Archibald (Artie) Lee Burger was born Decmber 7, 1879 to Bascom Lee and Sarah Allen Thompson Stonebarger in Warren County, Missouri. His father changed the name in 1886, when he brought his family to Shasta County.

Martha Magdalane Richter was the daughter of Charles (Carl) Gottleib Richter from Saxony and Augusta Emilie Young (Jung) from Prussia. She was born September 12, 1879 in Le Sueur County, Minnesota, and lived there until her father moved the family to Igo in 1886.

Since Artie and Martha were seven years old when they arrived in Shasta County, they must have met at school. July 1, 1901 they were married and started to raise their children:

Carl Bascom b. 1902, Igo d. 1991  m. Erma Gertrude Kendall
Otto Lee b. 1904, S.F. d. 1992, Ore. m. Annie Florence Smith
Allen Augusta

b. 1905, S.F.

d. Feb.19, 1990

m. Alvin Ebenezer Spiers
m. Robert Scott
m. James Doughty
m. Robert. Eugene Bender
Leola Martha b. 1908, S.F. d. 1973 m. George Vernon Fowler
m. Frank Sheperson
Florence Ellen b. 1910, Igo d. 1931
Chrystal Bessie b. 1910, Igo d. 2002 m. Homer Eslie Williams
Arnold William b. 1912, Ono d. 2001 m. Anita Williams
m. Maree Alice Barker
George Woodrow
b. 1919, Igo
d. 1998
m. Kathryn Kirschenmann
m. Dell Louise Myers
Esther Inez ---- ----
Emily Louise ---- ----
Alfred Eugene  b. 1923 d. 1927

Undoubtedly the most exciting event in their married lives was the 1906 S.F. Earthquake; the family were moved back to Shasta County but Artie returned to help rebuild the City. During this time he fell and lost the sight of one eye. He remained a fine carpenter and continued that work as well as ranching. He died January 9, 1952 and was buried in Igo.

Martha spent her later years caring for foster children and grandchildren when she stayed with her various children. She died May 20, 1970 in Redding and was buried with her husband in Igo.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - Feb 2000

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