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Mordecai Ranch Cemetery
Burials on private property require the owner's permission to visit!

Mordecai Ranch (Refuge), Madera
Off Highway 145 (Madera Avenue), 0.7 miles south of Avenue 11,
Across Cottonwood Creek, on right.



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Name Birth Death Comments
Dixon, Louise 1849, Sept  1929, May 21 Wife of George Washington Mordecai.
Born at Sycamores, Greenville, MS.
Mordecai, Brooke F. 1883, Feb 22 1971, Aug 11 Son of George and Louise Mordecai.
Husband of Caroline Preston.
Mordecai, Caroline P. 1920, Mar 11 1933, Mar 26 Daughter of Brooke and Caroline Mordecai.
Memorial – Buried in Richmond, VA.
Mordecai, Ethelfleda 1888 1963 Daughter of George and Louise Mordecai.
Married Mr. Labadie and divorced.
Mordecai, George Washington 1844, Apr 18 1920, June 14 Husband of Louise Dixon. Born at Rosewood, Henrico County, VA. Served with Lee and Jackson and surrendered at Appomatox.
Mordecai, Lawrence 1881 1897 Son of George and Louise Mordecai.
Horse fell on him and saddle horn gored his stomach.
Mordecai, Louise  1880, Jan 19 1980, Feb 25 Daughter of George and Louise Mordecai.
Did not marry. Lived to 100
Preston, Caroline 1893, Nov  1974, Oct 2 Wife of Brooke F. Mordecai.
Wissler, Hermine Loffel 1904, Aug 27 1974, Sept 11 Mother of John G. Whissler. Born in Umrich, Baden, Germany. Died in Rochester, MN.
Wissler, John G. 1927, Mar 12 1996, Mar 14 Husband of Brooke Mordecai (daughter of Brooke and Caroline Mordecai). Born in Chicago, IL.; died in Fresno, CA. Rear Admiral US Navy.
Wissler, Lawrence 1959, Aug 7 1959, Aug 9 Son of John and Brooke Mordecai.
Died in Norfolk, VA.
                Recorded by Ken and Linda Doig on October 30, 1999

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