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Welcome to the Amador County Photo Album!
If you have old photographs, paintings or drawings of people, places and life in early Amador County you are welcome to post them here. Just e-mail me a copy along with as much information as you know about the image and I'll post it online.

Andrew Martin Ray Family - Photo and genealogy. Submitted by coppes
Ione Roll of Honor - Submitted by Jacquelyn Mosher, this is a plaque placed in October 1942 honoring the names of every serviceman in Ione Township who was serving at that time in the Armed Forces during World War II.
Amador City -   Photo of Amador City in the 1860's. Submitted by Bill Baccus.
Samuel Plummer Allen - Several photographs of this Amador County native son. Submitted by David Plummer.

Alexander Sutter Allen - The first Caucasian child born in Amador County? Submitted by David Plummer.
Allison's of Plymouth - Photos & short genealogy of the Allison family & their ranch in Plymouth. Submitted by Art Michaelis.
Unknown Photo - The owner lived in Sutter Creek. I don't know who the people are in the picture but I think it is Sutter Creek. Submitted by Diane Hall.
Mary Elizabeth & Isabella Clara Turin - Submitted by Diane Hall.
Martha "Mattie" Warren Perkins -
Photos of her and her family. Submitted by Bob Juch
Perkins Store - Perkins Store front in Ione and three unidentified gentlemen.  Submitted by Nan Wolf.
Edward Randolph Yates - Photo and Caption from an ancestry text. Submitted by S Smith

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 Lewis Ruddick

December 13, 2015