Little Hot Springs
Tule Lake

Lookout Precinct

Abernathy, Paschal54Missouri
Brown, Marvin Jones64New York
Brown, James William37Missouri
Brown, Rufus Benton35Missouri
Brown, Claud Raymond21California
Cannon, Ira Smith52Missouri
Cannon, Mahlon47Missouri
Cannon, Richard Mahlon22California
Carpenter, James Albert23California
Carpenter, Lucius Charles66New York
Carpenter, Erva Lucius27California
Courtright, Alexander46Ohio
Craig, Edward Hemdon45Missouri
Craig, John Robinson43Missouri
Craig, Robert Andrew70Kentucky
Cramer, Ellett Hudson66Pennsylvania
Crowley, James69Missouri
Criss, Walter Scott40Minnesota
Depp, John75Kentucky
Dunlap, Robinson32Pennsylvania
Dunlap, Andrew Robinson67Pennsylvania
Eades, Granville76Kentucky
Eades, Andrew Jackson45Indiana
Eades, Isom48Indiana
Eades, Lewis Madison51Indiana
Fickers, Thomas Byron47Tennessee
Gerland, Adam67Germany
Gooch, Charles James61Massachusetts
Gould, John48England
Gould, Thomas Earl21Missouri
Hadley, Arthur Eugene29New Jersey
Hagerman, Pete Henry47New York
Hall, Franklin24California
Hall, Calvin69Ohio
Hardin, Adolphus Manzell24California
Hastings, Isaac James45Maryland
Hogan, John49Texas
Howell, George Washington54Indiana
Howell, James Arthur23California
Huffman, Edgar Lee35West Virginia
Johnson, Clark50Ohio
Judson, Charles Herbert39Kansas
Kasper, Frederick50Wisconsin
Kennedy, Edward59Ireland
Kresge, Jervis Elmer33Pennsylvania
Kresge, John59Pennsylvania
Leventon, Joseph Weldon37California
Leventon, Robert Edward33California
Lorenz, Henry36Germany
Lorenz, Christian71Germany
Marcus, John Wayne66Missouri
Marcus, James Edwin26California
Marids, William W.68Kentucky
McCoy, John Mandeville51Mississippi
Morris, William Dudley47Missouri
Myers, Grayson Delbert27California
Myers, James Rudolph60Alabama
Nichols, Richard Lee32Oregon
Noble, Thomas54Illinois
Oliver, Levi L.36Texas
Osborne, Thomas Waller66Illinois
Page, William Edwin59Illinois
Payne, John P.79Virginia
Porter, William Pratt28California
Potter, Richard Rush54Michigan
Potter, John James30Michigan
Potter, Tim27Michigan
Purrott, John Mansfield Roe48Missouri
Read, H. Perrin49Missouri
Roberts, Fred H.48Michigan
Shaw, Jasper44Tennessee
Shearer, Thomas Lewis21Iowa
Sherman, Elisha Albert57Maine
Simas, Domingo37Portugal
Smith, Benjamin79New York
Smith, William Thomas56Illinois
Stobie, James B.34Texas
Summers, Perry35California
Triplett, John Franklin27Utah
Trowbridge, Orin Alonzo21California
Trowbridge, Eli Seely44New York
Turnbull, John Thomas27California
Turnbull, William24California
Vickers, Livingstone Edward37California
Welch, Mike27Nevada
Wendt, William Frederick34Germany
Whalen, Peter49Ireland

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