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Nevada County First Mountain Town Directory

[quoted in part]: "We can not but feel a considerable degree of pride, in having the pleasing task devolve upon us of presenting you with the first Mountain Town Directory that has ever made its appearance in this State. . . . The compilation of a Directory, even for an ordinary town or city, is a work of considerable magnitude. Ours are no ordinary towns, they have sprung into existence within the past few years; and now having a large and rapidly increasing population - - a great portion of which is transitory - - i.e. labor in a work of the kind is necessarily much increased. That we needed a Directory, none can doubt - - as our rapidly extending streets and thoroughfares, and numerous dwellings will testify. Then, without further prelude, we beg to present you with the Nevada [City], Grass Valley and Rough and Ready Directory - - Volume Number One. . . . . Brown & Dallison, Nevada [City]. 31st Dec., 1855." [unquote]

(NOTE: All entries, spellings, etc., are as contained in original source.)

The businesses and individuals identified in this record are as set forth below by the name of the business or the individual and the business address or residence address, when given. If you are researching one or more of the lines and wish to be listed as a researcher of the line or lines, please contact the webmaster with the name of the business or individual or individuals and your name and e-mail address will be added into the "Researcher" column.

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All listings of the 1856 Nevada City Directory have been posted.

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