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CAPT. J. G. FOSTER, the efficient and popular proprietor of the Paraiso Springs, that wonderful mineral resort, a description of which is given in the first pages of this work, is a native of Massachusetts, and has been in the hotel and similar lines of business for thirty-five years. In the early California trade he was connected with steamships on both sides of the Isthmus. In 1860 he bought the International Hotel, on Jackson Street, San Francisco, at that time the leading hotel in the city, and successfully conducted it for three years, when he founded the Cliff House. For twenty-one years he was proprietor and manager of this world-famous establishment, during which time he came in contact with people from every part of the civilized world, and is perhaps today known by more people than any other man in California. The wear and tear indispensable to the management of the Cliff House, admonished him that a change was necessary for his continued good health. In 1886, with his son, E. J. Foster.he assumed proprietorship of the Paraiso Springs, at which place his health has been entirely restored. I do not believe there is a man in the West more thoroughly conversant with all the details of the hotel business, and more successful in contributing to the wants and comforts of his guests, than Capt. J. G. Foster.

Source: Monterey County : its general features, resources, attractions, and inducements to investors and home seekers. Salinas, Calif.: E.S. Harrison, 1889, 89 pgs.