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Amedee Cemetery Photo

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Photo © 1991 Tim I. Purdy
Used on the Lassen County, California GenWeb site with permission.

Surveyed by Tim I. Purdy ~ 11-Mar-1991
© 1991 Tim I. Purdy
. Used on the Lassen County, California GenWeb site with permission.

The Amedee Cemetery is located in eastern Honey Lake Valley, near the old ghost town of Amedee, approximately 25 miles southeast of Susanville. The cemetery is located on private property.

In 1955, Thomas W. Ogilvie, Lassen County Surveyor, surveyed the Amedee cemetery. Ogilvie's map contains 79 plots, in addition to the existing graves. Research indicates that there were no more than eleven actual burials. None of the graves in this cemetery are marked. Individuals known to be buried here are:

Name Notes
Brubeck, Mabel Died Dec 1898, aged 12 years.
Isigheit, Bob No dates.
Johnstone, Infant Female No dates.
Rogerman, Infant Male No dates.


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