History of Mendocino & Lake Counties

By Aurelius O. Carpenter

Historic Record Company, Los Angeles, CA - 1914

Names beginning S through Z

The biographies contained within the book are set forth below by the name of the individual and the page number on which the biography commences. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line please contact Lewis M. Ruddick with the name of the book. I will add your name and e-mail address into the "Researcher" column.

Copies of the biographies may be obtained from:
Held Poage Memorial Home and Research Library
603 W. Perkins Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
(707) 462-6969

We would suggest sending $2.00 and a legal sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope. You need to include the name of the book, the name of the individual and the page of the biography.

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Name Page Researcher
S[Return to Jump Site]
Sailor, Edward P 814
Sailor, LaFayette 830
Samuelson, Allen 292
Sandahl, August 1014
Sandelin, Frank 566
Sanford, John B 175
Sartori, Augustus . 750
Sawyers, David L 309
Sayre, Burt G 707
Sayre, Morton S 165
Schaffer, Charles C 678
Scott, Alonzo D 521
Scott, Edwin S 1018
Scudamore, Dick 903
Scudamore, Godwin 955
Seaholm, Otto H 807
Seman, Emil 1012
Seymour, Wright 453
Shafsky, Abraham H 960
Shafsky, Samuel 961
Shattuck, Dickson S 614
Shaul, Aaron B 394
Shaul, Benjamin F 563
Shelton, James K. P 434
Sherwood, Oscar W., M. D. 932
Shirley, John E 527
Shoemaker, John W 866
Short, James G 1038
Simonson, Ole 374
Simonson, Zacharias 500
Singley, John E 787
Sleeper, D. O 579
Sleeper, Ellery D 479
Sleeper, Jerome M 478
Sleeper, Van Buren 480
Smart, George A. 826
Smith Tracy H., M. D 565
Smith, Andrew 390
Smith, D. Clair 1023
Smith, Howard B 278
Smith, John P 930
Smith, Peter C 925
Smith, William H 206
Snickers, Edward I 1036
Snow, John 756
Snow, Matthew M 508
Snow, William F 957
Spurlock, Thomas F 763
Squires, George E 580
St. Mary's Catholic Church 886
Staheli, John J 837
Standley, William M 543
Stanley, A. Mortimer 190
Starkey, William H 461
Stewart, George F 925
Stokes, Frederick G 269
Stone, Solomon C 786
Stornetta, Antonio 560
Stout, George W., M. D 168
Stubbs, John L 1039
Swanson, Gustav H 989
Swensen, Peter 452
T[Return to Jump Site]
Tallman, George T 890
Taylor, Porter H 827
Terwilliger, Newton C 1044
Thatcher, William W 367
Thomas, William P 399
Thompson, Ira 948
Thurman, Henry 537
Tocher, Robert 597
Toepfer, Rev. Philemon 698
Toney, Mrs. Amanda McCabe 928
Turner, Cyrus G 187
Turner, Thomas G 769
U[Return to Jump Site]
Ukiah Times 863
Upp, George W 865
Upp, Philip 865
Upton, William E., M. D 794
V[Return to Jump Site]
Valenti, Gaudenzio 251
Van Allen, L. K., M. D 739
Van Allen, William 739
Van Damme, John 415
Van Nader, Henry H 772
Vassar, Michael 1016
Vincent, Mrs. Nancy M 448
Voss, George H 507
W[Return to Jump Site]
Walker, Carolus M 618
Wallace, William L 363
Walter, Simon W 986
Wambold, Henry V 935
Wambold, Milton 923
Ward, Charles M 395
Weigand, William 293
Weldon, Hon. Thomas J 803
Weller, J. E 341
Wells, E. H 884
Wemple, Laurence A 1031
West, Wells W 860
Whipple, Frank A 297
White, Cheater 845
White, James N 1040
White, Judge John Q 159
White, William O. 984
Whited, Charles 348
Whited, LeRoy 406
Wilcox, George L 904
Wildgrube, Henry L 239
Williams, Ernest L 268
Williams, James H 495
Williams, Lee J 1028
Williamson, William 836
Willis Steam Laundry 989
Windlinx, Frederick 588
Witherspoon, Henry E 333
Woelffel, George A., M. D 878
Wooldridge, Josiah E 463
X[Return to Jump Site]
Y[Return to Jump Site]
Yeary, George 427
Young, Charles M 286
Young, Swan W 357
Z[Return to Jump Site]

Lewis M. Ruddick

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