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Physicians and Surgeons

Licensed to Practice in Nevada County from 1876 until early 1900s.

From a single volume of Records of Licenses granted to Physicians in Nevada County archived at the Foley Historical Library, 211 N. Pine St., Nevada City.Includes records of various Boards of Examiners of the State of California under the "Act to regulate the practice of medicine and surgery in the State of California" approved April 3, 1876." (Partial list. More coming in future weeks/months) The Boards authorized to grant licenses include the following:

Board of Examiners of the Medical Society of the State of California (MS)
Board of Examiners of the Eclectic Medical Society of the State of California (EMS)
Board of the California State Medical Society of Homeopathic Practitioners (MSHP)
Board of Examiners of the California State Homeopathic Medical Society (HMS)
State Board of Dental Examiners (BDE)


Key to abbreviations:
Bd = Board *** Coll = College *** Cred = Credential *** Dept = Department
Dip = diploma *** Fac = Faculty *** Hosp = Hospital *** Med = Medical
res = residence *** Univ = University ***
Towns: GV = Grass Valley; NCy = Nevada City; Tr = Truckee; DF = Dutch Flat
Counties: SF = San Francisco; Sac = Sacramento; LA = Los Angeles; SCl = Santa Clara
Standard State abbreviations used, eg. NY = New York
If a county is shown without a state, assume county is in California

Name of LicenseePage record #CredentialsStateDate Licensing BoardLicense date,(recorded)Recorded other counties
Barton, Orren L.p. 25 # 2639Dip Med Coll OhioOH2-28-18792-9-1889,--
Bean, James A.p. 18 # 273Dip Willamette Univ;OR3-4-1873MS9-19-1876,(1885)Ventura 1877,Amador 1883,Sierra 1884
Beverton, D.W.p. 23 # 50Engaged in practice of DentistrySince 3-12-1885State Bd of Dental Examiners7-2-1885,(1888)
Black, James Alexanderp. 46 #3487Dip Kentucky School of Medicine; Long Island College HospitalKY, NY6-30-1892, 3-22-1893MS5-2-1893
Blakeslee, L.K. (Res. Of LA)`p. 52 #296Dip Hahnemann Hospital College, ChicagoIL1883CHMS12-6-1888LA, SF, Fresno, Yolo
Bobo, Charlesp. 1 #278Dip Med Fac PhiladelphiaPA4-2-1841MS9-19-1876--
Bogue, Herbert E.p. 62 #3973Dip Rush Medical CollegeIL2-16-1886MS2-5-1895San Bernardino
Bowles, George Richardp. 61 *2429Dip Medical Dept. St. Louis UniversityMO3-3-1866MS8-1-1888Sonoma, Placer, Napa
Brown, James W.p. 49 # 3798Dip Chicago Medical CollegeIL3-20-1877MS6-13-1894
Bryant, Arthur (Resident of SF)p. 54 #514Dip Ecclectic Medical College of City of New YorkNY[nd]EMS3-13-1893SF, Clara
Cartwright, R. (res GV)p. 19 # 146Dip Fac Chicago Homoepathic Med CollIL3-2-1882HMS2-25-1886--
Castle, C.H.p. 22 # 1431Dip Coll Physicians & SurgeonsIA6-18-1878MS5-28-1883,(1887)LA 1883,Mendocino 1883
Charles, E.W.p. 2 # 283Dip St. Louis Med CollMO3-1865MS9-19-1876--
Coombs, J.L. (rres GV)p. 6 # 88Examined by CA BoardEMS12-29-1876--`
Cunningham, Edward F.p. 47 #32477Dip Beaumont Hospital and Medical CollegeMO3-15-1888MS10-3-1888Yuba, Butte
Curless, Williamp. 3 # 21Rush Med CollIL12-5-1867MS6-29-1876--
Dobson, Abel (res. GV)p. 6 #__Examined by CA BoardMSHP9-19-1877--
Du Milieu, Arthurp.33 #2006Dip Cooper Medical CollegeCA11-9-1886MS12-1-1886Sierra
Ellis, Robert A.p. 21 # 2091Dip Kentucky School MedKY6-29-1882MS4-7-1887,(1887)San Joaquin 1887,Yolo 1887,Tehama 1887,Butte 1887,Yuba 1887
Erlich, Henry (Resident of LA)p. 56 #527Dip Medical College of ChicagoIL2-26-18877-3-1895Tulare, S. Cruz, Shasta, Tehama, S. Clara, Alameda, Yuba, Sac, Napa, SF, S. Joaquin, Fresno
Farley, George Sidneyp. 7 #891Dip Univ of PennsylvaniaPA4-8-1848MS5-17-18771--
Farrow, E.D.p. 42 #591Dip Univ PennsylvaniaPA3-12-1874MS12-27-1876Tulare, Amador, Placer
Freeman, G.M.p. 45 #771Dip College of Physicians and SurgeonsMD2-18-18701MS1-10-1877Amador, Humbolt, LA, SF`
Gallagher, Francisp. 36 #2207Dip Yale Medical CollegeCT7-26-1864MS11-2-1887SF, SAC
Goss, Richard J. (res. Tr)p. 4 # 84Examined by CA Board EMS --
Hall, Walter (res Santa Cruz [SCl Co. sic])p. 28 #__Dip Fac NYNY1886HMS11-21-1890--
Harris, Stephen Mitchellp. 32 #2963Dip Cooper Medical CollegeCA11-13-1890MS12-3-1890
Herrick, S.A. (res GV)p. 12 # 69Dip Fac Missouri Hhomeopathic Med Coll St. LouisMO3-26-1875HMS5-4-1882--
Holsman, Charles K. (Resident of SF)p. 71 #___Dip California Medical College SFCAEMS
Holzclow, Benjamin Franklinp. 5 #476Dip Willamette UnivOR6-22-1875MS11-21-1876--
Hopkins, C.M.p. 70 #3821Dip College of Physicians and SurgeonsIL3-29-1892MS9-5-1894
House, Jacob C. (resident of Sacramento)p. 50 #566Dip Eclectic Medical Institute, CincinnatiOHEMS11-8-1894
Howard, Walter (res LA)p. 26 # 247Dip Fac Homeopathic Med Coll Univ , Ann ArborMI6-1882HMS2-10-1888,(1889)LA 1888
Howe, Philip (res Westminster, LA Co.)p.. 7 #93Dip Fac Eclectic Med Coll, CincinattiOH5-20-1870MSHP4-17-1877--
Hunt, R.M.p. 18 # 394Dip Albany Med CollNY12-23-1869MS10-12-1876,(1885)--
Hutchins, Fredp. 24 # 1484Dip Dartmouth CollNH11-3-1870MS11-14-1883,(1889)Sierra 1883
Ivanovich, Georgep. 10 # 1045Dip Med Coll of PacificCA11-5-1878MS11-15-1878--
Jamieson, Ebenezerp. 14 #___Dip Med Coll of PacificCA11-5-1878MS11-25-1878,(1885)Sonoma 1879
Jones, C.W.p. 37 #3181Dip Cooper Medical CollegeCA12-4-1891MS1-5-1892
Jones, William C.p. 3 # 180Bellevue Hosp Med CollNY3-1-1870MS?--
Jorgensen, Sophhus Nicolai (Resident of SF)p. 64 #___Dip Hahnemann Hospital College SFCA4-29-1897HMS5-1-1897SF
Joye, Edmund V.p.2 # 306Dip Med Coll So. CarolinaSC2-29-1868MS9-19-1876--
Jump, Alembyp. 66 #55Dip Cleveland Medical CollegeOH2-10-1865MS6-29-1876Sierra
Kent, Walterp. 27 #__Dip Royal Coll Physicians & Royal Coll of Surgeons, EdinburghScotland8-5-1878MS12-4-1889,(1890)Shasta 1889
La Baree [?]p. 10 # 192Dip Miami Med CollOH2-22-1868MS8-19-1876--
La Briep. 15 # 1341Dip Bishop Univ Canada4-7-1880MS4-10-1882,(1885)Yolo 1882,Colusa 1883,San Joaquin 1883,Momo 1884
Lathrop, George D.p. 37 #1957Dip Chicago Medical CollegeIL3-27-1883 9-1-1886S. Clara, Alameda
Lighthill, __ (res SF)p. 13 #__Dip Fac Eclectic Med Coll, New YorkNY4-7-1882EMS1884SF 1882,Sac 1882,SCl 1883
Little, Mary E.p. 16 # 1741Dip Med Dept Univ MichiganMI3-26-1873MS6-3-1885
Magee, F. J. (res NCy)p. 12 # 79Dip Fac Hahnemann Med Coll, ChicagoIL3-18-18__HMS12-21-1882--
Manson, Johnp. 17 # 1797Dip Victoria Coll, Coburn Canada5-1-1866MS11-4-1885
McCormick, W. (res. GV)p. 4 # 630Examined by CA Board MS12-13-1876--
McIntire, Byronp. 60 #4041Dip Long Island College HospitalNY3-13-1890MS5-7-1895Placer
McTaggart, M.F.p. 67 #1231Dip College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada5-10-1897MS9-13-1880Alameda, Sonoma, Napa
Miller, Charles H.p. 69 #4856Dip Cooper Medical CollegeCA12-8-1896MS2-1-1898
Morrison, John McIntyrep. 55 #3692Dip Cooper Medical CollegeCA12-7-1893MS2-6-1894Contra Costa, SF
Mullen, (illegible)p. 233 #2384Dip Jefferson Med CollPA4-4-1888MS4-4-1888,(1888)--
Officer, William B.p. 65 #4163Dip St. Louis College of Physicians and SurgeonsMO3-28-1897HMS5-1-1897SF
Pedlar, Alfred J.p. 8 #__Dip Med Coll of PacificCA11-6-1877MS11-10-1877--
Potts, Anna M.S. (res SF)p. 11 #45Dip Fac of Female Med Coll of PA at PhiladelphiaPA12-30-1851MSHP1-26-1880--
Price, Edward M.p. 34 #2771Dip Royal Coll Surgeons, London; Royal Coll Physicians, London Univ of BrusselsEngland and Belgium6-27-1879, 7-31-1879, 5-1-,1884MS9-10-1889S. Clara
Prosehold, HenryDip Cooper Medical CollegeCA11-12-1889MS10-1-1890SF
Redmann, Joseph R. (res Oakland) p. 30, #__Dip American Medical College, St. LouisMOEMS4-1-1884S. Luis Obispo, Alameda, S. Barbara, SF, Amador
Renshaw, Arthur (resident of SF)p. 53 #2387Dip Medical Dept., Tulane Univ. LA3-28-1888MS5-4-1888Lake
Sawyer, William Parsonsp. 48 #3696Dip Medical Department, Univ. PennsylvaniaPA5-1-1891MS2-6-1894
Saxton. Charles P (res Marysville, Yuba Co..p. 20 # 123Dip Fac NY Homoepathic Med CollNY3-4-1875HMS4-24-1885,(1887)Yuba 1885
Shoemaker, D.p. 43 #3202Dip Cooper Medical CollegeCA12-4-1891MS1-5-1892Sac
Stoddard, Archibald (Res Alameda Co)p. 38 #20Dip Bennett Eclectic Medical College, ChicagoIL8-1-1876EMSSac, SF, LA, SD, Alameda, S. Joaquin, S. Clara, Humbolt, S. Bernardino, S. Barbara
Tikell, A.H.p. 43 #3206Dip Southern Medical College, AtlantaGA3-4-1890MS1-5-1892
Valentine, Henry Williamp. 5. # 611Holding cred Med Bd New BrunswickCanada5-23-1859MS12-6-1876--
Voight, William O.p. 11 #1170Dip Med Dept Univ CaliforniaCA11-7-18791MS11-10-1879--
Von Buelow, F. p. 9 # 984Dip Med Dept Univ CaliforniaCA11-5-1877MS4-10-1878--
Von Buelow, F. (res. DF)p. 8. #__Dip Fac Univ Med Coll Greifswald, Empire of Prussia EMS --
Waggomer, Tieldonp. 19 #1872Dip Missouri Med CollMO3-5-1878MS3-3-1886--
Wagner, Henry W. (Resident of SF)p. 63 #___Dip Hahnemann Hospital College SFCA4-29-1897HMS5-1-1897SF
Walsh, Frank D. (Resident of SF)p. 58 #621Dip Medical College of SFCAEMS7-11-1895SF
Walters, Harry L.p. 59 #4249Dip Cooper Medical CollegeCA12-5-1895MS12-30-1895SR
Webster, L.R.p. 1 #353Dip Univ NYNY3-1864MS4-19-1876--
Welch, Henry S.p. 16 # 99Dip Bellevue Hosp Med CollNY3-1-1872MS6-29-1876,(1885)SF 1877
Wells, E.W. (res Smartsville, Yuba Co.)p. 9 # 48MSHP12-7-1876SF Co.,Sac Co.,
Wightman, Annie B. (Resident of Napa City)p. 68 #144Dip Hahnemann Hospital College SFCA11-11-1885HMS2-5-1886Alameda, Napa
Williams, George W.p. 40 #3007Dip Long Island College HospitalNY6-2-1886MS1-21-1891SF, SAC. Merced, Tulare, Kern, Fresno, S. Joaquin, Mendocino, Sonoma, Humbolt, S. Clara
Willis, George Owenp. 51 #2779Dip Royal Coll Physicians, Edenburgh, Fac. of Phys. & Surg, Glasgow; Royal College Surgions, EdinburgScotland10-6-1876, 10-27-1876MS10-5-1889Plumas
Woodbridge, Bradfordp. 35 #1546Dip Cooper Medical CollegeCA11-6-1883MS6-11-1884Yuba, Modoc
Woodman, C.S.p. 29 #__Dip Univ of Iowa, KeokukIA5-28-1864HMS8-5-1890


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