First Registered Voters in Modoc County

Lee Harbert was the first man to register in Modoc County in 1874. The following is a complete list of the registrants for the year and the town in which they were residents.

Registrant Town
Milton AndersonAlturas
John AustinAlturas
John AlienHot Spring
George AndersonLake City
Edward ArentsAdin
James BuchannanDorris Bridge
James Bonham Willow Ranch
Ben BlackCedarville
David BowlsCenterville
Luther BatchelorCamp Bidwell
Doctor BerryEagleville
Daniel BennerCedarville
John B. BowmanLake City
Robert BatyCamp Bidwell
John BrownEagleville
William BeldenLake City
J. M. BedfordAdin
J. B. BergstromSouth Fork
Simeon S. BayleySouth Fork
W. B. BurneyCedarville
Ephraim BarnsGoose Lake
James BoughAdin
James Bucher Adin
Willis BenefieldAdin
Samuel BlackHot Spring
Albert BlaskeAdin
John BledsoeAdin
James BledsoeAdin
George BollingerHot Spring
James BoxallEagleville
Mordicial BrownEagleville
Lea BurchDorris Bridge
Stephen BurgoyneDorris Bridge
Oregon Coonse Willow Ranch
Archibald CrawfordWillow Ranch
Edwin CrockettCedarville
Franklin CooleyHot Spring
Thomas CannonCamp Bidwell
Silas CoelaLake City
John Chambers Camp Bidwell
Alien Henry ConlanAdin
Jesse Couch Lake City
George ColburnCedarville
Thomas CoxSouth Fork
William CoxSouth Fork
Robert CantrallCedarville
Lucius Carpenter Lookout
Alva ChurchLake City
James ClampittAdin
Chas. CarltonHot Spring
A. Redick Goose Lake
Leander CaseAdin
John Augustus ChaseBig Valley
Rarnon ChavezHot Spring
Richard ClampittAdin
John CookHot Spring
Van CasleyHot Spring
Edward CoonseAdin
Win. CrankAdin
Joseph DroulliardCedarville
Josepah DowdenCedarville
Alexander DoughertyLake City
Henry DickensonCamp Bidwell
Thomas DensonCamp Bidwell
Orville DensonLake City
Elias DaleStone Coal
Win. DaleStone Coal
Joseph DardenRound Valley
John Lewis Goose Lake
Thomas LeeCedarville
Chas. LohrengelLake City
George LyonsJess Valley
M. S. LathamEagleville
Ephriam Lynn Dorris Bridge
W. L. LairdBig Valley
Joshua LieurenceWillow Ranch
Edward LloydHot Spring
Thomas Long Adin
Henry Longcar Big Valley
Foster Lunsford Round Valley
Benedict LynchDorris Bridge
Theodore Lynn Dorris Bridge
Win. Monroe Eagle Creek
Lyman Merrill Willow Ranch
George McCullock Eagle Creek
F. W. Meyers Cedarville
John McDaniel Jess Valley
Frank Martin Cedarville
Chas. MitchellLake City
Michael MurrayCamp Bidwell
David Miller Cedarville
John Mulkey Willow Ranch
Andrew Monroe South Fork
Moran MurpheyGoose Lake
Luke McPherson Goose Lake
Thomas McMurren Goose Lake
John Macklin Adin
Carrel MatneyDorris Bridge
John McCoy Cedarville
Cyrus McMath Adin
George McMath Adin
Hardin MillerBig Valley
Mathew MitchellAdin
Thomas Madden Adin
John Marcus Big Valley
A. W. Marsters Adin
Sanders McCoy Big Valley
John McCulley Goose Lake
August Miller Goose Lake
John Miller Big Valley
Alexander Mitchell Hot Spring
Thomas Montgomery South Fork
David Mulkey Goose Lake
Jaspert Newport Dorris Bridge
Jesse Newport Dorris Bridge
Joseph Neadean Goose Lake
Howard Nowland Camp Bidwell
George Neadean Goose Lake
Frethias Netherton Dorris Bridge
James R. Northrup Dorris Bridge
Wm. OrrWillow Ranch
Archibal Olinger Dorris Bridge
Samuel Orr Camp Bidwell
John W. Offield Goose Lake
Edward O'HaleAdin
Richard Odbert Goose Lake
John Ogden Big Valley
Joseph Patterson Dorris Bridge
Frank PoorCamp Bidwell
John Porter Adin
Daniel Parker Hot Spring
George W. PopeCedarville
John Parker Goose Lake
Virgil PayneAdin
Wm. Reeves Lake City
Chauncy ReedLake City
Ephriam Robbins Adin
Lewis Rowley Hot Spring
Alexander Reed Willow Ranch
Wm. Roberts Adin
W. M. Rodefer Adin
Theodore RennerCanby
Milton Riggs Hot Spring
Oliver Russell Adin
Joseph Spencer Willow Ranch
Henry StehmanWillow Ranch
Levi Stehman Willow Ranch
F. M. Seits,Willow Ranch
David Standlee Cedarville
Benjamin Scheeline Eagleville
Wm. W. SmithEagleville
Johnathan Spicer Dorris Bridge
Jay SmithCamp Bidwell
Samuel SooyLake City
Joseph StanleyAdin
Gustav SeibeckCamp Bidwell
Jacob StoneLake City
Wm. Stillwell Davis Creek
Isaac SkillmanCedarville
Ebenezer SmithBig Valley
Wm. Smith Eagle Creek
Joseph SimmsCedarville
Wm. Ross SmithLake City
Isaac StandleeCedarville
John StreetCedarville
John SaunderCedarville
John Scott Adin
Erastus SewardHot Spring
John Shanks Dorris Bridge
Wm. ShanksAdin
James SpearsGoose Lake
James SpenceHot Spring
Tyra Stanley Adin
John Stark Dorris Bridge
Alyah M. Stevens Goose Lake
Harrison ThornsDorris Bridge
Allen Trimble Lake City
Wm. C. TaylorCamp Bidwell
Ephriam Todd South Fork
Andrew TrumboDorris Bridge
Brad TurnerAdin
Joseph Taylor Adin
Aranthus E. ThomasWillow Ranch
Samuel Traugh Adin
Samuel T. Turner Dorris Bridge
Wm. Darden Hot Spring
Joseph DedmanGoose Lake
Jefferson DealneyGoose Lake
Jackson DreunenGoose Lake
George Dudley Hot Spring
James DuffeyBig Valley
John EusleyDorris Bridge
M. B. Ewings Lake City
Lance C. Estes Hot Spring
Wm. EdsonAdin
Chas. EssexHot Spring
John EysterSurprise Valley
J. Freeland Cedarville
Wm. A. Freeland Cedarville
George H. Foster Camp Bidwell
John D. Flournoy South Fork
John Foley Lake City
Thomas Footer Camp Bidwell
Orin Fassett Centerville
Thomas FisherGoose Lake
Simon Fleecob Gilcher Eagleville
Oswald S. Gooch Cedarville
Wm. Gruell Willow Ranch
Robt. Ground Goose Lake
John Gallager Camp Bidwell
Jerome Groves Adin
Michael Grogan Lake City
Wm. Gary South Fork
David Mulkey Goose Lake
Jasper Newport Dorris Bridge
Caleb Grover Hot Spring
Lee L. Harbert Adin
David Bayer Harer Willow Ranch
H. Z. Hunter Willow Ranch
Wm. HeSernan Camp Bidwell
Isaac Holman Eagleville
Wm. Hemme Lake City
Reuben Hainer Lake City
John A. HendersonLake City
John Hazelton Cedarville
Fredrick Helbing Adin
Jerry HarringtonCamp Bidwell
J. W. Harris Willow Ranch
Thomas Holden South Fork
A. W. Hammond Lake City
James HarerWillow Ranch
Wm. HendersonWillow Ranch
James HononCamp Bidwell
John HinesGoose Lake
Edward Hart Cedarville
Benj. Hash Cedarville
Daniel HillCedarville
George HillCedarville
David HoltonCedarville
Pinkney Harbert Adin
Henry HallAdin
Mathew Harbert Adin
David Henderson Adin
Joseph HicksAdin
George Hill Adin
Wm. Howe Adin
Tillman Hess Hot Spring
Wm. Hess Hot Spring
P. M. HillRound Valley
Henry Hilton Hot Spring
John Hollingsworth Goose Lake
James Howard Hot Spring
John H. Hurley Goose Lake
George Hutzell Goose Lake
Robert Imrie Hot Spring
Peter Ivory Hot Spring
John Johnson Cedarville
John Justus Cedarville
Albert JosephCedarville
Erwin Joseph Goose Lake
Hugh KingLake City
Martin KennedyAdin
Elias Keeney Willow Ranch
Michael Kaiser Adin
Peter Kelley Dorris Bridge
Chas. KelleyRound Valley
George P. KnightAdin
Robert Knox Adin
Abraham Vaughn Eagleville
Andrew Vaughn Cedarville
A. H. Rosborough Adin
Everett Wilson Goose Lake
Samuel WilsonGoose Lake
Thompson Westrope Cedarville
John Winters Goose Lake
Taylor Wakefield Cedarville
Wm. Williamson Davis Creek
Dugald Walker Dorris Bridge
John Wall Camp Bidwell
Joe Wilson Camp Bidwell
John Ward Camp Bidwell
Corydon WoodDorris Bridge
Abraham Whitley Big Valley
Ennia Wilkerson South Fork
Joel Whiting Lake City
Chauncey West Cedarville
Samuel West Adin
Benj. Whitmore Adin
W. W. Wilson Adin
Jacob WatkinsGoose Lake
Barnard WebbermanHot Spring
Wm. White Dorris Bridge
Chas. WhitmanRound Valley
Wm. Wood Willow Ranch
Wm. ToungCamp Bidwell

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