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Mary S Taylor

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:14 am    Post subject: Aquarium Reply with quote

Aquarium – Hopkins graduates, Packard daughter and husband, plan Pacific Grove-Monterey aquarium (Pacific Grove Tribune 11/29/78 p1, 3A and 12/6/78 p4A)

Aquarium – aquarium plays large part in Cannery Row plans (Pacific Grove Tribune 12/6/78 p4A)

Aquarium – proposed Cannery Row aquarium costs jump, traffic problems for Monterey and Pacific Grove (Herald 1/25/79 p23)

Aquarium – aquarium plans first class undersea life show at Hovden Cannery (Herald 2/13/79 p17)

Aquarium – aquarium project will undergo arduous environmental scrutiny (Pacific Grove Tribune 10/24/79 p1A); planners approve aquarium idea (Pacific Grove Tribune 10/24/79 p4A editorial)

Aquarium – planners schedule aquarium public hearing on January 30 (Pacific Grove Tribune 1/23/80 p1)

Aquarium – aquarium public hearing before planners tonight (Pacific Grove Tribune 1/30/80 p1)

Aquarium – Monterey clears Aquarium EIR (Pacific Grove Tribune 2/13/80 p1)

Aquarium – Pacific Grove to appeal permit OK’d by Monterey planners for bay aquarium project (Herald 2/15/80 p23)

Aquarium – editorial, aquarium project needs assistance (Pacific Grove Tribune 2/13/80 p4A, 2/20/80 p1, 2/27/80 p1, 3/12/80 p1)

Aquarium – Grove appeals to Monterey on aquarium report (Pacific Grove Tribune 2/20/80 p1)

Aquarium – Hovden battled for museum aquarium in 1925 letter (Pacific Grove Tribune 2/27/80 p1)

Aquarium – Monterey councilmen deny appeals by Pacific Grove in aquarium proposal (Herald 3/5/80 p13)

Aquarium – Pacific Grove won’t sue in aquarium fight, will get tough on permit instead (Herald 3/6/80 p19)

Aquarium – city won’t take Monterey EIR to court on aquarium EIR, use permit (Pacific Grove Tribune 3/12/80 p1)

Aquarium – aquarium hearing merits attendance, editorial (Pacific Grove Tribune 3/30/80 p1)

Aquarium – city planners tackling aquarium (Pacific Grove Tribune 4/9/80 p1); planners give green light to Monterey Bay Aquarium project (Pacific Grove Tribune 4/16/80 p1A)

Aquarium – Pacific Grove planners okay aquarium permit (Herald 4/11/80 p4)

Aquarium – Pacific Grove Council at loggerheads over parking, votes to appeal aquarium permit, S.P. land price too high (Herald 4/17/80 p23)

Aquarium – Monterey Bay Aquarium wins Pacific Grove approval after compromise on parking (Herald 5/8/80 p25)

Aquarium – aquarium hassle is nothing new, it happened in 1914 (Pacific Grove Tribune 5/14/80 p4A)

Aquarium – council approves aquarium project (Pacific Grove Tribune 5/14/80 p1)

Aquarium – site gets new look, pictures (Pacific Grove Tribune 6/2/80 p1)

Aquarium – permit approved by coast board (Herald 8/26/80 p1,4)

Aquarium – free admissions set for new aquarium (Herald 10/3/80 p23)

Aquarium – compromises reached on Monterey Aquarium lease (Pacific Grove Tribune 10/8/80 p1)

Aquarium – right on schedule for bay aquarium (Pacific Grove Tribune 4/15/81 p5)

Aquarium – permit to build biggest aquarium issued (Herald 9/24/81 p23)

Aquarium – project construction begins, five years spent in planning stage, Monterey Bay Aquarium (Herald 1/15/92, p19 and Pacific Grove Tribune 2/17/82 p15)

Aquarium – Knut Hovden, the genius of cannery row wanted Pacific Grove to build an aquarium (Herald 11/14/82, weekend p3-6)

Aquarium – ex-workers toast Aquarium project’s Cannery Row restoration (Herald 10/4/83 p17)

Aquarium – write-up, Monterey Aquarium, under construction, pictures (Pacific Grove Tribune 1/18/84 p1,2)

Aquarium – Monterey Bay Aquarium (Pacific Grove Tribune 1/18/84 p1-2); Monterey Bay Aquarium gets the finishing touches (Herald 3/15/84 p25)

Aquarium – Pacific Grove keeping wary eye on impact of aquarium parking (Herald 10/13/84 p13); dawning of the aquarium (Pacific Grove Tribune 10/17/84 p1); whale of an opening (Pacific Grove Tribune 10/24/84 p1)

Aquarium – aquarium readies for opening (Herald 10/20/84 p1,4); aquarium opening packed (Herald 10/21/84 p1,4A); memories haunt Cannery Row (Herald 10/21/84 p1D)

Aquarium – aquarium loses part of property tax exemption (Herald 10/23/87 p23); aquarium embezzlement trial to open in January (Herald 10/31/87 p5)

Aquarium – aquarium research facility will study ocean depths, exploration center planned (Herald 10/7/87 p21); research goals for Monterey Bay described (Herald 11/13/87 p7)

Aquarium – merchants, aquarium join forces (Herald 11/16/87 p17)

Aquarium - aquarium launching whale watch with two-part show on cetaceans (Herald 12/13/87 p6D)

Aquarium – write-up, pictures, Monterey Bay Aquarium (Pacific Grove Monarch 4 November 1988 p18)

Aquarium – new aquarium exhibit probes Sea of Cortez (Herald 11/19/88 p7,1)

Aquarium – new exhibit to open at aquarium, fuve video monitors on bay aspects (Herald 1/7/89 p7)

Aquarium – aquarium plans new education building, picture (Pacific Grove Monarch 4 August 1989 p1)

Aquarium – aquarium may benefit from assembly tax bill (Herald 9/7/89 p21); tax exemption eludes aquarium (Herald 1/26/90 p1,4)

Aquarium – aquarium to benefit from two tax measures (Herald 10/5/80 p9)

Aquarium – aquarium exhibit Living Treasures 10/22/80, picture (Pacific Grove Monarch 20 October 1989 p3)

Aquarium – Cannery Row toasts aquarium, fund raiser, picture (Herald 10/30/89 p1,4)

Aquarium – aquarium unveils $25 million expansion plan (Herald 11/1/89 p1,8)

Aquarium – aquarium plans expansion in Cannery Row, diagram (Herald 6/7/90 p1,4)

Aquarium – new, pregnant, sevengill shark acquired, picture (Herald 7/26/90 p1,17)

Aquarium – Monterey Planning Commission hearing on proposed expansion, Pacific Grove Planning Commission will participate 8/14/90 (Herald 8/13/90 p7)

Aquarium – Aquarium testing simulation of deep sea conditions, in Moss Landing tank, for possible display of deep sea creatures in projected expansion (Herald 8/31/90 p27)

Aquarium – Monterey Aquarium shark exhibit (Sunday Herald 1/13/91 Alta Vista section and 1/14/91 p1D)

Aquarium – residents’ support for the aquarium (Herald 2/4/91 p1-2C)

Aquarium – Paul Wolf write-up on new deep sea aquarium wing, pictures, diagram (Pacific Grove Monarch 3/22/91 p1,3)

Aquarium – aquarium spurs hands-on science project (Pacific Grove Monarch 26 April 1991 p6)

Aquarium – aquarium remodeling to start in the spring (Herald 5 September 1991 p1-2C)

Aquarium – aquarium “Live from Deep Canyon” show wins an award from the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums for the best zoo and aquarium educational program in 1991 (Herald 26 September 1991 p2C)

Aquarium – Cecelia Petro Morgan named event sales supervisor at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Pacific Grove resident; Maria Thompson of Pacific Grove names tour and travel sales rep, pictures (Herald 4 November 1991 p2C)

Aquarium – Pacific Grove teachers training seminar at the aquarium (Pacific Grove Monarch 20 March 1992 p5)

Aquarium – Monterey Bay Aquarium open house, free admission, 19-25 September, celebrating dedication of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary (Pacific Grove Monarch 18 September 1992 p8)

Aquarium – new aquarium exhibit will focus on sanctuary theme, picture (Herald 19 September 1992 p1C)

Aquarium – panel asks more work on aquarium parking (Herald 15 October 1992 p1,4A)

Aquarium – Laurie Rada named tour and travel sales representative for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, picture (Herald 5 July 1993 p1C)

Aquarium – James Hekkers of Pacific Grove, named vice-president for marketing and external affairs at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Herald 8 November 1993 p2C)

Aquarium – TV show “CBS This Morning” wil broadcast live from the Monterey Bay Aquarium 13 May 1994 (Herald 11 May 1994 p1C)

Aquarium – aquarium wing to feature ‘outer bay’ open sea (1996) and deep water (1998) tanks, pictures (Herald 3 June 1994 p1,16A)

Aquarium – aquarium, Hopkins plan tuna center project (Herald 3 June 1994 p1C)

Aquarium – Monterey Bay Aquarium marks tenth anniversary (Sunday Herald 16 October 1994 p1,8A); write-up, pictures, see also GO section Herald 20 October 1994 pG9)

Aquarium – Pacific Grove City Council letter to the Monterey Bay Aquarium requesting that the city be included in the facility’s promotional and marketing material (Herald 3 March 1995 p2C)

Aquarium – deadly beauties, venomous fish exhibit, pictures (Herald, GO section 16 March 1995 pG)

Aquarium – “Monterey Bay” Homes and Land/Monterey Peninsula, V.II, No. 12 (see Local History File, Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Aquarium – “Monterey Bay Aquarium” Monterey Savings Local, Fall 1979 (see Local History File, Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Aquarium – Monterey Bay Aquarium, holdings, pictures; project status January 1980; Aquarium Newsletter Spring 1981; Sunset Magazine November 1984; Motorland CSAA November-December 1984, Connisseur March 1985; Smithsonian June 1985; Annual Report 1985; Information folder 1988; Friendly Exchange 29 August 1989; Shorelines Winter 1989 (see Local History File drawer, Monterey Bay Aquarium folder)

Aquarium – “Monterey Bay Aquarium: introducing the age of aquarium” Herald 14 October 1984 (see Local History File drawer, Monterey Bay Aquarium folder)

Aquarium – “Celebrate the Sea Around Us at the New Monterey Bay Aquarium” Motorland/CSAA November/December 1984 (see Local History File: Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Aquarium – “A Novel Aquarium Depicts the Story of Monterey Bay” Smithsonian June 1985 (see Local History File: Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Aquarium – “Monterey Bay’s World-Class Aquarium” Monterey Life October 1989 (see Local History File: Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Aquarium – “Monterey Bay Aquarium Fifth Anniversary” the Sunday Herald 22 October 1989 (see Local History File: Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Aquarium – “David Packard and Julie Packard: Monterey Bay Profiles in Depth” Ocianus Summer 1993 p74-79 (see Local History File: Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Aquarium – “Making a Splash, aquarium celebrates a decade-10th anniversary for the aquarium” Herald go section 10/20-26-94 cover and p9) (see Local History File: Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Aquarium – “Between Monterey Tides” by Rick Gore, photos, National Geographic Feb. 1990 p2-43 (see Local History File, Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Aquarium Research Institute – Monterey’s Ocean Research Center gets big welcome (Herald 11/4/88 p23)

Aquarium Research Institute – Aquarium Institute submersible christened “Ventana” (window), remote control submarine for photography (Herald 2/19/89 p9A)
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