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An expert packer of the choicest apples, who has had a valuable experience in growing the best fruit most wanted for the market, and has also been fortunate in his prompt shipments and successful deliveries, is Michael L. Kalich, of 125 West Lake avenue, Watsonville. He was born in Dalmatia, that picturesque portion of ancient and once proud Austria, on June 14, 1884, the son of Luke and Lucy Kalich, who were hard working farmer folk. The father is still living, but the mother has passed away.

At the age of eighteen years, when he had successfully finished his schooling in Dalmatia, Michael L. Kalich came to the United States, ticketed direct to Watsonville, California, where he knew that so many Dalmatians had made their mark, and for awhile he worked in the orchards and in the packing houses. Later he was foreman for a couple of years at Del Monte ranch, for Mateo Lettunich, and as the result of all his strivings and savings he was able to engage in business for himself in 1908 and since then he has certainly done well, even pointing the way to others, as both a packer and a shipper, in busy packing seasons employing no less than eighty-five people.

Mr. Kalich has also reached out in other directions, doing for himself and helping the community. He has acquired much city and country property and is president of the Pajaro Valley Cold Storage Company. He is vice president of the fruit Growers National Bank and president, without pay and for the good of the community, of the Watsonville Apple Distributors. He belongs to the Chamber of Commerce and he champions the democratic principles once set forth by Jefferson, and later so effectively enunciated by Grover Cleveland. Mr. Kalich is always ready to put his shoulder to the wheel and advance the best interests of the locality, having naturally, with so much success here, become deeply interested in both Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz county.

In 1906 Mr. Kalich married Miss Rose Beele, and they have four children: Louis, Lucy, and the twins, Nicholas and Mary. Mr. Kalich is a third degree Knight of Columbus, is both religious and musical, and an advocate of the things that upbuild a community and its people.

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