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Genealogical & Historical Societies

Merced County Historical Society
Merced County Courthouse Museum, 21st and N Streets, Merced, CA 95340 (209) 723-2401

Gustine Historical Society
Gustine History Center - 323 6th St, Gustine, CA 95322;
(209) 854-6455
Gustine Museum - 397 4th St, Highway 33, Gustine

Atwater Historical Society

 PO Box 111, Atwater, CA 95301; (209) 357-6309
Bloss Museum - 1020 Cedar Ave, Atwater, CA

Milliken Museum
Pacheco Boulevard, Los Banos, CA 93635; (209) 826-5505

Merced County Genealogical Society
PO Box 3061, Merced, CA 95344

Los Banos Genealogical Society
PO Box 2525, Los Banos, CA 93635-2525; (209) 826-0763

Daughters of the American Revolution - Merced River Chapter

WW II Casualties

Many brave men and women from Merced county gave their lives for their country during World War II. Here is a list of those individuals who were in the Army. The list is provided by the National Archives. They also have a list of Navy and Marine personnel, but it is not sorted by county. Below this list is an explanation for the abbreviations used in the list.

Name Serial Number Grade Type of Casualty
Abril, Mike E 39421405 PFC DOW
Allen, James C 39696969 PVT KIA
Allen, Sidney W 39004909 SGT KIA
Angelakis, Harry G 19083540 PVT DNB
Archer, Lewis M 39697413 T SG FOD
Bennett, Paul K O-553530 1 LT KIA
Bernard, Leonard B 19002905 SGT KIA
Berumen, Albert F 39699082 PFC KIA
Bishop, George A 19075930 T SG DNB
Boldt, Merle H 19051981 PVT DNB
Boyd, Tunney E 39426988 PVT KIA
Bracken, William J 39002860 SGT DOW
Brown, Lester E 39840162 PVT KIA
Buddenbaum, Otto A O-435852 1 LT KIA
Buendia, Peter C 39046803 PVT KIA
Buxton, James M O-903017 1 LT DNB
Byrne, Archie C 39685340 PFC KIA
Campos, Walter J O-757949 2 LT DNB
Canterberry, Bernie A 39075106 SGT DOW
Cardoza, Verne P 39004922 PFC KIA
Carey, Chester A 6503782 TEC5 DNB
Carter, Charles A 39103110 PVT DNB
Caton, Everette B 19189939 SGT DNB
Champion, Max L 39698259 CPL KIA
Corvello, Fred A 39840157 SGT FOD
Curry, Jack C O-730874 2 LT DNB
Dill, Wayne F 19002183 S SG KIA
Duffield, Edgar A 39004930 TEC4 KIA
Durham, Jack C 39079166 PFC KIA
Eason, Thomas R 39084345 PFC DNB
Felts, Jack W 19075948 CPL FOD
Flood, Joe O-751960 2 LT KIA
Founts, George R 39393375 SGT DNB
Fullerton, Thomas F 39697899 TEC5 KIA
Gilbert, Fletcher B 19062635 S SG FOD
Goode, James D O-739275 1 LT DNB
Gray, Edward F 39840454 SGT KIA
Harris, Ralph G 39083851 S SG DOW
Harris, Walter L 39696953 PFC KIA
Harris, William G 39688291 PFC DOW
Hodge, Edward L O1314223 1 LT KIA
Hondeville, Richard G 39424407 PFC KIA
Johansen, Peder J 39422678 PFC KIA
Johnson, Leonard R 39688296 PFC KIA
Jones, Floyd L Jr 6578400 SGT DNB
Josephson, Robert R 39142523 PFC KIA
Lampman, Robert R O-821731 2 LT FOD
Lane, Frederic F 39082645 PFC DOW
Latorraca, Joe 39015139 S SG KIA
Lauderdale, R E Jr 19093074 CPL DNB
Ledford, Edward F O-681129 2 LT FOD
Loewen, Daniel S 39048375 PFC KIA
Loewen, David S 39688543 TEC5 KIA
Lopez, Joe 39696238 PVT KIA
Machado, Victor S 19075914 T SG KIA
Macias, Ben L 39137412 PVT KIA
Macias, Paul 39690572 TEC5 DNB
Marin, Robert P 39406610 SGT DNB
Martinez, Eugenio V 39422576 PVT DOW
McComb, James D 39421391 PVT KIA
McDonough, Doyle W 39162095 PFC DNB
McEver, Perry A 39378548 SGT KIA
Medina, Albert J 39698286 PVT KIA
Meeker, Oscar V 19012622 PVT DNB
Meredith, John W O-727517 CAPT DNB
Merritt, Grady W 6860431 PVT KIA
Mitchell, Robert S 39694493 PVT DOW
Miranda, Chrispin L 39397927 PFC FOD
Myers, Walter S O-730944 1 LT FOD
Nelson, Rolland R 19013151 PFC DNB
Paradiso, Benard D 39004904 SGT KIA
Park, William R 39125922 CPL KIA
Pearson, Jasper C 39022887 S SG FOD
Perez, David 39698257 PFC KIA
Picton, Howard R 19064787 S SG DNB
Pinnelli, Tony L 39075968 T SG KIA
Pisano, Tony D 39004914 SGT KIA
Porter, John M 6578740 PVT KIA
Posey, Herschel L 19167008 PVT DNB
Pricolo, Dominic J 39418483 PFC KIA
Rodriguez, Paul F O1291524 1 LT DOW
Roduner, James E Jr 39078073 SGT FOD
Rose, Anthony 39089462 PVT KIA
Row, J C 39686721 PFC KIA
Ruiz, Frank S Jr 39418509 SGT FOD
Salas, Robert 39135420 PVT KIA
Sanders, Kenneth A 39693560 S SG DNB
Shoji, Toshiaki 39083843 PVT DOW
Smith, William E 39401854 CPL DNB
Souza, Frank R 39004923 TEC5 FOD
Spina, Joseph M 19062971 PVT DNB
Stamper, Forrest E 19190615 AV C DNB
Stefani, William J O-760405 2 LT DNB
Stewart, Frederick T O-750880 1 LT DNB
Thompson, Robert C 39008852 PVT DNB
Tometz, Carl H W2116354 WO DNB
Watson, Robert 1595585 PVT DNB
Wettengel, Paul L 39002881 PFC DOW
Williams, Willis G 39697993 PFC KIA
Wilson, Charles O-821825 2 LT DNB
Winchester, William B 19012207 TEC5 DNB
Witt, Clifford E 39690269 PVT KIA
Young, William O-785230 2 LT KIA



CAPT - Captain 1 LT - First Lieutenant

2 LT - Second Lieutenant ~ WO - Warrant officer

AV C - Aviation Cadet 1 ~ SG - First Sergeant

T SG - Technical Sergeant S SG - Staff Sergeant

CPL - Corporal ~ TEC4 - Technician Fourth Grade

TEC5 - Technician Fifth Grade ~ PFC - Private First Class

PVT - Private

Type of Casualty:

KIA - Killed In Action

DOW - Died Of Wounds

DOI - Died Of Injuries

DNB - Died, Non-Battle

FOD - Finding Of Death


Ghost Towns of Merced County, by Herb Wood

Herb Wood has put together an excellent book, describing several towns from Merced county that either no longer exist today, or that are just a shadow of their former selves. He tells of their locations, when they existed, who started the towns and how they got their names, what businesses were in those towns, and other interesting information.

The towns described in this book are listed here, and their location is shown in the map below.





Bear Creek



Buhach Colony

Central Point




Colony Center


Dickenson's Ferry



Ede's Corner


Forlorn Hope




Irwin City


Krayenhagen's Corner


Lone Willow

Merced Falls



Red Top


San Luis Ranch

Santa Rita Park



Turner & Osborne Ranch






The persons named in the book are listed below

Adams, James Capen

Bambauer, Charles

Bartlett, Rezin F

Bedesen, Bill

Belt, George Gordon

Bennett, Patrick

Bibbey, Nicholas

Boothry, A H

Bowden, William

Bradley, Eba

Bradley, Thomas Wesley

Bradley, William T

Buckley, Charles

Buckley, Jay

Buzzell, Joseph

Castro, General Jose

Cleveland, Grover

Deulle, J C

Dickenson, Gallant Duncan

Dickenson, George Winchester

Eagleston, Thomas

Eagleton, Thomas

Edmonson, Maude

Fancher, George

Fatjo, Paula

Fayle, Annie E

Fitchett, Gladys

Flanagan, J R

Flanagan, Ray

Fremont, John C

George, Amelia H

George, E H

Gilhane, Patrick

Goldman, Morris

Grade, William Adolph

Griffith, J

Gwin, William McKendree

Hagaman, George

Harris, Charles P

Hatfield, Sen. George J

Helm, Henry

Hendricks, Annie F

Hoffman, Clara

Hoffman, Henry L

Hoyle, E S

Hoyle, Justin Orphey

Iribarne, John

Irwin, W A

Jacobs, A

Jeorg, Bill

Jolley, M B

Korn, Moses

Kreyenhagen, Gustave

Lander, A S

Lander, I W

Larsen, John

Laughlin, William

Lee, Sam

Lobdell, Maude

Lobdell, William Egbert

Logue, Harry A

Love, Captain Harry

Lux, Charles

Malarin, Juan

Malarin, Mariano

McDermett, James

McDonald, J R McNamara, Father

McSwain, Alexander C

McSwain, Daniel M

Miller, Henry

Misch, Franz

Moraga, Ensign Gabriel

Murray, Charles

Murrieta, Joaquin

Nelson, William

Newsome, Gene

Ostler, James R

Pacheco, Francisco Perez

Pacheco, Juan Perez

Pedigo, Thomas W

Puccinelli, Dorothy


Ringnalda, William F

Robison, Eli B


Schmitt, John

Simpson, Richard

Smith, Doc

Stayton, Robert

Sturgeon, Ed

Sturgeon, Enis

Sturgeon, Jerry

Thackston, Larkin

Thornton, Harry

Turner, Frances K

Turner, William C

Vasch, Joseph

Wah, Sam

Welch, P Y

Wheller, A M

Widman, Adolph

Widman, Rudolph

Wiley, Charles

Wilkinson, Harrison

Wilkerson, Capt H

Wilson, Alfred

Wood, Uriah

Worsley, John

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