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Vignolo Cemetery
Burials on private property require the owner's permission to visit!

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Section 27, Township 8 South, Range 18 East
West of Road 29 on way to Eastman Lake. Go north of Road 607 (dirt) 0.7 miles to
pullout at locked gate. Follow watercourse east about ½ - ¾ miles.
Cemetery is on north side of creek about 200 yards past the ruined ranch house.
Wear boots and cow repellant.


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Note: An unnamed cemetery was reported north of the Vignolo Cemetery,
but it could not be found in the area.

Name Birth Death Comments
Vignolo, Angelo 1833, Dec 24 1899, May 31 A native of Italy
Vignolo, Frank L. 1826, Feb 13 1861, Feb 21  
Vignolo, Juliette L. 1863, Apr 24 1883, May 12 In wrought-iron enclosure
Vignolo, Lizzie 1859, July 22 1889, Feb 1 Beloved wife of Frank Vignolo
Small marker at foot with nameplate gone
Vignolo, Marguerite 1847 1906 Wife of Angelo Vignolo
Native of Italy

            Surveyed by Ken Doig on April 5, 2001

           Last update: April 23, 2013
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