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Monterey County: Biographies


JSANTIAGO J. DUCKWORTH was born in Monterey, June 13, 1865. At the age of six years he lost his father, and with his two older brothers was sent to the Watsonville Orphan Asylum, then in charge of the Franciscan Fathers, where he was educated. In 1883 he accepted the office of chief operator in the Federal Telegraph Service of Mexico in the State of Sonora. This responsible position he filled for a term of three years, when he resigned and returned to Monterey, where he established a real-estate and insurance business in company with his brother, B. E. Duckworth.

He is a prominent member of the Young Men's Institute, being the District Deputy of Monterey County, and having represented Institute No. 57, at the Grand Council held in Stockton, September, 1888. He belongs to an old family, and is a natural and talented orator; has taken an active part in political campaigns addressing citizens in both the Spanish and English languages.

Source: Monterey County : its general features, resources, attractions, and inducements to investors and home seekers. Salinas, Calif.: E.S. Harrison, 1889, 89 pgs.