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Mary S Taylor

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 5:53 am    Post subject: Work Reply with quote

Work, Ardelia Belle Miss – died 15 September 1994, age 97, Pacific Grove residence, Red Cross work, hospital volunteer, WWII, Fort Ord, local charities and service organizations list, sister Alice Work of Pacific Grove, burial San Miguel cemetery South County (Herald Sunday 18 September 1994 p4A)

Work, Frank – PGHS 1926, picture, at Stanford (1927 Sea Urchin Alumni notes p25; also 1928 and 1929 Sea Urchin Alumni notes)

Work, Frank – of Monterey, died 4 February 1993, age 84, Community Hospital, born Pacific Grove 19 June 1908, PGHS graduate, valedictorian ’26?, civic leader, patron of the arts, last son of Thomas A. Work, dedicated home to the Monterey Peninsula Museum, sister Elizabeth Kirby of Pebble Beach, nephew Robert Work of Pebble Beach, picture (Herald 4 February 1993 p4A)

Work, Madeline – PGHS 1915, Mrs. Addison Burbank of North Carolina (1917 Sea Urchin Alumni notes p73); at home in Pacific Grove (1921 Sea Urchin Alumni notes p50)

Work, Madeline – daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Work married Addison Burbank of Winston-Salem, N.C., he is a newspaperman (Monterey Daily Cypress 10 April 1917 p3 (MCLF)

Work, Stewart – purchased hardware business of his father (Monterey Daily Cypress 2 January 1919 p4 (MCLF); selling out hardware stock (Pacific Grove Daily Register 8 December 1922 p4); has purchased the stock of the McKelvey Store in Monterey and will operate both stores (Pacific Grove Daily Review 12 June 1922 p1)

Work, Stewart – closed his business as a hardware merchant (Herald 10 February 1923 p2 (MPLF); to open hardware business at 203 Alvarado, Monterey (Herald 28 May 1923 p2 (MPLF)

Work, Stuart – to marry Miss Doris Campbell of Pietmont, couple will live in Carmel until Monterey home is completed (Herald 2&18 August 1928 p2 (MPLF)

Work, Stuart – son of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Work married Miss Alice Barnikol of San Leandro in Carmel Community Church, couple will live in Carmel (Pacific Grove Tribune 14 December 1934 p3)

Work, T.A. – adv. Of Feedstore and woodyard (Pacific Grove Review 16 July 1890 p1); adv cheap cash store (Pacific Grove Review 25 April 1891 p2), notice to creditors and debtors (Pacific Grove Review 2 January 1892 p1)

Work, T.A. – notice of partnership with A.E. Vasquez (Pacific Grove Review 7 April 1894 p2); dissolution of partnership (Pacific Grove Review 5 May 1894 p3)

Work, T.A. – to put in sewers in old Snell place (Pacific Grove Review 5 September 1896 p3)

Work, T.A. & Co. – partnership with F.L. Buck (Pacific Grove Review 28 December 1901 p4)

Work, T.A. – sold bath house to W.F. Smith (Pacific Grove Review 18 April 1903 p1)

Work, T.A. – director of 1st National Bank of Monterey (Pacific Grove Review 12 September 1903 p4); fell from a streetcar, injured (Pacific Grove Daily Review 23 January 1906 p1), advertisement and picture of the company (Pacific Grove Review 2 November 1906 p14)

Work, T.A. Co.’s – new block (Pacific Grove Review 9 December 1904 p1); to build on coroner of Lighthouse and Grand Ave. (Pacific Grove Review 12 January 1906 p3)

Work, T.A. Co. – new saw mill installed (Pacific Grove Review 9 August 1907 p1); warehouse burns (Pacific Grove Review 11 July 1910 p1); tearing down former J.C. Anthony building on corner of Forest & Laurel (Pacific Grove Review 7 October 1910 p2)

Work, T.A. – to run Del Mar Hotel as lodging house (Pacific Grove Review 4 September 1908 p2); acquires the B.A. Eardley property on the corner of Lighthouse and Forest, the most important real estate deal ever consummated in Pacific Grove (Pacific Grove Review 2 July 1909 p2)

Work, T.A. – forms syndicate to purchase the entire holdings of the Pacific Improvement Co. within the city limits of Pacific Grove; and also a tract outside (Pacific Grove Review 9 July 1909 p1); to build new block on Forest Ave. just north of Burlingame’s grocery on Lighthouse (Pacific Grove Review 10 February 1911 p1)

Work, T.A. – is building a garage on Grand Ave. (Pacific Grove Review 10 February 1911 pa); Del Mar Hotel taken over by the owner, Mr. Work; purchases old Washington Hotel in Monterey (Pacific Grove Review 23 December 1910 p1,2)

Work, T.A. Co. – will replace horse with auto trucks for deliveries (Pacific Grove Review 21 May 1912 p3); to commence new building on Forest Ave. (Pacific Grove Review 2 September 1910 p1); warehouse on Franklin in Monterey burns (Pacific Grove Review 15 July 1910 p2)

Work, T.A. – purchases mill site from the Jacks Corp. between Monterey and Pacific Grove (Pacific Grove Daily Review 21 October 1912 p1); lumber business received shipment of shingles by Coastal Steam Schooner from Humboldt County (Pacific Grove Daily Review 11 August 1913 p1)

Work, T.A. – selling Studebaker automobiles, left hand drive, electric lights $1150 (Pacific Grove Daily Review 4 April 1914 p4); also sells Saxon cars (Monterey Daily Cypress 10 July 1914 p1 (MCLF)

Work, T.A. – bought 95 acres from Jacks Corporation, located on hill between Presidio and Pacific Grove, Mr. Work to subdivide, install streets, etc. (Pacific Grove Daily Review 24 June 1914 p1); automobile stolen from his garage by a young employee, R.A. Snider, who drove it to Salinas and took the train to Los Angeles (Pacific Grove Daily Review 7 October 1914 p1)

Work, T.A. – bought 20 acres of land from Jack’s Corporation, Gigling Ranch area (Monterey Daily Cypress 20 March 1915 p1 (MCLF); sold Del Mar Hotel to H. Connett (Monterey Daily Cypress 24 August 1915 p3 (MCLF)

Work, T.A. – mill in New Monterey, close to Pacific Grove destroyed by fire, loss estimated at $20,000 Pacific Grove Fire Dept. helped fight fire (Pacific Grove Daily Review 21 June 1919 p1); there had been no telephone service in Pacific Grove for more than a month, fire at Mill burned out cable (Pacific Grove Daily Review 23 July 1919 p1)

Work, T.A. – “Wheel” in the Monterey Harding-Coolidge Republican Club (Monterey Daily Cypress 5 October 1920 p8 (MCLF); new building on Alvarado St. in Monterey, owns more business buildings in Monterey and Pacific Grove than any 4 other men (Monterey Daily Cypress 8 January 1921 p1 (MCLF)

Work, T.A. – with A.W. Furlong opened up a real estate office in Monterey (Pacific Grove Daily Review 10 January 1923 p1); president of 1st National Bank Monterey, named in an abatement suit coming out of a police liquor raid on businessman’s Club on second floor (Pacific Grove Daily Review 26 July 1924 p1)

Work, T.A. – tour of England and Europe, picture and interview (Herald 11&12 July 1928 p1 (MPLF)

Work, T.A. & Associates – established a new bank in Salinas (Pacific Grove High Tide 21 June 1929 p1)

Work, T.A. – A.W. Furlong succeeds Mr. Work as head of First National Bank of Pacific Grove, Federal bank regulations prohibit holding office in more than three banks (Pacific Grove Tribune 5 January 1934 p1)

Work, T.A. – management of Work properties needed to restore downtown, write-up on T.A. Work, early businessman (Pacific Grove Beacon 20 January 1995 p25)

Work, T.A. – sold Del Mar Hotel to Mr. and Mrs. Al Davies of Ocean Lake, Oregon (Pacific Grove Tribune 10 May 1945 p1)

Work, T.A. – testimonial dinner 4 February 1952, picture and write-up (Pacific Grove Tribune 31 January 1952 p1)

Work, T.A. – died at age 95, pillar of the Peninsula and Pacific Grove (Herald 17& 18 April 1963 p1,4)

Work, Thomas Albert Jr. – son of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Work married Mrs. Hannah Perkes Hinds, will live in Carmel (Pacific Grove Tribune 21 September 1934 p2)

Work, Tom A. – “T.A. Work: First National Bank Founder.” (Board & Batten April/May 1994)

Work, Thomas “Tommy” – eloped with Violet Curry, 1923 Pacific Grove High School graduate, she is daughter of J.A. Curry of San Jose, she lived with her grandfather, Mr. F. Cooper (Pacific Grove Daily Review 4 January 1924 p1); accepted at Stanford (Herald 2 October 1923 p5 (MPLF)

Work, Thomas Jr. “Tommy” – wins scholarship at Stanford, Skull and Snakes Scholarship cup (Pacific Grove Daily Review 8 May 1926 p1); in Intercollegiate Athletic Assn track meet at Cambridge Mass (Harvard) took 2nd place (tie) 6/3 ½” high jump Stanford took 2nd team place (Pacific Grove Daily Review 1 June 1926 p1)

Work, Thomas A. Jr. – 84, lumber executive, died 3/19/90, Carmel residence, born Pacific Grove 26 April 1905, PGHS? ’23?, Stanford ’27, athletic records, Pacific Grove Planning Commission 1964-1970, wife Lisa of Carmel (Herald 3/22/90 p4)

Work, Thomas Albert – PGHS 1923, picture, Stanford, married (1924 Sea Urchin Alumni notes p53); Skull & Snakes Scholarship Cup, Stanford (1926 Sea Urchin Alumni notes p26), Thomas Work’s Mill, Pacific Grove (1928 Sea Urchin Alumni notes)
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