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Any list of Graduates for Lake County Schools before 1950 that you would like to contribute, please type it, and attach it to an email to me.
Also an early history of a school; Or a list of Teachers......

Anita Crabtree

When the Lake County Courthouse burned in 1867, all official records, including school records, were lost. So it isn't known when or where the first schools were started in the county. But, in April 1856, two school districts were formed in Clear Lake Township (Lake County was still a part of Napa County at that time). The two school districts covered the Big Valley and Upper Lake areas, and J. C. Herron was the first Superintendnent of Schools. There were already several schools in existence even before these school districts were formed. And there are records that seem to indicate that there might have been Private Schools before there were any public schools.
This will be an attempt to bring you the history and pictures of as many of these schools as possible.

Miscellaneous Lake Co. School Information

Feb. 6, 1879 - Middletown has a private school - Miss Mary Stark, Principal

Feb. 6, 1879 - Prof. Scott's private school is flourishing finely, both pecuniarily and otherwise. (no location given)

There were apparently at least two other school districts; Franklin School District and Willow Grove School District. But, there is no indication that there was ever a school in either of them.

Notes in historical files say: "Franklin School District was dissolved into Pleasant Grove School District and the Upper Lake School District".

Willow Grove School District was formed from the Upper Lake School District and took in Blue Lakes, Bachelor Valley and Tule Lake. The historical notes on May 4, 1869 say: "Willow Grove School District dissolved into the Upper Lake School District".


Abbott Mine???? Kelseyville High ....
Alcove18931919 Konocti19101920
Arabella1878abt. 1882 Lakeport Academy18841901
Argonaut..1870s.. Lakeport College ....
Arnold Knollbef. 1856?? Lakeport Grammar1867Present
Ashland1871/18811920s Lakeshoreearly 1860sabt. 1912
Bachelor Valley18701920 Liberty 18701921
Barkerville19341949 Loconomibef. 1869aft. 1940
Bartlett Landingabt 1880late 1890s Long Valleyabt. 18821934
Bartlett Springs18731909 Lower Lake Grammarbef 1869Present
Berry Ranch18641869 Lower Lake High..Present
Big Canyon19131917-18 Lucerne1929Present
Big Valley18611920 Middle Creekabt. 18841926
Big Valley Indian School1914abt 1930 Middletown Grammar1870Present
Binkley Ranch19341941 Middletown High 1916Present
Blue Lakes18691946 Mono18961903/04
Bradford-Mirabel1890bef. 1924 Morgan Valleybef 1869..
Brundige Ranchbef 1871(A few years) Morgan Valley Branch High School1923 aft. 1926
Burns Valley1869.. Mountain18681947
Cache Creek1880abt 1942 Mountain Institute1870sAbt. 1903
Calayomi18751925 Mountain ViewBef. 1888Abt. 1903
Cinnabar1867abt 1871 Mrs. Mary Arnold's School1897/98..
Clear Lake
Collegiate Institute
18761884 North Lake (Hammond)19131947
Clear Lake High (Lakeport)1901Present Oat Hill....
Clover Valleybef 1881abt 1920 Olive18881898
Cobb Valleybef 1872.. Pepperwood1857-18641884
East Lakebef 1881Present Pleasant Grove18691921
Emma Thompson Home School1881.. Pleasant Valley..
Eureka1876.. Rancheria?1921
Excelsiorbef 1869.. Rincon1861-691919
Fairview1875.. San Hedrin18961902
Fort Thompson.... Scotts Valley18701921
Glen Eden18901950 Seigler..1920
Gravelly Valley1878.. Spring Branch....
Great Westernbef 1881.. Spruce Grovebef 1881..
Grizzly Canyon1880s.. St. HelenaAbt. 19001925
Guenoc Indian???? St. Turibius Mission18801905
Helen1905.. Sulphur Bankbef 1881bef. 1920
High Valley1880saft. 1901 Sulphur Springs1870....
Highland18741920 Sunset.... ....
Horse Mountain19431952 Townsend School1859..
Hough Springs1915.. Twin Valleys18991917
Hullville.... Uncle Sam18681907
Hurlbuttearly 1900s1906 Upper Lake Grammar1884Present
Indian Valley18841894 Upper Lake High1916Present
Kelsey Creek18601920 West Lake18811937
Kelseyville Academy18861890 West Lake AdventistAft. 1937Present
Kelseyville Grammar1907Present


Big Valley6334Cache Creek..13
Blue Lake2423Calayomi..34
Burns Valley2819Clover Creek..23
Cinnabar26... Cobb Valley..13
Excelsior4938East Lake..14
Kelsey Creek4133Eureka..24
Lakeport70219Fair View..21
Loconoma7655Gravelly Valley/Hullville..22
Lower Lake89129Great Western..41
Morgan Valley2540Highland..46
Pleasant Grove7246Lakeshore..11
Uncle Sam3699Middletown..135
Upper Lake100119Mountain..395
Ashland.. 45Scotts Valley..62
Bachelor Valley..27Spruce Grove..38
Bartlett Springs..20Sulphur Bank..33

TEACHERS & School Board CLERKS - 1891

County School Superintendent - Etta K. Harrington
AshlandLuella WatermanW. N. Thompson Lake ShoreAnna HoweB. F. Henry
Bachelor ValleyKate BromleyRay Burke LibertyNellie ColwellI. W. Fees
Bartlett SpringsFrances RhodesI. Y. Newman LoconomiEunice TremperCharles Lawley
Big ValleyKatie FitzsimmonsW. P. Nill Lower LakeW. H. Adamson
Susie Adams
James Kesey
Blue LakesNellie GanterHenry Wambold Middle CreekO. T. BoardmanCharles Woodruff
Burns ValleyMary O'LearyAllen Bower MiddletownC. M. Crawford
Minna Ozenberger
I. L. Reed
Cache CreekPolly HansonD. A. Hanson Morgan ValleyMrs. N. S. NewtonI. T. Bond
CallayomiRobert A. BadgerA. Meade MountainMittie WayneMurdock McIntyre
Clover CreekMadison ElliottSamuel Jones Mountain ViewLulu ConnelyH. D. Peterson
Cobb ValleyDiantha TremperG. T. Allen Oat HillThomisino McKennaI. P. Read
East LakeCalla GruwellM. Butler OliveViola IrwinMrs. B. F. Shaul
EurekaCassie WilliamsW. Whittington Pleasant GroveE. FerrienJohn Barnes
ExcelsiorMattie SimpsonJ. A. Harris RinconAda ClendeninW. C. Stanley
Fair ViewD. T. SeeleyHiram Kennedy Scotts ValleyGrace ReynoldsM. Byrene
Glen EdenEuville HowardWilliam Woodward SeiglerClara E. ShawJohn Spaulding
Gravelly ValleyMary E. WaiteWilliam Hunter Spring BranchLizzie NicollNannie Dishmore
Great WesternLorititia LeaAndrew Rocca Spruce GroveGrace LawleyJ. C. Copsey
Grizzly CanyonEdward AdamsonH. H. Bonham St. HelenaHattie WayneMaggie Bradford
HighlandKittie MarshGeorge Minstrell Sulphur BankSophia StephensW. N. Smith
Indian ValleyA. J. MikesellI. Singleton Uncle SamGeorge Mallory
Vina Hendricks
Charles Piner
Kelsey CreekLawrence CopelandA. J. Mothershed Upper LakeEdward Gibbs
Carrie Ganter
Frank Rice
LakeportL. B. Scranton
Kate Phelan
Minnie Hopkins
C. E. Phelan West LakeHarry Reynolds?

TEACHERS - 1910-1911

County School Superintendent - Miss Hettie Irwin
Lakeport Grammar SchoolJ. P Utter, Principal
Georgie Burger
Veda E. Allen
Helen Lyon
Clear Lake Union High
H. N. Caldwell, Principal
Anita de Laguna
Jno. Overholser
Lillian McDonald
Mrs. Florence C. Mudge
Upper LakeLucy Griffits, Principal
Mrs. M. E. Clark
KelseyvilleT. H. Hyatt, Principal
Alta Thomas
AlcoveN. C. Fowler, Jr. Kelsey CreekElsie Alley
BachelorLily A. Martin LibertyWilliam Abercrombie
Blue LakesMyrtle Harmon LoconomiLois Stipp
Burns ValleyStella E. Torbert Middle CreekVivian Taylor
Cache CreekAda Stipp MountainClara Fraser
CallayomiRobert A. Badger Pleasant GroveLillie Tinker
Clover CreekLoretta Christie RinconClara Thomas
Cobb ValleyMrs. Bert Grigsbee Scotts ValleyMrs. Ada Clendenin
ExcelsiorMrs. R. T. Hanson Spruce GroveSusan Adams
Gravelly ValleyMrs. A. McGimsey Sulphur BanksEthel L. Behr
Great WesternGeneva Grigsby Twin ValleysAda Summers
HelenDora A. Brink West LakeMrs. Frank Crawford
HighlandLena Reed

TEACHERS - 1911-1912

County School Superintendent - Miss Hettie Irwin
Lakeport Grammar SchoolC. E. Lawson
Georgie Burger
Veda Allen
Helen Lyon
Clear Lake Union High??
AlcoveMrs. Armstrong Lower LakeMrs. F. W. Noel
Kate Biggerstaff
AshlandRuth Cleveland LoconomiBessie Sallee
Big ValleyBernice Stone MiddletownJ. J. Berry
Alethea Smith
Blue LakesRuth Hamilton Middle CreekVivian Taylor
Cache CreekMaude A. Clark MountainClara Fraser
Cobb ValleyMrs. I. Grigsby Pleasant GroveLillie Tinker
ExcelsiorMrs. R. Hanson RinconClara Thomas
Glen EdenMiss F. Dutcher Scotts ValleyMrs. Ada Clendenin
GreatWesternGeneva Grigsby SieglerMiss Ferguson
HelenDora A. Brink St. HelenaLinnian Tindall
KelseyvilleSylva Renfro
Alta Thomas
Twin ValleysZada Newall
Kelsey CreekMiss Sadie Zook Upper LakeLucy Griffitts
Mrs. M. E. Clark
LibertyLena Reed West LakeMrs. Frank Crawford

TEACHERS - 1913-1914

Board of Education:
Elizabeth S. Sallee   President
Hettie Irwin     Secretary
Clyde E. Lawson
Elsie C. Alley
Mrs. M. H. Bonham

AlcoveMrs. J. C. Armstrong KonoctiMrs. E. K. Harrington
AshlandFlorence Dutcher LibertyMary F. Lawlor
Bachelor ValleyC. S. Pearce LoconomiElizabeth S. Sallee
Big CanyonConstance Badger Lower LakeMrs. F. W. Noel
Mrs. R. T. Hanson
Big ValleyLillie B. Tinker Middle CreekFlorence E. Reynolds
Blue LakesLola C. Scanlon MiddletownJ. W. Abercrombie
Bessie Washburn
Maude Hinds
Burns ValleyMrs. E. R. Massey Morgan ValleyHorton Blair
Cache CreekRuth V. Roth MountainFrances E. Taylor
CallayomiArchie Fickes Oat Hill
(joint with Napa)
Mildred S. Snow
Cobb ValleyMrs. J. K. Grigsby Pleasant GroveVera J. Ackley
EurekaE. Kate Biggerstaff RinconMyrtie W. Sallee
ExcelsiorMerle Hardy Scotts ValleyMrs. A. J. Gunn
Glen Eden.. SeiglerGertrude R. Nevins
Gravelly ValleyOlive Ochsner St. HelenaMrs. S. F. Greene
HammondDesmond Knox Sulphur BanksMrs. M. H. Bonham
Helen (suspended).. Twin ValleysAdah Stipp
HighlandNelson C. Fowler
KelseyvilleW. R. Lane
Minerva Ferguson
Upper LakeMrs. J. N. Herndon
Clara Alley
Kelsey CreekMrs. J. W. Morrison West LakeMrs. Ada Clendenin
LakeportClyde E. Lawson
Clara E. Thomas
Olive M. Smith
Gladys E. Burris
Clear Lake Union HighJ. LeRoy Dixon
John Overholser
Lillian McDonald
Agnes E. Brown
Myrtle I. Harmon

Most of these early graduate's names came from an old Board of Education Minutes book; sometimes hard to read.
And most of the time it doesn't determine if they are graduates of the 8th or the 9th Grade.

For a few years, the book just lists all of the graduates in the county without listing the school, so they are listed on this page.
All of the graduates for other years are listed on the individual page for each school.

If you know, for sure, which school your ancestors attended, let me know and I will transfer them to the correct page.

1883 - Viola Colwell,   Reese Copsey,   James A. Daly,   Anna Frazier

1888 - Shafter Mathews,   Maud C. Townsend,   Hattie G. Wayne,   Mittie Wayne

1890 - Susie Adams,   Hattie Adamson,   Maud Downing,   Calla Gruwell

1891 - Charles Haycock

Irene BoggsMadge EverettCharles Haycock [?]
Isabel ChristieBerdie GibsonAda Scribner
Annie CrumpLucy Griffiths

1893 - Mabel Crawford,   Cora Gibson,   Bruce Thornton

Della CarsonMary PitneyFlora Sleeper
Floyd FraserVelma RannelsEd Twiggs
Dan HansonLillian RoccaClara/Cora West
Sidney HansonNelson ScribnerHelen Whittington

Stephen AsbillWinnie GordonMinnie Rose
Ella BrownStella GoreLena Schwartz
Frank ButlerLeta HarbinMaud Shirley
Edward ChristieHenry HastingsBessie Snow
May EppersonIra Kanns/KonrsCharles Streiff
Edna GoldsmithAlbert KennedyMinnie Turner
Mamie Good/GardHenry Pedrazzini

Edgar AllenLena HilsabeckMaud Rickabaugh
Irving AllisonMyrtle HurtFlorence Rocca
Agnes AsbillLouisa KrummFra___ Simmons
Otis BoardmanChester LawleyVann Sleeper
Ada BrutonMyrtle LawrenceMaud Smith
Mattie ButlerHelen LyonGladys Smythe
Lillie BynumMyrtle LyonJessie Stanley
Jennie CavagnaroHenry ManningWinnie Stanley
Etta ChristieWillie McCaughanLita/Leta Starkey
Grover CoatsEva MendenhallMary Stipp
Edwin ConradPaul MitchellMyrtle Stone
Maud GriffettsGussie MorrellArchie Tindall
Kizzie HaleSophie MortensonBertie Turner
Pearl HarringtonWillie NoelGrace Williamson
George HaycockEdgar QuigleyEula Young

Bertha AllenElva EnglandFranklin Pierce
Frank BadgerGrace GrahamPaul Piner
Bertha BarkerHazel GrahamOlive Pitzer
Mabel BreenStella GreggRobert Polk
Willie BrettLois HarveyJessie Risdon
Roy BucknellMae HarveyElsie Robinson
Lillian CampbellEssie HendershottLois Stipp
Marjorie ChamberlainArthur JonesEarl Valentine
Arnold ChapmanJosephine LautenbergerJames Vest/West
Elvyn ColwellKate LinckJanie Wedlake
Callie ConnerLela MitchellAlice Wray
Kate DillLizzie O'Brien

1901 PROMOTED FROM 8th TO 9th
Emery AdamsEarl GruwellCarol Risdon
Earnest AllenMaude HarringtonJessie Sailor
Marie AlleyArthur HuttonLois Simons
Joe BadgerBenjamin JonesNeva Smith
George BarryFlorence KyleRae Smith
Leland BoggsEugene LhuillierBillie Smythe
Velma BrooksLena MalloryCurtis Smythe
Edgar BurgerMichael ManningHarlie Spurr
Cecil BurroughsAda McCoyNed Stanley
Josie CarsonMaud MendenhallJessie Stevens
Earnest ChapmanMary MortensonAdah Stipp
Rea ClendeninNellie MortensonEthel Stone
Nellie ConradIda ParrotLeonard Stone
Foree CrittendenEddie PauliClara Taylor
Edna DavisClarence PhillipsEarnest Thompson
Elsie FeesMelvin PhillipsLillie Tinker
Pearl FrittsEarl PierceAnnie Wheeler
Birdie GilbertHerbert PorterMaud Wight
Mattie GilbertBrice RannellsOllie Williams
Alsie GravesFrank ReedFred Woodruff
Mary GrigsbyLena ReedFlorence Wray
Nellie GrigsbyMyrtle Riggs

1902 - 9th Grade Graduates (possibly some 8th Grade, also)
Earnest AllenRosella HenryGeneva Smith
Joe BadgerBernice JonesWillie Smith
Leland Stanford BoggsEleanor KebertBillie Smythe
Cecil BurroughsFlorence KyleCurtis Smythe
Clarence CadyEugene LhuillierA. M. Stanley
Howard CadyMaud MendenhallJessie Stevens
Earnest ChapmanMary MortensonLeonard Stone
Rea ClendeninNellie MortensonEarnest Thompson
Beryl GilbertIda ParrottOllie Williams
Earl GruwellMelvin PhillipsFlorence Wray
Logan HammelBrice Rannells
Maude HarringtonLena Reed
Vilas HastainMacline Sleeper

1903 - Diplomas of Graduation issued & Pupils promoted from 8th grade as per record book of County Board of Education - (Book with list of students not located)

Clydia AdamsonHazel HammelEthel Parriott
Gladys AnnetteLela HarmonJuanita Quigley
Francis BreenGladys HathawayFrank Reed
Wella BreenNowell HazzardMabel Sherwood
Dora BrinkJames HillLois Simons
Hattie BrutonMarshall HillCurtis Slell
Clara BurroughsLeta HuntOrpha Slell
Beverly ClendeninRay IngleBernice Stone
Georgie ComerWinfield KastnerRoy Stone
Maggie CrowleyCarlisle LaughlinClara Thomas
Leslie DowStuart MeddaughJoseph Tinker
Charles DransfeldFrank MotheralRalph Wambold
Clara FraserIda NorrisHattie Whitside
Yolland FraserSeth NybeyLamar Woods

1906 - 9th Grade Graduates - Schools not listed
Kirk BooneErnest HendricksPatricia Reid
Thomas ButlerPearl HendricksJohanne Reutsch
Kathryn CallahanSamuel HenryHester Rickabaugh
Andrew CavagnaroKarl HobergAndrew Rocca, Jr.
June ClendeninCelia JonesIrene Rowden
Carv ClevelandMarion KeelingFount Salisbury
Ruth ClevelandBernice LeaErma Sherwood
Cecil CoatesInez LeaBlanche Shilling
Gladys ConnerClara Malmke/MahukeA. Mortimer Stanley
Charles CraigAlvin MazeSydney Stokes
Hattie EnderlinMargaret MeredithWarren Tallman
Sophia FeesAmy MiddletonKatherine Timothy
Hattie FerberHazel MillerClio Tyler
Hilda GannEdith NolteHerman Versell
Florence GarnerDora PoolGladys Weber
Burling GruwellMyrtle PraedesStella Woods
G. H. HammackLeslie Puett
David Mark HansonIrwin Ransdell

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