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�From the Sound up in Long Island out to San Francisco Bay and everything that�s in between them is our home. 
And we may have done a little bit of fightin amongst ourselves, but you outside people best leave us alone. Cause we�ll all stick together and you can take that to the bank. That�s the Cowboys, and the Hippies, and the Rebels, and the Yanks. 
You just go and lay your hand on a Pittsburgh Steeler fan and I think you�re gonna find they understand. 
And you never did think that it ever would happen again, in America did you?? You never did think that we�d ever get together again. Well we damn sure fooled you. We�re walkin real proud, and we're talkin real loud again, in America. You never did think that it ever would happen again.� 

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San Benito County,

A new UPDATED book is available;
Marriages Recorded in San Benito County, California

Beginning 1874
Contains a listing of all marriages recorded in San Benito County
from 1874 to June 20, 1907 (1604 marriages)
and partial index listings from June 22, 1907 to September 1929 (347 marriages)
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San Benito County Databases

(San Benito County Residents)
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  • Burial / Removal / Transit Permits Issued 1874 to 1910


  • Burial / Removal / Transit Permits Issued 1911 to 1921


  • Cemetery Indexes;

Cherry Hill Cemetery

County Cemetery



Hollister I.O.O.F. Cemetery Updated 6 August 2008


New Idria Cemetery

Pine Hill Cemetery

Rest Haven Cemetery

Willow Creek Cemetery

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San Benito County History

    During his expedition to complete the chain of missions in California in 1772, Father Juan Crespi named a small river in honor of San Benidicto ( Saint Benedict ), the patron saint of the married.  The area surrounding the river became known as the San Benito Valley.  Some 25 years later on June 24, 1797 Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen christened the mission at San Juan Bautista in the northwestern part of what was later to become San Benito County.

    On February 12, 1874 Governor Newton Booth, signed a bill creating a new county from part of Monterey County and named it after the valley.  The county seat was established 7 miles east of San Juan Bautista in the rapidly growing town of Hollister.
The county population grew so quickly that 13 years later the State Legislature expanded the county boundaries and parts of Merced and Fresno counties were incorporated into it. 


The boundaries have remained unchanged since 1887.

San Benito County
By Horace Underwood


Between two mountain ranges northeast from Monterey,
Is San Benito County very neatly hid away.
The county has rich valleys where thrifty orchards grow
And every fruit on record in these valleys have a show.
Seed farms large and fertile are famed throughout the west
And the vineyards on the hillsides are considered as the best.
Extensive cattle ranches are found from north to south,
And along side the San Benito from its head down to its mouth;
And all throughout the hills and mountains rich mines are hid away
Waiting for the miners to come and get their pay.
In the county there are places that are famous everywhere
Such as Fremont's Peak for instance, where Old Glory took the air;
And Pinnacles near Bear Valley where Van Couver lost his way
And found the giant boulder where he wanted Monterey.
And farther south the rarest gem that has ever come to light
A gem not found elsewhere on earth, the blue Benitoite.


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