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Listing of diaries in the collection of the Searls Historical Library in Nevada City. Actual diaries can only be viewed in person. They are identified by the “SearlsLoc” shown in the last column. (This list was compiled by Marilou West Ficklin in 2009.)

Also available as a PDF file.

Name Content Format DateStart DateEnd Origin Destination Gender Ethnicity SearlsLoc
Alexander, Mahala Belle/ Hardy Memoir Hardy 1849 Hardy 1852 Joliet, IL California Male 49er/ female narrator Hardy: Derbyshire, Eng File 0 1A
Anonymous Unidentified notes Original handwritten -- -- -- -- -- Unknown Ph7 -2

Anonymous Unidentified Original handwritten -- -- Henness Pass Road -- -- Unknown Ph 7 -?

Anonymous Calendar Diary: Ditch Tender Original handwritten 1904 -- -- -- -- -- Ph 4 -4

Boardman, Cecilia Purdy Memoir of Journey Transcript of published memoir 1852 -- Galena, IL Rich Bar (Butte Co.)/Grass Valley Female Unknown File 0 1B

Bradbury, John Voyage Diary Original handwritten diary; memoir 12/5/1856 12/29/1857 New York San Francisco; Downieville Male Unknown PH 7-12

Breen, Patrick Overland Diary Reprint of 1910 published article 1846 1847 [Donner Party] Johnson's Ranch Male Irish Ph7 -7

Brierly, Minnie Pearls Helwig Memoir, biography of Helwig & Bishop 1850 N. Bloomfield Female German Ph 7-8

Browne, W.P. Voyageand Miner's Diary Original and transcript 5/31/1853 -- Huntingdon, PA Grass Valley Male Irish PH 9-3

Coad, John Voyage: Letters/Biography -- 1858 1860 Wisconsin Grass Valley Male Cornish Box 112 C

Davis, Sarah Overland Diary Transcript 5/21/1850 10/19/1850 Missouri California Female Unknown File 0 - 1D

Davis, Sarah Overland Diary Transcript 1850 -- Unknown "Sierra Nevada City" Female Unknown File 0 1-D

Davis, George Grove Overland Memoir Transcript 1860 -- Piqua, Ohio Sweetland Male Unknown Box 12 D

D'Ancona, David A. 'Travel Diary' Published 1876 -- Sacramento Grass Valley Male Unknown Box 12 D

Dickson, Joseph More Journals Original hand-written 1867 1902 Tennessee Grass Valley, North San Juan, Sebastopol Male Unknown Box 143

Dickson, Joseph More Misc. Journal Original handwritten 8/2/1873 Dec 1873 Unknown Sebastapol Male Unknown Ph7-11

Elder, William Letters Original 1851 -- -- -- Male Unknown Box 18 L-E

Elwell, Dr. Ellis & bro. Wm. Letters -- 4/26/1853 1854 __ __ Male Unknown Box 12 E

Francis, Grace Roberts Letters/biography Transcript 1851 -- Galena, IL Nevada City Female Cornish Box 10 - E

Griffen, Allan Letters Photocopies of transcripts 1857 -- -- -- -- -- Box 36-G

Markle, John A. Overland Diary Transcript 8/20/1849 Unknown Truckee Sutter's Fort Male unknown Box 12 E-Emigrant Trail

Rodney, Martin Letters Transcript 1852 -- -- -- Male Unknown Box L-R

Rosendale, Charles D. Miner Diary Original handwritten diary -- -- -- French Corral Male Unknown Ph 7-4

Simpson, G.B. Letters Transcript April 1849 -- Lynn Co. MO Deer Creek, Nevada County Male Unknown Ph 17-2

Ward, G? Overland Diary Original handwritten Diary 5/11/1852 -- Kanesville, IA Hangtown (Placerville), CA -- Unknown Ph7-1


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