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Mary S Taylor

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 5:45 am    Post subject: Wright Reply with quote

Wright, Charles Wesley – died 7 February 1994, age 85, Hospice House, Pacific Grove resident 47 years, retired Herald printer, worked on P.G. Tribune, St. Angela’s, skilled wood craftsman, wife Helen (Herald 10 February 1994 p4A)

Wright, Dolores Miss – license issued to marry Charles Silvester, both of Pacific Grove (Pacific Grove Review 7 November 1927 p1)

Wright, Elsie Miss – Pacific Grove High School teacher married Mr. P.A. Brotherton of Palo Alto on 14 December (Pacific Grove High Tide 9 January 1931 p3-4)

Wright, Ernest N. – died 8 April 1965, age 57, local hospital, Pacific Grove resident 19 years, 623 Spruce (Herald 9&10 April 1965 p2)

Wright, Ernest N. – died 8 April 1965 at age of 57 at the local hospital, Pacific Grove resident for 19 years (Herald 9 April 1965 p2)

Wright, F.J. – has purchased and will occupy Rose Willa, 212 15th St. (Monterey Daily Cypress 14 March 1916 p3 (MCLF)

Wright, Florence M. Mrs. – died 9 August 1961 at 82 (Herald 11 August 1961 p2)

Wright, Georgia Rittenhouse – died 14 August 1963 at 77, Pacific Grove resident, 1248 Shell (Herald 16 August 1963 p4)

Wright, Glenda – marries C.R. Olive (Pacific Grove Review 7 May 1909 p2)

Wright, Hildegard Mrs. – died 24 February 1969, local hospital, Pacific Grove resident 10 years, 1025 Austin Avenue (Herald 25 February 1969 p4)

Wright, Ida Mrs. – died at age 61, Pacific Grove resident 30 years (Pacific Grove Tribune 26 April 1935 p5)

Wright, J.J. – funeral (Pacific Grove Daily Review 20 January 1906 p1 and 26 January 1906 p6)

Wright, J.M. Mr. and Mrs. – Mrs. C.R. Olive of Hollister, visiting her parents (Pacific Grove Daily Review 28 March 1914 p1); Mrs. J.A. Wright died in San Francisco, recently moved to Pacific Grove from Hollister (Pacific Grove Daily Review 30 March 1914 p1)

Wright, J.W. – Press in the Forest, Carmel, obituaries (see Biography section, Local History File drawer)

Wright, Jack Master Sgt. – U.S. Army retired, died 17 July 1982, 61, Veterans Hospital Palo Alto, Pacific Grove resident (Herald 21 July 1982 p4)

Wright, James M. – shot and wounded Mrs. M. Shaw of 116 8th St., then killed himself (Pacific Grove Daily Review 3 November 1922 p1)

Wright, James N. – resident of 114 7th St. shot and wounded Mrs. M. Shaw, killed himself (Monterey Cypress 3 November 1922 p1 (MPLF)

Wright, John Ralph Col. – 919 14th St., died 28 June 1967 in local hospital at age 83, Pacific Grove resident since 1942 (Herald 29&30 June 1967 p2)

Wright, John R. Col. – Pacific Grove, Legion of Merit, Korea, he is with Army War College, Carlisle, PA, picture (Pacific Grove Tribune 12 June 1953 p5)

Wright, Kathryn Clare Mrs. – died 25 November 1967, age 48, local hospital, Pacific Grove resident 4 years, 147B 12th Street (Herald 27 November 1967 p2)

Wright, Leona May Mrs. – 919 14th St. died May 19, 1966 in local hospital at age 89, Pacific Grove resident since 1942 (Herald 20 May 1966 p2)

Wright, Margaret Ellen Ms. – died 21 December 1982, age 82, Pacific Grove residence, Pacific Grove resident 15 years, Wright’s Secretarial Service (Herald 25 December 1982 p4)

Wright, Marie Louise Mrs. – found dead at home on 10th St. and Laurel Ave. (Pacific Grove Daily Review 22 November 1912 p1)

Wright, Nelly – write-up, picture, Pacific Grove marathon runner Nelly Wright, ran a 2:48:32 marathon at Sacramento, qualifying for Olympic trials (Pacific Grove Tribune 14 December 1983 p19)

Wright, Nelly – Bolivian citizen, Pacific Grove resident to be a Bolivian marathon runner at the Los Angeles Olympics, picture, write-up (Pacific Grove Tribune 6 June 1984 p1&6; 13 June p9; 27 June p15; 18 July p13; 25 July p1)

Wright, Nelly – Nelly Wright Day in Pacific Grove, to run in the Olympic marathon, representing Bolivia, picture (Pacific Grove Tribune 25 July 1984 p6 and 1 August 1984 p1-2 and 8 August 1984 p1,3); finisher, time 2 hours, 51 minutes, 38 seconds (Pacific Grove Tribune 15 August 1984 p13)

Wright, Nelly – Pacific Grove, won women’s division of the Big Sur Marathon, picture (Pacific Grove Monarch 22 April 1988 p3)

Wright, Nelly – write-up, Pacific Grove’s marathon runner in the Big Sur International Marathon, fourth woman finisher, first in women’s master division, 40 and up (Pacific Grove Monarch 1 May 1992 p1,Cool

Wright, O.C. Mr. and Mrs. – moving to Tulare where he has purchased a business (Herald 17 March 1928 p2 (MPLF)

Wright, Roy – birthday surprise (Pacific Grove Review 1 October 1904 p1)

Wright, Roy Mr. and Mrs. – son born to Fire Chief and wife, grandson of Mr. Will E. Wright (Pacific Grove Daily Review 23 July 1925 p1)

Wright, Roy – picture and profile (Pacific Grove Tribune 30 July 1948 p7)

Wright, Roy M. – hardware, 5 gal. kerosene 75cents (Pacific Grove Daily Review 26 January 1914 p1); paints, varnishes, hardware (Pacific Grove Daily Review 3 October 1916 p4); marries Miss Georgie Forbes, will live at 232 Cypress Ave., Pacific Grove (Monterey Cypress 13 September 1922 p3) MPLF)

Wright, Roy M. – settled in new hardware store, formerly occupied by Stuart A. Work (Herald 26 February 1923 p2) MPLF)

Wright, Roy Maynard – marries Miss Pearl A. Treasure of Salinas (Pacific Grove Review 4 January 1907 p2); Tennis champ, won Monterey County Tennis Championship (Pacific Grove Daily Review 10 September 1919 p1)

Wright, Roy M. – “Roy Wright – a Little History”, photos (Board and Batten April/May 2002 p1-5)

Wright, Sinclair Best Capt. – U.S. Navy retired, Carmel, died 2 August 1991, age 82, Fort Ord hospital, former PGHS math teacher, retiring in 1974, USNA 1931, Veteran WWII and Korea, Carmel resident 30 years, wife Eileen (Herald 7 August 1991 p4A)

Wright, Velma L. Mrs. – died 24 December 1972, age 69, local hospital, Pacific Grove Resident 50 years, 232 Cypress (Herald 26 December 1972 p4)

Wright, W.E. – gives surprise party for Mrs. E. Olan James (Pacific Grove Review 1 September 1905 p2); and family returns from Los Gatos, will make home in Pacific Grove (Monterey Daily Cypress 6 April 1915 p3) MCLF)

Wright, Will Mrs. – fire (Pacific Grove Review 1 February 1902 p1)

Wright, Will E – a camping trip (Pacific Grove Review 5 September 1903 p1)

Wright, Will E – notice/real estate (Pacific Grove Review 1 May 1897 p3)

Wright, Will E – letter to the editor re duck hunt (Pacific Grove Review 6 December 1904 p1); purchases the hay and grain business of Gould and Daugherty in New Monterey (Pacific Grove Review 28 January 1910 p2); sold home at 513 Fountain Ave. to Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Dague (Pacific Grove Daily Review 17 February 1919 p1)

Wright, Will Edgar – died at age 78, Pacific Grove resident 42 years retired T.A. Work Hardware employee, left wife, Gertrude, daughter and son, buried El Carmelo (Pacific Grove Tide 2 February 1940 p12)

Wright, William Capt. – sea captain dies at advanced age at 229 Park Street, Pacific Grove family in Benicia (Pacific Grove Daily Review 6 May 1919 p1)

Wright, William E – married Miss Lillian Evangeline Tuttle, daughter of Rev. F.L. Tuttle, also performing minister (Monterey Daily Cypress 14 November 1917 p5) MCLF); moved real estate business into Roy

Wright Hardware Store (Herald 2 March 1923 p2) MPLF)
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