History of Mendocino & Lake Counties

By Aurelius O. Carpenter

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1914

Names beginning M through R

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Lewis M. Ruddick with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Copies of the biographies may be obtained from:
Held Poage Memorial Home and Research Library
603 W. Perkins Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 462-6969

We would suggest sending $2.00 and a legal sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope. You need to include the name of the book, the name of the individual and the page of the biography.

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Name Page Researcher
M[Return to Jump Site]
MacKerricher, Duncan 499
Malpas, Lathrop, M. D 355
Mannon, James M 243
Manzini, A. & Co 876
Markkula, Matt 183
Marshall, Robert E 1027
Martella, Pietro 234
Martin, Stephen B 737
Martinazzi, Martin 877
Mason, James D 575
Mathews, Charles W 313
Mathews, Charles W 405
Mathews, Shafter 238
Mathison, Charles J 1017
Mattern, Herman 869
May, Charles F 553
McAbee, Samuel T 867 James Wesley Rawles
McCabe, William B 938
McCarty, Eugene G 868
McCowen, Hale 171
McCracken, Joseph L 873
McDonald, A. W 908
McDonald, Alexander C 432
McElroy, Harry L 765
McFaul, Charles A 544
McGee, Hugh P 954
McGlashan, John 193
McIntire, Charles 512
McIntire, David F 515
McIntire, Murdock 512
McKinley, Charles 622
McKinley, George E 489
McKinley, Sidney H 486
McKinney, Harold H 812
McPeak, Eugene 324
McSpadden, James O 357
Meddaugh, Oscar E 362
Mendenhall, Adolphus 272
Mendenhall, Joseph 823
Mendocino State Hospital 172
Mero, Charles W 915
Middleton, Granville A 510
Millar, David 947
Millberry, Percy H 699
Miller, Curtis A 483
Miller, Fritz F 720
Miller, G. Milton 743
Milliken, Horace F, 211
Mills, Mrs. Lucinda M 387
Montague, Henry W 992
Montgomery, J. A 740
Moore & Bacon 707
Morgan, Lauriston  835
Morrell, Albert F 933
Morris, W. R 196
Morris, William 602
Morrison, Frederick L 533
Morrison, George E 708
Morrison, Samuel L 708
Morrison, William S 883
Morton, John J 834
Mosier, Francis L 991
Moulton, Arthur F 1042
Muir, Henry B 659
Mulson, Henry 522
N[Return to Jump Site]
Neal, George H 229
Nelson, Gust 414
Nelson, J. A 832
Newman, John G 630
Nichalson, William J 693
Noel, Frank W 176
Noel, Mrs. Alonzo E 983
Nonella, Peter 980
Norton, Frank J 891
Nott, J. Ridley, M. D 949
O[Return to Jump Site]
Olson, A. B 887
Olson, Mrs. A. B 888
O'Neal, Philip 944
Ordway, Ed 1041
Ordway, Ira 817
Ornbaun, William F 880 Charles Williams
Orr, Samuel M 760
Orr, Samuel 760
Osborn, George K., M. D 439
Overholser, John 974
P[Return to Jump Site]
Packwood, John I 468 Christine E. Gaunt
Packwood, Samue1 T 644 Christine E. Gaunt
Parker, Thomas 1004
Parr, Eugene 538
Parrott, Benjamin R 212
Paulson, Christ 592
Pedretti, Charles 899
Peirsol, Frank C., M. D 980
Pemberton, Bennett 1037
Pemberton, James E 1037
Percy, Edwin H., Jr 967
Persico, Francisco 651
Peterson, Lorenzo S 996
Pettis, John A 798
Phelps, Warren H 639
Phillips, Charles W 388
Phillips, W. S 460
Phillips, Walter L 881
Pickle, John W 517
Pinches, Samuel 1026
Piner, Mrs. Sarah S 902
Pitner, Oron B 433
Poage, William G 411
Polk, Robert T 843
Porter, Edward 162
Potter, Elijah R 366
Potter, William 271
Prather, Hale 879
Preston, Howard P 173
Preston, John W 237
Preston, Russell W., M. D 559
Puett, William L 781
Pullen, James 447
Pullen, Wilder S 764
Purcell, George E 862
Purlenky, George P., M. D 624
Pyhaluoto, Seth A. & Erick S 898
Q[Return to Jump Site]
Quarteroni, Giovanni 941
R[Return to Jump Site]
Rannells, Warren B 912
Rantala, August 905
Rantz, William D 771
Raudio, Charles 921
Rawles, Alexander N 785 James Wesley Rawles
Rea, Joseph N 937
Read, Joseph L 419
Redemeyer, J. A 753
Redwine,George R 381
Reed, Cyrus W 473
Reid, Capt. James M 713
Reynolds, Charles O 485
Rice, Samuel H 413
Richards, Robert L., M. D 172
Richardson, George W. 943
Riffe, Clyde A 531 Dana Riffe
Robinson, Jesse B., Sr. 819
Robinson, Jesse B.. 821
Robinson, John L 820
Rocca, Andrew 422
Rodgers, Terence 978
Rogers, James B 501
Rohrbough, John S 205
Rose, Eugene W 808
Ross, John S 326
Ross, Rev. John S 230
Ross, William H 233
Rossotti, Dominica 924 Jack Eitelgeorge
Rowe, Thomas F. 650
Ruddick, Lewis M 991 Lewis Ruddick
Ruddick, William O 816 Lewis Ruddick
Rupe, John M 977
Rushing, Joel W 896
Russell, Archie M 856
Russell, Sullivan S. 854

Lewis M. Ruddick

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