Lassen County Biographies (D-H)

The following biographies were transcribed from Illustrated History of Plumas, Lassen & Sierra Counties, with California from 1513 to 1850 (Fariss and Smith, San Francisco, 1882). The page number of that book on which a person can be found is noted beside his/her name. In cases where, instead of first names, only initials were provided in the book, first and middle names have been provided here (whenever possible) using census records of Lassen County, vital records of Lassen County, and/or other Lassen County historical documents as source material. Known misspellings and typographical errors in the book have been corrected on this page. Corrections to names and errors are { shown in brackets }. Some Plumas County and some Sierra County biographies may be included here.

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E. Dalton { Edward Dalton } (p. 404)
This gentleman was born September 23, 1837, in Richland county, Indiana. In the spring of 1860 he came to California, via the Isthmus. He mined in Placer and Merced counties. In the spring of 1862 he came to Long valley in this county, which has since been his home. In 1875 he bought a farm of J. C. Wright, to which he has added and proved up titles to 200 acres of land. It lies on the west side of Long valley, fifteen miles from Milford. Mr. Dalton’s politics are republican. February 3, 1872, he married Miss Mary J. McKissick, of Long valley, born in Sacramento county, May 16, 1855. They have four children, all born at home; Ida May, born February 19, 1873; Hattie E., August 14, 1876; Annie E., December 29, 1878; Lizzie B., March 8, 1881.

John C. Davis (p. 404)
He was born in Germany, April 24, 1824, and at the age of twelve years went to sea. In March, 1850, he abandoned the sea at the port of San Francisco, and for a year ran a boat between that place and Stockton. He then mined two years, ranched one year, ran a pack-train four years, and in February, 1858, came to Honey Lake valley, and engaged in various pursuits until 1866. He then purchased 160 acres of land four miles east of Susanville, where he still resides. Politically, he adheres to the republican party. He is a member of the Masonic lodge at Susanville. May 26, 1877, he married Mrs. Annie Compton, born in Pennsylvania, May 7, 1845. They have two children: John Lassen, born March 14, 1878; and Willis, November 28, 1880. His wife also has a daughter by her former marriage, Eva Compton, born in Pennsylvania, March 19, 1871.

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A. E. DeForest { Alvin Eugene DeForest } (p. 502)
This gentleman was born September 2, 1853, in Johnson county, Iowa, When ten years of age he, with his parents, came overland to California, arriving in Honey Lake valley in September, 1863, where they have since lived. While yet young Mr. DeForest engaged in stock-herding, and has managed for himself ever since. He was married December 23, 1877, to Miss Florence Edwards of Susanville, who was born in Windom county, Vermont, November 24, 1857. Their only child is Lorenzo Eugene, born November 17, 1876. In the fall of 1878, Mr. DeForest, purchased a farm of 320 acres, seven miles south-east of Susanville, on which he now resides. In politics, he is a republican.

Clinton DeForest Jr. (p. 404)
This young man is a native of Honey Lake valley, Lassen county, where he was born December 22, 1863. He remained at home working on the farm, and attending school in the winter time, until he arrived at the age of fifteen. Since then he has been engaged in farming and looking after stock cattle and horses. He is energetic and intelligent, and has his life work yet before him, which he gives good promise of success.

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Andrew Dill (p. 404)
He was born in England, in February, 1832, and while still an infant his parents came with him to the United States, and settled in New York City. In 1850 Andrew started for California via Cape Horn, being one year on the voyage. He lived here a few years, and went to Virginia City, with the first rush to the Comstock. In January, 1870, he bought a ranch of J. D. Kelley, twenty miles east of Susanville, containing 620 acres. In November, 1871, he removed his family from Virginia City to this place, which has ever since been their home. Mr. Dill is a member of the lodge, chapter, and commandery of the Masonic order. In politics, he is a democrat. February 9, 1869, he married Miss Maria E. Pickett of San Francisco, born March 20, 1844, in County Cork, Ireland, and came to the United States in 1851, with her parents, settling in Massachusetts. Their children are William A., born January 31, 1870; Ida M., October 8, 1871; Nettie S., December 8, 1873; Grace, September 3, 1875; Mollie, June 17, 1880. The first two were born in Virginia City, the others in Honey Lake valley.

S. A. Doyle { Stephen Abbott Doyle } (p. 506)
He was born in Hancock county, Maine, April 4, 1837, and is the son of Lawrence and Lorenda (Abbott) Doyle. He came to California in 1869, and is a school-teacher by profession. He taught for a number of years, and was superintendent of schools of Lassen county for one term. In 1878 he settled in Milford, where he now resides, and engaged in the hotel business. He is proprietor of the Milford hotel, a view of which can be seen on another page. Mr. Doyle was married October 4, 1862, to Miss Orvilla H. Wilbur. Their children are Otis M., born April 10, 1864, Caddie B., August 3, 1868; Eugene H., August 28, 1872: Libbie W., November 12, 1873; and Edgar A. and Lorenda M., deceased.

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John R. Dunn (pp. 404-405)
Mr. Dunn was born in Callaway county, Kentucky, February 23, 1835. At the age of four years his parents removed with him to Greene county, Missouri. Here he worked on the farm and attended school. In 1857 the family came overland to this state, and settled in the Sacramento valley. In 1864 John removed to Lassen county, and settled on the farm now owned by Mr. Kirby. In 1872 he bought the farm where he now resides. It contains 170 acres, a nice dwelling and farm buildings, and is five miles east of Janesville. Mr. Dunn is a member of Janesville Lodge No. 223, I. O. O. F. He is a democrat in politics. August 6, 1854, he married Miss Sarah E. Smith of Missouri, born in Henry county, Tennessee, October 12, 1837. Their children are Eliza J., born October 8, 1855, died March 6, 1864; Thursa E., March 7, 1858; Araminta I., January 22, 1861; Mary L., May 10, 1863; Robert L., February 4, 1868; Hattie E., March 7, 1873. Eliza was born in Dade county, Missouri; Thursa, Araminta, and Mary in Butte county, California; and Robert and Hattie in this county. Araminta married John E. Jellison, May 1, 1878, and Thursa married John Johnson, November 25, 1881; both live in Lassen county.

T. R. Epley { Thomas R. Epley } (p. 405)
Mr. Epley was born in Ingham county, Michigan, January 13, 1844. He remained at home farming with his father until 1870, when he came to California, and settled in Honey Lake valley. He rented a farm of his cousin, T. H. Epley, which he has since been working. Mr. Epley received his education in the common schools of his native state. He belongs to the I. O. O. F. lodge in Janesville. He is a democrat in politics, and has never made a matrimonial venture.

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Thomas J. French (p. 405)
Mr. French was born in Callaway county, Missouri, October 19, 1839. When nineteen years of age he started for Pike’s Peak, Colorado, but stayed only a few days there, and continued on to California, reaching Colusa county in October, 1859. He remained there until 1862, and then prospected on Humboldt river six months. In the spring of 1863 he began freighting, making Honey Lake valley his home. In 1868 he purchased the old Schaefer ranch, and lived on it till 1875, when he sold part of it and moved to the western portion, where he has since resided. His farm is 300 acres of hay land, twenty miles east of Susanville. He is a democrat in politics. February 23, 1873, he married Miss Emma Maston of Humboldt bay, born there July, 30, 1857. Their children are David M., born April 7, 1874; Theodore M., February 21, 1876; Elbernia, October 17, 1878; Mary I., May 17, 1881.

George W. Fry { George Washington Fry } (p. 405)
This gentleman was born January 22, 1834, in Stark county, Ohio. He lived there and in Ashland county until February, 1852, when he started for California, via Panama, arriving in June. For six years he mined in El Dorado, Yuba, Sierra, and Plumas counties. In November, 1858 he went into the stock business in Honey Lake valley, locating near Janesville. In 1864, he sold this place and bought his present ranch, twenty miles east of Susanville, on the river, and in the Tule Confederacy. He has now 640 acres of hay and agricultural land, all fenced and improved. Politically, Mr. Fry is a democrat. October 28, 1870, he married Mrs. Louisa DeWitt { Mary Louisa (Wiggins) DeWitt }, born in Hallowell, Maine, October 2, 1839. She was the widow of Franklin DeWitt, by whom she had five children: Arthur F., born in Iowa, May 17, 1859; Carrie E., Iowa, March 8, 1862; Walter B., Honey Lake valley, October 22, 1864, Oscar M., Honey Lake valley, December 31, 1865; George Orrin, Honey Lake valley, December 22, 1867. She has borne to Mr. Fry three children, all in Honey Lake valley: William Herbert, May 26, 1872; Harvey Ray, April 7, 1876; Cora Bell, November 7, 1877. Carrie was married in January, 1877, to S. C. Whitten, and resides in Modoc county.

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J. P. Garratt { John Preston Garrett } (pp. 405-406)
He was born in Warren county, Kentucky, August 3, 1832. Four years later, the family moved to Callaway county. In 1855 he crossed the plains to this state, and mined two years in Shasta county. He then returned to Kentucky, but came to this state again in 1862, settling in Honey Lake valley. In 1864 he bought 160 acres of land from J. A. Scott, six miles east of Susanville, on which he still resides. He is a member of the Susanville lodge of Masons. In politics, he is a republican. Mr. Garratt married Frances A. Shaw { Frances Ann (Trussell) Shaw }, February 18, 1864. She was born January 5, 1837. Their children are Clarence Shaw (step-son), born in Monroe county, Missouri, June 12, 1860; Emma, November 14, 1864; George, June 17, 1866; Alice, September 29, 1868; Anna, February 8, 1870; the last four in Lassen county.

Thomas Jefferson Glascock (p. 406)
He was born in Ralls county, Missouri, June 22, 1848. He attended school until 1863, when he accompanied his parents across the plains to California. They wintered in Colusa county, and then came to Milford, in Lassen county. He worked at carpentering until 1881, when he engaged in the hotel and livery business at Buntingville, which he still continues. October 8, 1878, he married Miss Laura Shinn, born in Grundy county, Missouri, September 20, 1858. They have one child, Viola Geniveve, born June 3, 1879. Mr. Glascock takes an independent stand in politics. He is a member of Lake Lodge No. 135, A. O. U. W.

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Philip J. Goumaz (p. 406)
The subject of this sketch was born in Switzerland, October 9, 1844. In the spring of 1851 his parents came to the United States. In 1852 they settled on a farm in Fayette county, Illinois, where his father died in 1855, and the mother in 1865. Philip remained on the farm until 1863, attending school in winter, when he came to California. He arrived in San Francisco by the Nicaragua route in April, 1863, and went to Plumas county. After farming there two years, he came to Honey Lake valley. In the fall of 1866 he bought his present ranch of 200 acres, three miles south-east of Susanville, where he has since been engaged in the stock business. Mr. Goumaz is a member of the lodge, chapter, and commandery of the Masonic order at Susanville. He is a republican in his political views. June 29, 1880, he married Miss Susan J., daughter of Captain E. S. and Sophia Talbot, born on the ship A. H. Stephens, off the coast of Peru, January 26, 1858.

George Greeno (p. 406)
This gentleman was born in Norfolk, Virginia, in April, 1824. When nine years of age he went to sea, and followed it for fifteen years, finally landing in California in 1850. He mined three years on the Yuba, and then went to Plumas county, where he built the Mountain House, between Spanish Ranch and Rich Bar. In 1857 he visited Honey Lake valley, and in 1859 located a ranch of 160 acres fifteen miles south of Milford, in Long valley, and engaged in stock-raising, with an unlimited range for his cattle. This has ever since been his home. In politics, Mr. Greeno is a democrat. He married Margaret (Wallace) Clark, of Susanville, born in Boston, June 3, 1840. She was married February 13, 1855, to M. L. Oakes, and again to C. B. Clark. Their children are George W., born September 23, 1872; Annie Frances, September 15, 1874. Mrs. Greeno’s children by her former marriages are James M. Oakes, born in Boston, January 1, 1857; Thomas A. Oakes, in Boston, February 12, 1858; Charles B. Clark, in Butte county, California, April 25, 1861; Mary L. Clark, in Susanville, March 10, 1867.

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William H. Hall (p. 505)
He is the son of Davis and Mary A. Hall, and was born in Oxford county, Maine, April 29, 1843, That same year his parents removed to Waltham, Hancock county, where our subject remained until 1861. He attended school until the age of sixteen when he commenced to learn the plumber’s trade. In February, 1861, he started for California, via the Isthmus, arriving in San Francisco March 6, of that year. He soon left for the interior of the state, coming directly to Honey Lake valley. Here he engaged in farming and teaming until 1869, when he went to White Pine, Nevada. Returning in 1870, he engaged in milling at Johnstonville, where he has since made his home, and in 1872 bought an interest in the Lassen Mills at that point. In 1875 he formed a copartnership with Mr. Snyder, with whom he has since continued. He is a member of Lassen Lodge No. 149, F. & A. M. In politics he is a republican. He was married December 4, 1875, to Miss Mary J. Sifford, who was born in Missouri, April 1, 1854. Their only child is Jesse, born July 4, 1879, in this county.

Wright P. Hall (pp. 406-407)
Since March, 1874, Mr. Hall has held the office of county clerk, and is one of the most popular men in the county, receiving his office at the hands of the republican party. He was born in Andover, Oxford county, Maine, April 26, 1834. He lived in Peru, in that county, until ten years of age, and then the family removed to Waltham, Massachusetts. His father worked at carpentering for twenty-five years, and then in the Newton Chemical Manufacturing Co.’s works about twenty-five years. At the age of seventeen, Wright P. left school and learned the hatter’s trade, becoming a partner in three years in a firm manufacturing and dealing in hats and furnishing goods. He came to California in 1858, arriving in San Francisco, via Panama, in April. He mined at Howland flat, Sierra county, and in Plumas county until June, 1860. He then came to Honey Lake valley and bought a ranch of 600 acres, six and one-half miles east of Susanville, where he resided until 1872, excepting three years spent in the lumber and hotel business at Crystal Peak, Nevada. Since 1872, when he sold his ranch, he has resided in Susanville; and since March, 1874, has been county clerk.   He is a member of the I.O.O.F, F. & A. M., and A.O.U.W. lodges at Susanville.  He owns a stock and dairy ranch twelve miles north-west of the town. October 11, 1860, he married Miss Mary J. Stickney, born in Whitingham, Vermont, July 4, 1833. They have four children: Charles E., born July 21, 1861; Mary E., June 3, 1864; Lewis D., August 31, 1868; Fred D., September 6, 1871. Mr. Hall first came here with his brother Samuel R. The next year Davis C., and a year later W. H., came. Davis C. died in Quincy, Plumas county, California.

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Hon. W. R. Harrison { William R. Harrison } (p. 375)
The successor to Judge Harvey on the county bench was Hon. W. R. Harrison, one of the early practitioners at the Lassen county bar. He was elected county judge in October, 1865, holding the position two years. In 1869 he was elected district attorney, but died in 1870 before his term had expired. He was a very fine scholar, learned in the law, and of exemplary private character. His loss was deeply deplored by all who had come within the circle of his friendship.

Charles Hartson (p. 407)
He was born in Montpelier, Vermont, January 31, 1842. He remained there eighteen years, attending school. In 1860 he went to New York, and in the spring of 1861 he came to California, via Panama, and farmed in Sacramento county about four years. He then spent twelve years in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, engaged in freighting and merchandising, and kept a hotel in Josephine county, Oregon, for eight years. After being in the stock business in Lake county, Oregon for a time, he came to Janesville in September, 1877. He has since been chiefly engaged in mining. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and A. O. U. W. lodges. In politics, he is a republican. September 20, 1865 he married Miss S. J. Marlett in Boise City, Idaho, born in Brown county, New York, April 17, 1848. Their children are George, born October 10, 1867, in Benton county, Oregon; Eva A., November 30, 1869, in Josephine county, Oregon; Frank E., April 5, 1872, in the same place; Elsie M., May 17, 1874, in same place; William, August 30, 1876, in Del Norte county, California; Kittie, February 22, 1878, in Lassen county; Hattie E., December 26, 1881, in Lassen county.

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Hon. J. W. Hendrick { James Westley Hendrick } (p. 377)
The superior judge of Lassen county was born at Bowling Green, Pike county, Missouri, November 4, 1851. When eleven years of age, he accompanied his mother to California, settling in Napa. He attended school at Oakland until 1866, when he went to Providence, R. I., and entered Brown University, from which he graduated with honor in 1872. He then returned to this state, and commenced the study of law with Messrs. Daingerfield & Olney of San Francisco. In 1873 he removed to Lassen county, and continued his studies in the office of Judge John S. Chapman, until 1875, when he was admitted to the bar of the supreme court at Sacramento. He then began the practice of his profession in Susanville, and has continued it successfully to the present time. In 1877 he received the republican nomination for district attorney, and was elected. He gave general satisfaction with the manner in which he conducted the office, and in 1879 was elected superior judge of the county. He has been on the bench two years, and by prompt, terse, and logical decisions, has won the respect of the bar and the confidence of the people. January 1, 1879, he married Miss Annie H., daughter of Hon. John S. Ward. They have two children: Jennie E., born October 25, 1879, and Mary E., August 7, 1881.

Samuel Hoffman (p. 407)
He was born is Sussex county, New Jersey, December 8, 1834. In his infancy the family removed to Ingham county, Michigan, where they engaged in farming. He worked at home until twenty-three years of age, teaching school in winter the last five years. In April, 1862, he started overland to California, coming direct to Lassen county. In the fall of 1863 he bought a farm of 320 acres, three miles east of Janesville, where he has since resided. It is all agricultural land, well improved, and having a good residence and farm buildings. For twelve years he served as school trustee, and then declined to hold the position longer. In politics, he is a democrat. He is a member of Honey Lake Lodge No. 233, I. O. O. F. April 22, 1860, in Ingham county, Michigan, he married Miss Rosetta Haines, born in Washtenaw county, Michigan, May 23, 1836. Their children were all born in this county; Floyd B., August 4, 1863; Marcus William, October 20, 1865; Carrie E., September 27, 1869; James O., September 14, 1873, died September 22, 1880; Eva Leona, July 4, 1881.

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Edmond Hudson (p. 407)
He is a native of Madison county, Illinois, where he was born October 9, 1843. He farmed in that state till 1870, chiefly in Clinton county, when he came to California, and settled in Placer county. There he farmed ten years; and in August, 1881, bought the Boody farm of 320 acres, five miles east of Janesville, Lassen county. In politics, he is a democrat. Mr. Hudson was married September 25, 1865, to Miss Alley Myers of Clinton county, Illinois, born October 7, 1845. They have eight children; William G., born June 3, 1867; Lucinda J., February 13, 1869; Nancy C. March 22, 1871; George A., August 11, 1873; Posey A., August 13, 1875; Clara J., September 20, 1877; Josephus, April 14, 1879; Minnie May, November 24, 1880, The first two were born in Bond county, Illinois; the others in Placer county, California.

John F. Hulsmann (pp. 501-502)
He was born February 18, 1837, in Prussia. He, with his sister, came to the United States when he was sixteen years of age, and settled in St. Louis, Missouri. He traveled over the western states considerably, prior to 1860, when he came overland to California, and settled in Honey Lake valley in August of that year. In 1863 he bought a portion of the ranch he now owns, and to which he has from time to time added. He now owns 1,040 acres of agricultural timber-land, which is situated about seven miles south-east of Susanville. Mr. Hulsmann was married February 5, 1870, to Miss Hannah Vogt, also a native of Prussia. To them have been born the following children: William, born April 1, 1872; Herman and Henry, February 14, 1874; Ida, May 15, 1876; Louise, April 13, 1878; Fritz, March 8, 1880. Henry died February 13, 1880.

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Dr. George Hurley (p. 503)
He was born at Pomeroy, Meigs county, Ohio, June 15, 1850. When fifteen years of age his parents, with his family, removed to Kansas, where he soon commenced the study of medicine, and graduated at the Medical college of Keokuk, Iowa. In 1871 he came to California, and to Susanville in 1875, where he practiced his profession until his death, which occurred August 6, 1880. He was married February 16, 1880, to Mrs. M. E. Bennett. Doctor Hurley was a man of fine education, and was esteemed by all who knew him. He was a Master Mason before coming to Susanville, having received the degrees of the chapter and commandery, and was buried by the Masonic order here. A large concourse of citizens attended the funeral.

D. C. Hyer { David Campbell Hyer } (pp. 407-408)
The present treasurer of Lassen county, was born in Dayton county, Wisconsin, August 12, 1849. In December, 1872, he came to Susanville, where he has since resided. He was in the post-office a short time, then engaged in mining, and then spent three years with surveying parties. In July, 1867, he formed a copartnership with John C. Partridge, and the firm of Partridge & Hyer conducted an extensive merchandising business until September, 1880, when Mr. Hyer retired from the firm. In 1879 he was elected county treasurer, his term expiring January 1, 1883. In November, 1880, he purchased the Lassen Advocate, and published it with A. L. Shinn until April, 1881, when he sold out. Later, the same year, he opened a variety store in Susanville, which business at present occupies his attention. In politics, Mr. Hyer is a democrat. In 1877, he ran for the office of school superintendent, and was beaten by only nine votes. He is a member of the Masonic, Odd Fellows, and A. O. U. W. lodges of Susanville. December 25, 1879, he married Miss Helena Streshley, born in Lassen county in January, 1860.

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