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This page contains the names of families that have some relationship to Madera County, the researcher interested in those families, an e-mail address to contact the researcher, and a relevant home page if available.
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Alviso Sheila Ruiz Harrell  
Autran / Autrand Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Badella Leon Moore  
Becker Sharon Vance  
Bernal Carole Campbell  
Bethards Jim Marshall  
Bondesen David Stielow  
Brown Michael Brown   .
Buckley Sharon Vance  
Calton Michael Brown   .
Calvin Jack Graham  
Carr Vi Parsons  
Castillo  Carole Campbell   .
Castro Diane Wilson Flynn  
Cavin David Stielow  
Chalfant Keri Pettit  
Clark Sharon Vance  
Coats Sharon Vance  
Cochran Tom Castro  
Cooper Virgil Cooper  
Cox Janet
Cox Jack Graham  
Coz Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Crawford Diane Wilson Flynn  
Cripe Bert Cripe  
Crooks Hank Crooks  
Day Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Dragoo Vi Parsons  
Duncan Vi Parsons  
Dustin Diane Wilson Flynn  
Eaton Diane Wilson Flynn  
Elliott Vi Parsons  
Farrell Diane Wilson Flynn  
Feliz Barbara Woodard  
Foulger Tee Dekker  
Freitas John Vasconcelos   .
Gann Leon Moore  
Garcia Michael Brown  
Gash Gary Speck
Gleason Jack Graham  
Gould Sharon Vance  
Graham Jack Graham  
Green Sandy London   .
Hardell Sharon Vance  
Heer/Herr Jennifer Heer Norman  
Hensley Diane Wilson Flynn  
Hilmer Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Hitchcock Sandy London   .
Honeycutt Sandy London  
Hoskins Jack Graham  
Hunt Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Kennedy Patricia Murphy Brattland  
Kenney Charles Kenney  
Kipp Jennifer Heer Norman  
Koontz Ken Doig http://www.doig.net
Ladda L. Cooke  
Larew Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Lorentzen Pamela Reynolds  
McKinney Sharon Vance  
Merino Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Moon Sharon Vance  
Mosley Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Murphy Patricia Murphy Brattland  
Murphy Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Nelson Sandy London   .
Noble Sharon Vance  
Noriega Diane Wilson Flynn  
Oester John C. Oester   .
O'Farrell Diane Wilson Flynn  
Ohl/Ohls Diane Wilson Flynn  
Pearson Diane Wilson Flynn  
Pemberton Gene Gough http://www.goughfamily.com/familytree/goughtree.html
Preciado Sheila Ruiz Harrell  
Preciado Alaine Preciado  
Raburn Sandy London  
Rice Vi Parsons  
Richardson Diane Wilson Flynn  
Ripperdan John Albrecht http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/a/l/b/Johny-A-Albrecht/
Rivera Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Root Diane Wilson Flynn  
Ruiz Sheila Ruiz Harrell  
Sanderson Sandy London  
Smith Lorie Hernandez .. 
Smith Diane Wilson Flynn  
Spekerman Jennifer Heer Norman  
Sporan L. Cooke  
Sunia Nancy Autrand-DeJesus  
Thede Diane Wilson Flynn  
Diane Wilson Flynn  
Tripp Vi Parsons  
Valenzuela Diane Wilson Flynn  
Waters Sharon Vance  
Whitehouse Sharon Vance  
Williams Sandy London   .
Williams Sharon Vance  
Wills Leon Moore  
Wynn Jack Graham  
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