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This is a list of the Plumas County biographies that were published in the book Illustrated History of Plumas, Lassen & Sierra Counties (Fariss and Smith, San Francisco, 1882). These biographies are available in full-text form by clicking on a specific name. Some Lassen County and some Sierra County biographies may be included here. In cases where, instead of first names, only initials were provided in the book, first and middle names have been provided here (whenever possible) using census records of Plumas County, vital records of Plumas County, and/or other Plumas County historical documents as source material. Known misspellings and typographical errors in the book have been corrected on this page. Corrections to names and errors are {shown in brackets}.

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Abbott, Joshua { Joshua Chandler Abbott }
Adams, J. C. { John Charles Adams }

Bacher, Antone
Banet, Walter M. { should be Barret - Walter Melville Barret }
Barnett, Robert I. { Robert Irvine Barnett }
Battelle, T. S. { Thomas Smith Battelle }
Baugh, B. B. { Benjamin Burrall Baugh }
Beaton, Alexander
Beckwourth, James P. { James Pierson Beckwourth }
Bidwell, Henry C. { Henry Codman Bidwell }
Black, Thomas
Blakemore, Robert M.
Blood, J. M. { should be J. N. – John Nelson Blood }
Blough, W. { William Blough }
Bonner, Thomas D.
Boring, Isaac C. { Isaac Campbell Boring }
Brabban, Dixon
Bringham, Marion C.{ Marion Castor Bringham }
Brown, A. M. { Albert Melvin Brown }
Brown, J. C. { John Combs Brown }
Buckbee, John R. (Hon.) { John Randolph Buckbee }
Bunnell, L. Wellington { Luther Wellington Bunnell }
Buxton, G. Q. { George Quimby Buxton }
Byers, James D. { James Davis Byers }
Byers, William T. { William Thomas Byers }

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Carter, J. S. (Dr.) { Josiah Starr Carter }
Cate, Daniel Rogers
Cate, LaFayett (M.D.) { LaFayette Cate }
Chambers, Robert Craig
Chapman, Albert Picket
Chapman, John C. { John Carmichael Chapman }
Cheney, William A. (Judge) { William Atwell Cheney }
Church, Isaac S. { Isaac Satley Church }
Church, William S. { William Smithers Church }
Clark, Stephen J. { Stephen Jehial Clark } -see also Yeates Clark Contest
Clinch, John
Clough, Greenleaf Greeley (Judge)
Compton, John Davenport
Connolly, Patrick
Cooksey, James
Corcoran, T. { Timothy Corcoran }
Cox, Thomas
Crane, William H. (Hon.) { William Henry Crane}
Cunningham, Noble C.

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Davis, Aaron
Davis, Charles H. { Charles Henry Davis }
Dean, Wilson Seaman
DeHaven, W. N. (Capt.) { William Neill DeHaven }
Dolley, E. P. { Edward Paton Dolley }

Ede, Walter
Edman, J. A. { John Augustus Edman }
Edwards, James E. { James Edwin Edwards }
Elwell, William
Emmons, Theodore F. { Theodore Frelinghuysen Emmons }
Evans, J. F. { Jeremiah Franklin Evans }

Fagg, J. D. { Joseph D. Fagg }
Finlayson, Donald Robertson
Firmstone, H. T. { Henry T. Firmstone }
Fletcher, A. W. { Albert W. Fletcher }
Flournoy, Robert S. { Robert Simpson Flournoy }
Ford, James
Forgay, Nathaniel B. { Nathaniel Bailey Forgay }
Forman, William
Fralich, Matthias { should be Matthias Frohlich }
Freeman, Joel E. { Joel Edward Freeman }
Fritsch, John B. { John Baptiste Fritsch }
Fritsch, Martin

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Gallagher, E. J. { Edward J. Gallagher }
Gansner, Florin { should be Florian Gansner }
Gear, Hiram L.
Gentry, J. C. { James Christy Gentry }
Goodwin, John Daniel (Judge)
Graham, Will D. R. { William D. R. Graham}
Gray, Rotheus A. { Rotheus Augustus Gray }
Grazer, Henry

Haggard, Thomas L. { Thomas Litrel Haggard }
Haines, G. P. { George Parker Haines }
Haley, Julia
Hallsted, Alanson A. { Alanson Allison Hallsted }
Hallsted, Peter Lane
Hamlen, E. H. { Edmund Higgins Hamlen }
Harbison, John
Hardgrave, John
Hardin, M. { Merrill Hardin }
Hartwell, John F. { John Francis Hartwell }
Hedrick, Duskin
Hendel, Charles W. { Charles William Hendel }
Herring, George H. { George Henry Herring }
Hersey, Thomas F. { Thomas Franklin Hersey }
Hill, Charles M. (M.D.)
Hill, John W.
Hogan, Edmund Thomas (Judge)
Hosselkus, Edwin Douglas
Howk, Corel
Hughes, B. B. { Brainard B. Hughes }
Hughes, Marshall
Hughes, Thomas
Humphrey, George Wilson
Hundley, Patrick Oglesby (Judge)

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Ingersoll, William S.
Irwin, Richard (Hon.)

Jacks, Richard
Johnson, William F.
Jones, Israel F. (Judge)
Jones, William E.

Keddie, Arthur W. { Arthur Walter Keddie }
Kelley, Ripley C. { Ripley Caton Kelley }
Kellogg, Henry Waters
Kellogg, William W. (Hon.) { William Winnie Kellogg }
Keyes, David B. { David Bigelow Keyes }
King, R. { Rebecca Dieterick King }
Kinney, Asa
Kirby, Alexander
Knoll, Mathias
Knuthsen, Jacob

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Largent, John C. { John Clouse Largent }
Larison, James H. { James Hardin Larison }
Lassen, Peter
Laufman, Cyrus
Lemmon, B. F. { Benjamin Franklin Lemmon }
Lemmon, William C. (Judge) { William Cromwell Lemmon }
Lewis, Hiram
Lewis, Joseph E. N. (Judge)
Lott, Charles Fayette (Judge)
Lowry, John

Maddox, Theophilus
Manson, William
Martin, Richard
McBeth, John
McCorkle, Joseph W. (Judge)
McCullough, George B.
McGee, John B. (Hon.)
McGill, Robert L. { Robert Leslie McGill }
McLear, George Spear
McShane, Joshua Brown
Meylert, Gurdon M. { middle initial should be "W" - Gurdon Willam Meylert }
Miller, James
Miller, William H. { William Henry Miller }
Moore, A. P. (Judge) { Armstrong Porter Moore }
Myers, J. D. { James David Meyers }

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Nevill, John
Newman, David Derr
Nicholson, James

Patch, Isaac C. { Isaac Cornelius Patch }
Patterson, David B.
Peck, Elisha T. (Hon.) { Elisha Thomas Peck }
Peel, John J. L. { John James LaFayette Peel }
Peter, W. T. { William Thomas Peter }
Phipps, John A.
Pierce, Elisha H. { Elisha Harrison Pierce }
Pratt, W. M. { William M. Pratt }
Pratt, Willard (Dr.)
Price, William S.
Prowattain, E. { Ernst Prowattain }

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Rains, W. Smith { William Smith Rains }
Rawden, William B. { William Babcock Rawden }
Rockwell, Calvin W. (Col.) { Calvin Williams Rockwell }
Rodgers, Charles Gregory
Rodini, F.
Rowland, Francis M. { Francis Marion Rowland }
Ruppert, Charles
Russell, H. P. (Gen.) { Henry P. Russell }

Searls, Niles (Judge)
Seltier, Claude Francois
Sexton, Warren T. (Judge) { Warren Thompson Sexton }
Shannon, Thomas B. (Hon.) { Thomas Boales Shannon }
Sharpe, George W.
Sheer, Roy R. { Roy Raymond Sheer }
Sherwin, James L. C. (Hon.) { James Leander Cathcart Sherwin }
Simons, Charles Otto
Smith, J. H. { John Harvey Smith }
Sperry, W. A. { William Albert Sperry }
Stamfli, N. { should be Stampfli - Nicholas Stampfli }
Stark, Lewis
Stover, R. { Reuben Stover }
Strang, Jared

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Taylor, E. W. { Edwin Wallace Taylor }
Taylor, J. Charles { John Charles Taylor }
Taylor, Jobe Tyrrill { should be Job Terrill - Job Terrill Taylor }
Thomas, Charles C.
Thompson, Richard (Spanish Ranch resident)
Thompson, Richard (Indian Valley resident)
Treleaven, Thomas

Variel, R. H. F. { Robert Henry Fauntleroy Variel }

Wagner, William
Ward, John S. (Judge) { John Sherrill Ward }
Ward, William T. (Judge)
Webber, David Gould (Dr.)
Welden, Allen J. { Allen John Welden }
West, T. F. { Thomas F. West }
Weston, Isaac
Whiting, Fenton Berkley
Whitlock, James H. (Maj.) { James Henry Whitlock }
Willoughby Brothers { Matthew Willoughby } { Henry Willoughby } { John Willoughby }
Wing, Emory
Winston, Joseph (Hon.)
Wood, Allen (Gen.)
Woodward, George
Wright, Norman K.

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Yeates-Clark Contest { James Hughes Yeates } { Stephen J. Clark }
Yeates, James Hughes see also Yeates-Clark Contest
Young, John C. { John Colin Young }
Young, R. W. { Robert William Young }


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