Monterey County California Genealogy and History

Monterey County: 1875 Directory

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Given Name


Place of Business



Lacey J.V. Blacksmith Sausal Sausal Salinas
Lagoni & Paulson Hotel Proprietors Monterey House Alvarado Street Monterey
Laird C. Dairyman - - Salinas
Lambert Capt. T.G. Lumber Dealer Old Wharf, RR Depot - Monterey
Lambert F. Barber - - Salinas
Lambert John Farmer Salinas Valley 3m W Salinas Salinas
Lambert W.H. Lumber Dealer Old Wharf, RR Depot - Monterey
Lambert Bros. Lumber Merchants Old Wharf, RR Depot - Monterey
Landergen J. Farmer - - Salinas
Landphere C.C. Dairyman - - Salinas
Landrum J.M. Stock Raiser Peach Tree Valley 62m SE Salinas Peach Tree
Landrum M.L. Stock Raiser Peach Tree 60m SE Salinas Peach Tree
Landrum M.L. Stock Raiser Peach Tree Valley 62m SE Salinas Peach Tree
Landrum & Bros. Stock Raisers Peach Tree Valley - Peach Tree
Lane E.H. Farmer - - Salinas
Lane J.W. Stock Raiser Natividad 5m NE Salinas Natividad
Lane W.W. Dairyman - - Salinas
Lanens B. Dairyman - - Salinas
Langford J.B. Chief Engineer Salinas City Fire Dept. - Salinas
Langford J.P. Painter - - Salinas
Lank George Brewer Castroville Brewery Merritt Castroville
Lank & Meyers Brewers Castroville Brewery - Castroville
Lanthlar C.B. Carpenter Fourth Fourth Gonzales
Laporte W. General Merchandise Alvarado Street - Monterey
Laughlin H.J. Farmer - - Castroville
Laughlin S.N. Bookkeeper Moss Landing Moss Landing Castroville
Lauritzen J. Blacksmith - - Salinas
Lawrence Charles Teamster - Salinas Salinas
Laws R.C. Butcher - Salinas Salinas
Layton T.W. Livery Stable - - Monterey
Leach L.M. Farmer - - Castroville
Lear Samuel Farmer Long Valley 60m SE Salinas Peach Tree
Learmond O.E. Stage Driver - - San Lorenzo
Lee A. Farmer - - Castroville
Lee C. Farmer - - Castroville
Lee C.J. Bus Driver - - Salinas
Lee D. Stock Raiser - - Peach Tree
Lee D. Bookkeeper - - Monterey
Lee E. Stock Raiser - - Peach Tree
Lee J.C. Farmer - - Castroville
Lee J.E. Farmer - - Salinas
Lee W. Blacksmith - - Salinas
Leigh J.W. Editor - - Salinas
Lemmons F. Farmer - - Salinas
Lemon G.B., Dr. Dentist - - Salinas
Lenox d.H. Produce Dealer - - Salinas
Lentz H. Merchant - - Salinas
Leon J. Farmer San Antonio Mission 7m SESalinas Jolon
Leonard C.E. Merchant - - Castroville
Leslie J. Stage Driver - - Salinas
Levirson H. General Merchandise Jolon 70m SE Salinas Jolon
Lewis Byram Elder Christian Church Court House Salinas
Lewis C.F. Dairyman - - Salinas
Lewis E.J. Carpenter Alvarado Street - Monterey
Lewis F.H. Farmer - - Salinas
Lewis H. Shepherd - - Monterey
Lewty David Farmer - 66m SE Salinas Jolon
Leyva F. Farmer - - San Lorenzo
Lichtenthaler A. Laborer - - Salinas
Liddle Charles J. Farmer San Antonio 60m SE Salinas San Antonio
Lillibridge S. Carpenter - - Monterey
Lincoln W.C. Wheelwright with Rose Merritt Castroville
Linhart C. Farmer - - Salinas
Lippincott G.D. Farmer - - Castroville
Lisk John Henry Farmer - - Castroville
Lisk Myron Farmer - - Soledad
Lisk Myron Hotel Proprietor Paraiso Springs 35m SE Salinas Soledad
Little L. Merchant Washington Street - Monterey
Little M. Merchant - - Monterey
Littlejohn Santos Farmer San Miguel Canyon 6m N Salinas Santa Rita
Lloyd D.W. Grocer Main Main Salinas
Lloyd Mrs. C. Hostler Last Chance Station 42m SE Salinas Soledad
Lockwood D. Farmer - - Salinas
Lockwood & Bryan Hotel Proprietors Washington Hotel Washington Street Monterey
Logan J.D. Driver Peach Tree 55m SE Salinas Soledad
Logwood C.P. Farmer - - Salinas
Logwood E.L. Farmer - - Monterey
Logwood J.W. Stock Raiser - - Salinas
Logwood W.M. Farmer Abbott Ranch 3m S Salinas Salinas
Long A.L. Farmer - - Santa Rita
Long C.K. Farmer - - Santa Rita
Long J. Farmer - - Gonzales
Long Porter Produce Pearl street - Monterey
Look J.C. Farmer - - Castroville
Look P.H. Butcher - - Castroville
Lopez J.T. Farmer - - Natividad
Lopez N. Vaquero - - Salinas
Lopez T. Farmer - - Salinas
Losano G. Farmer - - Monterey
Lotis F. Farmer - - Salinas
Louis Charles General Merchandise Blanco 7m W Salinas Blanco
Lovell J. Farmer - - San Lorenzo
Lovell Jesse C. Stock Raiser San Benito Ranch 53mSESalinas San Antonio
Lovell William H. Stock Raiser San Benito Ranch 53mSESalinas San Antonio
Loventhal T. Waiter - - Castroville
Lovick W. Blacksmith - - Castroville
Lowe James General Merchandise San Antonio Post Office 55m SE Salinas San Antonio
Lucas L. Shepherd - - San Lorenzo
Lucas Mrs. Maria - - 53m SE Salinas San Antonio
Luce A.L. Lithographer - - Monterey
Luce Allen L. Lighthouse Keeper Point Pinos Lighthouse - Monterey
Lugo D. Vaquero - - San Antonio
Lugo J. de M. Farmer - - Castroville
Lugo Y. Vaquero - - San Antonio
Luigi Piazzoni farmer - 12m SE Salinas Salinas
Lund C.V. Wheelwright with Iverson Lindler Avenue Salinas
Lund Elias K. Laborer - Lindler Avenue Salinas
Lund N. Farmer - - Salinas
Lurz Jacob Brewer Castroville Castroville Castroville
Luther J. Farmer - - Peach Tree
Luther & Luther Sheep Raisers Peach Tree 76m SE Salinas Peach Tree
Lynch J.E. Saloon Keeper - - Salinas
Lynn James Farmer Sausal Ranch 1m NW Salinas Salinas
Lynn T.M. Stock Raiser Peach Tree Valley 60m SE Salinas Peach Tree

Source: HAND-BOOK AND DIRECTORY OF SANTA CLARA, SAN BENITO, SANTA CRUZ, MONTEREY AND SAN MATEO COUNTIES. Compiled and Published by L.L. Paulson. Francis & Valentine Commercial Steam Presses, 517 Clay Street. © 1875.

Additional Source: THE HAND BOOK TO MONTEREY AND VICINITY: A Complete Guide Book For Tourists, Campers and Visitors. Published by Walton & Curtis. Bacon & Company Printers. San Francisco. © 1875.