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Chester J. Raymond, building contractor of Pacific Grove, has played an enviable part both in the material and the artistic development of the community in which he lives. He was born at Livermore, Alameda county, California, October 19, 1884, a son of G. W. and Mary E. (Moore) Raymond, the former a native of Boston and the latter of Sonoma county, California. Mr. Raymond, who is now comfortably retired, was once well known in the Pacific Grove section of Monterey county as an expert brick mason, having plied his trade busily in this section for thirty years. Mrs. Raymond, who was a descendant of an honored pioneer family of Sonoma county, and enjoyed the high esteem of many friends died when her son Chester was a young lad.

When Chester Raymond was ready to start out in the business life, he learned the carpenter trade under Mahony Brothers, and also with the Alpha Building and Construction Company active at San Francisco before the fire. He took readily to the details and problems of the handicraft, and it was not long before he was showing others the methods he had himself learned, having been made a superintendent of construction. Shortly before the earthquake and fire at San Francisco, he had started the construction of the large Cornelia Apartment House on O'Farrell street, near Leavenworth, but the elements leveled it. After the debris had been cleared away, he started work again, and completed what was originally intended-possibly one of the few such cases in the reconstruction of the city. Today the Cornelia is one of the largest apartment houses in San Francisco. After the fire, too, he was assistant superintendent of construction of the temporary Palace Hotel building on Market street, and he also had charge of the temporary Emporium Building, and many other large structures there. Going to San Jose, he was superintendent of construction for Morrison Brothers, in the erection of the Elks building, the Y. M. C. A. building, the Willard Battery Station and others.

Mr. Raymond's recent work in Pacific Grove as superintendent of construction for Lee Godfrey and Murphy, the contractors, both of Carmel, has merited and received flattering comment. He has built for them many of the fine houses at Carmel and Pebble Beach, including the Ritchie residence at the latter place, and he superintended the construction of the new Holman department store at Pacific Grove-a reenforced concrete edifice of four stories, one of the best in California. He is now established in business for himself and it is clear that if he could have been so sue-cessful when working under the orders of other people, he can now render a better and larger service to those particular about securing an experienced irian of enterprise. Mr. Raymond is a member of the Junior Order of Mechanics and there, as everywhere, "ready to do his bit."

On February 17, 1906, Mr. Raymond was married to Miss Maude M. Lundin, a native daughter of California born in Santa Clara county. They have two children: Paul, in his fifteenth year, and Mildred, now twelve years of age.

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