Santa Barbara Newspapers, O

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O'Brien Col. Wm. ITEM Lawyer, description of him DP3Jan1874 3:1

O'Connell Dr. P.A. VRD 6Jan, Winchester's Rancho* DP7Jan1874 3:2

O'Connell Dr. P.A. VRD 6Jan, Winchester's Rancho* WP10Jan1874 5:5

O'Hara W. POL Grand juror ST20Aug1870 2:3

O'Harra Charles SOC Officer* ST14Jan1871 3:1

O'Neal Joseph VRM 28 Jun to M.Butler* ST1Jul1871 2:4

ONeal Mattie E. VRM to William Brown 20 May* WP29May1880 8:5

O'Neil D.O.H. VRD 17Apr at La Graciosa* WP24Apr1875 13:2

O'Neil O.H. SOC I.O.O.F Officer* ST14Jan1871 3:1

O'Neil Dr. O.H. VRM to Maria A. Hill* ST14May1870 2:4

Oboils Ysidio POL Grand juror ST20Aug1870 2:3

Ogan Ida May VRD In Carp, 28Feb, age 19mo* WP11Mar1871 3:2

Ogan Mrs. J.H. VRB Dau 4Jan 8lbs, in Carp. WP20Mar1875 5:2

Ogan James A. ITEM Gr.juror; farmer DP20Sep1873 3:1

Ogan Katie S VRM to J.Milton Smith, Carp* WP29Aug1874 12:2

Oglesby A.A. ITEM building cottages* DP18Jun1873 3:1

Oglesby Col. ITEM Built rentals SD16Sep1873 3:1

Oglesby Major ITEM Building house* ST2Mar1872 3:1

Oglin A.J. VRD 17Sep, in SB* WP20Sep1873 5:3

Olitera Juan Maria VRD In SB 9Nov, abt 60yrs WP12Nov1870 2:7

Olivares Maria J O VRD 3May abt 50, near Ventura WP22May1880 8:5

Oliver J.C. VRB Dau, April 1 DP8Apr1874 3:2

Oliver L.G. ITEM Petition for grant of pueblo land* SD10May1874 3:1

Oliver Lydia E. VRD 23 Jun, in SB WP28Jun1879 8:6

Olmstead Mr. ITEM RR petition ST14Sep1872 4:1

Olmstead S.H. POL Mtg in Carp. ST2Jul1870 2:4

Oltrogge Chris C. VRD 24 May age 24yr 10 mo* WP29May1875 12:4

Opdyke Mr. C.M. ITEM good green corn DP2Sep1873 3:1

Opdyke Mr. C.M. ITEM Re: corn crop* DP1Oct1873 3:1

Opdyke C.M. ITEM Gr.juror; farmer DP20Sep1873 3:1

Ord Dr. ITEM to open office here DP28Jun1873 3:1

Ord H.J. ITEM Speech reported* DP4Oct1873 2:2

Ord Dr. J.L. ITEM returned from Mexico DP28Jun1873 3:1

Ord R.B. ITEM Gr.juror; farmer DP20Sep1873 3:1

Ord Mrs Robt VRB In SB 1Jul, dau ST13Jul1872 2:4

Ord Robert B VRB Dau, 1 Jul WP13Jul1872 3:5

Ore Sarah E. VRM to Thomas J. Young 1Jun* WP3Jun1871 2:6

Orella Nicolas ITEM Convicted of crime* ST6May1871 3:1

Orndorf Mr. H.C. VRD 19 Mar, age 28* SD20Mar1874 3:1

Orr Mrs Jas E VRB Son, 29 Jun WP5?Jul1873 5:3

Orr Mr/s Jas E VRB son, 29June, in SB DP3Jul1873 2:5

Orr Olive A VRM to George N. Sherman* WP9Aug1879 8:6

Orr Sarah E. VRM June 1 to T. Young* ST3Jun1871 2:4

Ortega Josefa VRM to Lazard Kahn 9Jul* WP17Jul1875 5:6

Ortega de Maria[?] VRD 8Feb, in SB, age 38yr SP10Feb1869 2:4

Ortega Pacifico POL Grand juror ST20Aug1870 2:3

Ortega Mrs. R. VRB 1Jul twins* ST20Jul1872 2:4

Ortega Ygnacio PRO Probate notice SP7Apr1869 3:2

Otis Ida VRD 27Apr in Washington, DC* WP17May1879 7:5

Ould Mr. ITEM Arrived from SF SD23Sep1873 2:1