Santa Barbara Newspapers, N

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Nandell George D VRD Died lockjaw 11Feb* SD12Feb18743:1

Nandle George D. VRD Aged 22, died of lockjaw, in SB, 11 Feb DP11Feb1874 3:2

Nandle George D VRD 11Feb age 22 SB, lockjaw WP14Feb1874 5:5

Nandle Mr. George ACC Age 21; arm injured while plowing DP23Jan1874 3:1

Nanes Francisco ITEM Argue, shooting* ST28May1870 3:1

Nanndell Augusta VRM to William P. Sprout* WP18Mar1871 2:1

Napier Mary VRM to John Rutherford* WP9Aug1873 5:6

Naudell Pauline VRM to David Peterson* DN4Dec1875 3:3

Naylor John E VRM to Mollie E. Linville* WP21Jul1877 8:4

Neal Mr. J.P. ITEM 10 acres Montecito* DP18Jun1873 3:1

Neal Orrin S VRM to Lydia L. Hales 6Nov* WP16Nov1878 8:4

Neale Mrs. SOC 4July celeb ST9Jul1870 2:1

Neale J.H. POL Town trustee ST9Jul1870 3:1

Neale J.H. POL SB Col trustee ST23Jul1870 3:1

Neale J.H. ITEM Paralysis better* ST11Mar1871 3:1

Neale Jno. H POL Town Trustee ST26Feb1870 2:1

Neale Sallie, Mrs ITEM Awarded house articles in suit* DP7Feb1874 3:1

Nelson John P VRD 24Mar, Las Cruces rancho* WP5Apr1873 3:2

Neumayer Laura G VRM to Bennett R. Bates WP22Apr1876 8:6

Newcomb Eva G. WRM to J.A. Bell 25 Dec* WP1Jan1876 6:6

Newcombe Clara VRM to James Bell* DN27Dec1875 3:4

Nichols Elizabeth VRM to Almon L. Shoup 9Oct* WP18Oct1879 8:5

Nichols Nellie VRM to F.D. Foster* DN18Mar1876 3:3

Nichols Nellie VRM to E.A. Foster* WP25Mar1876 7:6

Nidever David A. VRD In SB 12Nov, age 36* WP26Nov1870 2:6

Nidever Mary C. VRM 28Mar to Vance* SP31Mar1869 2:5

Nidever J.M. POL Mtg/land; Carp ST2Jul1870 2:4

Nidever John PRO Property sold* DP4Oct1873 3:1

Nidever John PRO Personal property sale ordered* SD23May1874 3:1

Nidever John M. ITEM Grand juror; farmer SD1Mar1874 3:1

Nidever Refugio VRD 2Feb, SB, age 25yr SP10Feb1869 2:4

Nordhoff Charles ITEM Family here/winter* DP29Sep1873 3:1

Nordhoff Charles ITEM Letter about SB DP29Sep1873 2:1

Norway Mr.[WH] ITEM City Surveyor* ST30Apr1870 3:1

Norway W.H. ITEM Surveying Govt Lands* ST25Feb1871 2:3

Noyes Lucy VRM to Dr. S.S. Brinkerhoff* WP13Jan1877 8:5