Santa Barbara Newspapers, H

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Hales Lydia L VRM to Orrin S. Neal 6Nov* WP16Nov1878 8:4

Haley Salisbury ITEM Testified in survey: Sexton vs town* SD14May1874 3:1

Hall B. ITEM G. juror; gentleman SD1Mar1874 3:1

Hall Ms Emma VRM Dr. E.N. Wood* ST27Apr1872 2:5

Hall Mary C.F. VRM to Dr Edward N. Wood* WP4May1872 3:2

Hall Mrs P.L. VRB Son 10Aug at La Patera WP16Aug1873 5:5

Hall Mr/s P.L. VRB son 10Aug La Patera DP11Aug1873 3:1

Hallman Miss J.B. ITEM new millinery store DP24Jul1873 2:4

Ham Mr. James POL constable candidate DP2Sep1873 3:1

Hamer I.C. ITEM Co Supt of schools SD10Mar1874 3:1

Hamilton Mr. A. VRM Josephine Lyon* ST16Mar1872 2:5

Hamilton Andrew VRM to Josephine A. Lyons* WP16Mar1872 3:3

Hamilton Elizabeth VRM to Waller Richardson* WP6Nov1875 8:2

Hamilton Porter VRD 29May age 25, in Mont.* WP6Jun1874 5:4

Hamilton Porter VRD 29May in Montecito* SD30May1874 2:3

Hammel Harter? May VRD In SB 17Sep age 17m 12d* WP8Oct1870 2:6

Hammell Mrs James VRB 5Feb, dau in SB SP10Feb1869 2:4

Hammond Eliza VRD 20Mar age27, F.M. wife WP27Mar1875 12:4

Hammond James SOC I.O.O.F Officer* ST14Jan1871 3:1

Hammond Lettie VRD inf. dau of WA Hammond* WP13Aug1870 3:6

Hammond Mary L. VRD 31 Mar;native NJ* ST2Apr1870 2:4

Hammond Virginia VRM to Sylvester Jones* WP22Jul1871 2:5

Hammond W.A. VRM to Sarah A. Membery* WP16Aug1873 5:5

Hanford J. ITEM Grew fine peaches SD17Sep1873 3:1

Hanford Levi VRD In SB 24 Feb* SD26Feb1874 2:3

Hanford Lucinda L. VRD 15 May in SB, wife of Jesse Hanford* SD16May1874 2:2

Hanford Lucinda S VRD 13May age 42* WP16May1874 5:4

Hankins Emma VRM To Joel Cooper* SD6Feb1874 3:1

Harback Mr/s J.H. VRB in SB 10Mar, a son DN6Mar1876 3:4

Harback John W VRM to L. Shoemaker* DP13Jun1873 3:2

Harback John W VRM to Lillie Shoemake 12Jun* WP14Jun1873 3:2

Harbeck J.H. ITEM Orizaba passenger SD23Oct1873 3:1

Hardy Wm ITEM Police case* ST28Jan1871 2:1

Hare Mr. ITEM Murder charge* DP25Oct1872 2:1

Hare J.H. ITEM indicted/murder* DP8Apr1873 3:1

Hare J.H. ITEM Arrested by Grand Jury* WT8Mar1873 3:1

Hargan[?] Anarpa VRM to W.R. Cooley* ST4Jun1870 2:3

Harkness Mr. Fred VRM to N. Sallie Sparks Apr 14 in SB* DP15Apr1874 3:2

Harkness Fred VRM to Miss N Sallie Sparks* WP18Apr1874 5:4

Harkness Fred. H VRB Son,20Apr;SF papers copy WP24Apr1875 13:2

Harkness John Jay VRD 14 Oct, age 6 mo.* WP16Oct1875 8:5

Harkness Lawrence VRM to Miss Hattie Anderson* WP1May1875 13:4

Harloe Mrs. VRB In SF 14Feb* ST17Feb1872 3:2

Harloe M. POL Town trustee ST9Jul1870 3:1

Harloe M. POL Town Trustee ST26Feb1870 2:1

Harloe Marcus ITEM Harbor Master SF* ST19Mar1870 3:2

Harloe MrsMarcus VRB 13Oct, dau in SB SP17Oct1868 2:4

Harloe William ITEM Masonic memorium DP2Jul1873 2:3

Harloe Capt Wm VRD 21Jun, SB, age 41* DP21Jun1873 3:2

Harloe Captain ITEM voted "perfect"* DP20Aug1873 1:6

Harmon Frances M. VRM to George G. Clark WP9Aug1870 3:6/4:1

Harper Jerome VRD 27Nov age46; HotSprings* WP5Dec1874 12:2

Harrington [child] VRD 6 Jan in SB, age 5 yrs* WT8Jan1873 2:4

Harris Mrs. B. VRB Dau 2Feb, in SB WP3Feb1872 2:5

Harris Mrs. B. VRB Son, 18 May WP22May1880 8:5

Harris K. ITEM Orizaba passenger; arrived Jan 25 DP26Jan1874 3:2

Harris Dr.Wm L VRD 6 Dec, in SB WP12Dec1874 5:3

Harrom Daniel VRD in SB 8Feb age 60* DN9Feb1876 3:4

Harrom Daniel ITEM New house near arroyo* DP5Mar1874 3:1

Hart Mr. J.V. ITEM tailoring* ST11Dec1872 3:1

Hart MortimerE VRD 7 Mar, aged 31* WP11Mar1876 7:6

Hart Reuben ITEM Petitoned for divorce from Theresa SD12Jun1874 2:2

Hartley George VRM to Mrs. Martha Sweeney* WP10Sep1870 2:7

Hartley George ITEM Grand juror ST7May1870 3:1

Hartley George VRM To Martha Sweeney* ST10Sep1870 2:5

Hartley George VRB Son 3Jul, in SB WP15Jul1871 3:2

Hartley George ITEM Exhibited 8 ft shark at his stable* SD2Jun1874 3:1

Hartley Mr. ITEM Assaulted Dick Brown DP4Dec1873 3:1

Hartnell Juan E. VRD 7 Jul in SB age 40* ST10Jul1872 2:3

Hartnelle Mrs John VRB 30Apr, dau in SB SP5May1869 2:4

Harwin Francis VRM To Mr G G Clark* ST13Aug1870 2:4

Haskell Mr. L.S. VRD 31May, age 60* ST8Jun1872 2:4

Haven Mrs F.E. VRD 15Oct infant 6 days SP17Oct1868 2:4

Havens Mrs F.D. VRB 11Oct, son in SB SP24Oct1868 2:4

Havens FD & ME VRD 15Oct infant died SP17Oct1868 ?:?

Hawkins Mrs. Eli VRD 13May in Downey, LA Co. WP22May1880 8:5

Hawkins H.V. VRB Son to his wife, 16 Jan SD17Jan1874 3:1

Hay John ITEM Sentenced to penitentiary DP12Dec1873 3:1

Hayes J.B. VRD 12Feb age 64?* WP24Feb1872 3:5

Hayes Mr. S.E. VRD 24Feb in the 46th yr* WP1Mar1879 8:6

Hayman Mr. A. ITEM New house described; on Haley St* DP13Mar1874 2:1

Hayne Annie S. VRD 5Jun age 4y9m in Mont.* WP20Jun1874 7:2

Hayne Annie Stiles VRD 5 Jun, Montecito, age 4 yr 9 mo.* SD7Jun1874 2:3

Hayne Colonel ITEM article re: father* DP28Aug1873 1:5

Hayne Mr. W.W. ITEM grows grapes* DP3Oct1873 3:1

Hays John ITEM Article about his crime* DP11Nov1873 3:1

Hays Lamartine VRM to Julia A. Sweeney 28 Jan* WT15Feb1873 2:3

Hayward Chas. R VRB Dau, 14 Sept WP21Sep1878 7:6

Hayward Edith VRD 28Jan age 5yr 5mo 16days* WP31Jan1880 8:6

Heacock Josiah VRM To Mary Perin* DP26Dec1873 3:2

Hease William VRB Dau, 1 June WP5Jun1875 13:3

Heath Henry A. VRM to Emma R. Arter 10Dec* WP28Dec1878 4:6

Heath Russel ITEM Lg Citron;of Carp.* ST7May1870 2:2

Heath Russell POL School trustee ST2Jul1870 3:2

Heath Russell POL Mtg in Carp. ST2Jul1870 2:4

Heath Russell ITEM Real estate case settled* WT15Feb1873 2:1

Hector Zachara VRM 4Sep to Mary Cook* ST9Sep1871 2:4

Hedrick Wm VRD WP12Dec1874 5:2

Helmer George VRB Son, 5 Aug WP11Aug1877 7:5

Hendrick W. ITEM Arrived from SF SD14Sep1873 3:1

Hepner Mr. J.H. ITEM New merchant* DP7Nov1873 3:1

Herman Manuel ITEM Accused of murder ST7May1870 3:1

Herne Maggie VRM to Clarence Gray 3 Jun* WP5Jun1875 13:3

Hernster Elizabeth VRD 25Jan, age 1yr+* SD29Jan1874 3:1

Herrick [child] VRD 4 Feb, age 5 yrs, at La Patera* WT5Feb1873 2:3

Herrick Esra A. VRM to Ann Eliza Benafiel* WP17Jan1874 4:6

Herrick Lucinda E VRD 1Feb age 24 wife of E.A.* WP10Feb1872 2:4

Hester Stearns J VRD age 6 mo 20 days* WP6May1876 7:6

Hickock Mrs. M.A. VRD Killed; article describes* DP14Apr1874 3:1

Hickock Melvina A VRD 14Apr age 45, Montecito* WP18Apr1874 5:4

Hickock Melvina A. VRD Apr 14 in Montecito* DP14Apr1874 3:2

Hicks Mr. ITEM Home at Patera farm* DP25Nov1873 3:1

Hicks Eliza VRM 6Aug, to W Lillard* ST14Aug1872 2:4

Hicks Thomas VRB near SB 29Aug, son ST7Sep1872 2:4

Hide Mrs. J. ITEM Orizaba passenger; arrived Jan 25 DP26Jan1874 3:2

Higby Chas, Mr. VRB Son, 14 Dec* DP16Dec1873 3:2

Higgins Capt. Edward ITEM Article about retirement* DP11Apr1874 2:1

Higgins E.B. POL Grand juror ST20Aug1870 2:3

Hill Adalida VRM 16Oct to E.Scollan* ST21Oct1871 2:4

Hill Adalida J VRM to Eugene S. Scollen* WP21Oct1871 2:6

Hill Henry POL Grand juror ST20Aug1870 2:3

Hill Jose M. ITEM G. juror; farmer SD1Mar1874 3:1

Hill Louisa VRM to Fred L. Smith* DN29Apr1876 3:3

Hill Lucretia VRD 2Dec, age 28* SP5Dec1868 2:4

Hill Mr. M.A. VRM 26Sep to C.J.Reuck* ST28Sep1872 2:4

Hill Maria A. VRM to Dr. O.H.O'Neil* ST14May1870 2:4

Hill Rafaela O VRM to Mr. German Senter* WP6May1871 2:4

Hill Ramon J. ITEM Grand juror ST7May1870 3:1

Himan Prof. A. Alberto ITEM Prof. of music returns DP10Jan1874 3:1

Himan Prof. A. Alberto ITEM Prof. of music returns DP12Jan1874 3:3

Hinchman Hon. A.F. ITEM Invested in SD* SD14Oct1873 2:3

Hines E.H. VRD prob, 5Jul,drowned* DP10Jul1873 2:2

Hirt Mr. John VRM to Miss Annie Kelly; in SB WP7Jun1879 8:6

Hoag Oscar S. VRD In SB 13 Jun, aged 42 yr 6 mo* SD14Jun1874 3:1

Hodges Mr CC/fam ITEM of Detroit, MICH; returned to SB DP4Jan1875 3:1

Holcomb Pluma B. VRM to Joseph Rich* ST4Jun1870 2:3

Hollister Col. ITEM article: R.R. Pol. DP27Aug1873 2:1

Hollister Col. ITEM article: R.R. Pol. DP14Aug1873 2:1

Hollister Col. VRD youngest child* DP27May1873 3:1

Hollister Col. ITEM Dos Pueblos farm* ST31Aug1872 3:1

Hollister Col. ITEM Long article about him & his Rancho DP30Mar1874 1:5

Hollister Fannie VRM to J.W. Cooper * WP15Jul1871 3:2

Hollister George VRM 20Nov to L Martin* ST23Nov1872 2:3

Hollister Geo. VRM of SF to S? Martin of SB* WP23Nov1872 3:2

Hollister Ida VRM to Sherman Stow* SD10Sep1873 2:1

Hollister John ITEM Guardian's sale of his land* DP20Jan1875 2:3

Hollister Leo E. VRD 24May 10m 17d, in Patera* WP31May1873 3:3

Hollister Col. W.W. ITEM Sold sheep, wool* ST3Aug18723:1

Hollister Mrs. W.W. VRB Son, 8 Dec WP10Dec1870 2:6

Hollister Mrs. W.W. VRB Son,7 Aug, La Patera WP31Aug1872 2:5

Hollister W.W. ITEM $200,000 to r.r.* ST17Jul1872 2:1

Hollister W.W. ITEM Gr.juror; farmer DP20Sep1873 3:1

Hollister W.W. ITEM Description of home* ST4Feb1871 2:1

Hollister W.W. ITEM Pres RR Committee ST11Sep1872 3:1

Hollister W.W. POL SB Col trustee ST23Jul1870 3:1

Holloway Mr. ITEM Santa Ynez rancher* ST27Jul1872 2:2

Hollowbush Susan M VRM to Dr. Archer R. Platt* WP19Sep1874 12:3

Holmburg L. ITEM Fought fire SD17Sep1873 3:1

Holmes Miss VRM to I.K. Fisher, 25Sep* WP26Sep1874 12:2

Holmes Ida C. VRM to Mr. A.C. Rynerson 4Nov WP8Nov1879 8:5

Holmes Robert ITEM broke out of jail ST3Sep1870 3:1

Holt Miss Nellie VRD in Colo. Springs, CO; Mar 6* DP20Apr1874 3:2

Holt Nellie VRD 6Mar in Colorado Sprs* WP2May1874 5:4

Hope Mr VRD 11Jan; Patera* DN11Jan1876 3:2

Hope Mr. ITEM gave land for road* DP6Jun1873 3:1

Hope Rosa VRM to George Bigley 23Feb SB* WP1Mar1879 8:6

Hope Mr Thomas VRD 11 Jan, no details WP15Jan1876 8:3

Hope Thomas ITEM Gr.juror; farmer DP20Sep1873 3:1

Hopkinson Marilla VRM to Cyrus Marshall 15Jun* WP21Jun1873 3:3

Hopper John T VRM to Miss Eliza A. ? Tunnel* WP6Jul1872 3:2

Horen Don Andreas ITEM Amateur carpentry project SD17Sep1875 3:1

Horrom Daniel VRD 8Feb, in the 60th year WP12Feb1876 8:5

Horrom Daniel VRD in SB, Feb 8, age 60* DN8Feb1876 3:4

Horrom? Mary Ann VRD 6Nov age 53, in SB, tumor* WP9Nov1872 3:3

Hoser John ART Attempted suicide Saturday SP3Feb1869 2:2

Hosmer Theresa L VRD 2 March in SB* ST4Mar1871 2:4

Hosmer Teresa J. VRD In SB 2Mar, age 25* WP4Mar1871 2:2

Hoster Mr. John VRD 28Feb, in SB SP3Mar1869 2:4

Hostner MrsThomas VRB 14th, dau, in Montecito SP21Apr1869 2:4

Hough Rev. J.W. ITEM Orizaba passenger* SD23Oct1873 3:1

Hough Rev. J.W. ITEM Biography data* DP2Oct1873 2:1

Hough Rev. Dr. ITEM article re: style* DP25Jul1873 3:1

Howard Mr. ACC Son sl hurt in buggy acc. DP18Apr1874 3:1

Howard Ida VRM to Mr. I.C. Titchworth* WP16Nov1878 8:4

Howard Lewis S VRD 21Oct; age 37; in Fredonia, NY WP14Nov1874 12:3

Howard May VRM to H.T. Stebbins 7 Sep* WP18Sep1875 3:3

Howe Letitia C VRD 1 Nov in her 40th year* WP22Nov1879 8:4

Hulbert D. ITEM Orizaba passenger; arrived Jan 25 DP26Jan1874 3:2

Hulet Nathan ITEM Gr.juror; farmer DP20Sep1873 3:1

Hunnewell G. Albert VRD in SB 7Feb* DN9Feb1876 3:4

Hunnewell G. Albert VRD 7Feb formerly of Boston WP12Feb1876 8:5

Hunt C.C. VRB 2 dau, in SB, 27 Feb DP27Feb1874 3:4

Hunt C.C. ITEM Building mansion SD16Sep1873 3:1

Hunt Edith VRD 10 wks in SB* SD8May1874 2:1

Hunt Edith I VRD 7May age 10 weeks* WP9May1874 5:4

Hunt Maude M. VRD 10 wks in SB* SD10May1874 2:3

Hunter A.W. ITEM Orizaba passenger; arrived Jan 25 DP26Jan1874 3:2

Hunter John M. ITEM G. juror; farmer SD1Mar1874 3:1

Huntington Mr ITEM Finished cottage on Haley St SD1Jan1874 3:1

Hurlburt Isaiah PRO Admin of estate of Seth Hurburt SD28Jan1874 3:1

Hurlbert Seth PRO Letters of admin* DP31Mar1873 3:1

Hurlburt Seth PRO land described* SD4Mar1874 2:3

Hurlburt Seth PRO Claims on estate* SD28Jan1874 3:1

Hurlburth Seth ITEM Charged with crime* WT26Feb1873 3:1

Hurst Harvey H VRD in SB 2Apr age 41* DN9Apr1876 3:3

Huse Mr. ITEM Water franchise* ST16Oct1872 2:1

Huse Mr. ITEM Lawsuit* ST9Jul1870 3:1

Huse C.E. ITEM Speech re:RR issue DP3Sep1873 2:2

Huse C.E. ITEM Controversy* ST4Jun1870 2:2

Huse C.E. POL SB Col trustee ST23Jul1870 3:1

Huse C.E. LAND Affidavit* ST2Apr1870 1:3

Huse Eleanor VRM to Millard Warren* WP4Dec1875 8:2

Gutierrez F.N. ITEM Left office of Deputy Co. Clerk DP2Apr1874 3:1

Gutierrez Frank VRB Son, 13 Feb WP17Feb1877 8:3

Gutierrez Jauna VRD 21 Jan age 2yr 7mo* WP24Jan1880 8:5

Gutierrez Louis J. VRM to E.---? O Sanchez 21Nov* WP29Nov1879 8:5

Gutierrez Mrs. P.N. VRB Dau, 27 Aug WP30Aug1879 8:4