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Women’s Civic Club

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Mary S Taylor

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 6:21 am    Post subject: Women’s Civic Club Reply with quote

Women’s Civic Club – see Associations, Institutions, Etc.

Women’s Civic Improvement Club – plans being made for future work (Pacific Grove Review 14 March 1903 p4); boxes for May Queen ballots (Pacific Grove Review 4 April 1903 p1); to give a dance (Pacific Grove Review 21 November 1903 p1); entertained by Mrs. Chas Culp (Pacific Grove Review 23 January 1906 p1)

Women’s Civic Improvement Club – annual meeting and list of officers (Pacific Grove Review 16 January 1904 p1); clearing vacant lots of rubbish (Pacific Grove Review 6 February 1904 p1); entertained by Mrs. C.S. Trimmer (Pacific Grove Review 30 April 1904 p4)

Women’s Civic Club – Japanese Tea for benefit of Women’s Civic Improvement Club (Pacific Grove Review 20 February 1904 p4)

Women’s Civic Improvement Club – Gypsy festival (Pacific Grove Review 29 July 1904 p4); has meeting, plans entertainment to raise funds (Pacific Grove Review 26 January 1906 p2 and 2 February 1906 p1); holds tea (Pacific Grove Review 23 November 1906 p3)

Women’s Civic Improvement Club – meet to discuss preservation of trees on Lighthouse Avenue (Pacific Grove Review 16 March 1906 p4); annual report given by the president, Mrs. B.L. Hollenbeck (Pacific Grove Review 22 April 1913 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – makes plans to incorporate (Pacific Grove Review 4 October 1907 p4 and 18 October 1907 p2); new clubhouse opened (Pacific Grove Review 23 December 1910 p1); history (Pacific Grove Review 26 August 1910 p3 and 2 September 1910 p2)

Women’s Civic Club – civic club opens new home (Del Monte Weekly Dec. 19, 1910 and Board & Batten Aug/Sept 1987 p5)

Women’s Civic Club – civic committee chairman: Miss Etta B. Lloyd, house committee: Mrs. .B. Chase, hospitality: Mrs. A.J. Abbott, committee to look into Lighthouse Ave embankment: Mrs. M. Anderson, Mrs. C.J. Moyes, Mrs. W.V. Grimes, Mrs. C.F. Brown, Mrs. S.A. Comey; social evening committee: Mrs. O.H. Sheppa, Mrs. J.H. Neighborn, Mrs. C.M. Kyle (Pacific Grove Daily Review 13 May 1913 p1)
Women’s Civic Club – Margaret Yates, contralto, Leila Retallick, pianist, concern program of 1/20/34 (see Local History File: Associations, institutions, etc.

Women’s Civic Club – officers 1914, Mrs. Daniel Freeman president, Mrs. E.B. Long 1st vice president, Mrs. A.J. Abbott 2 vice, Mrs. R.A. Olstead sec, Mrs. C.S. Barker financial sec, Mrs. W.A. Gerdes treasurer, Mrs. J.A. Pell Parliamentarian, directors: Mesdames Freeman, Pell, Chase, Ellis, Bullene, Abbott, Long, Yates, Pryor (Pacific Grove Daily Review 6 April 1914 p1 and 7 April 1914 p1)

Women’s Civic Improvement Club – meeting 28July 1914, post mortem on Chautauqua, Woman’s Day, new member Mrs. Elizabeth D. Wood, objection to term post-mortem (Monterey Daily Cypress 26 July 1914 p4 (MCLF); appointed a committee to arrange a series of meetings to raise funds to aid the starving Belgians (Pacific Grove Daily Review 4 November 1914 p1)

Women’s Civic Convention – lists of officers, chairmen, etc. (Pacific Grove Daily Review 14 October 1914 p1); Women’s Civic Club requested City Trustees to cause construction of a playground at Park located at 17th St & Ocean Ave (Monterey Daily Cypress 16 February 1915 p1 (MCLF); officers for year 1919 (Pacific Grove Daily Review 10 December 1918 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – meeting 14 August 1916, speakers: Miss Anna Pettit of Fresno, amendments to be voted on, Miss Anna Chase, San Francisco on single tax question (Pacific Grove Daily Review 15 August 1916 p1); incensed because City Trustees leased triangle plot to Lovers Point Dahlia Gardens for five years, dissolved playground committee (Monterey Daily Cypress 26 October 1915 p3 (MCLF)

Women’s Civic Club – officers listed for 1920 (Pacific Grove Daily Review 9 December 1919 p1); officers listed for 1921 (Pacific Grove Daily Review 9 December 1920 p1); indoor picnic and program arranged by Miss Lillian Ayers, secty (Herald 6 April 1923 p1 (MPLF)

Women’s Civic Club – Miss L.M. Egan, president addresses first meeting (Pacific Grove Daily Review 10 January 1922 p1); donations and proceeds from food sale for Near East Relief Fund (Monterey Daily Cypress 12 January 1922 p6 (MPLF); Miss Birdice Blye, world famous pianist gives concert at Women’s Club (Pacific Grove Daily Review 21 January 1922 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – fire damage at Civic Club restored (Pacific Grove Daily Review 23 January 1922 p1); Professor E.E. Robinson spoke on Washington Disarmament Conference (Pacific Grove Daily Review 20 February 1922 p4); officers listed (Pacific Grove Daily Review 13 June 1922 p1)

Women’s Civic Improvement Club – Superior Judge Roberts spoke to club on work on Carmel-San Simeon highway, club highly endorsed (Herald 12 June 1923 p1 (MPLF); with Chamber of Commerce forms organization for Feast of Lanterns (Herald 12 July 1923 p1 (MPLF)

Women’s Civic Club – John L.D. Roberts spoke to Pacific Grove Civic Club on work on Carmel-San Simeon highway, club highly endorsed (Herald 12 June 1923 p1 (MPLF); Mrs. Beatrice Yates, president; the club had promoted and made successful the convention of the San Francisco District Federated

Women’s Clubs (Pacific Grove Daily Review 29 April 1924 p1)

Women’s Civic Improvement Club – Mrs. Beatrice Yates, president, speaker from Oregon at meeting (Pacific Grove Daily Review 29 July 1924 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – officers listed (Herald 7 April 1925 p2 (MPLF); Mrs. Laurence Lyon to be chairman Civic Club Flower show 31 July (Herald 23 July 1925 p3 (MPLF)

Women’s Civic Club – Monterey County Federation of Women’s Clubs met at Pacific Grove Women’s Civic Club, 50 delegates (Pacific Grove Daily Review 19 September 1925 p4 ); annual reports and committees (Herald 10, 11 & 14 April 1925 p1, 1 & 5 (MPLF)

Women’s Civic Club – annual report write-up (Pacific Grove Daily Review 7&8 April 1926 p1); President Mrs. E.C. Cunningham, county convention to be held in Pacific Grove in September (Pacific Grove Daily Review 13 July 1926 p1); County Federation of Women’s Clubs met at Pacific Grove, write up (Pacific Grove Daily Review 19 October 1926 p4)

Women’s Civic Club – Professor Samuel C. May of University of California Political Science Dept to speak on city charters and city management at club on 18 February (Pacific Grove Review 18 February 1927 pCool; Mrs. Etta Olmstead, president & Mrs. Schuman, vice pres who found herself unable to serve (Pacific Grove Review 18 April 1927 pCool; flower show write up (Pacific Grove Review 19&23&28 Unknown 1927 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – Imre Weisshaus, Hungarian pianist, to give concert at Women’s Club about 15 September (Pacific Grove High Tide 30 August 1929 p1 and 20 September 1929 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – Mrs. Charles Borchers, president, list of attendees at breakfast (Pacific Grove Tribune 30 June 1933 p3)

Women’s Civic Club – write-up of Golden Anniversary (Pacific Grove Tribune 19 December 1947 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – profile and pictures, officers listed (Pacific Grove Tribune 1 October 1948 p4,5)

Women’s Civic Club – 1951/52 officers, Mrs. James A. Strang, president; Mrs. Kenneth Auz, 1st vp, Mrs. R.L. Washburn, 2nd vp, Mrs. Robert Hagan, recording secretary; Mrs. R.M. Mann, corresponding secretary; Mrs. lee Stewart, treasurer; list (Pacific Grove Tribune 17 May 1951 p4)

Women’s Civic Club – Women’s Club officers 1969-70: Mrs. Clyde S. Dyke, president; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Thompson, 1st vp, Mrs. Robert Morgan, 2nd vp, Mrs. George Gruber, recording secretary; Mrs. Rolland West, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Thomas White Jr., financial secretary; Mrs. Sam Woods, treasurer (Pacific Grove Tribune 4/17/69 p6)

Women’s Civic Club – Women’s Club elects (Pacific Grove Tribune 20 April 1969 p6)

Women’s Civic Club – Civic Club to install May 28 (Pacific Grove Tribune May 1, 1969 p7)

Women’s Civic Club – four new members greeted by Woman’s Civic Club (Pacific Grove Tribune May 22, 1969 p3)

Women’s Civic Club – Civic Club lists chairmen (Pacific Grove Tribune June 19, 1969 p6)

Women’s Civic Club – Civic club to hear Gold (Pacific Grove Tribune Sept. 4, 1969 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – Women’s Civic Club officers, 1970-71: president Mrs. Clyde F. Dyke; 1st vp Mrs. Lester Mills; 2nd vp Bernice Gibson; recording secty Mrs. Thomas Maudlin; treasurer Mrs. John Flatley; financial secty Mrs. Paul Hagaman (Pacific Grove Tribune 4/16/70 p4)

Women’s Civic Club – Women’s Club plans Feast of Lanterns (Pacific Grove Tribune 6/18/70 p10)

Women’s Civic Club – December donations by Women’s Club list, pictures (Pacific Grove Tribune 12/16/70 p10&11)

Women’s Civic Club – officers 1971-72, president Mrs. Lester E. Mills, other officers: Mmes Emmet Gibson, Robert E. Morgan, Thomas Maudlin, John Flatley, Paul Hagaman, Troy Bramlett, Arthur Reum, John Anderson, Karl Berglund, Clyde F. Dyke (retiring president) and Mrs. Russell Edwards (Pacific Grove Tribune 5/26/71 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – jewel fashion show raised funds for nursing scholarship, pictures (Pacific Grove Tribune 10/31/73 p16)

Women’s Civic Club – Civic Club ‘pins’ 15 (Pacific Grove Tribune March 6, 1974 p12)

Women’s Civic Club – delegates off to Santa Cruz (Pacific Grove Tribune March 20, 1974 p15)

Women’s Civic Club – club donates to hospital (Herald 4/13/74 p3)

Women’s Civic Club – proceedings, officers, president Mrs. Emmet Gibson, 1st vp Mrs. Paul Hagaman, 2nd vp Mrs. Karl Burglund, treasurer Mrs. William Taylor, recording secretary Mrs. Floyd St. Clair, corresponding secretary Mrs. Matthew Maguire (Pacific Grove Tribune 4/17/74 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – to aid future nurse, funds raised for a $400 scholarship (Herald 3/28/75 p22)

Women’s Civic Club – check acceptance highlights Women’s Club installation (Pacific Grove Tribune 6/26/75 p10)

Women’s Civic Club – views spring fashions; donates money for nursing scholarships (Herald 4/2/76 p33)

Women’s Civic Club – outgoing president Alexandra Johnson welcomes incoming president Virginia Niemi, picture (Pacific Grove Tribune 6/7/78 p3A)

Women’s Civic Club – past presidents and life members of Pacific Grove Woman’s Club get together, pictures (Pacific Grove Tribune 2/20/80 p1)

Women’s Civic Club – area women are feted at Woman’s Civic Club meeting (Pacific Grove Tribune 2/25/81 p7)

Women’s Civic Club – Woman’s Civic Club is 80 years old (Pacific Grove Tribune 2/9/83 p2)

Women’s Civic Club – officers 1983-84: president Jan parks; 1st vp Meg Manus; 2nd vp Lucy Allen; recording secty Dorothy Berwick; treasurer Katheryn Maloney; financial secty Dorothy Goldsmith; corresponding secty Nadine Olson (Pacific Grove Tribune 5/18/83 p7)

Women’s Civic Club – Judge William Curtis, Monterey County Superior Court to address Pacific Grove

Women’s Civic Club (Herald 1/15/90 pCool

Women’s Civic Club – speaker, Julie Packard, Aquarium Fun at fabulous fish tank, Pacific Grove

Women’s Club 4/17 (Herald 4/17/90 p25)

Women’s Civic Club – officers 1990-91: president Juliet Carter (2nd term); 1st vp Dolores Robertson; 2nd vp Yvonne Borgman, picture (Pacific Grove Monarch 14 September 1990 p5)

Women’s Civic Club – Congressman Leon Panetta spoke to the Women’s Civic Club, pictures (Pacific Grove Monarch 11/29&30/90 p1&2)

Women’s Civic Club – officers listed, appointed committee to consult with Chamber of Commerce on conditions of rental homes in Pacific Grove (Pacific Grove Daily Review 13 May 1919 p1)
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