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Mary S Taylor

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:46 am    Post subject: Anderson Reply with quote

Anderson, A Mrs. – prop. San Benito Mineral Springs; editorial (Pacific Grove Review 2 April 1898 p2)

Anderson, A.W. Mrs. – of Salinas, and child (Pacific Grove Review 16 July 1890 p3)

Anderson, A.W. Rev. – of Santa Cruz, new pastor First Christian Church, Vice Rev. Forrest W. Lumsden resigned on account of wife’s illness (Pacific Grove Tribune 28 January 1954 p1)

Anderson, Andrew – died 19 December 1961 at 85, Pacific Grove resident 4 years, at home of son, 708 Forest (Herald 20 December 1961 p4 and 21 December 1961 p2)

Anderson, Andy – a grocery clerk, purchased a 1/3 interest in Cowger & Scott (Pacific Grove Review 12 October 1895 p3)

Anderson, Anne Howe Mrs. – died 11 March 1989, age 80, Community Hospital, Pacific Grove resident since 1953, niece Joan Devine of Pacific Grove (Herald 14 March 1989 p4)

Anderson, Arthur C – former district supt of Lighthouses, asked for position of Lighthouse Keeper at Point Pinos, because of his health, he replaces Miss Laura Hecox (Pacific Grove Daily Review 21 September 1916 p1)

Anderson, Burton E – died 21 February 1969, age 72, local hospital, Peninsula resident 7 years, 178 Acacia (Herald 21&22 February 1969 p4)

Anderson, C.A. Mr. and Mrs. – son Erik, born in Pine Grove Sanitarium (Pacific Grove Daily Review 29 October 1926 p4); C.A. Anderson and Doris Pavilla married in San Luis Obispo, Miss Pavilla is a dramatic actress, will live in Carmel (Pacific Grove Daily Review 27 January 1926 p1)

Anderson, Carl Mr. and Mrs. – son born at Peninsula Community Hospital, residence at 403 Gibson (Pacific Grove Tide 11 April 1941 p5)

Anderson, Christina E – died 31 July 1995, age 87 (Pacific Grove Beacon 11 August 1995 p14)

Anderson, Clarence & Helen – Pacific Grove, golden wedding, picture (Herald 28 September 1992 p3D)

Anderson, Claude – died 6 June 1980, 68, Veterans Hospital Palo Alto, Peninsula resident 1934-1978 (Herald 8 June 1980 p4A)

Anderson, David B – died 1 June 1985, age 59, Bend, Oregon, former Pacific Grove resident, moved 1986 (Herald 3 July 1985 p4)

Anderson, David H – 940 Egan, died 20 December 1964 at age 85 (Herald 21 December 1964)

Anderson, Dewey Mr. and Mrs. – son born to residents of 173 Pacific St. (Pacific Grove Tribune 5 march 1947 p4)

Anderson, E.L. Mrs. – opens millinery shop at Pine & Forest aves., adv. (Pacific Grove Review 27 September 1907 p3); visits San Francisco (Monterey Daily Cypress 17 February 1914 p3 (MCLF)

Anderson, E.P. – found dead (Pacific Grove Review 26 December 1903 p1)

Anderson, Edith Miss – to marry J. Brainard Thrall of Idaho (Monterey Daily Cypress 25 August 1915 p3 (MCLF)

Anderson, Ellen Mrs. – died 29 October, resided at 502 6th St., born in England, was first person in Monterey County to receive citizenship papers, leaves daughter, Mrs. Goldie Hudson (Pacific Grove Daily Review 30 October 1922 p1)

Anderson, Elwin “Andy” – died 15 march 1971,age 61, local hospital, Peninsula resident 6 years, widow Irene A. of Pacific Grove (Herald 16 march 1971 p4)

Anderson, Erik – died 27 April 1982, Carmichael, temporary residence, Pacific Grove resident 52 years, wife Helene of Pacific Grove (Herald 29 April 1982 p4)

Anderson, Grace Dr. – bought osteopathic practice of Dr. L. L. Phelps (Pacific Grove Daily Review 29 November 1918, p3)

Anderson, Greta Mrs. – also referred to as Henderson, Pacific Grove resident four years, retired business college teacher and textbook author of “Business English”, 4th edition, to speak at the National Secretaries Association dinner Del Monte Hyatt House 10/28, picture (Pacific Grove Tribune 10/23/69 p1)

Anderson, Harvey Henry – died 10 May 1968, age of 81, Pacific Grove resident of 3 years (Herald 11 May 1968 p4)

Anderson, Helene C Ms. – died 21 April 1987, age 95, Carmichael, former Pacific Grove resident 1927-1979, burial El Carmelo (Herald 24 April 1987 p4)

Anderson, Ina Elvira Mrs. – died 4 April 1963 in Monterey hospital at ag e70, Pacific Grove resident since 1952, 125 Grand (Herald 5&6 April 1963 p2&4)

Anderson, J.T. – buys real estate business of A.M. Fitzsimmons (Pacific Grove Review 11 march 1910 p2)

Anderson, J.W. Mr. and Mrs. – 1265 Buena Vista, son, Charles Wesley, 3rd son, born 24 February 1953 Monterey hospital, brothers Gary and Fred (Pacific Grove Tribune 13 March 1953 p6,7)

Anderson, James – obit (Pacific Grove Review 1 November 1902 p1)

Anderson, James C. Rev. – “Brother Andy”, died 14 May 1982 at Monterey Pines Convalescent Hospital, retired minister of the First Southern Baptist Church in Seaside, Peninsula resident since 1948, wife Fanie of Seaside (Herald 16 May 1982 p4)

Anderson, Jessie M. Miss – has been appointed to fill the unexpired term of the Pacific School in the Gorda District; this is the most isolated school in Monterey County and necessitates a long trip by horseback to reach (Pacific Grove Daily Review 4 May 1916 p1)

Anderson, John – student at U Santa Clara, son of Col./Mrs. R.E Anderson (Pacific Grove Tribune 15 Sept. 1950 p8)

Anderson, John Robert – died 13 November 1977, age 88, Pacific Grove residence, Pacific Grove resident 27 years, 1115 Ocean View (Herald 14 November 1977 p4)

Anderson, Joy Lynn – PGHS, UCLA, daughter of Jan Porchera, Pacific Grove, now a marketing representative for IBM in Los Angeles (Pacific Grove Tribune 22 February 1984 p6)

Anderson, Judy – Pacific Grove, has been contracted by Insider’s Guides Inc. to co-write a Monterey Peninsula relocation and visitor’s guide, picture (Herald 17 August 1997 pB7)

Anderson, Leon Mrs. – died 14 October 1968, age 97, Santa Cruz nursing home, former resident 1943-1965 418 Fountain (Herald 15 October 1968 p4)

Anderson, Madeleine Edna Mrs. – obituary, ex Pacific Grove, died 2 May 1998, Sacramento, age 87 (Herald 9 May 1998 pB3)

Anderson, Marian – Chautauqua speaker, picture (Pacific Grove Tribune 5/22/75 p4)

Anderson, Marian – cancels Pacific Grove date, program will continue as planned (Herald 5/27/75 p13)

Anderson, Marjorie Ann Mrs. – died 2 February 1974, age 79, Pacific Grove Convalescent, Pacific Grove resident since 1968, Forest Hill Manor (Herald 5 February 1974 p4)

Anderson, Martha A – city treasurer resigned on account of illness, Miss Mary Yates appointed successor (Pacific Grove Daily Review 7 October 1919 p1)

Anderson, Mary Anne Mrs. – died 7 February 1983, age 45, Hospice, lifelong Pacific Grove resident, born Pacific Grove 23 April 1937, mother Anne Worth, son Sterling (Herald 8 February 1983 p4)

Anderson, Mary Cronk Mrs. – died 16 October 1965, age 83, local rest home, Pacific Grove resident since 1955 (Herald 16&18 October 1965 p2)

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth Mrs. – died 4 January 1970 at the Pasadena Convalescent Home (Herald 7 January 1970 p4)

Anderson, Mavis Claunch Mrs. – daughter, Kaaren Diane born 5 March (Pacific Grove Tribune 15 March 1946 p6)

Anderson, Milton Anthony “Andy” – U.S. Army retired, died 11 August 1977, 45, Letterman Army Hospital, San Francisco, Pacific Grove resident 4 years, 1207 Forest Avenue (Herald 15 August 1977 p4)

Anderson, Otto Nelson – died 13 September 1981, 72, Eskaton Monterey Hospital, Pacific Grove resident since 1954, wife Ann (Herald 15 September 1981 p4)

Anderson, Patricia Ann Mrs. – obituary, died 16 December 200, Pacific Grove residence, age 48, picture (Herald

Anderson, Richard Cpl/Mrs. – 309 ½ 18th St., son Richard Lee born 1 February 1953 at Fort Ord Hospital, she was Barbara Parker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James T. Parker, Cedar St. (Pacific Grove Tribune 13 February 1953 p3)

Anderson, Robert & Esther – of Pacific Grove, golden wedding, picture (Sunday Herald 18 May 1997 pD4)

Anderson, Ruth Esther Mrs. – died 17 June 1983, age 76, Community Hospital, former switchboard operator Forest Hill Manor, son Robert of Pacific Grove, brother Rev. Herbert Riley, former pastor of Pacific Grove Methodist (Herald 21 June 1983 p4 and Pacific Grove Tribune 29 June 1983 p8)

Anderson, Sarah Isabelle Mrs. – died at age 85, Pacific Grove resident 18 years, left daughter and son, buried El Carmelo (Pacific Grove Tribune 1 November 1946 p9)

Anderson, Stella Myrtle Mrs. – died 27 July 1975, age 78, Saratoga, Peninsula resident 20 years, daughter Mrs. Dorothy Passey of Pacific Grove (Herald 28 July 1975 p4)

Anderson, Stewart – PGHS 1926, picture, working Pacific Biscuit Company, Seattle, Washington (1927 Sea Urchin Alumni notes p25)

Anderson, Walter Mr. and Mrs. – daughter, Carol Joyce born to residents of 210 7th St. (Pacific Grove Tide 26 June 1942 p2)

Anderson, Walter Lt.&Mrs. – daughter Martha Kay born in Monterey hospital (Pacific Grove Tribune 14 July 1944 p5)

Anderson, Wanda H. Mrs. – died 8 January 1973, age 79, Pacific Grove residence 181 Central (Herald 9 January 1973 p4)

Anderson, Willard – died 16 May 2000, Pacific Grove residence, age 84, picture (Herald 18 May 2000 pB3)

Anderson, William Ivan – son of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Anderson died at age 18 in auto accident (Pacific Grove Tide 27 September 1940 p12)
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