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In the Fiddletown cemetery, in the older upper part, there are the graves of the YATES family. There are no markers for two of the Yates children. To the right of E.R. and Abigail lay the graves of two of their children who died young. They are: girl child, which is Louisa Virginia Yates and boy child, Edward Randolph Yates 3rd. Next to them are J. H and R. E. Yates. The children's graves are unmarked, but this information has been in our family for several years. I recently went to the graves, and saw the children had no headstones. It may already be recorded in some county records, but if not, this may help you and your records or other decendents of the YATES family who are doing research too. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me. Sumbitted by: Emma E. Borys

A transcription of a letter written by Hiram Lewis Allen to his wife, Mary Jane Plummer Allen, in February 1855. Submitted by David Plummer "When transcribing the letter I have done so without making any corrections in spelling or punctuation." - David

Carson Canon Feb. 18/55

My dear wife

                   I am still well and with hope that you and
the little boys are the same. I am very anxious to see you & the
children but fear that I shall not be able to come over very
soon for the mountains are blocked up now very deep
Men that live in the mountains say the snow is ten feet
deep there it has been an uncommon hard cold winter here for
this place it has been storming here for several days and the
snow is quite deep now in the valley but a few days of warm sun
will thaw it off. I am anxious to hear how you are getting along
I want you to write and let me know how you all are doing
and if you want any help write and let me know it and I
will send send you some. I want you to write me a long
letter and tell me all the news tell if you have had
much rain there and if Mule Town is improving very
fast and if David and his girl have dissoved partnership
for good & c. & c. The Cal. mail has not come in yet I am
in hopes of getting a letter from you when it comes and
until I get an answer from the one I sent last I don’t
know what else to write so I will close after saying kiss
the little boys for me.                                          

Yours in love
Hiram L. Allen

"San Andreas, California [Copied from record on wall of Museum in San Andreas, California --- September 1972]
The heading is "Family Register"
William Warren, born 14 November 1806
Olive Chandler, born 20 November 1806 - marr January 1833 at Turners by Allen Greeley
Pancy  Warren, born 20 November, died 8 September 1835
William H P Warren, born 18 April 1836
Homer G Warren, born 1 December 1836
Frances Warren, born 18 July 1838
Pancy A Warren, born 24 January 1840, died 26 September 1849
Henry Warren, born 14 February 1842, died 1 January 1843
Henry P Warren, born 5 November 1843, died 19 September 1849
Abbey Warren, born 10 March 1841
Lucy Ann Warren, born 3 May 1849

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