-grandmothers' first cousins. Our branch of the family came to Sacramento, CA in 1929.
    Thank you,
    Debian Marty

    June 07, 2004
    Bobbi Jo Tryon

    Hello- I am looking for information regarding the migration of Benjamin and Nancy Kelsay to California w/ the Bidwell Barthelson Party as well as any other info you may have on the Kelsay family and or The Tryon family. Thank You!

    Deborah Sturgill
    SURNAMES; CHAPMAN May 30, 2004

    My grandmother (Helene Maurine Lindley-maiden name) was married to a Lee R. Chapman in the 1930-1940's. They lived together at 3524 Foothill Blvd, Oakland, CA on January 26, 1943. I have been told that Lee Chapman committed suicide and I have found a Lee R Chapman that died 30 July 1964 in Lake County, CA. I do not know if this is the same Lee Chapman, but it is all I have. My grandmother was married twice prior to Lee R. Chapman and the surnames are Bronnes and Miller. I am in hopes that someone can tell me where to search further.

    Thank you.

    March 09, 2004
    Linda Ahern

    I am looking to connect with anyone researching the CURRY name. Winifred/Winfred Curry, Marian Curry are the only two I can recall. Curry furniture store in Lakeport was owned by the Curry family.

    contact address: or

    March 3, 2004
    Sandrine BILLAC

    I am a french girl so excuse me for my bad english.

    I looking for information about my gran'aunt, Aline Marguerite DURIEUX, who died in san Jose in 1980. On the individual records, I can see that the death benefit localities were : Anderson springs, Middletown Rancheria, Seigler springs and whispering pines, so I search on the web and I find your site, and write you an email to perhaps help me in my search.

    So, I know by the funeral, there is not obituary. But, they give me the name of the person who made final arrangement : Mr Phillip F GREEN, P.O Box 1129, Middletown CA, but I don't know if the address is current or not since 1980...

    Who is this person ?, her son, a friend?, it is mystery...and I am in France so it is not easy. Could anyone help me in searching for this person or family of this person, I don't know how I can do this. About my gran'aunt, I know, by the death certificate of Santa Clara county, she was interpretor for the Federal Government, and her last residence was S.Market and West San Carlos in San Jose.

    Is there anyone could help me ?

    I thank you so much !

    February 20, 2004

    Searching for any information regarding my ggrandfather James Polk Berry AR-CA , M: Susan Jane Sears.
    J. P. Berry died in Lake Co. 30 Jul 1888. His wife died 19 Oct 1945 in Santa Cruz. I would like to know his parents' names as well as his Date of Birth, Place of Birth and how he died.

    I would, also, like information regarding Peter Anthony Sears b: 7 May, 1822 KY d: 30 Jul 1888 Middletown, Lake Co. m: Mary Francis Kirby in 1849. I think his father was David Sears and that Peter divorced Mary at some point.

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

    December 30, 2003
    Erin Forbis

    I am looking for any information on a Charles Absalon Bolton who married Mabel Rains and had a daughter Rose Eliza Rena Bolton born 18 August 1915; Died 20 December 1978.

    Any information you have would be greatly appreciated, Rose was my grandmother, but died when I was three. I am trying to establish my family tree and this is all the information I have.

    Thank you

    December 12, 2003

    Who where the parents of Delia H. Adams? She married to Jessie Carroll Doty about 1890. Family lived in Lake and Colusa Counties.  Born 9 Jab 1869-/.70/72.   Died 26 Dec 1953 in Butte County.   Found a family in the 1880 Census for Lake County.  Found a Joseph W. Adams there.   In the house was a Delia Shoemaker.   Could she be either a step daughter or foster child or some other relative?
    Any help will be great.

    November 24, 2003
    Annette Wheeler

    Looking for information about a James M. DAVIS, prob. born in OH, married in ID 1865 to A. HAWLEY (she died 1880), owned property in both Lake and Napa counties between 1867 and early 1900's. Looking for his death date, place, etc. and vitals for 3 children: Kate b. 1867, Amy b. 1869, and Walter S. b. 1871 in CA

    October 1, 2003
    Kathy Barbee

    I am seeking any family history on the Farmer family 1858-1900 in the town areas of Guenoc, Lower Lake, Middletown. I am seeking all infomation/family stories on William M. Farmer (early Lower Lake Postmaster and member IOOF Lodge), Lucy Ann (Fowler) Farmer and their children: Nancy Lucinda Farmer (my G.Graandmother), Colorado William (Dode) Farmer (occupation, Barber, Middletown); his wife Belle (Parriot) Farmer> and Olive V. Farmer, (Nurse, Middletown).

    Also, any information on Samuel Fowler, 1849-1863 Lake County area and John Fowler; Father of Lucy Ann Fowler/Farmer and Samuel Fowler. Any and all history/oral stories passed on Guenoc (the early town) Coyote Valley, Middletown and Lower Lake. Also, any information on Frank G. Jeffers late 1890's in the area of Middletown/Lower Lake, Lakeport, Kelsyville: possibly in logging, mining, agriculture (pears/walnuts). Charles Frank Jeffers of Kelsyville, son of Frank Jeffers and Nancy Lucinda Farmer (my G.Grandmother). Charles was born 1901 in Lincoln, Placer Co. He returned to the area of Kelsyville as an adult and remained until his death in 1977. Thank you to all who can contribute.

    September 23, 2003
    Sondra Elliott Jeffus

    My name is Sondra Elliott Jeffus, and I am doing research on the Phillips family that was a pioneer family in Lake County. My email address is and I will be glad to share my work.

    September 23, 2003
    Nancy Taylor

    I am looking for information about Lucy C. Burgette, she was married to George Morlan. According to the records I have they are both buried in Lower Lake. She died in 1942, George died in 1928. They were married in Lake county 12/1/1878. I do not know if Burgette was her maiden name or if she married a Burrgett after George died. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

    July 31, 2003

    I have been trying to find a lead to my mother's cousin. I think I may have found him in the CA death index. Here is the information I found:
    Darrell Warren Benton
    born 16 Sep 1918 in TX
    died 9 Feb 1993 in Lake Co CA
    Mother's maiden name was Abbott

    I would like to contact any of his descendants and share information. Thanks so much. Ellen in Tucson AZ

    July 28, 2003
    Mandy Tauriello

    I am interested in any information on the Elliotts, Dewells, or McCulloughs. I am the Great great grand daughter of William B. Elliott, The Great grand daughter of Ben Dewell, the Grand daughter of Henry McCullough and the daughter of Donald Mccullough. I know some of the family history, but would love to know more.

    Amanda Tauriello

    July 10, 2003
    Bill Palmer

    Re MILO PALMER -- My relative Pembroke Somerset Palmer was born in NY State Aug 1830 and he had 3 brothers, Milo, Walter and George. I have info on Pembroke and Walter, but not the others, nor their parents. Can anyone help?


    June 5, 2003

    I have some info on the HURD family of Witter is

    May 20, 2003
    Kim Jones

    Im trying to locate any of LaVon Godwin's descendants for Genealogy purposes.

    Phone- 479-639-9010

    May 20, 2003
    Anne Anderson

    My husband's grandfather was born in Kelseyville, Lake Co., Ca. His name was James Grover Anderson b. 28 Feb 1889 d. 8 Jan 1981 Calaveras Co., Ca. I have his parents has Owen Anderson (1836-1897)& Rose Turner-Bennett (1858-1924) but I am not sure about that.
    I have James Grover Anderson as having two half brothers-Leonard Anderson & Clarance "Mack" Anderson, Zada Rose, Ada & Hazel m. John Mackadon (they both died in Fallon, Nv.) James Grover m. Hattie Rose Summerfield on 20 Jun 1912 in Cotati Any info would help.
    Thanks, Anne Anderson

    April 05, 2003
    Robert Lyons

    George Ottis HALL. We are attempting to gather whatever information we can about him. My mother, who is now 83, is his only child as far as we know. George passed away in 1982 after living in Clear Lake for around 20 years. We think he ran a motel and may have been connected with the fire department to some extent. He is buried in the Lower Lake cemetery in the veterans addition, so he was in the military at some point. You can contact me at

    January 01, 2003
    Robert & Tracie Lefler

    We are looking for any further information about Baker Chester Rockwell and his father Cyrus Rockwell who ran a hotel in the 1890s or early 1900s. We have a photo of Cyrus with his Sunday School Class. Our family is from north of Lake Placid,NY. This is where they were origianally from-Bangor,NY. Bob Lefler ( Chester's grandfather,Jeremiah, was the older brother of my ggggrandfather, Samuel).

    October 19, 2002
    Bobbi A Senior

    I have an obit that says my G Grandmother, Harriet (Hattie) Freeman, went to Upper Lake, Ca in January 1936 to be with her daughter Mrs. Vernon Everett. I have another newspaper article, both from Ewing, NE. This one says that in Dec 1939 she went to Upper Lake for the winter to be with with her daughter Mrs. Vernon Everett.

    Vernon and Gladys Everett, both were according to the 1930 Census born in Iowa. Gladys is a half sister of my Grandmother who died in 1935, Malinda Margaret Freeman, she would be my Great Aunt. Malinda died when my father was six years old and we know very little on her. We only just recently realized that she had a half sister.

    According to the 1930 Census for Pender, NE, Vernon and Gladys had three children, Virginia, b: abt 1924, Vernon Jr, b: abt 1926 and not sure if it was 1 yr or 1 mo for Norma.

    I have checked and Hattie didn't die in NE, so she might have died in CA. Her name was Harriet (Hattie) Mae Metcalf/Freeman. She was born in 1877, the last record is that newspaper article that said she went to spend the winter with her daughter in 1939. I am still researching Harriet, she was married in 1902, I'm not sure to who. This was a marriage previous to my line, but could have possibly been to Gladys' father. It's also possible that Gladys is the daughter of Oscar Archer, Hattie married him in 1905 but divorced shortly there after. It could be that Gladys thinks of her as Mother.

    I would love to find out if anyone has any information on this family. thanks, bobbi

    October 13, 2002

    Looking for information on a Jessie Loomis-B: 12-21-1883-New York State-moved to Lake Co. around 1916-Died in Lake Co. 11-03-1962. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    October 03, 2002
    Clem G Cantil

    Looking for information on Earl Bertram Ehrgott. This is my grandfather, whom I met once.

    September 22, 2002
    Janice Lahew

    I am looking for obit on Dorothy Louise ROBERSON b. 11 Mar 1920 OK d. 29 Dec 1978 Lake Co., CA. Her maiden name was DARR, and her spouse was Carl Toman ROBERSON.
    Thank you very much.
    Janice Lahew
    Equine photographer
    256 Sheppards Run Rd
    Spraggs, Pa 15362

    September 15, 2002
    Morris G Yule Jr

    I am looking for information on the Kirtley & Yule family Family in lake County CA. Elijah Kirtley-Husband; Wife with Morris surname; Cave Kirtley- son; John Kirtley-son; William or Billy Kirtley-son Maude Kirtley-Daughter b.ABT 1879 m. George Carroll Yule ABT 1902.   Son born 10/28/1903 At Big Valley near Kelseyville, Lake County CA.

    September 6, 2002
    Lindsie Banning

    I am looking for information on Jack Dudley Watson. Born Aug. 10, 1910 - Seigler Springs, Lake County, CA. Any information is appreciated.

    Thank You,

    September 2, 2002
    Colleen Gatewood

    Looking for Nellie Etta Lownes, Parents Charles H & Julia E Lownes. Husband Stanley D Olmstead.   Possibly remarried between 1934-1938.


    June 19, 2002
    Phillip Robinson

    I am searching for any details on the California children and decedents of Bradbury Robinson (1822-1904). Bradbury was born in Maine and married Mary Savage Patten about 1844. Together they had nine children and moved to Wisconsin, Missouri, and California. At the time of his death, at least five of Bradbury & Mary Savage's children remained alive including:

    1. Thara S. Robinson (oldest son) living in Keokuk, IA
    2. Don A. Robinson living in LAKEPORT, CA
    3. Samuel B. Robinson living in Waddingport, CA
    4. Oscar R. Robinson living in Loleta, CA
    5. Eva H. Brown (daughter) living in Loleta, CA

    If you have any information on any of these individuals and their families, please contact me at    I would be most appreciative.
    Phillip Robinson Silver Spring, MD

    May 21, 2002
    Julie Carrico

    I am researching the Smythe family. I know that Richard Lewis Smythe (mother's maiden name is Testermen) lived in Lake County in 1920 and died in Lakeport in 1953. His wife's maiden name was Greeves (I have also seen Gleaves and Greaves). He was my great grandfather and I think he was born in 1877 in CA, but I don't know the town. I would like to know about his siblings and his parents.

    Thank you, Julie Carrico

    May 05, 2002
    Cynthia Barrineau-Cooper

    I would like info on my uncle William Oliver Barrineau's family. He died in Lucerne California on 10/02/1996. He was born in Williamsburg County, SC on 05/09/1925. My fathers name was Luther Thomas Barrineau. On his death certificate is listed one daughter, Sally Libbee. Would like to contact her.

    April 25, 2002
    Betty Hill

    I am looking for the burial place of Andrew Jackson Goodwin (born 29 Nov. 1818 in Ohio, died 1880-1882 in Lake County, Calif.) he was working at the American Mine and the Great Western Mine from 1875-1880. Also his wife Elizabeth Whimmer Goodwin (born 28 Jan. 1824 in Indiana, died 1890-1892 in Lake County, Calif.) and their sons John P. and Hyrum. My updated email address is Thank you.

    April 14, 2002
    Marcy Fischer

    RALPH C. FISCHER: I am looking for any information on my grandfather, Ralph Carlton Fischer. Last contact was about 15 years ago. I know he once owed a bar in Clearlake, CA., and lived there in the 80's and 90's. I found one match address to his name: 3010 4th St., Clearlake, CA 95422. But the mail came back undeliverable, no forwarding address. I also searched the SSDI, also found one match: Death; Feb 5, 1998. Verified by a family member. He had one son (my father) Grant Carlton Fischer, 53, living in Las Vegas, NV. If anyone has any information or remembers anything about him please e-mail me, Marcy Fischer at:

    April 11, 2002
    Judy Jezl

    I have a microscope that belonged to a Dr. Dell Theodore Lundquist in 1944 from Palo Alto CA. I know this from the information that came with the microscope. I'm just so curious about the history of the microscope and the person who used it. You can put this email on the query as well as the phone number 281 339-2869. You can speak with Stoney if I'm not here. I wanted to know more about who used the microscope. I found a direct name to him in a Lake county draft registration list on the internet. I was wondering if there is more information or know where I can get more information.
    Thank you in advance.

    April 11, 2002

    Seeking contact with any and all descendants of John William Mize, born Nov 30, 1866 in Wild Cherry, Fulton Co. AR and died Apr 5, 1945 in Kelseyville, Lake Co. CA. Known as Billy, he was the only son of Jonathan Leviticus Mize and Sarah Ann (Sallie) Campbell. He married Marie Florence Munsch on Aug 24, 1905 in Lake Co. CA.

    Jonathan Leviticus Mize was my GGGrandfather.

    April 07, 2002
    Susan F. Evans

    I am looking for ancestors of Gertrude Clementine Wright Hacke. She was born in Missouri about 1895 (though her death certificate says 1897) and she died in 1991 in Lake County. Her father's name was William Jonathan Wright and her mothers maiden name was White. Her stepmothers name was Lou Gaines. Gertrude is my grandmother's sister. I am very eager to correspond with her family.

    March 23, 2002
    Neil Hall

    I'm looking for descendants of Dewitt Clinton Chittenden who died in 1985 in Lakeport. I'm a descendant on another branch from DeWitt's grandfather, who was also named DeWitt Clinton Chittenden. The earlier DeWitt was adopted and I have recently been able to discover his birth parents and much of their ancestry. I would like to share this information with my California relatives and be able to complete their branch of my family tree.

    March 22, 2002
    Kathie Lipscomb

    Am researching Lower Lake County resident Stephen Morgan Dillard.1865-1867.Looking for info on him.

    March 19, 2002
    Eric P. Jensen

    A F Miller (age 48, Saloonkeeper) is listed in the 1870 Census In the Big Valley Division, Uncle Sam PO. I am quite certain his daughter Mary J. born 1855 is my great grandmother. Mary J. married my ggf Erastus Butler in 1874 in Sebastepol. In 1877 Erastus registered to vote at Kelseyville. They apparently lived for a time in Yolo County. They eventually settled in the Mark West Springs Area, Sonoma Co. Mary died 1902. Several other children are listed in the census: Lena C, John F., Cynthia C., Thomas J., Alex.

    Any information would be appreciated.

    Eric P. Jensen San Francisco 415-664-9344

    February 27, 2002
    Janet Farahmand

    I am interested in finding out more about the READ family and the DAVIS family of Middletown. I have it recorded that Joseph Lilburn Read married Margaret Davis in Lake County in 1860 and returned to Middletown to live in 1874. Joseph was one of my Grandmother's Grandfathers. I would like to hear any stories of the family's history. I have a particular interest in finding out what happened to Janie Davis after reading an album of hers from 1886-1889 while she attended a college in Napa. Many members of both of these families attended this same college, as recorded in the album. (Many entries included home town names.) I believe Janie could have been Margaret Davis' sister or niece. She would have been about 17 years old in 1886. -Janet Farahmand Please forward information to me at: (
    ANSWER - Your email doesn't work, so I am posting the answer that was forwarded to me (also see the Biography page)

    1. Samuel Read, born 11/12/1809, Missouri; died 03/08/1883, Orland, California married Elizabeth Leach, born 04/01/1811, Kentucky; died 04/12/1858, Dixon,CA. *These families traveled back and forth between in the east, possibly on business or trade. In 1852 they decided on the push on west and came directly to California with son Joseph L. Read.
         Children (possibly more):
    2. Joseph Lilburn Read, born 07/29/1837, Scotts County, Kentucky; died 07/23/1927, Middletown, California; married Margaret C. Davis, born June 30, 1844, Missouri; died Feb. 11, 1923, Middletown, California.   Joseph and Margaret met in California and married on 10/31/1861 in Kelseyville, CA.

    They had 12 children, the following list are the only ones known to have lived to adulthood:

    1) Susan L Read (she is my great great grandmother)
    2) Thomas Albert
    3) Warren
    4) Ralph (believed to have no children)

    You must be a descendant of Albert or Warren in the same generation as my mother. We would like information on which you are related. I have more information on the Read and Davis lines if you want.

    I have photos of the "Read Home" with many of the Reads, including Thomas "Albert" and Warren. My grandmother is quite interested in whom you are related to. The home is still standing in Middletown and the owners let my grandmother see it.

    Mark A. Rayner

    February 05, 2002
    Jane Goodfriend

    I am looking for any information regarding the RENFRO family. They lived in a very large house, built I believe in the early 1920's, that is still erect near the waters edge on Konocti Bay. It is on Soda Bay Rd. & is about 1/8th of a mile from Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa. It is set back among huge trees on a substantial piece of land that now has mobile homes located around it, on private property that is called Bayview. I was told that the house & property went by another name back then, but I am unsure what it was. I am very interested in learning more history about the house & Mrs. Renfro & the RENFRO family. Any info would be very gratefully appreciated. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Jane Goodfriend
    Fremont, CA

    February 03, 2002

    I am looking for information on my Grandparents. My mothers name is Toni Kay Silas Murphy. Her mothers name was Dorothy Elaine Ruth Taylor Silas, she later married Wayne Dooley. She died in Dec. 1962 in Lower Lake. Her Father was Andrew Taylor. Her mother was Veril (Vernie) Joy, she was born at Sulfer Bank Mine and died in Oct. 1962 in Lake County. Anthony Silas' father was Thomas Silas and his mother was Mary. Any information on any of these people will be greatly appreciated

    December 01, 2001
    Lorraine E. Spradlin

    My grandfather and his parents lived in the Clear Lake area. They originally came from Belgium. His parents died there in a prairie fire approximately in 1888. My grandfather's name was Numa Hagon, but I believe that he changed the family name, as an adult as many foreigners did after immigrating. A picture I have of my great-grandfather states F. Levaque as the family name and would be the name listed in the Clear Lake area. Anyone out there have any history information? What is the name of the cemetery there that might have people who died at that time. Thank you. Lorraine

    November 06, 2001
    Lawrence Gandsey

    Mable Gandsey nee(Collette). Death occurred in Lake County on April 5,1977. Any information re: Mortuary, Cemetary, Employment, Hospital or Friends is welcome.

    October 18, 2001

    I am looking for anyone who knew Betty or Claire Baker from Kelseyville. This Baker family owned a grocery store in Kelseyville in the 1960's and possibly 70's.

    October 11, 2001
    Patti O'Bryant

    Looking for any information on Hiram Duncan O'Bryant and his wife Pamela Akins who were in Lake Co. in the 1800

    August 16, 2001
    Dale Johnson

    Looking for information on George and Jesse Johnson. They owned a large pear ranch in Lake County and are buried on that ranch. They were one of the early families in Lake County. George was my grandfather and I believe help found a bank in Lakeport. Thank you. Dale Johnson

    August 07, 2001
    Joanne A. Smith Mello

    Would like some information on JOSIAH SMITH age 68 b. NY who is listed in the 1880 Lakeport, Lake Co. CA census with household of: Willis S. GREENE age 84 and William GREENE age 53. Others in household are: GILL, WHITE, PAUL.

    Would like to know Josiah Smith's connection with these people.

    Thanks in advance.

    June 28, 2001

    I am looking for information on the Baker family that owned a grocery store in the 50's and early 60's. please reach me at

    June 27, 2001
    Richard Houck

    Looking for possible information about a James E. Mullins that may have owned a bakery somewhere in Lake County in the 1890s. It is believed that his name may have been an alias (unknown by his wife and 5 children). Wife was Lydia Ann McKenney. They were married 1886 in Astoria, Oregon. Children born in Oregon(1886), Hawaii (1887) and three were born in Oakland (1890, 1892, and 1894). She used the name Lydia Ann Mullins when she married Joseph J. Houck in Auburn, CA in 1899. The children used the Houck name from then on. Any death information or any information helpful. Thank you for your help. Barbara & Richard Houck, Seal Beach, CA

    June 09, 2001
    John Ussery

    I would like to correspond with anyone having information on the Lampley family that settled in Lake County, Ca. in the late 1800's, specifically Phillip Lampley who acquired a land patent in Lake County in 1884 in the Mt. Diablo meridian. Contact me at Thanks! John Ussery

    June 07, 2001
    Ellee Conner Brown

    Thompson(Thomas?)Dixon Conner b. 2-9-1823(Iowa or Ohio) d. 11-22-1903 in Alameda, CA(I don't know the county) Buried Lakeport CA. Married to Elizabeth Hayden in 10-28-47 had 10 children . at least John Boone was said to have been born in Lake county CA in 1863. The other children were James Allen, Devalquet, Artileous, Mary, William, Elizabeth, Lincoln and Grant (Northerners I'd say) the notes say all were born and died in Lakeport, Ca. I know that John Boone died in Trinity County. he was married to Henrietta Pearl Denison and had 6 children. All born in Trinity, County, CA. John Boone died in 1925. I have his death certificate that states he was born in lake, County. any help appreciated. I will be glad to send a check to cover costs of birth or death certificates. Ellee Conner Brown at

    June 04, 2001

    I am looking for information on a Blendina Higgins. My understanding is that she lived in Lake County while growing up. She married a Rudolph (Bob) Harder. I believe they had a daughter, Arline. She passed away in 1945?. Any information would more be appreciated. Pat

    June 01, 2001
    Bob Lefler

    I am looking for Cyrus Rockwell and his son, Chester Baker Rockwell, and there were others. They owned a hotel in Lake County. Where were they? Cyrus must have died by the 1930s and Chester after 1940. Did they have families here?

    May 27, 2001
    Rick Dossey

    Looking for any info on Andrew Jackson Boyd or Ida Luna Hinds Boyd…Trying to find info on the Boyd family, They lived in Clearlake after 1915?-1966 when Andrew Boyd died. Any info would be great.

    May 22, 2001

    I am looking for decendants of William Woodward Born? Died 1843 buried in Seigler springs. Wife was Susanna born 28 July 1825 D: 6 August 1885 place unknown.

    Children:Charles Wesley Woodward, Samuel Morrison Woodward, Theophilus Woodward, Hatti Woodward, Lecurgus Woodward, Fidelia Woodward Adams(hus:John Adams), William Woodward

    All unknown.......if anyone has info on this family or knows where the Seigler Springs cemetary might be, please e-mail me.

    Thank You....Jo

    April 29, 2001

    I a seeking info in Charles McGreer. He is said to have owned a hotel in Lake county in the late 1800's -early 1900's. I am told he was attending the bar when a man entered the room, called his name, and shot him in the heart. If anyone knows the name of the town or name of hotel, please contact me Thank you Barbara

    April 06, 2001
    Leslie Foster

    I'm looking for information on my grandmothers sister EFFIE JOHNSON. She was born in Oklahoma and later moved to Clear Lake Oaks with her husband Mr. Charley (Charlie ?)Long. Effie had a brother, Charley Johnson and 3 sisters, Edna, Ethel and Legal.

    Marti Roe March 15, 2001

    I'm looking for information on Levi (Lee) Nelson GORLEY or GOURLEY b. 1877 in Idaho but died 13 Mar 1949 in Lake County, CA. He married Ellen GRAMES 23 May 1926 in Santa Anna. I don't know if there were children or not nor do I know how long they lived in Lake County. Would appreciate any information on this family. Thank you, Marti Roe Redding CA

    February 25, 2001

    I am looking for information on Mary E. Poulson who married Horace T. Schwartz on April 2, 1871 in Lake County. I have no information on Horace and very little on Mary other than her parents, Oliver Perry Poulson and Harriett Ritchey Poulson. Thank you.

    Lula Faye Scott January 15, 2001

    I am seeking info on two of my grandmother's, Rosa Ellen Duncan Webb, brothers. They were listed in her obit as Robert and Hugh Duncan of Lakeport, Ca. I understand that Lakeport is in Lake county. I knew that she had two brothers, Lonzo and Ed Duncan, that died before she did. She also had a sister, Cassie Sutton of Alpaugh,Ca. I can't recall ever hearing about these other two brothers. I was only 11 years old when she died, so may have just forgotten. If anyone might know of these men or their families, please let me know.

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