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Pioneer Stories

The following pioneer stories were graciously submitted by researchers with Amador County roots and/or ties. They are posted here for your reading enjoyment only. Hopefully you will pick up some insight into the gold rush times and the lives that our pioneer forefathers chose to lead and endure. Please remember that the material contained within is copyrighted by it's respective owner. As such, you are prohibited by law from copying or using any of this material without written permission and authorization of the copyright holder.

Do You Have A Story?
If you have a Pioneer Story that you would like to share on this site then please e-mail it to me and I will see that it gets posted. The only restrictions are;

  1. You must own all copyrights to the story (or have written permission from the copyright holder).
  2. The story must be about a person, place or event within Amador County during it's early history.

Mary Jane Plummer - By David Plummer.
Amanda Nichols - Submitted by
Jacquelyn Mosher
Grant Sidney Palmer's Boyhood in the California Gold-Rush Country, 1860's - 1870's - An autobiography contributed by Erin Macdonald-Grimm.
Rocco Caminetti - Submitted by Steve Illum
1859 Barbour Letter- Submitted by Susan Williamson



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 Lewis Ruddick

August 6, 2012