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Madera Biographies: KROHN

Krohn Cemetery

Louise Krohn

Sons and Daughters of John and Louisa Krohn
1- L. W. Krohn, 2-Wm. Krohn, 3- G. A. Krohn, 4- J. I. Krohn, 5- F. U. Krohn, 6- H. A. Krohn, 7- John Krohn, 8- Tony Krohn (Mrs. J. Brown), 9- Meta Krohn (Mrs. U. Sturrock), 10- Mrs. Louisa Krohn, 11- Mary Miller Krohn (Mrs. Melvin), 12- Ann Krohn (Mrs. Al McGilvray).

1- Alice M. Krohn, 2- Ann McGilvray, 3- Louisa Krohn, 4- Nancy McGilvray, 5- Billy Krohn, 6- Fred Krohn, 7- Bertha Krohn, 8- Belle Krohn, 9- Mrs. Louisa Krohn, 10- Alice Louis Krohn, 11- Henry Krohn, 12- Willie Melvin, 13- Pete Krohn, 14- Bill Sturrock, 15- Buzz Krohn, 16- Jim Brown, 17- Meta Sturrock, 18- Fritz Krohn, 19- Meta Ann Brown, 20- Bud Sturrock, 21-Jack McGilvray, 22- Dick McGilvary, 23-Al McGilvray, 24- Doc Krohn, 25- Mary Melvin, 26- Barb Sturrock, 27- John Krohn, 28- Rose Melvin, 29- Lucy Krohn, 30- Bill Krohn, 31- Tony Krohn Brown.


F. W. Krohn is a native son of Fresno County, having been born on Christmas day, 1891, at Coarsegold, now in Madera county. For the last nine years he has been a member of the Madera County Board of Supervisors, of which he is now the Chairman.

Frederick William Krohn is the son of John and Louise (Reese) Krohn. His father engaged in the liquor and general merchandise business in San Francisco prior to 1873. In that year he moved to what was then Fresno County, settling at Coarsegold, where he engaged in stock raising and general farming. Shortly afterwards he started a general merchandise store at Coarsegold. He died there in 1894.

Supervisor Krohn as a boy attended the Coarse Gold public school and then went to business college. For a time he worked for the California Barrel factory in San Francisco, and he mined in the Madera County foothill region for some years.  In February 1907, Mr. Krohn moved to Knowles to enter the employ of the McGilvray Granite company and he has been connected with that institution ever since. At first he was an engineer; then he became assistant manager, in which position he continues today.

In February 1903, Mr. Krohn was married to Alice Scribner. They have three children: Kenneth, Frederick S. and William.

Mr. Krohn is president of the board of trustees of the Raymond Granite High School, and he is a member of the board of trustees of the Ah-wah-nee Tri-County sanatorium. He is also a member of Madera Lodge of Masons, No. 280, and of the various rites of that order.

From the History of Fresno and Madera Counties, 1933, Joseph Barcroft, editor for Madera County, page 335.

Transcribed by Harriet Sturk

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