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Mary S Taylor

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:51 pm    Post subject: Zoning Reply with quote

Zoning – Pacific Grove Trustees, business men rap the zone ordinance plan (Pacific Grove Daily Review 30 January 1924 p1); Holman brands zoning scheme menace to citizens and property values (Pacific Grove Daily Review 15 February 1924 p1,3); zoning opposed by trustee candidates Frank M. Basham, W.J. Gould, Lem Cosmey (Pacific Grove Daily Review 28 march 1924 p1)

Zoning – Pacific Grove city trustees, zoning laws to be wiped off, zoning board to be abolished (Pacific Grove Daily Review 6 May 1924 p1)

Zoning – Diane m. Greene, letter to the editor on zoning decision of the city council for 234 Grove Acres Avenue (Pacific Grove Tribune 31 May 1972 p4; see also 21 June 1972 p1)

Zoning – zoning question 254 Grove Acres to be on special election 8/15, comment (Pacific Grove Tribune 19 July 1972 p12, 26 July 1972 p3, 2 August 1972 p5, 12; pictures, comment, see also 9 August 1972 p1)

Zoning – editorial on council action on density and zoning (Pacific Grove Tribune 21 February 1973 p1)

Zoning – zoning for annexed area urged (Herald 27 September 1973 p25)

Zoning – Del Monte Park zoning revised (Herald 8 November 1973 p25)

Zoning – Pacific Grove school building violates zoning, city charges (Herald 13 December 1973 p29)

Zoning – Pacific Grove studies revision of zoning laws (Herald 28 June 1974 pCool

Zoning – sewer and zoning settlement in progress (Pacific Grove Tribune 10 October 1974 p1); see editorial (Herald 17 October 1974 p14); se also Measure B (Herald Oct 31, 1974 p1)

Zoning – Macomber subdivision rezoning approved (Herald 30 January 1975 p21)

Zoning – city taking another squint at “Downtown Farm” (garden on commercial lot) hearing April 10 (Pacific Grove Tribune 3 April 1975 p1; see also 17 April 1975 pCool

Zoning – Mayor’s report write-up on variances (Pacific Grove Tribune 29 June 1975 p7)

Zoning – Pacific Grove Council okays first reading of Mobile Home Zoning Law, to protect but not extend C-2 zoning for Monarch Pines (Herald 4 September 1975 p23)

Zoning – Pacific Grove plan, zoning discussed, water, fire protection and traffic need study (Herald 13 May 1976 p25)

Zoning – write-up on possible down-zoning by Council and Planning Commission (Pacific Grove Tribune 20 May 1976 p1)

Zoning – council, planners ponder zoning rollback (Pacific Grove Tribune 20 May 1976 p1)

Zoning – City Planning Commission to hold hearing on zoning changes in the matter of off street parking requirements and the upgrading of narrow lot structures (Pacific Grove Tribune 19 August 1976 p12)

Zoning – Pacific Grove planners consider downzoning (Pacific Grove Tribune 10 March 1977 p3; see also 24 March 1977 p3)

Zoning – Pacific Grove planners postpone zone change (Pacific Grove Tribune 21 April 1977 p7)

Zoning – planners oppose Mayor’s sex zone plan – Pacific Grove Tribune 28 April 1977 p7)

Zoning – Downzoning area taken off Planning Commission agenda (Pacific Grove Tribune 12 May 1977 p2)

Zoning – Pacific Grove Planning Commission considers downtown zoning (Pacific Grove Tribune 12 October 1977 p1; see also 19 October 1977 p1)

Zoning – Pacific Grove residents may go to polls to decide on section rezoning (Pacific Grove Tribune 4 January 1978 p1)

Zoning – planners increase R-3-A density (Pacific Grove Tribune 15 February 1978 p2A)

Zoning – Pacific Grove rezoning petition filed for mid-town area (Herald 23 March 1978 p23)

Zoning – small lot sizes in Pacific Grove can complicate real estate (Pacific Grove Tribune 26 April 1978 p2A)

Zoning – zoning petition to council (Pacific Grove Tribune 29 March 1978 p1; editorial 29 March 1978 p4A)

Zoning – midtown area zoned for duplexes (Herald 6 April 1978 p1)

Zoning – Lighthouse (avenue) committee turns in zoning petition, picture (Pacific Grove Tribune 26 April 1978 p1)

Zoning – Davie Cole article on Pacific Grove land planning and zoning (Pacific Grove Tribune 7 June 1978 p4A)

Zoning – Pacific Grove zoning under review (Pacific Grove Tribune 1 November 1978 p7A)

Zoning – planners are serious about rezoning (Pacific Grove Tribune 3 January 1978 p2)

Zoning – planners to discuss zoning (Pacific Grove Tribune 10 January 1979 p3)

Zoning – city refuses to split one lot with two homes (Pacific Grove Tribune 10 January 1979 p1)

Zoning – Pacific Grove planners will air proposed amendments to zoning ordinance (Herald 10 January 1979 p12)

Zoning – Monarch Pines Park Management to contemplate land use change (Pacific Grove Tribune 7 February 1979 p7A)

Zoning – future of Pacific Grove’s “Retreat Area” debated by zooming commission (Herald 15 June 1979 p25)

Zoning – planning board hearing on Pacific Grove Retreat Area June 14 (Pacific Grove Tribune 13 June 1979 p1; editorial p4A)

Zoning – Pacific Grove “Retreat” triplex dumped by commission (Herald 19 June 1979 p19)

Zoning – “Retreat” zoning ordinance before Pacific Grove council (Herald 17 June 1979 p15)

Zoning – Franco asks Pacific Grove Retreat to be zoned R-1 until final action; High Street block to close if daycare center opens, if approved by council (Pacific Grove Review 18 July 1979 p1)

Zoning – planning commission, city council study general plan, zoning ordinance conflicts (Pacific Grove Tribune 18 July 1979 p4A)

Zoning – hearing on Pacific Grove Retreat rezoning August 1 (Pacific Grove Tribune 11 July 1979 p1, see also 18 July 1979 p1, 25 July 1979 p1, p4A, 1 August 1979 p1, 4A and 22 August 1979 p1)

Zoning – council kills temporary R-1 Retreat zoning idea (Pacific Grove Tribune 25 July 1979 p1); moratoriums are for emergencies (Pacific Grove Tribune 25 July 1979 p4A)

Zoning – council to consider rezoning of Pacific Grove retreat area; planners to consider restaurant restrictions (Pacific Grove Tribune 1 August 1979 p1); retreat needs special zoning, editorial (Pacific Grove Tribune 1 August 1979 p4A)

Zoning – Pacific Grove’s “Retreat” area plan sent back to planners by Pacific Grove Council, no roof lights for MacDonalds (Herald 2 August 1979 p23)

Zoning – Pacific Grove Council reclaims zoning jurisdiction on Retreat area for consideration Sept. 5 (Herald 16 August 1979 p25)

Zoning – Retreat area rezoning to get another airing (Herald 6 September 1979 p22)

Zoning – editorial on Retreat area rezoning (Pacific Grove Tribune 12 December 1979 p4A)

Zoning – draft environmental impact report on Calabrese Canyon, picture of proposed buildings (Pacific Grove Tribune 20 February 1980 p2)

Zoning – Pacific Grove homeowners plod among zoning tangles over two house lot (Herald 18 March 1980 p19)

Zoning – Pacific Grove Council puts homeowners back to square one in two-house lot legal tangle, parking fines raised (Herald 20 March 1980 p23)

Zoning – planners duck zone changes on Sunset (Pacific Grove Tribune 5 June 1980 p1; see also 9 July 1980 p1)

Zoning – Sunset Drive property owners protest city’s reneging on zoning agreement made in 1974 (Pacific Grove Tribune 9 July 1980 p1)

Zoning – Ocean View Blvd use decisions delayed (Herald 16 Oct 1980 p25)

Zoning – Pacific Grove City Council to hold hearings on altering rules on substandard lots (Herald 17 February 1981 p19)

Zoning – conflict issue raised in Pacific Grove zoning votes (Herald 2 June 1981 p19)

Zoning – Pacific Grove Council rejects increased height limit (Herald 22 July 1982 p19)

Zoning – city council disapproves height amendment (Pacific Grove Tribune 28 July 1982 p5)

Zoning – 1981 zoning law prompts lawsuit (Pacific Grove Tribune 15 February 1984 p2)

Zoning – 1981 zoning law prompts lawsuit, substandard lots (Pacific Grove Tribune 15 February 1984 p2)

Zoning – rezoning could transform school property into senior housing-professional offices (Pacific Grove Tribune 18 April 1984 p7)

Zoning – Pacific Grove Council delays decision on variance; illegal garage conversion (Pacific Grove Tribune 25 April 1984 p1); Congress Avenue residents prevail in lengthy fight (Pacific Grove Tribune 25 July 1984 p2)

Zoning – variance requests spark controversy at Pacific Grove Planning Commission meeting (Pacific Grove Tribune 4 July 1984 p2)

Zoning – Pacific Grove Planning Commission turns down request for a second-story addition 5-1 (Pacific Grove Monarch 14 August 1987 p3)

Zoning – Planning commission/city council considering ordinance to provide checks for zoning violations at the time of property sale (Pacific Grove Monarch 11 September 1987 p5; see also 2 October 1987 p3)

Zoning – controversial zoning ordinance, clearance inspection at sale, poses dilemma (Pacific Grove Monarch 16 October 1987 p3; see also 20 November 1987 p3)

Zoning – Pacific Grove Planning Commission considering new height regulations; diagrams (Pacific Grove Monarch 4 December 1987 p3)

Zoning – zoning clearance law not passed, idea approved (Pacific Grove Monarch 18 December 1987 p9)

Zoning – planners to discuss new height limit proposal (Pacific Grove Monarch 12 February 1988 p3; see also 26 February 1988 p4)

Zoning – rezoning; Hayward Lumber Company property controversy, ballot measure J; diagram (Pacific Grove Monarch 28 October 1988 p1)

Zoning – zoning measure J, Hayward Lumber request, defeated in November election (Pacific Grove Monarch 11 November 1988 p3)

Zoning – zoning problems for Mon n Pop groceries (Pacific Grove Monarch 17 November 1989 p1)

Zoning - second election issue stirs controversy (Pacific Grove Monarch 23 May 1990 p3) (FUZZY)

Zoning – Hayward Lumber renews request for rezoning (Pacific Grove Monarch 1 June 1990 p3)

Zoning – Pacific Grove City Council meeting July 24, zoning discussion on Daniels Corner Market, Del Monte Park, addition meeting July 30 (Herald 30 July 1990 pCool

Zoning – Paul Wolf article on Measure L, rezoning of Hayward Lumber property (Pacific Grove Monarch 26 October 1990 p1)

Zoning – public meeting to discuss house-size limit , 18-foot height restrictions, 11/15 (Herald 14 November 1990 p3C)

Zoning – Pacific Grove Council, planners to discuss height rules (Herald 11 December 1990 p2C)
Zoning – city study session, rules to ease Pacific Grove height limits may spur building (Herald 13 December 1990 p11A)

Zoning – Pacific Grove City Council refuses to allow building on small lot, 1800 foot lower limit (Herald 20 December 1990 p4C)

Zoning – Pacific Grove City Council eases height limit on homes in golf course area but sets overall size limit (Herald 5 April 1991 p1C)

Zoning – Pacific Grove residents in the Beach Tract resent zoning provisions, picture (Herald 5 September 1997 p1,3B)

Zoning – “Legal and Ethical Aspects of Zoning:” compiled by Pacific Grove Property Owers and Residents Committee, April 27, 1981 see Local History File: Zoning
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