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Excerpts of Naturalization Record Cards
at the Searls Historical Library

The library has original volumes of court records as well as a catalog of cards summarizing the records.
(A copy of the catalog is also available at the Foley Library for Historical Research.) in Nevada City, CA

See index: Index to Naturalization cards (in a separate window)

The following 24 abstracts were transcribed from the face of typewritten cards provided on Form N-35, U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service. (The back sides were not transcribed but can be viewed at the Searls Library.) Note: abbreviations: GV Grass Valley, NC Nevada City. Below the table are two examples of actual handwritten records.

Name Residence Certificate (or vol:pg)Tit/Loc CourtOriginBirth/AgePortNat DateOther
Hirschman, HenryCA Minutes V1:6814th Dist Ct NCPrussia -- -- 1 Apr 1856 Dec Int Oct 1856
Hirschberg, Samuel CAV2:496Co. Ct. NCGermany -- -- 31 Aug 1875wits: AB Brady,Saml Caspar
Hitchens, Everett GVP422 C-4275678Co. Ct. NCEngland -- -- 19 Aug 1903wits: Jas. Donnell, Henry Waters
Hitchens, John H.CAV1:298Co. Ct. NCEngland -- -- 11 Aug 1873wits: Timothy Giles, John Bennett
Hitchens, Richard CAV1:270Sup. Ct. NCGr Britain -- -- 31 Oct 1872wits: Jas. Donnell, Henry Waters
Hnyder, John * CAMinutes V3:20714th Dist Ct. NCSwitzerland -- -- 3 Nov 1860* Maybe "Snyder"?
Hobart, Adolph CA V1:1141Co. Ct. NCFrance -- -- 7 Aug 1871
Hocken, John CA V1:37314th Dist Ct. NCEngland -- -- 31 Mar 1879 wits: Jesee Clemons, WH Jennings
Hocking, Edmond CA Minutes V5:55914th Dist Ct. NCEngland -- -- 14 Oct 1868 --
Hocking, James CA V1:170Sup Ct. NCEngland -- -- 5 Dec 1877 wits WD Harris, James McLachlan
Zanocco, Giacomo CA V1:335Sup Ct. NCItaly -- -- 18 Mar 1901 wits M. Solari, C.E. Mulloy
Zapp, Carl CA V2:2Sup Ct. NCGermany -- -- 5 Auag 1892 wits J.J. Greany, E.C. Morgan
Zettle, Kaspar CA V2:421Sup Ct. NCSwitzerland -- -- 24 May 1875 wits R. Huckin, A. Gouand
Ziegn, Geglick CA Mins.V1:327Co. Ct. NCAusdtdria -- -- 7 Nov 1864 no wits
Zimmer, Louis NC CA P-192 C-837334Sup Ct. NCEngland2 Nov 1858Jan 1882 NYC 5 May 1921 wits A. Hartung, H.W. Brand
Zorich, Jovan Giurdo Truckee P-269 C-1098095Sup Ct. NCYugoslavia12 Sep 1888 13 Jun 1913 NYC31 Jan 1927 wits John C. Titus, W.M. Englehart
Zorich, Saveta Truckee P-295 C-3212318Sup Ct. NCSerbia11 Jan 1894 15 Sep 1913 NYC 3 Feb 1930 wits Henrietta M. Eatin, Maude N. Weule
Zrenicik, John (Denied) Boca, CA P-15Sup Ct. NCAustria15 Dec 1884 8 May 1902 NYC-- wits S.C. Wagner, R.C. Weeks
Zugnoni, Angelo GV P-77 C-165622Sup Ct. NCItaly29 Dec 1885 Mar 1903 NYC6 Nov 1912 wits Angelo Massa, Vincent Morandi
Zugnoni, Gaetono (Denied) GV P-243Sup Ct. NCItaly10 Aug 1892 7 May 1910 NYC-- wits John Mulroy [sic], Massimo Angiolini
Zugnoni, Gaetono GV P-472 C-4843016Sup Ct. NCItaly1 Aug 1892 27 Mar 1906 NYC24 Jun 1936 wits Frank Hattox, Frank Steel
Zugnoni, John GV P-361 C-3934908Sup Ct. NCItaly29 Oct 1889 8 May 1910 NYC-- wits Anton Gallino, Frank Steel

The above cards look like this:

card images

The following are two examples of original hand-written immigration records from Nevada County Court, 1856.

doc image

card images

The following is an example of an original hand-written immigration record from the 14th District District Court, 1856

doc image

Naturalization records are found in the records of different courts. Different courts processed immigration over time. In order to understand court jurisdiction over time, see Owen C. Coy,Phd, Guide to the County Archives of California, Calif. Hist. Survey Comm., Sacramento, 1919.

Briefly: In Nevada County, the presiding courts progressed from District and County courts in the 1850s - 1860s to the Nevada County Superior Court in the 1880s and beyond.


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