Guide to the County
Archives of California

Author: California Historical Survey Commission, Owen Cochran Coy, John Francis Davis 
Publisher: Sacramento, California State Printing Office, 1919. 

Copyright by Owen C. Coy, 1919




Santa Barbara County was created in April, 1850, and before January 1, 1873, included also that territory which now comprises Ventura County. During the early years the boundaries were shifted many times, but none of the changes were radical in nature, being merely attempts to arrive at a more satisfactory line. The city of Santa Barbara has been the county seat since the beginning of the county. The present buildings occupy the center of a block. The main structure was erected in 1872, and additions have been made from time to time. The present quarters are very crowded, making necessary the storing of considerable quantities of valuable records in basement and attic storerooms, where they are subject to deterioration from moisture, dust, mice, etc.

The buildings are of brick, stone, and wood, and are far from being fireproof. The Recorder's vault is probably fireproof, and it is large enough to contain the more important county records. It is provided with modern fire and dustproof fixtures, conveniently arranged for use by the public. The records both of Recorder and Clerk have been typewritten since 1903, and a loose leaf system has been in use most of that time. All the records are kept on a very heavy ledger paper.

The Clerk's vault is provided with fireproof fixtures for its books and recent files, but the older records are mostly in wooden files on the second floor of the vault. Only the books in current use are kept outside of the vault in the main office. While the Recorder's offices and vault are in a separate building, the Clerk's quarters are part of the original courthouse and hence are subject to damage from fires originating there. The Auditor and Tax Collector are each provided with a small vault. The buildings are heated by a crude oil furnace and lighted by electricity.

For miscellaneous records not in current use, the officials have had to resort to basement and attic storerooms. The former, though fairly fireproof, is far from moisture-proof. Their heavy barred iron doors give wittiess to their use in early days as a place of safe-keeping for prisoners. The attic storeroom is entirely unfit for use as a storeroom of any sort; it is neither fire, dust, nor rat proof. Fortunately, this room is not extensively used.

These archives were examined in June, 1916.


"Libro de Acuerdos del Ayuutamiento de Santa Barbara desde 13, Je Mzo. de 1849," 1849-1850, 1 v.
A volume 8x12} inches, of which 25 pp. are used. In Spanish.
Solares y Terrenos de Lavranza, 1835-1850, 1 v., in Spanish.



District Court, 1850-1879
Calendars, 1870-1881, 3 v.
Decrees, 1865-1866, 1 v.
Default's, 1858-1866, 1 v.
Executions, Book of, 1874-1905, 1 v. (A) ; Index, 1 v.
Hegun under Sheriff N. A. Covarrubias and concluded under the present 
sheriff, Nat Stewart. 

General Index, 1851-1877, 1874-1879, 4 v. 
Judgment Book, 1851-1853, 1870-1879, 3 v. (x, B-C). 
The volume for 1S51-18.">3 is in the Auditor's vault. 

Judgment Docket, 1851-1879, 2 v.
''List of Suits commenced in the District Court of the First
Judicial District for the Year 1869-1870." 1 v., only 11 pp. 
Minutes, 1850-1879, 4 v. (A-D). 

Unbound minutes for 1853 are in the Auditor's vault.
Register of Actions, 1850-1879, 5 v. (A-E); Tax Suits, 1864-1869, 1 v.
County Court, 1850-1879
General Index, 1851-1879, 2 v.
Judgment Book', 1851-1874, 1 v. (A) ; Judgments. 1874-1879,
lv. (C). 
Judgment Docket, 1858-1874, 1 v. 
Minutes, 1850-1879, 3 v. (A-C). 

Contains description of the seal ordered by Judge Joaquin Carrillo.
Register of Actions, "Docket of the County Court," 1851-1879, 3 v. (A-C); Register of Actions, 1869-1872, 1 v.
Rules of Practice in the County Court . . . adopted March, 1854. 1 v., only 14 pp.
Court of Sessions, Criminal, 1850-1863
Criminal Docket, 1853-1863, 1 v.
Summary of each case from indictment to sentence.
Minutes, 1850-1863, 1 v.
Probate Court and Superior Court Probate, 1850-date
Calendar, Law, Motion, Probate and Insolvency, 1881-1910, 9 v. 
Collateral Inheritance Tax Record, 1905-1909, 2 v. 

In Recorder's office.
Decree Books, 1867-1870. 1874-1879, 2 v. (A-B). 
Docket, 1850-1852, 1 v., paper bound. 
Inventories and Appraisals, Book of, 1874-1901, 2 v. 
Letters of Administration, 1864-date, 5 v. (A-E). 
Letters of Guardianship. 1874-1897, 1 v.; Index, 1 v. 
Minute Books, 1850-1879. 6 v. (A-E) ; General Index, 1 v. 

This includes an unnumbered volume of Minutes, 1852-18.i4, A volume
of "Index to Minutes, Probate Court, Recorder's Office." 1854-1859, is
in the Auditors office.
Minutes, Index to, current, 1 v.
Miscellaneous Probate Orders, 1850-1852. in Auditor's vault.
Probate Cases, miscellaneous. 1853-1854, 1 package, in basement.
Register of Actions. 1852-1879, 4 v.
Wills. Record of, 1851-date, 5 v. (A-E) ; Index, 1 v.
Superior Court, 1880-date
Attornevs, Roll of, n.d., 1 v.. incomplete.
Calendars, General, 1881-1882. 1889-date, 13 v.
Calendar for 18S1-1882 is in basement; 3 volumes for 1900-1902, in the office of the Board of Education.
Conviction of Infamous Crimes, 1893, 1 v., only one entry.
Coroner's Inquests, 18 f.b.; Index, 1900-date, 1 v.
Defaults. Judgments by, 1876-date, 3 v.
General Index, 1880-date, 6 v.
Index to Papers. County and Superior Courts, n.d., 1 v.
Insane Persons, Index to Names of, 1881-date, 3 v. (A-C).
Judgment [Books], 1880-date, 10 v. (A-J).
Judgment Docket. 1880-date, 2 v. (A-B).
Jury Books, 1874-date, 3 v. (A-C).
Minute Books, 1880-date, 32 v. (A-Z, 1-6).
Register of Actions and Proceedings, 1880-date, 23 v. (A-W).
Shorthand reports, a great quantity in basement storeroom.
Transcripts of cases, 1857-1910, passim.
The great majority are in the basement storeroom, a few are in. the 
Clerk's vault, aud half a score are stored in the attic. 

Witness Fees, 1895-1896, 1 v. (A).
Superior Court, Juvenile, 1909-date
Minutes, 1909-date, 2 v. (1-2). 
Record, 1909-date, 2 v. (1-2). 


Abstract of Road Deeds, 1876-1904, 5 v.
Allowance Books, 1874-date, 6 v. (A-F).
Bills Allowed, 1858-1874, loose bdls., in the basement.
Board of Equalization, Minutes, 1872-1879, 1883-date, 2 v. (x, B).
Burial of Ex-Union Soldiers and Marines, 1894-date, 1 v.
Clerk's Memoranda of Claims Allowed, about 1905-1908, loose
bdls., in basement. Franchise Books, 1885-1901, 1 v.
.Minutes: Court of Sessions, County Business, Nov. 18, 1850-Nov. 16, 1854, and Hoard of Supervisors, Aug. 6, 1855-date. 16 v. (x, A-O) ; Index, 1866-date, 1 v.
The Minutes of the Court of Sessions occupy part of the first volume.
Minutes of Road Commission, 1876-1877. 1 v.
Orders, 1871-1884, loose bdls.. in basement.
Orders for Snloon Licenses, 1905-date, 1 f.b.. in Tax Collector's
Ordinance Books, 1883-date, 2 v. (A-B). 
Papers, Index to, n.d., 1 v. 

Quarterly Reports, about 1884-1901, loose bdls., in basement. 
Road Books, 1874-date, 2 v. (A-B). 
Road Index, n.d., 1 v. 

This is indexed according to township and range.
Road Matters, n.d., 1 v.
Road Register No. 1, 1870-1914, 1 v.
Road Reports, about 1880-1884, loose bdls., in basement.
"Santa Barbara Road District," n.d., 1 v., in Tax Collector's vault.
Superintendent of Schools, Report to Supervisors, 1903, 1904, 3 v


Office Routine and General Duties
Docked Horses, Register of, 1907-date, 1 v.
Fee Books, 1899-date, 4 v.
Hunting Licenses. Register of, 1907-1909, 1 v.
Letter Books, 1857-1860, 1887-1895, 4 v.
Military Rolls, 1862, 1866, 1870, 1871, 1874-1876, 1881. 18*2.
1884, 1885, 1888, all in basement; 1896-1902, bound volume
1903-1910. Transcripts of Cases, Justice Court, 1908-1910, passim, only five

Declaration of Intention, Record of, 1906-date, 3 v. ; Index. 185C
1906, 1 v. Naturalization: Certificates, 1856-1904. in f.b. ; Record of. 1904
1906, 1 v.; Petition and Record, 1906-date, 3 v. Naturalized Citizens, Index to, 1850-1904, 1 v.

Great Register, 1866, 1875-1909.
Great Register, printed, 1872, in Auditor's office; 1877, 1879,1882.
1884, 1886, 1888, supplementary; 1890, 1896, 1898, 10 v. Registration of Voters, 1876; 1878, partial; 1880, partial; 1892
1894, 1900, 1904-1907, 1911, 1914.

Certificates of Election and Oaths of Office, 1851-1897, in basement; 1897-date, in f.b.
Election Returns, 1850-1855; 1857, in Auditor's vault; 1859,18611863, 1890, 1892, 1896, 1904.
Nomination: Certificates and Papers, several boxes in vault and
basement; Record of, 1910-date, 1 v. 
Official Record of Ballots, 1892-date, 1 v. 
Primary Election Officers, 1898. 
Tally Lists. 1887, 1911, for special elections. 

Marriage and Public Health
.Marriage License Affidavits. 1 f.b. 
Dentists, Register of, 1885-date, 2 v. 
Medical Certificates, 1876-1903, 1 v. (1). 
Optomctrists, Register of, 1903-date, 1 v. 
Pharmacists, Register of, 1905-date, 1 v. 

Pertaining to Private Business Concerns
Articles of Incorporation. 1865-date. 1 f.b.; Index, 1 v. 
Pond and Surety Companies, Index to, 1906-date. 1 v. 
Fictitious Karnes, Register of, 1912-date, 1 v. 

A continuation of Uc^istor of Partnerships, below.
Partnerships, Register of, 1874-1911, 1 v.
Private account books.
These include a variety of "Exhibits" used in trials, such as account books (if building and development companies. hotel registers, ranch accounts, ete.
Trinity church, Record of election of vestrymen, ete., Feb. 3, 1887.
Relating to Other Officers
Bonds of Officers. 1 f.b.
Commissioners. Chicago Fxpositicn, 1892, 1 package in basement;
St. Louis Exposition, 1904, 1 package. District Attorney's Register, 1887-1893, 1 v., in Tax Collector's
vault. Expert's Report, 1910, by A. R. Edmonson. Justice Court Transcripts, 1852-1898, passim, in basement; 1908
1910, passim, 30 v. Minutes of County Law Library Trustees, 1891-date, 2 v. Notarial Registers, 1877-1882.* 1887-1890. 1887-1898, 1896-1898,
1903-1905. 6 v. I'nited States Census Enumerators' field notes, 1870, 1 lull., in
basement; "List of Persons" in enumeration districts 1-6, June 1,
1880, in basement.


Assignments of Mortgages and Leases, 1864-date, 8 v. (A-H) ; Index, 1 v.; Personal Property, 1889, 1 v. (A), only 3 pp.
Attachments of Real Estate, 1855-date. 4 v. (A-D) ; Index, 4 v.
Banking statements: Assets, 1876-1893, 1 v.; Capital, 1876-1893, 1 v.
Births: Reports for City of Santa Barbara, 1867-1897; Record for City of Santa Barbara. 1888-1915, 2 v.; Register for county, 1873date, 6 v. (A-F).
'See also Pre-statohood Records. 31-41210Brands and Earmarks, Record of, 1834-date, 2 v. (A-B). 
Builders and other Contracts, Index to, 2 v. 

The contracts are saved only temporarily and are kept in tubes.
Certificates of Sale [under execution], 1853-date. 6 v. (A-F). Deaths: Register, 3878-1910, 2 v. (A-B) ; Duplicate Certificates, 1905
date, 2 v. (1-2) ; Record, 1888-1910, 1 v.. for city. Decrees of Distribution, Index to, 1891-date, 1 v. These Decrees are indexed also in Deeds.
Deeds. 1851-date, 179 v. (A-Z, 1-153) ; Index, 21 v.; Deeds, Recorder's office, 1850-1855, 1 v., in Clerk's office.
Election Expenses: Candidates' Statements, 1894-date. 7 v. (1-71: Index, 1 v.; Itemized Statements of Receipts and Expenditures, 1894. 1896, 1900, 1901, in basement; Committees' Statements, 18!>4-1!П4. 2 v. (1-2).
Fee Books, General, 1870-1884, 4 v. ; 1903-1905, 7 v.
Homesteads, 1861-1874, 1 v. ; 1861-date, 5 v. (A-E) ; Index. 2 v.
Judgments, Transcripts of, 1851-date, 1 v. (A) ; Index, 2 v.
Leases, 1853-date, 11 v. (A-K) ; Index, 2 v.
Lis Pendens, see Notices of Actions.
Maps and surveys: "Book of Records of Surveys for the County o Santa Barbara," dated Nov. 21, 1853, signed by Vitus Wackenreuder, County Surveyor; this book has been badly damaged in an attempt at repairing; "County Surveyor's Record Book." 1861-1872; 18611916, 8 v. ; Mounted Maps, 4 racks containing 20 maps.
Marriages, Record of, 1850-date, 11 v. (A-K) ; Index, 6 v. ; Marriages. 1856-1868, 1 v. ; Register of County Judge, 1856-1876. 1 v., scattering dates, in Auditor's office; Declarations of, 1884-1895, 1 v. (1): Register of, 1905-1915, 3 v.
Mechanics Liens, 1854-date, 3 v. (A-C).
Mining Locations, Index to, 1908-date, 2 v. (A-B). 
These instruments are recorded in Miscellaneous. 

Miscellaneous, 1857-date, 14 v. (A-N) ; Index, 5 v. 
Mortgages, 1850-date, 110 v. (A-Z. 1-84) : Index, 8 v. ; Chattel, 1857- 
date, 34 v. (A-Z, 1-8) ; Index, 4 v. 
Newspapers (in Clerk's office) : 

Santa Barbara, 'Weekly Press, 1881-1884, 4 v. 
Notices of Actions, 1857-date. 5 v. (A-E) ; Index, 3 v. 
Official Bonds. 1850-date, 7 v. ; Index, 1 v. 

Originals for various years, including 1874-1875, 1SS7-1800, 1891-1807. are in the basemen r.
Partnership. Certificates of, 1883-1911, 1 v. (A).
Patents, 1861-date. 7 v. (A-G) ; Index, 1 v.
Physicians and Undertakers, Register of, 1915, 1 v.
Powers of Attorney, 18f>0-date, 4 v. (A-D) ; Index, 2 v.
Pre-emption Claims, 1852-1887, 2 v. (A-B) : Index, 1 v.
Reclamations. 1909, 1 v. ; Index, 1 v.
Releases of Mortgages, 1853-date, 15 v. (A-0) ; Index, 4 v. ; Personal
Property, 1898-date, 1 v. (A) ; Index, 1 v. 
Separate Property of Married Women. 1853-date, 1 v. ; Index. 1 v. 

Sole Traders, 1862. 1 v. (A), in Auditor's vault; 1873-1874, 1 v. (A) ;
1876-1903, 1 v. (B). Squirrel Inspection, Claims of Liens in, 1912-1914, 1 v., only 6 pp. Stallions and Jacks, Register of, 1912-1915. 1 v. Tax Sales: Certificates of, to state, 1874-1909, 15 v. (A-O); Index,
2 v.; Certificates, city of Santa Barbara, 1893-date, 1 v.; Index, 1 v.;
Certificates of Sale. Improvement Bonds, 1 v.
Water Claims, 1877-1915, 1 v.
Water Permits, 1916-date, 1 v.
Application for a Permit to appropriate the Public Waters of the State of California.
Wills, 1883-1908, 1 v. (1).
An interesting document here is the will of Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard, transferred hence from the parish records of New Orleans.


Annual Report, 1902-date, 13 v.
A copy for 1905-1906 is in the Tax Collector's office.
Board of Education, Minutes of, 1880-date, 2 v.
Census Marshal's Reports, 1908.
Certificates of Election and Oaths of Office, recent, several bdls.; Onths of office, 1869-1875, in basement.
Certificates: Primary, Grammar School, High School, Temporarv, Preliminary, 1880-date, 40 v.
Three volumes, first-grade certificates. 1882-18S6, and second-grade certificates, 1880-1886, are in attic storeroom.
District School, County and State Funds, 1862-1863, 1 v.; 1870-1878, 1 v., in Tax Collector's vault.
Documents to accompany diploma, 1894-1901. 1902-1908, 2 v., stubbooks.
Fee Book, 1907-date, 1 v.
Grammar School, Promotions from, 1907-date, 2 v.
High Schools, Records of Accounts, 1891, 1 v.
Records of elections for establishing High Schools in Santa Barbara, 
Santa Maria, Lompoe, Carpinteria, and Santa Yuez Valley. 

Life Diplomas, Recommendations for. 1900-1901. 1905-1914, 2 v.;
Stub-book, 1901-date, 1 v. Official correspondence, 1864, 1875-1882, unbound, in basement, l'upils' Examination Record Book, 1898-date, 2 v. Report of Teachers now teaching, 1914-date, 1 v., for pension fund
purposes. Reports of Superintendent, 1859, 1863. unbound, in basement. Requisitions, Register of School, 1881-1888, 1 v.; 1888-date, 11 v.
(1-11) ; Requisition stub-book, 1906-1907, 1 v. Teachers' Examinations. 1899-date, 3 v.; Questions and Answers, 1871,
1 bdl. Teachers' Reports, 1891-date, loose bdls. Trustees' Record of Schools, 1886-date, 1 v. Trustees' Reports. 1861, 1868, 1873, in basement; Miscellaneous
Reports, in loose Ixlls., in attic storeroom. 
Salarv Stubs for School Districts. 1905-date, 20 f.b. 
School Warrants, 1863-1884, 3 v.; Register of, 1873-1881, 1 v. 
Warrant stub-books, 1902-date. 


Account with various institutions. 1913-1914, 1 v.
This refers to state institutions supported partly by county. 
Annual Report, 1850, 1899-date, 15 v., printed. 

Assessment Rolls: 

Original, 1850-1862. 13 v.; 1863-1915, 143 v.
Duplicates, 1850-1861, 12 v.; 1872-1883, 19 v.
Personal Property. 1911-1914, 4 v.
Operative Property, 1911-date, 6 v.
Delinquent, 1853, 1855, 1857, I860, 1861, 1863. 6 v.; 1864-l$ti6. 1869, 1871-1873, 1885-date, 36 v.
Index, 1881-date, 36 v. 
Bell School District, Assessment Book, 1878, 1 v. 
Bond Register, 1901-date, 1 v.; County and School District Bonds. 

1891-1907, 1 v. 
Bonds, Certificates, and Coupons, cancelled. 1866-1872, 1 v. 
Cash Book, 1850-1858, 1 v. 
Clerk's Fee Rook, 1883-1894, 6 v. 
Commitment Register of Auditor, 1913-date, 1 v. 
Persons committed to various public institutions. 

Data Book, current. 1 v.
Day Book, 1873-1892, 3 v. (A-C).
Deeds, Mortgages, ete., Acknowledgment of, 1868-1870, 1 v., only
16 pp. used. Delinquent Military Tax, 1855, 1 v., unbound. Delinquent Taxes Received, List of, 1868-1871, 1 v., in basement, only
15 pp. used. Fee Book, 1866-1872, 3 v.; 1883-1887. 1 v. Fund Ledger, 1910-1911. 1 v. (I); Fund Ledger, Treasurer's Office
1876-date, 3 v. (B-D). General Ledger, 1910, 1 v. Indigent List, 1881-date, 5 v. Journal, 1892-date, 3 v. (E-F). Journal, County Treasury, 1850-1858, 1 v. Ledger, in account with Tax Collector, Assessor, Road Overseers. 1853
1860, 1874-1876, 1883-1885, 3 v. License Accounts, 1874-1882, 2 v., in basement; Record Book, 1883.1 v. Liquor License stub-books, 1904-1911, 1913-1914, List of Property sold to State of California for Non-payment of Taxts,
with Redemption, 1875-date, 2 v. (A-B) ; Index, 2 v.
Miscellaneous package:
Assessment Rolls. 1850, 1852-1854; Auditor's Report. 1850; Book "A" of Sole Traders. 1862. 3 pp.. folio; Delinquent Taxpayers. 1853; District Court Minutes, 1853; "El Senor D[on] Jose de la Guerra," n.d., an index; Election Returns, 1857; Original Auditor's List of Assessments for 1855; Report of Committee on Jail Contract, n.d.; Statements of Property Owned, 1850, 1S63; Taxable Persons and Property, 1852.
Miscellaneous papers, 364 f.b.
"Old Record Index," n.d., 1 v.
Orphans Outside. Record of. 1881-1912. 1 v.; Record of Orphans. Half-orphans, ete.. on State Aid. 1904-1911, 1 v.
Pavroll of County Officers, 1879-date. 2 v. (A-B).
Poll Tax Roll, 1880-1881, 1 v.
Recorder's Fee Books, 1885-1892, 7 v.
Road Poll Tax Receipts, recent, in basement.
Sheriff's General Fee Books. 1885-1914, 3 v.
Statistical Reports, 1909-1910, 1 v. (A).
Stub-books, Delinquent Tax Redemptions, 1902-date. 
These include "Clearance Receipts" stubs. 

Tax Lists, 1850, sworn statements.
Tax Sales. City of Santa Barbara, 1874-1878, 1 v.
Treasurer's Account with Auditor, 1854-1857. 1 v.
Warrants, County Superintendent, 1859, 1863, 1874, 1876, 1877, 1879, 1880-1882, loose on shelves in office; County Auditor, 1875-1880, loose bdls., in office; "Not paid for want of funds," 1859, loose bdls., in office.
Warrants, Private Register, 1874, 1 v., only 1 p.; Register of, 18591861, 1 v., onlv 3 pp.; 1874-date, 19 v. (A-S) ; Register of School, 1880-date. 10 v. (1-3, D-J); Register of Unpaid, 1910-date, 1 v.
Warrants of County, stub-books for, January-June, 1915. 
Earlier stub-books are stored in basement. 


Balance Book, 1885-1915, 4 v. (A-D).
Pond Register, 1915-date, 2 v.
Ponds, 1860-1868. 1 v.
Cash Book, 1858-1885. 1 v.. in Tax Collector's vault.
Day Book, 1905-1916, 2 v.
General Ledger, 1915-date.
Inheritance Tax Receipts, 1906-date, 3 v.
Journal. 1858-1885, in Tax Collector's vault; 1891-1915, 7 v.
Ledger, 1850-1856, 1858-1913, 8 v.
The volumes for 1858-1884 are in the Tax Collector's vault; several are labeled "Blotter."
'The County Treasurer's office is in a local bank where the Treasurer Is cashier. The current records are kept in the main vault, but the older records arc stored in a very damp and poorly ventilated vault. In the basement. An old trunk there contains a variety of papers, including Certificates of Sale. Conveyances of Real Estate. County Auditors' Receipts, Poll Tax Receipts, Settlements and Discharges from State Controller, ete.
Licenses, 1850-18(iG, 1 v., in Tax Collet-tor's vault.
For licenses. 1S.1V-1872, see I'oll Tax Receipts from Controller, below.
Memorandum Book of Funds, 1859-1862, 1 v., in Tax Collector's vault.
Order Book, 1850-1858, 1 v.
Poll Tax Receipts from Controller, 1859-1899, 1 v.
These contain also ".Licenses Received from Controller," 1854-1872, and 
"Accounts of I'nknown Persons,'' S78-1911. 

Reclamation District No. 798 (Santa Maria), 1916.
Assessments charged property owners by commissioners.
Redemption Funds, 1875-1899, 1 v. (1).
Reports of Moneys Received on account of state lands, 1863-1873, 1889
date, unbound.
Road Funds, Register of, 1880-date, 1 v. 
Taxes, Report of, March, 1866, 1 v., in basement. 

This is written in Spanish.
Teachers' Permanent Fund, 1914-date, 1 v. (A).
Warrants: Salary Fund. 1880-1899. 1 v.; Hospital Fund Warrant Reprister, 1880-1899. 1 v. ; Register of County Warrants, 1889-1890. 22 v., kept in small bank books; Register of General Fund Warrants, 1880-1899, 1 v.; Register of Warrants, 1901-1914, 1 v. ; Warrants Paid, 1895-date, 14 v. (A-M), includes one extra numbered volume.


Cash Book, current, 1 v.
('heck Books, miscellaneous vols., mostly for 3907 and after.
Daily Reports, 1910-date.
Secured from the local abstract companies.
Maps and Platbooks : Government Survey Books, 2 v. ; Land Grant Books, 2 v. ; Pueblo Lands. 3 v.; Miscellaneous Maps, 3 v. and 1 case; City and County Maps, 9 maps on rollers; Block Books. 1888-date, 10 v.
The block hooks include new books propared for the city proper for the period since 1906.
Mortgages, Book of, 1879-1907. 5 v. (A-E).
Poll Tax Books, 1877, 1888, 1890, 3 v., in attic storeroom.
Poll Tax Rolls, 1898-1914, 17 v.
Five vols., 1898-1902, are in the attic storeroom.
Property Lists, 1914, 7 v. 
Statements to Assessor, 1909-date. 

Many of the statements for previous years are in basement storeroom.


Auditor's Receipt to Tax Collector. 1906-date, 1 v.
Cash Book, 1877-1879, 2 v. ; 1914-date, 1 v. : Cash Book of Taxes, 18831890, 1892-date, 13 v.
The volume for 1914-date is for business with banks.
Fee Book, 1883-1885, 1 v.
Indexes to Taxpayers, by towns, sundry vols., mostly undated.
Letter files, 1906-date. '
License Books. 1871-date, 4 v.
License Cash Book, Liquor, Peddlers, ete., 1894, 1 v.
Poll Tax Books. 1882, 1885. 1892, and two undated books. 5 v.
Protests ajrainst Payment of Taxes. 1906-date. 1 f.b.
Sale of Property by the State, 1906-date, 1 f.b.
Tax Receipt Book stubs. 1906-date.
Tax Receipt stubs, 1906-date.
Includes daily cash receipts from adding machine slips, filed according to 
day, month, and year. 

Tax Sales, 1872-1892, 1894-1896, 4 v. 
Taxes Paid by Banks and Real Estate Firms, 1 f.b. 
Taxes Sold to the State. 1879-1880. 1 v. 
Transfers of Real Estate. 1892. 1 v. 

"Guide to the County Archives of California," Vol. I, Owen Cochran Coy, Director and Archivist, Publication of the California Historical Survey Commission, Sacramento, California State Printing Office, 1919, 617 pp. 

(Part II. Guide to the County Archives" begins about pp. 87.)

The book is available on Google Books - Full View Books at:


"Letter of Transmittal"

To His Excellency, William D. Stephens, Governor, Sacramento, California

Sir, herewith is presented the "Guide to the County Archives of California," which is the product of one phase of the activities of this commission in its working of making a survey of material on local history within the state.

Respectfully submitted,
California Historical Survey Commission...
Sacramento, California, August 15, 1919


The "Preface" states: 

"Most of the field work was accomplished during the years 1916 and 1917. The date when each court house was examined is stated in the introduction accompanying each report for that particular county...."


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