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Mono County, California

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Mono County "Odds & Ends"

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Ghost Towns

Bodie ~ Ghost Towns Website [Mono County]

Great Registers
1871 ~ 1900 ~ 1902 ~ 1904 ~ 1908 ~ 1912
1872 Foreign Born Voters
[Explanation of the Great Registers]

Historical News Articles & Website
Pioneers of Eastern California

Mono County Biographies
~Eclectic Collection~

Benton Station Paiute Reservation

Mono County Clerk Recorder

Mono County Library ~ Public Records ~ Bureau of Land Management

 The Military in Mono County
1876 List ~ California Militia ~ Muster Roll, 1879
Nevada ~ Civil War [Union Soldiers]
WW I Draft Registration Cards

Native Americans
"Mono People [Tribe]"
Paiute People
Census of Non-Reservation Indians, 1905

Mining & Quarries
"Dog Town" ~
Tioga & Prescott Mining Districts ~ Benton ~ "The Digital Desert"
Quarries in Mono County

Nevada Bureau of Mines

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