Little Hot Springs
Tule Lake

Adin Precinct

Auble, Charles C53New York
Baldwin, David Riley35Oregon
Bennet, David J.54Indiana
Blaske, Morris28New Hampshire
Bosworth, Francis36California
Bouchard, John73Michigan
Cate, LaFayette65California
Chambers, Charles44Iowa
Chisholm, Frank James30California
Clark, Richard B.43Indiana
Conklin, Charles W.35Oregon
Conklin, Edward33Oregon
Conklin, Joseph G.64New York
Conklin, William Ellsworth33Illinois
Conlin, Gamaliel Daniel 38Missouri
Derr, George67Pennsylvania
Dibble, Samuel Chandler60Ohio
Fruits, John Sebastian44Iowa
Griffith, Nathaniel40California
Grubbs, Elisha Parter71Virginia
Harbert, Frank DeWitt23California
Harris, Bert W.33California
Hatton, Claude Techmaker37California
Harper, Robert Alexander47Missouri
Harvey, Charley Francis 21Missouri
Harvey, James Larkin29Missouri
Harvey, Marion Samuel24Missouri
Harvey, Thomas Marion29Missouri
Harvey, Thomas William24California
Hatton, Augusta Cheauteaux45Missouri
Higgins, Curtis Alexander51North Carolina
Hill, James30Oregon
Hoskins, William Foster26California
Howard, Edward Charles49Iowa
James, Charley William21Missouri
Kelley, Charles Wesley52Indiana
Kesselring, Francis Marion40California
Killion, Joseph50Germany
Knight, George Horace53Massachusetts
McClure, William Henry50Illinois
McClure, Thomas70Illinois
McClure, Martin 90Kentucky
McClure, Charles Wesley39Illinois
McClure, Staley Duram44Illinois
McDowell, Adin Gainey80Kentucky
McDowell, Luther Grant32Oregon
Mehler, Frederick William42Germany
Mitchell, Joseph Hunter76Ohio
Monneron, Jule27Switzerland
Morgan, James Buchanan41Indiana
Morgan, Jesse Absalom52Indiana
Nash, Alva Watson30Wisconsin
Nebeker, Jasper Wilson35Oregon
Nelson, Thomas Jefferson38Arkansas
Niles, J.Eugene45Michigan
Ogden, John77England
Philliber, William Clinton34Missouri
Rice, Charles William42Oregon
Rice, George Freelin Hustin64Tennessee
Rice, Thomas Jefferson38Oregon
Scarlett, William Cathcart48Indiana
Sheldon, Darwin Mortimer68Vermont
Sheldon, Eddy Lamb31California
Shepard, Irvin71New York
Smelcer, Peter Joseph32Michigan
Smith, Charles Augustus53Michigan
Smith, William N.29Missouri
Straub, Willaim57Germany
Talbot, Thomas Irvin79Missouri
Taylor, Samuel Warren25Missouri
Totten, Benjamin Franklin30California
Traugh, Arthur Mathias21California
Traugh, Lemuel George23California
Walker, George Roseberry21California
Wilson, Joseph60Pennsylvania
Wayman, Benjamin M.44Missouri
Williams, Phineas60Missouri
Wilson, Ezra Morton32Illinois

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