History of Mendocino & Lake Counties

By Aurelius O. Carpenter

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1914

Names beginning G through L

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Lewis M. Ruddick with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Copies of the biographies may be obtained from:
Held Poage Memorial Home and Research Library
603 W. Perkins Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 462-6969

We would suggest sending a minimum of $2.00 and a legal sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope. You need to include the name of the book, the name of the individual and the page of the biography.

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Name Page Researcher
G[Return to Jump Site]
Galletti, Charles 927
Gamberg, August 922
Gambrel, Edward 193
Garner, Fred W. 931
Garner, John E 608
Garner, John 252
Garner, Leland J. 574
Gaspar, Manuel 901
Gavin, John  953
Gibbs, George H 956
Gibson, Edwin 431
Gibson, John R 829
Goforth, Frank M 908
Goforth, George W 910
Golden, George 613
Goldsmith, William C 188
Good, Prof. Roy 797
Goodwin, Charles 790
Gordon, George R 405
Gowan, Ernest A 874
Graham, Nathan 532
Graham, Willis N 770
Granholm, John I 976
Grant, George W 656
Gravier, Edward A 970
Green, Arthur W 467
Greenough, Ralph C 628
Gregory, Lester C., M. D 841
Grindle, Joshua 911
Grist, John W 987
Grothe Brothers 1043
Gruwell, Will W 894
Guenza, John 550
Gummerus, John F 900
Gunn, James A 281
H[Return to Jump Site]
Hall, Frank K. 926
Hall, Parker L. 828
Halliday, Joseph C 224
Ham, John T. 946
Hamer, George L. 759
Hammond, Col. Charles M. 160
Handy, Fred C 291
Handy, Percy W 806
Handy, Philo 806
Hanen, William 789
Hansen, Chris 390
Hansen, Hans P 635
Hansen, Henry 719
Hanson, John E 922
Hanson, Rufus T 914
Hardell, P. O 975
Hargrave, Charles M 617
Hargrave, Walter 570
Harrington, Harry 798
Harris, James A 276
Harris, Joseph W 800
Haskett, Guy 372
Haskett, Mrs. Miranda B 540
Haun, Andrew 1027
Haydon, Hiram B 875
Haydon, Mrs. Eugenia 988
Heckendorf, Henry D 859
Heeser, William 850
Helm, Mrs. A. M 727
Hemenway, Charles L 670
Hendricks, Greenbury 470
Hendricks, John B 470
Hendricks, LaFayette 207
Herrick, Hamlin W. 458
Herrick, Silas B 459
Hewlett, George 1033
Heyward, George T 174
Heyward, Jesse 442
Hildreth, William J 744 Jan Hildreth
Himmelwright, Edwin Y 528
Hoberg, Gustav 595
Hoberg, Max G 595
Hoberg, Mrs. Mathilda 595
Hoffman, John P 320
Hogshead, John S., M. D 601
Holbrook, Eugene E 307
Holzhauser, L. J 747
Hopland Stock Farm 863
Hopper, Laurance C 858
Howard, Peter M 378
Howe, Newton P 729 Sally Mireles
Hudson, Taliaferro F 738 Kendall Hudson
Huggins, Eri 804
Hunter, William C 871
Hurt, Andrew J. 484
Hurt, Charles H 178
Hutsell, Robert T 730
Hyvari & Karjamaki 903
I[Return to Jump Site]
Incerti, Romeo 907
Ingran;, Daniel C. 677
Irvine, Charles A 666
Irwin, Hettie 303
Iversen, M. H. 373
J[Return to Jump Site]
Jago, Louis 995
Jefferson, Alexander 428
Johnson, David T 199
Johnson, Hans C 525
Johnson, John C 457
Johnson, Matthew 939
Jones, Alpheus Z 249
Jones, Eli V 872
Jones, Herbert M 885
Jones, John W 728
Jones, P. C 629
K[Return to Jump Site]
Kaarto, Rev. Otto 982
Keeling, Herbert V 377
Keithly, Jacob A 1000
Kelley, James W 967
Kelly, William H 846
Kennedy, Albert H 222
Kennedy, Alexander W 221
Kennedy, Hiram 218
Kennedy, Thomas 1016
Kent, Nathaniel W 217
Kerr, James M 346
Kesey, James A 1009
Kiblinger, George W 1030
Kimball, John S 754
Knight, Charles L 965
Kuhn, Charles 1013
L[Return to Jump Site]
Lake County Title & Abstract Co 982
Lakeport Public Library 694
Lamb, Mrs. Elizabeth A 882
LaMotte, Harry D 918
Langermann, Fred 356
Langland, Mrs. Clora 255
Lappinen, Andrew 966
Larsen, Carl L 870
Lendrum, Birney A., M. D 1002
LeValley, Don Z 906
Lewis, George C 304
Lewis, William 959
Liftchild, Judson, M. D 384
Lind, John 447
Lindstrom, John H 971
Little, Henry W 721
Lobree, Philip 582
Long, Edward H 214
Loring, Fred N 581
Lovell, Henry S 818
Lowell, A. J 1024
Lundquist, Amelia 1005
Lundquist, Levi 1003
Lynch, Martin L 821
Lyon, George A 825

Lewis M. Ruddick

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