Trapper, guide and caretaker. One of the first Burney Valley settlers. Arrived in November of 1858. Killed by Indians inside his log cabin from a hatchet strike to the back of his head in March of 1859, having lived in the area only four months. At the time of his death was living at Brook Farm, the homestead of James Preadmore. Some say that William Cayton may have suggested or even condoned the Indians plan to kill Burney because of his desire for the land, nevertheless, Cayton acquired the land soon after Burney's death.

The town of Burney, Burney Creek, Burney Falls, Burney Mountain, McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, and Burney Valley are all named for him.

SOURCE: The Dictionary of Early Shasta County History - by Dottie Smith - copyright 1999

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