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Calaveras County History Resources

Calaveras County Archives-Perhaps the Best in California!

by Ken Tessendorff

I had two ancestors who lived in Calaveras county from 1857 through 1872. When I first attempted to research records in this county, I found very few historical books had been written about this area and very little was available from the LDS Family History Library. Fortunately, a letter to the Calaveras County Recorder led me to the Calaveras County Archives and Mrs. Lorrayne Kennedy, Archivist.

At some point in the past, the people at Calaveras County decided to deposit their old government records in one central archives and appoint an archivist to look after them and do research for anyone requesting information from these documents. Considering the size of Calaveras County compared with other counties in California, I am amazed at what a wonderful job they have done. Population wise this is one of the smaller counties in our state, but they have managed to put to shame most other California counties.

Mrs. Kennedy answers all requests and does all research. By using this method, the records are protected from vandalism and a complete and efficient search is made by this lady who is familiar with the documents. It may take several months for your research request to reach the top of her stack, but it is definitely worth the wait. Here is a list of some of the records she will search:

U. S. Census, 1850-1910 Homesteads Birth Records Mining Claims Marriage Records Patents Cemetery Records Newspapers Great Registers Assessment Rolls Probates Mortgages Inquests Declaration of Intention Abstracts of Judgment Naturalization Co-Partnerships Frances Bishop Research Cards Attachments-Lis Pendens Las Calaveras Criminal Cases Mechanic's Leans District Court Cases Bonds, Letters & Wills Articles of Incorporation Agreements/Powers of Attorney Deeds Execution Cases Bills of Sale

In addition to those records listed above, Mrs. Kennedy discovered, in 1995, a cache of early Calaveras County records dating back to the early 1860s. These included marriage licenses, naturalization papers, divorce records, court cases, etc. She is now in the process of filing these records with those already in the Archives. Some extremely important records included in this cache were original Applications for Naturalization Papers. These are not Declarations of Intention, but applications made for naturalization and included the place of birth of the applicant and the year he arrived in this country. This information was not always included on Declarations of Intention in California until after 1900. This might be one of the only counties in California where these applications still exist.

You can see by the above list that it would be possible to retrieve a tremendous amount of information about one individual or family. I ordered two searches and a typical response included the following information:

1. A cover letter from Mrs. Kennedy outlining her findings.
2. Five typed pages abstracted from original records that could not easily be photocopied. They included information on naturalization, census records, deeds, tax assessment rolls, marriages, divorces, and much more.
3. Approximately 60 photocopies of original documents.

All this was done at a very reasonable cost and in a far more efficient manner than I could have done it, had I had access to the records.

Other California counties should take note of what Calaveras has done. Unfortunately, important historical records in other areas of our state are being destroyed or, using the guise of "protecting" these documents, they are being locked up in or relocated to depositories where access if difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. There they sit to gather dust and benefit no one.

Calaveras County, the Calaveras County Archives, and Mrs. Lorrayne Kennedy are to be commended. Rather than tie up their records in bureaucratic red tape, they have had the courage and determination to preserve and make available those records that are rich with valuable historical information about an exciting and colorful period of California history.

The piece above written by KenTessendorff is a tribute to her quiet and steady effort.

On Monday, August 19, 2002, Calaveras County lost one of its greatest history and genealogical resources. Mrs. Lorrayne Kennedy, Archivist, at the Calaveras County Archives passed away after suffering a stroke.  Rest in peace lovely lady.

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"Pioneer Days of Angels Camp" by Edna Bryan Buckbee      Bobby Dobbins Title
Contains names of people in old Angel's Camp (Now out of print)

Important to remember:

Neighboring Amador County was once part of Calaveras County. If you can not find your family member in here, check Amador County

Applications for Marriage Licenses in Calaveras County  1927 to 1951

Calaveras Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 184
Angels Camp, CA 95222-184

Their only publication is the Froghorn newsletter which is printed 4 times per year and is included with membership.

This is a small society and they don't have an official policy on queries, but they will try to answer questions, if time permits. There is no charge.

They have a genealogy collection at the:

Calaveras County Central Library
891 Mountain Ranch Rd.
San Andreas, CA 95249 

Calaveras Historical Society
30 North Main St.
P. O Box 721
San Andreas, CA 95249-0721

They are a historical society and museum.

Activities: Society members serve to keep the county museum open 7 days a week from 10-4.
Hours: Office: 9-4, Monday-Friday
Contact: Jill Gray, Office manager

Important - See Notice at top of this page
Calaveras County Archives
P. O. Box 1281
46 North Main St.
San Andreas, CA 95249
Open:  8:30-4, Thursday and Friday, except for holidays

Research Request Form   This is the form to use to make research request downloading requires Adobe Acrobat

List of Research Materials  Downloadable list

"ALL" research is done by the Archivist and assistants.  You can "NOT" do your own research at this facility.
This is probably the best place in Calaveras County to order research, since almost all old county records are located here.

Fees:  Research at $10 per hour, with a one hour minimum, 8 1/2" x 11" and 11" x 17" copies at $.025 each with an additional cost
for oversize (ledger size) copies.

The following is a partial list of records and items held at the Calaveras Archives.

U.S. Census, 1850-1910
Birth Records
Marriage Records
Cemetery Records
Great Registers
Criminal Cases
Attachments- -Lis Pendens
Execution Cases
Abstracts of Judgment
District Court Cases
Bills of Sale
Articles of Incorporation
Mining Claims
Assessment Rolls
Declaration of Intention
Mechanics Liens
Bonds, Letters & Wills
Agreements/Powers of Attorney
Frances Bishop Research Cards
Las Calaveras


Marriage Books
Death Certificates

See Notice at top of this page

Mokolumne Hill Historical Society
8367 Center Street
Mokolumne Hill, CA

They are a historical society and house museum which seeks to preserve records.

Number of members: 125
Hours: Winter: 11-3, Sat and Sun; Summer: 1-5, Fri-Sun
Contact: Doris Tyrrell, President (209-286-1510)


CH Cal 1885 Facs. Calaveras County illustrated and described, showing its advantages for homes. Oakland: W. W. Elliott and Company, 1885; Fresno: Valley Publishers, 1976. Facsimile ed.

A Memorial and Biographical History of the Counties of Merced, Stanislaus, 
Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa, California 
The Lewis Publishing Company - 1892 

If anyone has this text in either version and is willing to do look ups please contact me so that I can list you as a resource.


Found in current Amador County
  • Lancha Plana
  • Camp Union
  • French Camp
  • Camp O'pera 
  • Townerville
  • Middle Bar
  • Big Bar
  • Quincy
  • Muletown
  • Live Oak
  • Carbondale
  • Ranlett
  • Copper Hill
  • Musicdale
  • Butte City
  • Doschville
  • Irishtown
  • Irish Hill
  • Upper Rancheria
  • American Flat
  • Lower Rancheria 
  • Summit City
  • Forest Home
  • Fort John
  • Misery Flat
  • Enterprise
  • Spanish Gulch
  • Aquaduct
  • Jackass Gulch
  • Santa Maria Gulch 
  • Columbia Bar
  • China Gulch
  • Union Bar
  • Put's Bar
  • Fort Ann
  • Arkansas Ferry
  • Contreras
  • Slabtown
  • Pokerville
  • Jacalito
  • Chaparral Hill
  • Winters Bar
  • Poverty Bar
  • Copper Center 
  • Blood Gulch
  • Yeomet
  • Button Willow
  • Quien Sabe?
  • Found in Calaveras County
    Abbeys Ferry
    Alabama: Gulch, Hill
    Albany Flat
    Alto Mining District
    Angels: Camp, Creek
    Angier House
    Bakers Claim
    Balaklava Hill
    Bald Hill
    Bear: Mountains,   Creek
    Big Bar
    Big Flat
    Black Creek
    Blue Mountain: City District
    Boston Companys Bar
    Boston Mine
    Bostwick Bar
    Buckeye: Flat, Hill, Gulch
    Buena Vista Hill
    Buntys Gulch
    Butte Flat
    Byrnes Ferry
    Calaveritas: Creek, Hill
    Camp Catarrh
    Camp Flores
    Campo de los Muertos
    Campo Seco
    Camp Senorita
    Camp Spirito
    Carson: Creek, Hill, Flat, town
    Cat Camp
    Catts Camp
    Cave City
    Cayote or Cayute
    Central Hill: Central Hill Channel
    Chaparral Hill
    Chaparral Tunnel
    Cherokee: House, Creek, Flat
    Chilean Gulch
    Chili Camp
    Chili Gulch
    China Bar
    Cisna Hill
    Clays Bar
    Collierville District
    Corral Flat
    Coyote: Gulch, Creek
    Dead Mans Hill
    Diamond Bar
    Double Springs
    Douglass Flat
    Dry Diggings
    Duck Bar
    Dunning Claim
    Dutchmans Gulch
    El Dorado
    El Dorado: Bar, Flat
    Ella Mine
    Eutaw Camp
    Filibuster Bar
    Forks of the Road
    Fourth Crossing
    French Camp
    French Gulch
    French Hill
    German Ridge
    Gold Cliff
    Golden Gate Hill
    Gold Hill
    Gospel: Flat, Gulch, Swamp
    Grand Bar
    Grape Vine District
    Grub Hill
    Gwin Mines
    Hanselman Hill
    Happy Valley
    Hawk Eye
    Hodson District
    Hog Hill
    Indian Creek
    Indian Flat
    Indian Gulch
    Iowa Cabins
    Iron Mountain
    James Bar
    Jenks Ranch
    Jenny Bar
    Jenny Lind
    Jesus Maria
    Joe Wallace Gulch
    John Bull Diggings
    Jones Flat
    Kentucky House
    Kohlbergs Humbug
    Les Fourcades
    Licking Forks
    Lightner Mine
    Long: Gulch, Canyon
    Los Muertos
    Lost City
    Lower Bar
    Lower Calaveritas
    Lower Rich Gulch
    McKinneys Humbug
    McLeans: Bar, Ferry
    Madison Mine
    Maloneys; Meloneys
    Marble Springs
    Martins Bar

    Mesquite District
    Moaning Cave
    Mokelumne: Diggings, Gulch
    Mekolumne Hill
    Morgan: Ground, Slope
    Mosquito Gulch
    Mountain King Mine
    Mountain Ranch
    Murrays Creek
    Negro Hill
    New Boston Company Bar
    New York Bar
    Nigger Gulch
    Nigger Hill
    North Branch
    North Hill
    Nyes Ferry
    O'Byrne Ferry
    Old Channel
    Old Gulch
    Old Womans Gulch
    OnEils: Creek, Bar
    Otter Bar
    Owlsburg, Owlburrow Flat
    Pennsylvania Gulch
    Petticoat Mine
    Phoenix Company Bar
    Picaune Gulch
    Pine Log
    Pleasant Springs
    Pomfrets Hill
    Poverty Bar
    Prussian Hill
    Quail Hill
    Quaker City Mine
    Ragged Breeches Bar
    Ragtown: Ragtown Hill
    Rail Road Flat
    Red Flat Hill
    Red Hill
    Reynolds Ferry
    Rich Gulch
    Rio Rico Mines
    Rio Saco Mines
    Robinsons Ferry
    Rock Creek
    Royal Mine
    Sailor Gulch
    Salt Spring Valley
    San Andreas
    San Antonio
    San Bruno
    San Domingo
    Sandy Bar
    Sandy Gulch
    San Jacinto
    San Pascal
    Scollans Camp
    Scorpion Gulch
    Second Crossing
    Sheep Ranch
    Shorts Bar
    Skull Flat
    Slab Rock
    Smith Flat District
    Snake Gulch
    Soher & Parrish's Bridge
    Solomons Hole
    South Carolina Mine
    Spanish Bar
    Spring Gulch
    Squaw Hollow
    Stanislaus Diggings
    Steep Gulch
    Stockton Hill
    Stone Cabin Gulch
    Stone: City, House, Creek, Settlement
    Stuarts: Hill, Flat
    Sweet Vengeance
    Swiss Bar
    Talbots Hill
    Taylors Bar
    Telegraph City
    Texas House
    Third Crossing
    Tunnel Hill
    Twists Ranch
    Two Mile Bar
    Two Springs
    Union Bar
    Upper: Bar, Ferry
    Upper Calaveritas
    Upper Rich Gulch
    Utica Mine
    Valentine Hill
    Valley Springs
    Vermont Bar
    Wades Flat
    Wards Diggings
    Washington: Flat, Ranch
    Waynes Bar
    West Point
    Wet Gulch
    Whale Boat Ferry
    Whales Bar
    Whiskey: Gulch, Flat, Hill
    Whiskey Slide
    Whit's Bar
    Willow Bar
    Willow Springs
    Wilson Creek
    Winters Bar
    Yaqui Camp


    Area Cemeteries

    Link to Cemetery Web page "California's Calaveras County Cemeteries".

    Family History Centers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    SUTTER CREEK 12924 Ridge Rd. 209-267-1139

    Family Bible Records in Calaveras County
    Please send your Family Bible transcriptions to us and we'll put them here for you and your family! 

    (Submitted and © 1997 by Ruth Ann Bagley. All rights reserved.)
    Wales > Pennsylvania (Schuylkill, Luzerne, and Lackawanna Counties) Some believed to have migrated to New York (Madison and Onondaga Counties) Some migrated to California (Calaveras and Alameda Counties)

    Thomas J. Reese was born Oct 8th 1807
    Ann wife of the above was born March 29th 1810
    Mary Reese Daughter of the above was born October 22nd 1828
    Cathrine Reese was born July 29th 1830
    Jane Reese was born March 16th 1832
    Eli Reese was born June 4th 1834
    Thomas and Fredrk were born March 22nd 1836
    John Reese was born October 19th 1838
    David Reese was born Feb 1st 1841
    Jacob Reese was born March 22nd 1844
    Samuel Reese was born Dec 7th 1846
    Margret Ann Reese born March 19th 1850
    Angeline Reese born April 13th 1852 Died July 30 1933

    Thomas Reese Son of Thomas and Ann Reese died May 20th 1836
    Margret Ann Reese, Daughter of Thomas and Ann Reese, died March 22nd 1850
    Mrs. Jane Price died December 14th 1850
    David Reese Son of Thomas and Ann Reese was wounded August 20th and died Dec 20th 1864 at Andersonville Georgia
    Mrs. Ann Reese wife of Thos J. Reese Died Dec 9th 1880 Age 70 yr 8 mo. 9 days
    Mr. Thomas J. Reese died Oct 15th 1881 Age 74 yrs 8 days
    Eli, son of Thos & Ann Reese died April 19(blurred) 1885
    Mrs. Cathren Batten died Oct 28th 1899. Age 69 yrs
    Mrs. Jane Price died Oct 15th 1901 age 69 years
    Fredrk Reese died Dec 11th 1901 age 66 years
    Mrs. Mary James Died May 19th 1905 age 76 yr
    John H. Smith Died July 2nd 1906 Age 58 yr
    Claude K. Smith (Son of John H. and Angeline Smith) died Jan 23 1932 Age 41 yrs 9 mo. 5 days
    Angeline Reese Smith (daughter of Thos J. and Ann Reese) died July 30 1933 Age 81 yrs. 3 mo. 17 days

    Mary Reese to Wm P James December 23rd Dec 1844
    Jane Reese to Wm Price Dec 1849
    Cathrine Reese to John Batten 1850
    John Reese to Sarah Connag [or Connaq?] June 1863
    Samuel Reese to Mary Weaklin [or Weaklim?] Feb 2nd 1866 Friday 8:40 p.m.
    Jacob Reese to Annie Richards Feb 22nd 1866
    Eli Reese to Belinda Seligman August 8th 1866
    John H. Smith to Angie Reese May 11th 1881

    R. A. Bagley e-mail:

    William Reddick b. Wytheville, VA 1807, to OH c. 1840 , to CA in 1848 w/brother Frank, family to Calaveras CA 1854:   1962 Letter from Rupert Reddick, Altaville, CA.

    Md. Eliz. "Betsy" Songer b. 1812, in Wythe 1828 (December 12).   Although there were 13 children born, four came with parents to California by 1854. In 1856 they took over 4th Crossing, hotel and stage stop between San Andreas and Angels' Camp. Frank had gone on to San Bernardino by then.
    Children who came here with William and Betsy: Kate, Mary, John and Frank.
    · John B. Reddick became an Assemblyman and Lt. Governor "under Gov. Markham, early 1890s."
    · Frank md. Alice Burnham of Calaveras and they had four children: two girls and two boys, Rupert being the youngest, Effie Tower and Maud Howell.  Frank died in 1888, mother remarried George Bouldin.  She lived to 103 or 104, and an 1960s article indicates there were at least three granddaughters and two great granddaughters.

    One entry in Wythe County spells the surname as "RADICK" and Raddick.

    Seeking any information on this William Reddick and on John Burke Reddick.  Contact

    Lassen Advocate
    Friday, July 18, 1953
    Susanville, CA

    Funeral services for Mrs. Mary L. Fielding, 78m who died in a hospital in San Andreas, Calif., on July 13, were held Wednesday, July 15, from Gardella Mortuary Chapel in San Andreas.  Interment was in People's Cemetery at San Andreas.
      A native of Springfield, Ill., the deceased is survived by her husband, Jam, San Andreas; three sons, Charles W. and Ray Fielding, both of Susanville, and George Fielding, Altaville, Calif.; six daughters, Mrs. Nellie Mankins, Susanville, Mrs. Elsie Beurkins, El Cerrito, Calif., Mrs. Grace Ruoff, Napa, Calif., Mrs. Betty Hengen, San Andreas, Mrs. Vera Hylen, Vallejo, Calif., and Mrs. Edith Brown, Selma, Ala.  Also surviving are 20 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.
      Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Mankins and Wallace, Charles Fielding, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fielding, all of Susanville, attended the funeral services.


    Find A Grave Memorial# 49725537

    Area Newspapers
    Angels Camp
    Calaveras California
    PO Box 9,   Angels Camp, CA  95222

    Sierra Sentinel News
    PO Box A,   Arnold, CA  95223

    Calaveras Ledger Dispatch
    PO Box 1328,   Jackson, CA  95642

    San Andreas
    Calaveras Enterprise
    Box 1197,  San Andreas, CA   95249

    San Andreas area
    Calaveras County Archives
    30 N. Main Box 1281,  San  Andreas, CA  95249
    Newspapers: Calaveras Weekly Chronicle Oct 18-Nov 8,1851.

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