Santa Barbara Newspapers, U-V

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Underwood Mr. ITEM New dance studio ST18Sep1872 2:1

Upson Dr. F.W. VRD Suicide, article* SD18Feb1874 3:1

Upson Dr. Francis W. VRD Biography given in article* DP17Feb1874 3:1

Upson Dr. Francis W. ITEM Funeral reported DP18Feb1874 3:1

Upton Francis W PRO Notice to creditors SD7Mar1874 2:3

Upton Francis W PRO Letters of admin.* SD6Mar1874

Urquides Estevan ITEM Shot in Montecito* SD23Oct1873 3:1

Valkenberg Van ITEM Arrested* SD18Jun1874 3:1

Valenzuela Jose ITEM Drunk and disorderly/ in jail SD12Jun1874 3:1

Valenzuela Ysabel ITEM Arrived with child on stage SD14Oct1873 3:1

Valle del Enriqueta VRD 22 June in SB, aged 22 yr SD24Jun1874 2:2

Valle del Nickolas VRD age 9, crushed by lumbar WP29Apr1876 7:4

Van Sickle -- VRD Killed himself* ST16Mar1872 3:2

Vance James R. VRM 28Mar to Nidever* SP31Mar1869 2:5

Vandecar S.H.S., Mrs VRB Son, in SB, Feb 10 DP11Feb1874 3:2

Vandecar S.H.S. VRB Son, 10 Feb WP14Feb1874 5:5

Van Mater Mr ITEM new hardware store ST9Nov1872 3:1

Van Vactor Mr. Wm ITEM of Placer Co* ST27Nov1872 3:1

Van Valkenberg E. ITEM Trial for violating local law* SD24Jun1874 3:1

VanValkenberg E. VRB in SB 21Nov, son ST30Nov1872 3:1

Van Valkenberg Mr. E. ITEM Building saloon* DP20Jan1873 3:3

Van Valkenberg E. PRO Admin. for Thompson* DP15Dec1873 3:1

Van Valkenberg Edgar VRD 28Jul, 5 mo 29days* ST5Aug1871 2:3

Van Winkle Dr. H.M. VRB Son, 17 Nov WP20Nov1875 8:3

Van Winkle Dr. H.M. ITEM Article; dentist DP5Mar1873 3:1

Van Winkle Dr. ITEM Location given* DP9Oct1873 3:1

Vasquez MrsCrespin VRB 30Oct, son in SB SP7Nov1868 2:4

Vasquez Crispin ITEM Back from cruise* SD14Oct1873 3:1

Veeder P.S., Esq. ITEM of Attica, ID; prominent banker DP17Mar1874 3:1

Venard A. ITEM Arrived from SF SD14Sep1873 3:1

Viacaba Giusseppe VRD 27 Jan, aged 49 WP29Jan1876 8:4

Viacoba G. VRD in SB 27Jan age45* DN28Jan1876 3:4

Victor H.C. ITEM Land dispute* ST28May1870 1:5

Viegra Miguel ITEM Robbed on wharf ST22Jun1872 3:1

Villalva Rafael POL Mtg/land; Carp ST2Jul1870 2:4

Voight John VRD killed in /Santa Clara* DP27May1873 2:1

Vose Emily VRM to Mr. F.M. Wright 4May* WP8May1880 3:6

Vrooman Dr. M. ITEM To SF from Ventura* ST16Mar1872 3:2