Santa Barbara County Schools

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List of School Districts in Santa Barbara County, CA

Ballard Elementary School District

Ballard Elementary School District is located in the rural town of Ballard, California serving residents of the Santa Ynez Valley.

The district was founded in 1882 and was the first school in the valley. There is one school in this district, Ballard Elementary. Ballard Elementary is a Kindergarten through 6th grade school originally built in 1886 as a one-room schoolhouse. The "little red schoolhouse" is still used today by the Kindergarten and 1st grades. 128 students attend this school. Ballard School has become renowned for its quality of instruction, achieving second place among 43 school district results for Santa Barbara County, in the 2006 No Child Left Behind testing program.


Blochman Union Elementary School District


Buellton Union Elementary School District

Buellton Union School District is located in Buellton, California. It is a small district, that as of September 2008, served 690 students. The District offices are located at 595 Second Street. The current Superintendent is Tom Cooper. The current Board of Trustees consists of President Joyce Azevedo, Clerk Julie Everett, and members Jon Macaluso, Marcilo Sarquilla, and Stuart Gildred Jr.

Jonata Middle School

Jonata School serves grades 6 - 8. It is located at 301 Second St, in Buellton. As of September 2008, the current enrollment of Jonata Middle School is 212 students. There are 70 sixth grade, 72 seventh grade, and 70 eighth grade students. The current Vice Principal is Mrs. Fayram, the superindendant is Mr. Cooper. Jonata is the first school in California to use Trikkes in their PE class.

Oak Valley Elementary School

Oak Valley School serves K through 5th grade students. It is located at 595 Second St, in Buellton. As of September 2008, the current enrollment at Oak Valley is 478 students. There are 95 Kindergarten, 76 first grade, 77 second grade, 78 third grade, 78 fourth grade, and 74 fifth grade students. The current principal is Mr. Williamson.


Carpinteria Unified School District

The Carpinteria Unified School District (CUSD) is a public school district that provides services to students in the Carpinteria Valley, with district boundaries reaching south to the Ventura County line and north to the community of Summerland, California. The district, serving approximately 2800 students in grades K-12, has seven schools – one comprehensive high school, one alternative high school, one middle school, and four elementary schools. Six of the seven schools are located within the Carpinteria city limits; one elementary school is located in Summerland.

As of the 2008/2009 school year, the district included:

Aliso Elementary School
Canalino Elementary School
Carpinteria Family School
Summerland School
Carpinteria Middle School
Carpinteria High School
Rincon High School


Casmalia Elementary School District


Cold Spring Elementary School District


College Elementary School District


Cuyama Joint Unified School District


Goleta Union Elementary School District


Guadalupe Union Elementary School District

Guadalupe School District is a school district in Guadalupe, California, in northwestern Santa Barbara County. The district is composed of two schools, Mary Buren School (K-5) and Kermit McKenzie Junior High School (6-8) and there are 1157 students enrolled in this school district.

It is bordered on the east by the Santa Maria-Bonita Elementary School District, on the southeast by the Orcutt Union Elementary School District, and on the south by the Casmalia Elementary School District.


Hope Elementary School District


Lompoc Unified School District

The Lompoc Unified School District is located in the City of Lompoc, California.

Elementary schools

Buena Vista Elementary School
Clarence Ruth Elementary School
Crestview Elementary School
Leonora Fillmore Elementary School
Arthur Hapgood Elementary School
La Cańada Elementary School
La Honda Elementary School
Los Berros Elementary School
Los Padres Elementary School
Miguelito Elementary School

Middle schools

Lompoc Valley Middle School
Vandenberg Middle School

High schools

Lompoc High School
Cabrillo High School
Maple High Pregnant Minor Program

Adult education

Maple Continuation High School
Adult education program


Los Alamos Elementary School District


Los Olivos Elementary School District


Montecito Union Elementary School District


Orcutt Union Elementary School District

The Orcutt Union School District is located in Santa Barbara County on the central coast of California. There are six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school, which first began on August 20, 2008. There are approximately 5,040 students and more than 500 staff members.

School Name - Students - Notes
Alice Shaw School - 609 - K-6
Joe Nightingale School - 785 - K-6
Lakeview Junior High School - 638 - 7-8
May Grisham School - 610 - K-6
Orcutt Junior High School - 505 - 7-8
Patterson Road School - 583 - K-6
Pine Grove School - 423 - K-6
Ralph Dunlap School - 589 - K-6
Orcutt Academy High School - 109 - 9-12

Orcutt Academy only teaches to freshmen in the 2008-2009 school year, with a new grade level added each year until all levels are filled. (eg., this year will have only freshmen, while next year will have sophomores and new freshmen, etc.)

The district also hosts the Orcutt Home Study Program which is an idependent study program used by families who want to provide their children with an education outside institutional settings of public or private schools.

Orcutt introduced a Gifted and Talented (GATE) Program in the 2006-07 school year with expansion planned for following years. GATE students are clustered in regular classrooms and all teachers with the potential for having GATE students in their classes receive additional training to meet the needs of those students.


Santa Barbara Elementary School District

Santa Barbara High School District

The Santa Barbara School Districts is the main public school district that serves Santa Barbara, California. Its high school system serves Goleta as well. The district consists of one administrative system and school board (which would technically make it one district) wrapped around two different elementary and secondary "districts" which have different tax bases. The high school district receives money based on the population of Goleta and Santa Barbara while the elementary district only receives money from the Santa Barbara area.

Other local districts include the Goleta Union School District and the Hope School District. Both of these districts contain only elementary schools.

Recently, there has been dispute between the local teachers' union (Santa Barbara Teachers Association) and the school board over salary and benefits. The Association wants the district to give teachers a 6.5% pay raise and additional benefits to better compliment the area's high (and growing) cost of living. The district asserts that it simply does not have the money to pay them.[1]As of March 5, 2007, it appears the dispute has been resolved, with the district giving teachers a 9% raise over three years.

Elementary schools

César Chávez Charter
Open Alternative
Peabody Charter
Santa Barbara Charter School

Secondary schools

Goleta Valley Junior High School
La Colina JHS
La Cumbre JHS
Santa Barbara JHS
Dos Pueblos HS
La Cuesta CHS
San Marcos HS
Santa Barbara HS


Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

Santa Maria Joint Union High School District operates 4 high schools (Delta, Ernest Righetti High School, Santa Maria, and Pioneer Valley) located in Santa Maria, California. Currently, 72,590 students are enrolled in this district.


Santa Maria-Bonita Elementary School District

The Santa Maria-Bonita School District in Santa Maria, California, has 4 junior high schools and 15 elementary schools with approximately 13,000 students enrolled.
Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District


Solvang Elementary School District


Vista Del Mar Union Elementary School District


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